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Marijuana Nation : National Geographic (2/5)

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http://www.nirvana-shop.com/ POT HEAD NATION Reporting from secret farms and not-so-secret grow houses of marijuana cultivators, where marijuana is not just a drug but a way of life. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug on the planet. Intertwined with culture, economics, law enforcement and perhaps medical miracles, this plant holds both peril and promise. * Marijuana use can be traced as far back as the Neolithic era (8,000-5,000 BC), where charred remains of cannabis seeds have been unearthed in ancient braziers of present day Romania. * Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known to grow Cannabis on their plantations in the 1700s, most likely for the production of hemp. * THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the principal psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The potency of THC in marijuana determines the strength of the substance. * THC is stored in fatty tissues in the body, including the brain. * The most potent form of marijuana is called sinsimilla, and is produced by preventing the female plant from being pollinated. This keeps the plant seedless to produce a high resin content, allowing for a higher content of THC. * Medicinal marijuana is currently legal in 12 states: California, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State. However, According to federal law, marijuana use is illegal regardless of whether it's used medicinally. * Marijuana is used medicinally to fight chronic pain, spasticity from multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting in HIV patients, as well as the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. * According to the Department of Justice, the principle source of foreign-produced marijuana in the U.S. is from Mexico. However, production appears also to be on the rise in Canada and domestically in the U.S. * According to the FBI, 800,000 people were arrested on marijuana charges in 2006 in the United States. Nearly 90% of these arrests were for marijuana possession. * A 2006 survey reported that marijuana usage among males was twice as high than among females of the same age groups. * According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America.
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Text Comments (267)
keyman keys (1 year ago)
NatGeo should stick to animals because you don't know a thing about marijuana
Meliha Garibovic (3 years ago)
its 4:20 am
RSTAR7824 (3 years ago)
Mmmmmm :) fantastic……
MrAnarkyy (5 years ago)
6:57 marijuana causes depression? That's bullshit ! The green happiness is a cure for depression!!! I'ma stop watching this documentary cuz is full of shit.
Dusty A (2 years ago)
there a re documented cases of depression and alergies to marijuana altrough they are rare they still very much exist
LollinBallin (5 years ago)
and i hate the whole arguement about cannabis being related to schizophrenia, when cannabis only brings it on if you have a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia.
LollinBallin (5 years ago)
"Bc Bud, Jock Horror, and white rhino," omg thats priceless
Dane Johnson (5 years ago)
This is a good video of showing how marijuana growing can be a sophisticated art. This man looks like a professional gardener.
Lucy Fir (6 years ago)
it was used in india first not china south east asians were using it before the chinese too sorry but that is the truth
Alex (6 years ago)
I had some blackberry kush that was 32% thc, i read the test papers...nothing is impossible, but yeah thats probly not what he meant.
RNXlaks (6 years ago)
that right, you heard it, we have some of strongest gudda gudda here in the UK! smokin'
Lacey Ramirez (6 years ago)
Yeah. Utah.. Is never going to legalize it. I'm moving to Colorado
Masra Clamoungou (6 years ago)
Jock horror, what? Lol
fightlol4 (6 years ago)
Weed is finally legal in two states I hope the rest of the country wises up and follows alone!!!
nikonekro (6 years ago)
No, no, no...He said "potent"! "30 to 50% more potent" That's complete bullshit! (my first cigarette early in the morning is 100% more potent, than the last, late at night! And there is no such thing as "Skunk" in my tabacco!).
rsohlich1 (6 years ago)
I know, its disillusioning and just sad.
rsohlich1 (6 years ago)
yep and COCAINE is schedule 2....haha. These laws are really off and pot is fine to use. Painkillers are killing masses, and also alcohol, yet they are legal. Pot kills no one. Seems to me pot is about life and booze and chemicals are leaning to darkness and deceit.
anataseva999 (6 years ago)
they're talking bullshits. canapa will save us from babylon
Ready2Run1 (6 years ago)
the'll hurt your teeth as in the feeling of drinking coffee or something, then dumping ice water in your mouth and swishing. the smoke itself is no more damaging, actually less damaging 'cause you might only have to smoke a 1/3 - 1/2 gram to get baked as opposed to 1.
Preben Hundven (6 years ago)
I've never heard of strains like that... What'd happen if you made concentrates from it? You could probably not even smell on it without getting high... But why do you say that strains with THC levels above 25-28 % will hurt your teeth? Makes no sense, in my opinion... The smoke itself does hurt your whole mouth, that's why smokers are estimated to lose about two teeth every ten years.
Ready2Run1 (6 years ago)
there are strains that produce thc levels that high but it is extraordinarily rare to find them. the plant's yields are low and to get access to genetics the cost is ridiculous: $10,000 to $12,000 for ten seeds.bc storm trooper is a good example: slightly lower thc levels than some at around 45%-46% but yields high. you'r right about the bullshit he spun about skunk that strong, anything above 25-28% will hurt your teeth while smoking to put things in perspective. skunk is usually 15% or less
ronnie tjikoeri (6 years ago)
a coconut that falls from a tree kills more then 100 people in one year, and weed still dont kill people THUMBS UP IF YOU SMOKE SOME
Nathan Sanders (6 years ago)
uhmm whats the seed sight in the vid
ayeeyo kevin (6 years ago)
Im 16 years old and a marijuana user. I dont understand why not legalize weed like they did back with alcohal which decreased crime rate -.- I want weed legalized for fuck sake because I plan to go into the military but this means I will not be able to use weed.
Arariel3 (6 years ago)
exactly. I agree that this is what the guy said.
cgrfc1 (6 years ago)
Marijuana should be legal that's a fact if u smoke it all day everyday after a while it's obviousely going to have an effect on you if you limit the use like alcohol on weekends for example it's harmless
achie712 (6 years ago)
all i can say is smoke pot.. but eat first.. smoking marijuana if ur hungry can lead to cancer.. thats all..
gricka31 (6 years ago)
same schedule as H? christ, that's bad
Fadhli Erlanda (6 years ago)
so marijuana was used for industrial purpose, including for making papers? oh maybe it is better to make papers from marijuana that will be more environmentally friendly rather than chopping trees. so we still have more trees that provide oxygen for the planet and nests for animals
youtube cali (7 years ago)
I luv being a medical California patient :) :)
dropp bear (7 years ago)
wtf they said 80% i just watched more.. that's fucking retarded fucked up lies!
dropp bear (7 years ago)
well really you never know.. but it's high improbable.
bob (7 years ago)
he said 30 to 50 % more potent. he wasnt saying that it had 50% thc
J. Stotts (7 years ago)
i thought lisa ling did this documentary?
Rick (7 years ago)
he was in Chronic pain!
Haleh Hajebian (7 years ago)
Only in America would substances that kill 450,000 people in the US every year (Tobacco and Alcohol) be legal and other medical substances, that to this day, have not caused a single overdose (Marijuana), be illegal. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
boltspeedman35 (7 years ago)
2:10...i love the way he says butter..it interests me
omartron (7 years ago)
he said 30 to 50% more potent brah ;p
dnc40085 (7 years ago)
7:01 It's Carl Sagan!
jal7852 (7 years ago)
I want marijuana butter!! :D
ScuderiaBull (7 years ago)
@xMalicious , I believe he meant 30-50% higher THC level THAN OTHER plants (not 30-50% of THC in a plant... that would be ridiculous)
Preben Hundven (7 years ago)
50 % SKUNK WEED?!?!?! Give me some? No but seriously, there's no marijuana with THC levels as high as 50 %, come on! Loving the documentary, but jeez.
talbond (7 years ago)
What site is he using to look at the different buds? I need to find a nice mix for my crohn's disease.
talbond (7 years ago)
Pls send me all your leaves and stems. I could use it for my Hash oil Capsuls :D ty
Drift Ninja TV (7 years ago)
None of those side effects of cannabis are proven, cannabis can also help cure psychosis, its all how you use it, and it should be compared next to all pharm drugs.
nanky432 (7 years ago)
@NormanCameron4U fuck Ronald Reagan...
Stubbledmouse (7 years ago)
it should be legalized in all countries even in the bible there is data of this plant !!!!
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@mattmar619 Dude Skunk is sativa dominant and known for its soaring high. Just because they use it in alot of indicas doenst change the fact that almost all varieties of it are sativa dominant. Thats the only thing I argued with 01bletsch about so calm down. mmj rec or not any stoner should know that
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@mattmar619 not over 20 comments talking shit im responding to peoples replys to me, and I buy bud from the streets also most of my friends sell- but they cant compete with my top shelf 8ths delivered 4 grams for 50 bucks of the most exotic strains that can be grown. And all the choices I have.
Penny Brown (7 years ago)
WEeeee! I wanna go ganja camping in his ganja forest! (*@、@*)
Mark Rozencov (7 years ago)
9:29 got me a heart attack
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@whoopla1095 yes Ron Paul fucking rocks!!! Most states would make weed legal if they knew they had the power to do so- so we need more candidates like ron paul speaking the truth
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@01bletsch dont forget sweet island skunk also you moron
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@DansFishChannel widdow skunk, grape skunk, critical mass skunk,
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@01bletsch Shkunk is never usually sativa dom??? look up the original 3 skunks. Skunk#1, skunk#2, and super skunk are all sativa dom. Im a mmj cardholder and im trying more strains per week than most people do in months. I never see skunk strains on the indica side of the menu unless its a skunk hybrid that is not skunk dominent, so instead of telling people to go around copying and pasting shit for you just look it up yourself lol. don forget shiva skunk, lemon skunk,skunk haze
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@whoopla1095 best example i could give you is the "war on drugs" which was nixon and his child. Bold face lying resulting in all sorts of death and hardship and robbing us of the funding to do it.
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@01bletsch No man the afghani used in skunk is for bud structure, yeild, and early flowering and usually nothing else. The effects, smell and taste all come from the acapulco gold and the columbian gold strains which are basically hazes. so shut your mouth, its usually sativa dominent too with only 25% indica
Notmyrealname (7 years ago)
@DansFishChannel Got any examples? I take it your a ron paul fan cuz you think he wants to legalize weed? Well he doesnt. He said the states can legalize it if they want to. If your state doesn't well your fucked.
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@01bletsch sorry man. I live in san diego and our dispensaries rarely get seeds from companies. Most of the shit is indica dom too so we get super shiested on the rare sativas. Yes I do feel dumb
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@whoopla1095 terrible comment. Reagan could never be prez now and days. We have better liars like obama and Romney nobody would fall for the HUGE lies reagan got away with in this day and age
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
@hurbangrower skunk is not kush. Its a sativa and it is nothing like kush
hurbangrower (7 years ago)
Skunk. That's such an old skool name its funny to hear those morons saying it. Are they talking about Kush? All the medical herb from the US is considered to be the best in the world.
bugsz1 (7 years ago)
From where does a corporation derive it's right to use theft, coercion, defamation, fines and imprisonment to enforce it's own administrative rules and regulations against another, on private property, not bound by oath to uphold them?
Notmyrealname (7 years ago)
Reagan was the greatest prez ever. Only thing i dont like about him is his views on pot...
DarkSilver19 (7 years ago)
"long term use has also link with ...respiratory problem, depression..." Not true! recent research found smoking weed increase lungs capacity for more air. True story
MrJoncz (7 years ago)
This is just bullshit propaganda. Don't believe a word of it.
aso123321 (7 years ago)
this movie is odviously bias towards the anti marajuana nazis
Tomer Malka (7 years ago)
@Mrgrowyourown Thats just his accent man, i think he said "forced"..
Thomas Egan (7 years ago)
lol here in holand is legal XP
abahawas (7 years ago)
@burtonchalmersnumb1 just play some game and smoke weed is what im sayin.. dont worry about a thing.
abahawas (7 years ago)
@burtonchalmersnumb1 maybe ur just an idiot who needs to man up? self diagnosing and being a bitch wont help you.
Boxing Prophet (7 years ago)
I find it funny that our government sees someone who smuggles in a "plant" to be = of someone who rapes and murders people.
mpwiest70 (7 years ago)
lol so bias
Jin Kenshi (7 years ago)
Watching this baked made me sooooo fucking hungry.
Matt West (7 years ago)
Violent behaviour.... Ur joking rite
CamRxn Mhore (7 years ago)
Ronald Reagan really believed that marijuana was the most dangerous drug because more people were arrested for it than for other drugs? In Russia, it was illegal to own Beatles' records and Bibles. No-one has ever died from using any of those things. Unlike Tobacco, which kills more people than anyone. meanwhile the prison-industrial-complex, their lobby, the pharmacuetical industry, their lobby, the Tobacco industry and the politicians they pay profit. If there is a Hell RonaldReagan is there.
Trey Morgan (7 years ago)
1:15 Fucking bullshit. I'm willing to bet anything that he slips a few limbs out of there after hours and gets baked as shit. Medicine my ass. No need to lie, just enjoy the bud, people.
Dane Fielding (7 years ago)
@Mrgrowyourown no he doesn't say its a false raid? he says force entry...
Scylvendi1813 (7 years ago)
The english are dumb as hell
Akeem Snorden (7 years ago)
lmao depression?!?! you can tell there just against marijuana and are just saying things that sound bad SMH
Tele (7 years ago)
hellpked (7 years ago)
ya its cuz they spray the fuck out of the weed to make more money cuz its illegal!! fucking pigs !!!
Ricois (7 years ago)
Paumil Patel (7 years ago)
if i have pain, i will have a cookie !
simon pettersen (7 years ago)
Hahhaha he said Jock Horror thats what i have =)
erfurboderquartiere (7 years ago)
these shitty vids brainwash you! don't look at this shit
Dan Satler (7 years ago)
he said "jock horror" wtf people who dont smoke have a funny veiw of pot and pot names lol. Its called "Jack Herrer" named after the one and only
CornWallace (7 years ago)
wow fuck all of that misinformation. they deserve to die for delivering that.
teddy23ization (7 years ago)
like this if you just have a pure unconditional passionate love for marijuana and always will always respect it and treat it right regardless of the status quo or the mass view on this gorgeous amazing sublime plant
teddy23ization (7 years ago)
i would do so much for that platter on 2:30 omfg
Steve (7 years ago)
@milkboner666 Go after the real dangerous drug's and leave Marijuana alone.
Steve (7 years ago)
I'm so sick of the U.S and their drug war that include's this MIRACLE plant put here by God,not man!This has affected so many of us,even up here in Canada because our leader's think this plant is a problem.The problem isn't pot,it's the new drug of choice which is made by our government's,prescription drug's and their killing to many people,it's unreal and they should know,their the one's that make these drug's.They need to listen to the people who use this drug for the good and
aneias86 (7 years ago)
weed is not a drug, its a plant..just like if u pick some mint, boil it and drink it..except weed u smoke...still entering ur body same way.....they just made it illegal to make money....so those are the people who on drugs
Nick S. (7 years ago)
Stop demonizing weed and legalize it! The government will make money instead of losing it!
Gabbagoa (7 years ago)
thumbs up if u know like me weed in england is shit, skunk is english government propaganda
pep4936 (7 years ago)
@obrad79 I live in the Netherlands and I do have to say that I have seen some increasing schizofrenic symptoms in people that are heavy users of marijuana. However I believe that these things were always present in these people and the marijuana only catalyzed it, as it does with most emotions. I'm a heavy user as well by the way...
john doe (7 years ago)
@obrad79 Do some research, you will find the truth. By the way i'm pro cannabis all the way!
57worldwide (7 years ago)
@obrad79 Nah bro. Cannabis doesn't cause schizophrenia, but a person may have a mild form of mental illness, and cannabis use can cause this to worsen. It's psychoactive. It's the only negative to cannabis I know of.
BleedingxRainbow (7 years ago)
so happy i live in canada
kitube14 (7 years ago)
like heroin?? lol??
SoWrongItsJason (7 years ago)
oh my god, what the hell is this ruthless justice system where cops are just allowed to raid into houses for growing a fucking plant?

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