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She's Lost: Drunk Woman Pees & Stumbles In The Middle Of The I-15 Freeway In San Diego!

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It was a crazy scene as cars had to swerve to avoid hitting a drunken woman who was meandering in and out of lanes on the I-15 freeway in City Heights early Thursday morning. Submitted By dgomez. The hazards weren't even on. Just wow.
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wicked vicky (1 day ago)
she deserve nice 3 some till morning to realise...over drinking can make her happy in both holes... instead doing sucide
Eric Wong (3 days ago)
put up the wall, safe america!!!
Dawn Charley (6 days ago)
Does it have to come up in the feed under Navajo girl? That’s racist.
Miguel Madrigal (8 days ago)
What happened to this girl?
Shanu Raghuvanshi (10 days ago)
She is not drunk.. She is hard drugs.. beacuse i saw these situation
foot licker (11 days ago)
Stupid cunt with an awesome ass, life.
Grace Amitnaaq (11 days ago)
Your a stupid lady hahahahhah😂
Grace Amitnaaq (11 days ago)
Lol I'm [email protected] your mindset ok
Nuclear ClusterFunk (11 days ago)
Part 2 can be found on liveleak
Control Oz (11 days ago)
I must’ve missed the pee
Rosalee Balcombe (18 days ago)
That lady is pretty
Maris Purde (18 days ago)
Are you going on holiday if you are then that's not fare
Lorenzo Loco (23 days ago)
She is not Latin is from Arab
Alan George Barstow (1 month ago)
Frank Zappa once said that there is more stupidity in the universe than hydrogen. I think he miscalculated by a millionfold. The human species gets incrementally more stupid every second.
Russell McNamara (1 month ago)
She is brave
Megha M (1 month ago)
Manas Chakraborty (2 months ago)
Shoot her on the boobs....
Alexander Medina (2 months ago)
First that stupid men who are there like stupids recording and doing nothing for that Nothing, but before take the car out and not do anything like they do. and later give her hers..becouse she not bad look how she comes...
Budhes Kumar Dhiwar (2 months ago)
But she is hot
New Jack Swing (2 months ago)
Someone should've kept her on the shoulder while one person just pulled her car off of the highway. Damn fool!
Cosmo Kramer (3 months ago)
My soulmate
Vu Van (3 months ago)
Is she drunk ? or stupid ?
sips tea (3 months ago)
2:44 she's legit in the car tho
basanta chaudhary (3 months ago)
Last lady i think she was there to sucide foolish girl..😠😠😠
H2SO4BLACK BLACKWATER (3 months ago)
Cocaina (3 months ago)
Ahh... The female brain
Kanu Bean (4 months ago)
Eww..Ugly and dirty whites
Subhradeep Sharma (4 months ago)
i wish to god, that she died that night., those arrogant bitches should die., oooooohhhh ggoooddd please kill her in a car accident.
shot forshot (4 months ago)
She is ridiculous, but these men are incompetent as well.
Gulshan Patel (4 months ago)
Whimsical girl.
Rocky the Rock (4 months ago)
Fuck off
Sporkyspoonz (4 months ago)
At this moment, in her mind; the world is her toilet.....
Mr Grumpy (4 months ago)
who ever think this is funny must need some help
Ricsa Sanger (4 months ago)
I am upset.
blastman8888 (4 months ago)
Why are you are more interested in video recording her then trying to keep her off the freeway drop the fucking camera take her by the hand lead her to the other side of your car sit her down there fuck she ran away from you because you sticking a video recording her she said "why are you video taping me". I bet your some kind of nerdy fuck never gets laid spanks his monkey all day first time any girl decent looking even talked to you first thing out of your mouth is "I'm with the news". If I was there I would have had her sucking my dick by the end of the night for getting her out of a jam before the the cops show up.
myblueandme (5 months ago)
Its called women empowerment. She looks very confident
Andy Mears (5 months ago)
She was lucky the police were on a coffee break...
rekmanification (6 months ago)
And nobody called the cops on her.
Mega Millions (6 months ago)
What a stupid air head bitch
life with genna (6 months ago)
Stop videoing hir she
life with genna (6 months ago)
On on on don't pee
Sanaren Saikhom (6 months ago)
So WPC also need in night.
Bryce T Sawyer (6 months ago)
Nope. No sympathy for her. Scale of 1-10 were talking retarded infinity times a million.
G -force (7 months ago)
bumb girl
Punjabi Songs (8 months ago)
fuck young ladies with my big penies
kirti shʌrma (9 months ago)
deep raj Mottan (9 months ago)
iamjustsaying (10 months ago)
Oh look its my step sister... well they act alike
Sheikh Osama (11 months ago)
feel sad about her , she is so beautifull and preety, and i wish she reached her home safely.
shakti singh (11 months ago)
she is mad fuck this bitch she doesn't have any common sense
Ajay Thakur (11 months ago)
Stupid camera man , he should pull his car on the side instead of making video , stupid shit
Mr RealMan (11 months ago)
I would lick that yummy ass if I got a chance
jason gideon (11 months ago)
i would have ran into her car and drove it with her and have some steamy session
willieboy3011 Jonas (1 year ago)
She is very confused and very lucky. But the guy is yelling at her to get out of the car while others are standing in the road. Damn 3 stooges show, but I'm still glad no one got hurt.
AnwarAM (1 year ago)
Why put your lives in danger for a drunkard.. just drive her to the corner and let her get fucked by the speeding cars..
REALITY FREAKS TV (1 year ago)
she’s so sexy id help 💯 😋🤫
Keith nunya (1 year ago)
So what happened to that selfish ,stupid drunk bitch who put all of those peoples lives in danger?I hope she got arrested and spent some time in jail
just sunny (1 year ago)
If she wants to die let her die. Leave the bitch there!
Faery Child (1 year ago)
I think she wanted to die.
The Gacha Cat (1 year ago)
Drunk indeed what is she doing??!
SuperKiko112 (1 year ago)
she proper lost .. india is a long way from therr
Ro (1 year ago)
Dude needs to STFU!!! If any one cares then they would of helped her!!!!
busa lover (1 year ago)
She must had a heart break...
little nick (1 year ago)
Should have fucked her
Ava (1 year ago)
They'd even give monkeys a drivers license these days.
Mako 44 (1 year ago)
Bitch is hot....
Truth Seeker (1 year ago)
On drugs for sure
Dream er (1 year ago)
What happened next?
Sonic The Hedgehog (1 year ago)
One word A s s
Noble Sagittarius (1 year ago)
Who else saw her ass and clicked on this video?
ähvettefan (1 year ago)
Where is the Highway Patrol when you need them?
Who gave driving license to fucking idiot, she put everyone endanger
Mubarak Mubarak (1 year ago)
Hey fuck this bitch
dr amit golwala (1 year ago)
bc aawi ne marwa j dewani
Flint the cat (1 year ago)
She needs anal!
omar grimaldo (1 year ago)
Like bitch listen
Mat Tuk (1 year ago)
all of them are dumb asses ....why not just get in the car & move the car to the side for her
Zeyntrips (1 year ago)
I'm so her 😭😭
Ipodboql (1 year ago)
Sorry to see this woman like this, she's obviously not well or taken something coz her behavior is BIZZAR. I wish her well hope she gets the help she needs
Tony Mario (1 year ago)
Every car that passes should give that dumb bitch a count of public endangerment. Put her away so the normal and decent people don't have to put up with people like that.
Jesse Hedrick (1 year ago)
crazy ass bitch!
KeMarrius Dyson (1 year ago)
lmao not rascist but white people are too funny "Get out the car your lifes in danger" i cried a little 😂 she was like biiitch im drunk amd cant handle you being dramatic
Ninja k (1 year ago)
she persian or arab? shes not latina. must have rich parents.
Pemba Sherpa (1 year ago)
Beautiful pussy
pyromaniac360 (1 year ago)
I believe they call this natural selection knock of the stupid
Dan Bortaff (1 year ago)
fucking stupid drunk bitch
proudestmikey (1 year ago)
So many people could have been hurt or killed. I really hope this lady got arrested.
Keith Smith (1 year ago)
break the fucking window and pull the dumb bitch to safety..
péter csákvári (1 year ago)
America ... shoot everyone at the first opportunity to serve justice, but to hit this bitch, and move that shit out of the way to avoid possible accidents is just tooooo much to do, right ?
Racheal Hart (1 year ago)
SoooOo??? Did she survive?
Gen (1 year ago)
Not even drunk just dumb..
debbiemacd (1 year ago)
There should be so much more than just a DUI! She's put so many lives in danger. What a complete empty-headed drunken moron!!!
salt khan (1 year ago)
dat ass 😍
France Richard (1 year ago)
Dumm ass woman
Gamez Boi (1 year ago)
Girls like her , works for movies " Boogie bang nights" 1st Biyatch of 2017..
rob Rodriguez (1 year ago)
those guys are the dick heads fuckers.....get the car key and take it to safe place.....learn to help
Nate_396 foRrif (1 year ago)
Dumb bitch
Danielle Chere`e (1 year ago)
I never want to drink again I walked on freeway off ramp last weekend thinking it was a street tried to hop over freeway wall, broke my foot, THANK GOD AND HIS PROTECTION IAM STILL HERE, and so is she.
Shashwat negi (1 year ago)
She is hot
Michael deng (2 years ago)
I z (2 years ago)
I've seen drunk people. . she either high.. or mental

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