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Discussing Social Justice in Magic: The Gathering with MTGHeadquarters

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You think that they wouldn't infect the MTG community? MTGHeadquarters: https://www.youtube.com/user/mtgheadquarters https://twitter.com/mtgheadquarters SuperNerdLand: https://supernerdland.com/subject/traditional-games/tcg/ https://twitter.com/SuperNerdCow Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SargonofAkkad/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sargon_of_Akkad Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therationalistsyt Artistic commissions: http://imgur.com/a/YyhFl Outro Music: Ken's Theme by FamilyJules7x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etDon1LH1vA
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thekkidd3d (2 months ago)
Nika D (6 months ago)
Libertarians—live and let live. Keep the government out of our lives. Non aggression principle. Unfortunately, they took a weird hard left turn recently, but there are a lot of us disenfranchised “minarchists”.
Tobiah (10 months ago)
Report Wizards... to Bullyhunters.org
Blue ringed Octopus (10 months ago)
Sargon, this was bound to happen. When SJW got a foot in the door of gaming via the indi scean ( gamergate) they are now in the the TCG. When they invade games like DND Or 40K. It’s over. The death nail of ALL gaming is when they find something offensive with games like “sorry!”.
Panama Jack (10 months ago)
you speak good words SarSar. Big medicine on tubetube.
woooudo (11 months ago)
I fuckin care about whats being done to you.
Whoa Sargon plays magic 😮
Ascalaphus (11 months ago)
Listening to this video...oh man...MTGHeadquarters I feel for you m8. It seems that in the US this Feminism movement and SJWs are doing some damage with their bullshit agenda. Like it was said in a roundabout way, by definition someone being Feminist is a sexist. What happened to equality? i could go on but this is not about that but how but you were treated. You are a hero in my eyes. M8.....not "his" movies (talking about Hitler). The movie(s) ABOUT him. Or that specific movie. Movies are another form of art right? then you are having an opinion over a piece of art and not the person itself.
Adam Duffield (1 year ago)
Why not hit wizards where it hurts, in the wallet. If wizards want to appeasing SJWs then let them keep the very small SJW numbers and when wizards see their profit dramatically drop you will see a shift. They are then left with 2 choices. Carry on pandering and sink their business or get rid of the sjws in their company and get back to making a card game instead of pushing political propaganda. There are plenty of other card games, and if wizards collapse, another company will fill the void
Skrimmr (1 year ago)
Hey, sorry guys in advance, I know dumb people are everywhere but I honestly believe the prosperity in USA is making your idiots outclassing our european ones... It's terryfing, all that SJW stuff and so on is such complete and utter bullshit. How about that harmful mob directs its force into something useful, like caring about socially excluded people (I mean really excluded, like the homeless) or saving animals. Screaming about tolerance like the nazi-german deathcamps are still on and working. There are really important problems with this world, and those people fail to grasp them and make up their own ones...
Rex Holes (1 year ago)
I judge people individually but thats wrong according to these assholes
Michael Ogle (1 year ago)
Oh i thought this was objective. This is just toxic people trying to justify being toxic and trolly. You guys have the right to be shit birds but what kind of silly person would want to do that?
Ultraviolent Light (1 year ago)
I feel Sargon was drawing conclusions on this situation way too fast, at the start of the video. Too eager to read this as another 'bad case of SJW insanity'. Perhaps it was exactly that after all, but that doesn't make it ok to draw conclusions on way too little evidence.
Ultraviolent Light (1 year ago)
It's human I guess. I do hope Sargon is confronted by people if he does this more often.
Ultimo Tiger (1 year ago)
When have the facts ever stopped anyone jumping to conclusions?
Chapterhouse86 (1 year ago)
Thank you for putting a spotlight on this situation Sargon, it's much appreciated from the non-insane SJW players. By the way, you mention Invasion, by far my favorite set, I have fond memories of buying packs and playing that block in high school. I started long ago in 4th edition, but i quit for about 10 years, and started again about 2 years ago. The current bullshit going on with wotc thought policing, and banning people for fucking tweets is fucking absurd. It makes me not want to support them or buy their products until they stop shoving their ideologies down our throats. We want to play magic and have fun, not argue about politics and shit like that. Edit: Oh shit my bad, I didnt notice the upload date. I thought this video was about the shit that happened around Thanksgiving, where Jeremy got DCI banned, and his MTGO collection seized for snarky tweets he made a year ago.
Sargon, if you ever want to play a format that's meant to come in and out as you please without having to worry about rotation, you should try EDH/Commander. It allows for creative deck building in an eternal format and all you ever need is one deck and a group to play with.
Justin Coleman (1 year ago)
Hey man I just listened to you on Sargon, don't know anything about magic, but you've got my sub
Bowman Perryman (1 year ago)
I just want to start beating the living shit out of SJWs. These people are ruining life for others and eventually some will not take it anymore. Keep poking the bear fuckers!
Lateraldamage (1 year ago)
TrumpenHammer of Kek (1 year ago)
http://www.readthehook.com/95057/news-uva-rape-case-student-accepts-lesser-charge So yeah. The above article they have been circulating trying to say you're a rapist.. It isn't you. They know this, they did this shit intentionally. https://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/VA15550/Zachary-Kenney-Jesse.html If I were you I would start looking into filing some defamation suits. Show less REPLY
survivalizer (1 year ago)
1 year later, this shit is still going on, and much worse.
nick van achthoven (1 year ago)
55:40 that did not age well.
Olle Hellberg (1 year ago)
Time for a new chat now, huh?
Regulator Unlimited (1 year ago)
Of course Sargon plays MTG, all the cool people do.
FuturePants (1 year ago)
welp.. can't say he didn't see this coming right?
Skip Draco (1 year ago)
Wizards: "oh were gonna take your cards and ban you cause you were bad in the past" most players: over your dead body i wonder how much worse its gotten
Jean-Philippe Martel (1 year ago)
They say sjw are a cancer and I'd be inclined to agree... but ffs virgins stay in your line your keks are spreading shit all over the mtg community.
LostLocal7 (1 year ago)
And it all comes roaring back over a year later. The poison keeps and the community gets sick again.
Chris S. (1 year ago)
Rifts. now there's a deep pull Sargon.
Joe Vampire (1 year ago)
Original magic player...... It became shit.
Anu Vlad (1 year ago)
Damn! What a throwback! You can hear the fear, uncertainty and sadness in Jeremy's voice. He even talks down on himself off and on. Such a different Jeremy from the Jeremy we see today with The Quartering channel and Unsleeved Media! Wow!
e rivera (1 year ago)
a seriously hugh mongus middle finger to all of you sjw lgbt mangina faggots.
Krento (1 year ago)
And after 1 year and 2 months...this video is still relevant...amazing.
3dZach (1 year ago)
Is this suddenly relevant again?
Jonathan McClain (1 year ago)
Holy shit...how did I miss this video
Dee Guedes (1 year ago)
Woah, beta males on witch hunt
Terenin (1 year ago)
Don't this seem prophetic now?
Drakilicious (1 year ago)
I started in 4th edition...
johnyramble (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, there actually is a hierarchy of crime. That's why murder carries a life sentence (or death sentence) and petty theft only a fine. I know you probably don't agree, but rape is widely considered a much more serious crime than smuggling small amounts of drugs.
Thrill Mill (1 year ago)
Never thought I'd see MTG making national YT news. Gamer Gate 2? When will these collectivists leave us be.
Tiresias the Blind (1 year ago)
I wasn't a hardcore MTG fan in my youth, but i had my dalliances and i enjoyed the game. To see what happened to video gaming happening in this community saddens me. I hope you manage to fight them off, I really do.
Zer0 (1 year ago)
Sargon, destroyer of idiologies: 8(B)(B) 10,10 death touch life link Annialator 1 7(B)/(W)- opponents creatures attack sargon destroyer of idiologies instead of you until your next upkeep, they can't damage him.
Zer0 (1 year ago)
Sargon talking about MTG is my dream
Yasmine Apocalypse (1 year ago)
this guy is thequarting guy now
Tom James (1 year ago)
I was at a Magic the Gathering tournament over the weekend and almost got kicked out of the tournament for simply asking a female judge for her "digits". My opponent called over a judge to ask for the oracle text on a card from my deck, and when the female judged pulled out her phone . . . I made a joke and said, "Let me get your digits". She responded with, "That's not gonna happen". Everyone at the table laughed and I continued with my game. 3 minutes later the head judge of the tournament came over, stopped my game and made me go to the side with him to chat. He said that I made a pass unwarranted pass at the judge. I told him how it was a joke (explained the context of her pulling out her phone to get info for my opponent and me making the joke when she did so). However, I was given a first and final warning and I was told that I would be removed from the tournament and all future Star City events if it ever happened again. Again, the only thing that I said was, "Let me get your digits". Apparently, we cannot even ask girls for their phone numbers anymore (even if its in a joking manner). I'm still pretty pissed about the entire situation. I understand you cannot harass people ect., but asking someone for their digits does not feel (to me) like it is unacceptable behavior.
Logan Harvie (1 year ago)
boi, you got the info from MTGHQ? that's not a true discussion, that's a one sided story
Steel Dom (1 year ago)
"They are everything they claim everyone else is" Well said
Jarrod Rogers (1 year ago)
Sargon has my respect, after hearing he plays mtg, he has my love too. Lol
Dragon-Wolf (1 year ago)
How in the world does a joke about sending your urine into the aether equate to transphobia? Doesn't everyone urinate? Oh wait, how dare I espouse diversity. Never mind!
zaq001 (1 year ago)
Poor Travis. I really liked watching him.
Alexander Patterson (1 year ago)
My life is complete.
earlster1 (1 year ago)
Battletech FTW
Herbert Waller (1 year ago)
fucking trans degenerates. how cant you be a transphobe. why dafuq is being a transphobe something bad
weirdo3116 (1 year ago)
what's wrong with wizards?
Nick Werner (1 year ago)
Honestly not noticing "SJW changes" to ruin gameplay. I sit down with friends to play MTG as a fun hobby, not to jerk off to Liliana of the Veil art.
Lang Galea (1 year ago)
Remember not to commit a thought-crime Jeremy, you might get thoughtseized by wotc. They preach for understanding and equality, but discriminate and demonstrate prejudice on the backlash.
KADAMASOUL (1 year ago)
they did the same to boogey498. they turning into Blizzard
Freaky Friday (2 years ago)
omfg.....ive been following both these channels for ages and just realized you two did a video together. Holy shit @[email protected]
ExorArgus (2 years ago)
Everytime i think about the SJWs and magic i giggle that one of the LGS where i am is run by an hard core ultra libertarian. (he has a bit coin transfer machine in his store.)
Gulf City Gary Horton (2 years ago)
Sounds to me like I won't be buying anymore Magic The Gathering cards. They do not want me playing, so I wont. Fuck wizards for supporting the SJW cause, and excluding people from their game. I won't play the TCGO, I won't buy the physical cards. You want less customers? Okay, we can do that. Ive played since revised, and I would rather see you go the way of the fucking dodo.
Trockenmatt (2 years ago)
Ah, DesolatorMagic. The saltiest / most toxic MTG YouTubers ever.
Twinsinner (2 years ago)
Gonna just say. My locals is full of women, we have a good mix though less for Commander but in all other game types we have heaps. Luckily none of the SJW bs but yeah.
C T (2 years ago)
Props to Jeremy, this whole fiasco was ridiculous. I don't play magic anymore so I've unsubscribed from the channel but I always thought MTGHQ was the best channel for MTG content and watched all the prerelease prep videos. From my own personal experience I can say that the victim culture and sexist finger pointers were already starting to infect the magic community I was part of when I left for college. One of the most welcoming communities Ive ever been part of was beginning to start attack eachothers throats for passing comments and stupid drama.
Ancap Zombie (2 years ago)
"I identify as a planeswalker and demand my own bathroom." "Send your urine into the aether". I just cracked up when this popped up on my screen.
Ivan Ooze (2 years ago)
Sargon is an o.g. mtg player, I had no idea. The podcast he is referring to is MTAcast after the election they did a podcast wearing matching "Nasty Woman" T-shirts. T-Woo is cool as shit. The way the community came after him was appalling. Anyone who watched that stream can tell you he denounced Hitler and Nazis multiple times. He was just trying to have a historical discussion about what led to the 3rd Reich. (I'm pretty sure you can find it on Youtube still) If you are a mtg fan support this guy. He is a great mtg player and content creator. I didn't know this about Wedge being a dick. But I honestly never liked the guy. He has a really pretentious inflection to his voice that makes my skin crawl. I'm convinced he is called Wedge because he got Wedgies on the daily as a kid.
The Thought Criminal (2 years ago)
It's fucking amazing how SJW's are everywhere. I wonder if they have infiltrated D and D.
Dennis Kokkinos (1 year ago)
The Thought Criminal lollo
Phil Shary (2 years ago)
Magic community is toxic itself, so it's no surprise that so many people there are bastards.
fila365 (2 years ago)
Kamigawa was the best thing that happened to magic you fool!
SlayerRaven (2 years ago)
I'm not so sure saying anything to Hasbro will make a difference. I mean look at EA, they literally let bioware allow Anita Sarkeesian take over.
Jack Wayne (2 years ago)
I don't give a fuck if it's a Yu-Gi-Oh thing; just banish all SJWs into the Shadow Realm.
Lana Lektoff (2 years ago)
(((Drew Levin)))
Lana Lektoff (2 years ago)
(((Social Justice Warriors))) It doesn't take a genius to figure out who controls MTG at this point in history. Shalom, goy.
joemeggs (2 years ago)
Personally, I never post pictures of my guns. I like surprise parties.
Fish Santiago (2 years ago)
Find a new game, you're already gaining plenty of new subscribers here.
Bear River (2 years ago)
I have no qualms about personally boycotting brands that rub me the wrong way politically. MTG is now on that list.
Jason M (2 years ago)
All of this sounds a lot like what Jordan Peterson described as the PC game: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cw7gP2FUcAAWASS.jpg
The Modern Hermeticist (2 years ago)
I tap two mana and play Queerion Elves
Chabot (2 years ago)
They're even going after the cucks now. FeelsBadMan Edit: Nevermind, he's not a cuck. Or maybe I am.
MultiBeerme (2 years ago)
You pronounce Ravnica funny.
Jacob Hegnsvad (2 years ago)
Been the victim of this wierd bullying myself - I'm an a socialist, but I believe that even politics or opinions I strongly disagree with not just should, but MUST be discussed and debated in order to lay them to rest - for that reason alone I often get refered to as a devils advokat by people who know me, and a most likely a crazy racist or bigit by people who don't. I mean, how would you make people who have these hateful opinions see the light? Bully them? ostracize them? or keep them quite? Thats incredibly ignorant, that will not solve the issue and almost assured to make the issue worse. This ends up in these wierd situations in which people who try to talk sense and wants to debate things in order to find the truth, gets ostracized and bullied by a wierd group who don't even need to be part of the minority group to begin with.
santaclawsui (2 years ago)
i subed after watching this
Michael Phillips (2 years ago)
Unnecessary drama, i just play magic, i could care less who is gay, or female, etc. Dont feed the trolls and you'll be alright.
MrRayRockstar (2 years ago)
Bunch of Grandpa's remembering the old days.
JenoPaciano (2 years ago)
Games used to be my escape from the real world. They were the one place where I didn't have to deal with the bullying, ostracization, and shaming of the real world. But the regressive left has now forced those things into every corner of my life. I have no words to express my fury.
Shillip DeFraudo (2 years ago)
I feel like I should go to into Wizard's HQ infiltrate my way into the community manager, and fix the shit-storm that they have caused.
Shillip DeFraudo (2 years ago)
If this happens to my SMITE and MythyMoo I am going to be PISSED!!! Seriously?
Cyrus Lever (2 years ago)
how dare you talk shit about kamigawa. that set was plenty decent. my fav deck is akamigawa base
Lost Mahou (2 years ago)
Seeing Graham Stark of LRR get in on this just makes me mad that everything I like is infected with SJW BS.
DeepSixer 1970 (2 years ago)
hey sargon what happened to your friend is disgraceful I mean nothing is Sacred what's next tiggywinks
Mark Blaze (2 years ago)
The advice was good. DO NOT admit anything or get tricked into apologizing. That is the worst thing you could do. Also, remember this shit isn't going away. They will bring it back again and again. Best to be anonymous when you can and avoid being friends with anyone who is likely one of these types. A lot of it is out of your hands, sadly. Also don't try to change the community or how they run things. You will fail. It's over. They picked the sjw side. Accept it and go play with your real friends. It's politics. They are afraid of these lunatics and will cave in.
Mark Blaze (2 years ago)
It's a big circle jerk. They all try to score sjw points from their pathetic "community". Sorry Jeremy. I've seen this thing happen to a close friend before and also experienced it myself, although since i had seen it before i was able to avoid too much of the bullshit. Just remember that these types of folks are literally the losers. They most often can't hold a job, and are unwilling to change who they are in order to be successful. Rather, these folks think the world should change for them. They are total failures.
I don't even play MTG and I got the "piss into the aether" joke
MystiKasT (2 years ago)
reddit is full of SJWs just ignore it
Original Poster (2 years ago)
As someone who generally agrees with Sargon, this was a giant circle jerk
Guardsman642 (2 years ago)
Guardsman642 (2 years ago)
Guardsman642 (2 years ago)
9:24 "Warhammer 40k" Oh fuck yes Sargon is a Warhammer fan.
Don't disrespect Kamigawa. Spirits are my shit.
MTG Apprentice (2 years ago)
Jeremy Sue for defamation of character
_shifty (2 years ago)
M (2 years ago)
53:32 ''HE IS A LITERAL RAPIST!'' Oh, not a figurative one this time?
Sanek SP (2 years ago)
marketing classes : 1 unhappy consumer is 66 lost ales approximately, because he is gonna say his opinion of your company to other people and now that i am thinking about it, in time of internet where unlimited amount of people are going to see your opinion 1 unhappy consumer might as well equal thousands lost sales, so yes, 100 emails are going to showcase that there is a growing problem that needs to be solved.Fast.

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