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China: A Century of Revolution - Ep3 - Born Under The Red Flag 1976 - 1997 - 中國:一個世紀的革命 中文字幕

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PBS documentary in a series on modern Chinese history.
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José Ramón Bravo (1 year ago)
Este documental no es más que un montón de propaganda estadounidense y anglosajona - 这部纪录片只是很多美国和盎格鲁 - 撒克逊的宣传
胡早早 (3 months ago)
ARE you a Latino?
Dom Jermano (1 year ago)
Deng Xiao Ping knew this in 1982, with Margret Thatcher for the Hong Kong Hand-back, then in 1989 he murdered hundreds in Tiananmen Square. WTH. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-china-story-dominic-jermano
Thida Pon (1 year ago)
Moa said nobody can cut the water flow
S Niyut (2 years ago)
Thanks for uploading.

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