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10 Days = Wife: Love Translated (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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Modern day dating can be a real headache. For men with little experience or those burned by an ugly divorce, the idea of looking for a wife in a foreign country, known for its solid family values, seems like a viable solution. Come on this personal journey with ANASTASIA DATING TOURS! Ten men are determined to find a spouse during their trip to the city of Odessa, Ukraine. They have only ten days but countless opportunities to meet the right woman or fall for a scammer in this land of stunning beauties. Not all men are losers and not all women are gold diggers, but the abundance of romantic opportunities brings out the best and the worst in human nature.
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Text Comments (794)
Cassie P (13 hours ago)
WTF is that music at 34:04
domfrommelb27 (20 hours ago)
The brunette beautiful
unicorn d'naranja (1 day ago)
The Asian guy is a selfish sexist ass.
Simon Quach (2 days ago)
How are you going to marry someone when you can't communicate with them 🙄
Nico Cas (2 days ago)
If you ask me they deserve each other! The men want a much younger woman in a totally different “League” and the woman want their money. Shallow meets shallow. Perfect together! Men are taking advantage of the life these women didn’t ask to be in. These women are taking advantage men so pathetic they define themselves on the bases of the looks of their partner.. Sad for the few that really want love and believe they’re going to find it picking from a Catalog or being picked from a catalog.
Tom Morris Music (2 days ago)
Ok Chinese guy is gay but doesn't know it cuz he's a virgin
Judith Shalders (2 days ago)
Jeez that effing music🥺
Tom Morris Music (2 days ago)
The lady saw the Chinese guys just for men hair and started laughing lmao
Tom Morris Music (2 days ago)
No one has friends anymore. Yeah maybe one or two, but everytime I go out with a group of friends I meet at least one girl. Because women still have friends and travel in packs. Mainly because they like to drink and dance and u shouldn't go out and do that alone
Shazeeda De Silva (3 days ago)
WTF is up with that horrible music? !! I have to mute the fucking TV everytime! I guess it goes well with Vlad The Impaler series of different tortures 😠!
Jams stinson (3 days ago)
Are these dudes really interested in the culture? Only one I heard spoke in Russian. And what is with that blonde MYTH? THE hottest Ukrainian/ Russo women are dark haired to jet black hair like that curvy tall dark haired interpreter.
ElvisnRick (3 days ago)
heaps of video's on You Tube about MGTOW , best if all men study these video's that expose the true nature of all females no matter which country . Most of these foreign girls only want western citizenship , worst ones are from the cities, they are just as tainted as the western women or feminists in western culture but they just hide it until they marry you. If you still want foreign girls , don't do these tours and get one of those language translators devices or translator apps for your mobile /cell phone and just go out far to some country village area or small city , where the girls are not so tainted , more genuine , however you still run a risk because once you marry her and bring her back to your country she can get easily corrupted by the way of social media and by how other women think and act in western culture.
Anthony V (3 days ago)
Chinese guy tells camera man - take a shot of the git I gave her - a $10 dollar trinket. Hilarious.
Anthony V (3 days ago)
They need to get haircuts, and they need to get a fashion consultant. Sears, JC Penny, and your local wal mart does not help your cause/ At least, get some good shoes. Most of these guys walking around in jeans, crumpled t shirts - etc.
hardwired (3 days ago)
those burned by an ugly divorce, the idea of looking for a wife in a foreign country,
Daegog The Wyrdmake (4 days ago)
TLDR - It's a scam. Most men show up, spend tons of cash on these girls and then leave. But honestly, what else would a beautiful 22 year old female want with a 50+ year old dude?
norm houle (4 days ago)
I do think that women have an innate power to see what is to be treasured in a male... Women have a powerful beauty on the surface, it is always there no matter what scar. Men have a hidden beauty, strength... Vocabulary fails me but if it is beautiful and a woman has not hardened her heart due to abuse, she will always see it
norm houle (4 days ago)
OMG! I typed hole as whole. However... on further thought this is somehow, the way it is.
norm houle (4 days ago)
The music is good. I fell down the youtube whole from watching public freakouts n found myself here. Yes, there is alot on the surface to judge but it is simple. It is Human. The music captures the abstract possibility of finding what can only find us>>>
Eleet Magazne (4 days ago)
MGTOW fellas.... MGTOW. YOu'll be a alot richer and happier
Lauren Hope (4 days ago)
46:13 to 46:30 she sprays perfume on herself for 17 straight seconds. She has got to reek of the fragrance
T V (4 days ago)
Unfortunately I ran off one of these judgmental western gals named Paula. She couldn’t take the heat from ol' TV, so she had to leave the proverbial kitchen. I truly hope she comes back to join us to discuss how pathetic and creepy these dudes are so I can give her another dose of reality and how western men - no matter how socially inept they are becoming (as evidenced here) are looking elsewhere for their future mates. Why? Because there’s better options out there. Not only are less than high value men looking abroad, so is your run of the mill man who is tired of putting up with these chicks. Feminists, you have jumped the shark. You overshot your target and this is the backlash. We don’t want you anymore. You can try your shaming tactics. Call us what you will. Unless you have a renaissance and a return to old fashioned femininity, we are gone. Screw you. and before you try to bitch about me being angry- This isn't anger. this is stone cold reality. Loser western women have nothing left to do other than try to shame these men and these gorgeous women.
Spencer Howell (4 days ago)
Lol 😂 come on guys be realistic ! Take your head out your arrogant ass .It's a job for these girls they don't want 60 year old guys .... Happens in every city across the globe . Not just Ukarine , London , Paris etc etc
cpgone (5 days ago)
Basically you are wasting your time. This is total BS sales promo vid. I got back a few months ago from Western Ukraine , I stayed there for about 7 months. I speak ok Ukrainian and can get around no problems. I lived in Crimea for a year before Putin invaded. .. I had a Ukraine wife , we got divorced. Yes, yes yes , Always exceptions and I am sure you are smarter than me and your lady is different.. Anyway ,, The ladies that want to leave, have left. 3 million people have left in the past few years. IN 2020 it will be possible for them to go to Poland easily and this equals EU and goodbye any advantage you had for them The ones there now are social misfits ,clueless and not sure what they want. YOU have lost your mind to date any under the age of 30. They are as bad as USA girls. YOU will likely believe the agency lies that they are old fashioned , want to keep house and have kids , all the while waiting for you in a thong.. Go ahead and believe the hype. I did.
Jason Roberts (5 days ago)
@4:03 NICE! Lol
David Walker (5 days ago)
If i needed a call girl why would i spend 10 grand on a tour when i could fly to amsterdam and buy one for 60 dollars.
T V (5 days ago)
David Walker make it so then, number 1. Godspeed
ralgor100 (5 days ago)
poor deluded fools
seuratguy (5 days ago)
You can clearly see male and female nature in this documentary. Those guys are like lambs going to the slaughter. MGTOW.
T V (5 days ago)
seuratguy yep. Maybe not male/female “nuture” per se. At least not the male part .most of these dudes are not strong men. They are conditioned beta males. The only men with alpha characteristics are Ramon and the weird Asian dude.
Roly (6 days ago)
wtf!!!!! eighteen, she can't even drink in BC. This is wrong at so many levels.
David Jade (6 days ago)
This looks like fun, where do I sign up
Choreomaniac (6 days ago)
I think that without that music and add in a narrator, this would be a very good documentary
Corona Extra (6 days ago)
Idiots looking for love!! Good luck, morons. I hate stupid people.
Corona Extra (6 days ago)
men are stupid
Kate Deptula (6 days ago)
Music is just unbearable
Ocyla (6 days ago)
19:36 man imparts great truth of life "my friend, every country women like money!". Literally everyone in the world likes money, this isn't a surprise is it XD
AngelofPaz (6 days ago)
Is this documentary from the 90's or is it just that these people wear old clothes/different style? Also did anyone else notice the asian guy constantly looking at the ladies chests?
Sonny Daiz (5 days ago)
@AngelofPaz I was just being silly, cu u r such an 👼 angel.
AngelofPaz (5 days ago)
Believe it or not, there are people that use washing machines to wash clothes, and there are people wearing clothes from years ago too. Why you went with underwear in particular I don't know because I wasn't asking about panties.
Sonny Daiz (5 days ago)
Lmao! I love your humor. I will travel to you, in a pair of 20 year old underwear and ask you to be my bride. 🤣
thePhoenixQueen (6 days ago)
I think the reason the music is so annoyingly distracting is that there's no narrator like there usually is in documentaries.
Daniel Honig (6 days ago)
Whats with all the drama around the interactions? Werner Herzog consult on this ?
Andy May (6 days ago)
How can you pick a winner out of them their all Beautiful
Marie Van Hecke (6 days ago)
pathetic really......
cheeky kid (7 days ago)
I just cannot believe that this beautiful 18 year old hottie seriously likes that Chinese shitbag.
brianpc pc (7 days ago)
just weird . why not go on holiday to meet someone with 2 weeks to decide on who they are . the whole thing is weird to me . love is a not neccesary to live but the emphasis on the meeting of people seems to be a must by the standards of the video . perhaps not so many peope will buy into this pretentious fakery . after all we did not see the cut scenes with them fighting and pulling each others hair out in mud bath . give me a real woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground . thatis the right thing for me . however in this video we se all sorts of women obviously for all sorts of relationships . for me it seems cheap and not the right way to meet someone genuine regarding these matters . beauty and personality are very different . and many are ugly on the inside . superficial grated used and lost here . it remindss me of an end of the night at a cheap discotheque . the victims are the men and women here . you probably will find your assumed sould mate within 100 miles of your home . the particular perversion here is the need for these older people to meet younger women . for a man to feel in charge of something empowered in some way by their own life experiences . the worst thing i do see here is the time limited option where love is a commodity and cheapened by the lure of a step back in time mentally to when the men where younger . to use thsi to fix what they could not earlier in life themselves . this is bad stock upbringing education and many social values enrolled into a package of lust allure and a correction of their lives . for the women it is a choice to take what they want from men as women so often do . for the women it is easy to read the men and to enrich their lives by investing time into these men . the rug does not match the curtains here . impressionable older men will ofcourse see them as an objective posession as the nature of the game played here is what can we give each other here . but as we know many women want to be swept off their feet by a dashing prince persay as it is taught in the female circle from an early age . however what we see here is charm school and an evasive tecqnique from women who know what men they want . but here it needs some work and some more charm and romance to get the right man . but many are let down by their choice and opt out by being rude cheap and deliberatly so . this rejected person in personality is who the men see . a cheap shot a nieve thoughtless woman of any age . for those who wear their heart on their sleeve they simply dont date in this way . often rejecting any man here . modest women need a more personal intimate setting and more realistic to express their wishes here . real women dont do this ! they shy from the spotlights . but love the lipstick and beautiful flowers and paintings . the video catches moments of this and with some regret may have been entirely edited out of the process . i dont see love here i see lust and longing for a better quality of life here . at a very basic level . almost retarded love searching under the guise of a love match potentiality . kind regards .
christopher stimpson (7 days ago)
All that effort and only the interpreter gets married,lol.
Jen Foster (2 days ago)
And has to divorce her husband and break up her family to do so.
Bubinga5 (7 days ago)
Bloody beauty contests. WTF is that all about. Pervy men looking at women in bikinis.
Gibson Martini (8 days ago)
Popcorn and a Rom-Com. A perfect Saturday night where I'm sitting!
Nay Say (8 days ago)
Why the fuck does that old man want to have kids? He will be dead in 10 years and they wont have a father.. That is fucking selfish!
Nay Say (8 days ago)
That asian guy is way to closed and defensive to ever find a woman.. The fucking guy cant even call them when he promised to, but want the girl to call back. Which self respecting girl would do that if the guy promised to call? Then he is not willing to pay for food or taxi on a date, which is common courtesy in countries that are not ruined by feminism.. but then they complain about feminism in their homecountry.. haha it is too funny.
Youtuber 1 (8 days ago)
That Asian guy clearly has a mental disorder.
Aqua Rius (8 days ago)
Is it me, or does the Chinese guy look like Mao Zedong when they zoomed in his face at around 1:22 😂😂😂
Dan Vig (9 days ago)
'The girl do have to be adaptable', it's as if the Chinese guy is configuring his iphone settings.
T V (5 days ago)
Dan Vig an iPhone is easier to configure and troubleshoot than a woman. 👍🏽 I think he has a good grasp of the male and female dynamic in a relationship but he has a poor way of expressing it.
Világjáró (9 days ago)
This overseas looking for love is ridiculous really. The women can play the game until they have their youth and then what? They should get their shit together and get a good paying career, wherever that might be instead of hunting for men to spend on them. As for the men, get real, what young gorgeous woman would want an old bag seriously like you? Stay home, just find things to do and look for locals on these dating sites. Someone around your age who is on your level looks wise and go from there.
Anton Smuts (9 days ago)
most of these guys look like they have dead hookers under their beds, they're in perfect company
shelby6571 (9 days ago)
It's like a bloody cattle market. It's a wonder that they don't get them to open wide so their teeth can be inspected and measure the width of their hips to see if they are good enough for child bearing! Yuk, the whole thing is repulsive :(
dodgeplow (10 days ago)
If these guys weren't looking to hook up with a child, they may have stood a chance at meeting someone compatible with them.
Elizabeth Munson (10 days ago)
Why are the men all fat , bald, and slobs? The women should run a mile!!!
Wes Puckdog (10 days ago)
That much perfume is a complete turnoff. I think that one was drowning herself in O de Leech.
HU -LK (10 days ago)
What language are these women speaking? Russian or Ukrainian
BlackoutB K (11 days ago)
Ramone is a mail order bride pimp, man is too seasoned for this he’s just catching easy young beautiful ass lol
Anders Jørgensen (10 days ago)
No just too surpriced that getting a girl is that simple and easy to do. Galina is still single in 2019!
james mattice (11 days ago)
Carrot on a stick comes to mind,
Steve Morse (11 days ago)
Old farts that can't get a date in their countries think that they can buy love in poor countries dating beautiy queens....pathetic and embarassing not mention ethically dubious. There are plenty of gold diggers in the US they just don't pretend to be in love it is purely transactional.
susan kawoya (11 days ago)
i am pissing myself at the 'music'
jane smith (12 days ago)
the sound editor on this doc needs to be shot
jane smith (12 days ago)
was this documentary made by film school students, lol
Sunny8915 (12 days ago)
It was too funny for me to feel bad for any of them. The women are simply hookers and the ugly guys " legends in their own minds". I lost it when the bald guy with the huge ears stated that coming there "is an addiction" and that it was his twelfth trip. That old man should spend some bucks on a hair transplant; ears pinned back and some HGH hormone therapy! ROFL What a bunch of losers....both sexes. Yes, a real quality woman buys a pair of Gucci pumps and lives in a dump. -;)
Tan Joll (12 days ago)
Maybe the police wanted to arrest the cello player for her instrument being so badly out of tune
Katherine Kirkhope (12 days ago)
Ah love.
Speakingfor Crows (12 days ago)
Read the comments about the music. Kept watching, thinking, it can't be that bad. It's not. It's worse. It's WAY louder than the talking and annoying to boot! Switched it off not to bother the neighbors.
T V (5 days ago)
Speakingfor Crows turn the volume down homie. The music was bad but not that distracting- with the exception of one scene. And I think we all know which one that is.
This young curly girl makes my heart beat faster
Lovely Flower (13 days ago)
He's saying Stop That Gum Chewing. Like a cow.
SaiyanPrideAMV (13 days ago)
these men are lying to themselves
Kelly Trindles (14 days ago)
Some of these men are actually looking for love and I don’t blame these women at all for wanting to make a better life it’s none else’s business people need to get out more and stop being judgemental
Kelly Trindles (14 days ago)
What man wouldn’t like these women a lot of western women are fat have no style look like slobs act like men are completely unfeminine and are selfish ha I’m an English female born in uk grew up in oz I’ve got a European mindset dress up everyday like I’m on vogue fashion shoot look after men in a way don’t know where I got my mindset maybe because I’ve travelled
JH (15 days ago)
If any of these women are looking for a man with intelligence, then they should opt for the bloke at 52:32
NoStreetBs (15 days ago)
46:12 Perfume shower.
ThePresentation010 (15 days ago)
15:20 that's why men don't want females older than 21. That girl is a schemer. Big time
ThePresentation010 (15 days ago)
Who's the dumbass that edited this. Why is the music so damn loud??
DELTA DJ (15 days ago)
trying to watch it with this stupid annoying music louder than the audio shit dangling dinging stupid dumb fucking shit ass made in the basement shit music dumbest shit iv ever heard in my life, whom or what crack head made this so called music kill your self @#$****[email protected]+% dick cheese
cris sualan (16 days ago)
All woman in all country loves money😂
cris sualan (16 days ago)
The music 😂
DrizzleoftheEast (16 days ago)
What's with the Chinese guy's hair??! XD
Helena Ivanka (16 days ago)
These men are putrid. They are exploiting these women like no tomorrow, The smirking and sleazy laughing makes me puke! No wonder no woman wants one of these creeps.
Nancy Cr (17 days ago)
I'd never marry another Russian man or even date one. Temper
robert jones (17 days ago)
this is so messed up wtf ... you just won the powerball what will you do . odessa lol
Frank the Tank (17 days ago)
Vicki Ross Tudor (17 days ago)
So what's the plan when you snag the girl... take the translator with you?
elbiskocho (17 days ago)
Asian guy is a piece of shit
Chris Ransley (17 days ago)
That fucking violin
Jennifer M (17 days ago)
Also that guy from Utah is a dick.
Jennifer M (17 days ago)
Okay, this Asian guy has serious issues! He has such black and white thinking, and the way he interacts with people is way off. For him to tell the jazz singer lady that she would have to be a mother and not a singer? So odd.
Springbok295 (18 days ago)
"I'm from the basement and I collect body parts."
Sunset Cliff (18 days ago)
Imagine being stuck in this movie forever......
d05wtt (18 days ago)
This fool’s playing games. “I won’t call her back.” It shows how unsocialized he is and why he couldn’t get anyone back home in Canada. The sad thing is he’s not a bad looking guy. Just doesn’t know the “rules.”
Truth Seeker (19 days ago)
Cringeworthy binge 🤮😂🤮😂 a bunch of old dudes looking for women out of their league and rightfully paranoid about the women using their ugly autistic asses for a meal ticket .... ummmmm duh ....
bruno 416 (20 days ago)
i'm 100 percent positive they are all escorts/prostitutes and these guys have no clue...
YYZFlier (20 days ago)
If these ladies knew about the Canadian immigration system they would have all gone out with the Canadian guy. For Americans and most developed countries, you sponsor a foreign wife and her visa is tied to the marriage for the first couple years, in the US it is 2 years. If she leaves you she loses her visa and goes back to her country. In Canada, a foreign bride gets permanent resident status the day she lands in Canada. That same day she can file for divorce without altering her now permanent visa to Canada. This is the best deal ever for these ladies.
ayrat sitdikov (20 days ago)
Swedish Jeffrey Dahmer
pua4lyfe44 (21 days ago)
That was totally uncomfortable watching that 18 year old with Michael
hardwired (3 days ago)
She's at least 24 and far from a virgin.
Marcela Galatti (21 days ago)
This is so sad.... These women "smell" of poverty, desperation, bad taste, cheap and reeeeally old-fashioned clothing and shoes, shabby hair extentions, they all stoop their back.... I dont get how this myth about Russian beauty has been borned but today I watched few of these documentaries and I see I have had a totally wrong impression on the looks of Russian/Ukranian women so far. They don't even apply make up when go on date!!! And that one who had her manicure shoot... I noticed her hairy legs! HAIRY I MEAN!!! The one with the red dress! She doesn't depilate herself even when she goes on dates??? I mean... WTF? Also I am amazed how brave they are to look for foreign husband, when they have no knowledge of English and can't maintain a decent conversation. And them going for these men just to secure their lifes its so sad! I dont blame them at all, but its just sad watching them trying to fake attraction when obviously there isn't any.
Victor Logan (20 days ago)
Didn't you hear the taxi driver the women are professional scammers. They are in it to find a husband.
Helluminati (22 days ago)
I feel all these pretty things will fuck off once they r away from their countries and safely settled.... lets be honest, they r not looking for husbands and fathers to their kids- they r looking for a supportive wallet, they can use until they find something better. Their prospects are slim in their countries, but they will sell their youth and body for a way out and 5 years of comfortable life. Once they have citizenship they can divorce and find true love or true wallet. This is a meat market at it's core. Men claim they want companions and partners and home makers- then they look for 20+ fit models. Sorry but what? Like one of those ladies said: I am high maintenance, I hate to clean and cook. If they needed a homey wifu, they would go for older and less provocative female. Someone who is also looking for companionship. I am not saying men are not allowed to have younger females, after all, males perform til their death, while women face menopause, so it's understandable, men want someone they can bed for longer period of time, without having to replace her yet again. But these women are selling themselves off and it is so obvious it is not even funny. Taxi drivers are very truthful, breath of fresh air.
Oryclav Valcyro (22 days ago)
I loved the music.

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