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Kyrie Irving Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Concepts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and talks about his signature sneakers, his love for Nike SB and skateboarding, and his favorite sneakers growing up. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (6272)
Jake Chaney (13 hours ago)
Bro, the Kyrie 5's are flame
Dane Newswanger (13 hours ago)
He goes alright bet
sakubatzumatsu (19 hours ago)
8:30 put the caption on.
izunapwnz (2 days ago)
choked against milwaukee
De V. La'Ball (3 days ago)
When Kyrie said he fucks with the 20s he got my respect 💯
Gum Kid (3 days ago)
Off white for 130 wtffffff 😱😱
Semi Sneakerhead (3 days ago)
Complex can you please do a “sneaker shopping with joe la puma”.............you know what the fans want
kyle (3 days ago)
Does anyone not realize he got all his shoes for retail
Boombastic Man (3 days ago)
Did you notice the triangle in his back? Is it illuminati?
Raghav Verma (4 days ago)
I thought he got all his sneakers for free (the Kyrie’s)
Dz Rosario Ltd (5 days ago)
Joe lowkey looks like Julian Newman
Kyrie is a great guy, giving shoes away not arrogant at all perfect example.
Regi Pettaway (10 days ago)
intelligent business man. He kept mentioning his Dad. He wont go broke
Julius Wright (10 days ago)
This dude really bought his own shoe. Wtf. Don't u get them for free
James Harden 13 (11 days ago)
130 for off-white blazers?
BEEDA (12 days ago)
3:41 He just talked about me
Rob rain (12 days ago)
First minute and you already here about what kyrie is complaining about!
Melted Ice (12 days ago)
Is it just me or he talks like your MyCareer player?
car reser gamer (13 days ago)
Off white nike blazers for 130$ WTF
Captain Dadpool (14 days ago)
Joe's looking comfortable today
Jonny Gordillo (14 days ago)
Camp someone tell what shoe is in the thumbnail??
Daddy is back! (14 days ago)
380 Dollars? I spent 500 dollars on a pair of shoes
Crawford Hughes (14 days ago)
How he buy the blazers for 130
MagixMamba (14 days ago)
Kyrie to LA confirmed!! 7:43
Brian Hill (14 days ago)
Kyrie Irving is my Favorite basketball player like this if u feel the same
Samuel Young (14 days ago)
Do Boosie badazz
The Most High (14 days ago)
Best hoop sneakers I've ever wore are the Kyrie's, but 130$ ain't no great affordable price lol
Andrew Fletcher (14 days ago)
Hit me up at big 32 rims for life if you like kyire irving on insagram
Andrew Fletcher (14 days ago)
You can send me some shoes
Omer Loya (15 days ago)
this mans just bought his own shoes...
Roshea (15 days ago)
I was just browsing lobster sb dunks on stockx before I clicked on this video
vince (15 days ago)
i like how he move and explain things.. no over exagerated hand gestures and accent like the other guest
Johnny X TheMVN (15 days ago)
BRO is kyrie size 12 fr lmaooo damn
iiSmaCKpRos_ Yt (15 days ago)
U act like thats still not a big foot
Amal Jurabaev (15 days ago)
Kyrie said same story that happened to me I bought kyries back 2 or year ago and I’m like who this player and I started playing basketball
Epic_ snipes (15 days ago)
I'm fan of kyrie I have every shoe that he had made
Frédéric Gomis (15 days ago)
Kyriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie my man! So humble. He's the best too much swag!!!
Spektrum HD (15 days ago)
Fuck u irving
Raphael Romulo (15 days ago)
this guy isn't a team player... facts only.
Paul Bravo (16 days ago)
Off-white blazers for $130 no way
diegoo (16 days ago)
they give it to them for retail
Showtime LockdownCB (16 days ago)
We just gonna ignore the fact that kyrie got off white blazers for 130$ wtf
Luis Perez (16 days ago)
He Paid Retail & got a free shoe 🤯
Jordan Street (16 days ago)
I don’t play basketball and I have Kirie 5s black and red
Zander Seiber (17 days ago)
Kyrie Irving was my first basketball shoe it was the kyrie twos the gray ones
Dee Jones (17 days ago)
Bruh bought his own shoe 😂😂
mike dorado (17 days ago)
Kyrie seems super humble
lesson433 (17 days ago)
not a sneakerhead, but how is he paying retail while other rappers are paying 3k for a pair of off-white collab?
Grant Stansbury (17 days ago)
Sneaker shoppin’ with my uncle Bill Gates 🤓
Adubski (17 days ago)
Him paying for Nike shoes is so dumb
jayteso (17 days ago)
The host seems to spend a lot of time at elementary school playgrounds.
Kyrie Irving (18 days ago)
Down 3-1
adrian alvarado (18 days ago)
Anybody know where I can go and buy that shirt??
Matthew Clair (18 days ago)
Wait, how did kyrie get the Off white Blazers for 130?!
he bought it for retail
Sad Boy (17 days ago)
Matthew Clair Im saying
Rohan Patel (18 days ago)
With this mans balance he would be an amazing skater
Aj. H (18 days ago)
Anyone know where to go to get that same shirt kyrie is wearing cause all I see are his normal tee shirts and jerseys online and that shirt is 🔥
Elle Harris (18 days ago)
Off white blazer for only 130?
Money Singh (18 days ago)
anyone know the name of the dope intro song?!
David Santos (18 days ago)
Hes a Great Dude man.
XXXSKY official vevo (18 days ago)
Labron 16 copied the back of kyrie 5
QR (18 days ago)
hiç bir sik anlamıyorum ama adamın tipine hareketlerine baksam yetiyor :D
SnD Ech0 (18 days ago)
He’s says shneaker
Im Not Exotic (19 days ago)
Laid back and gives people respect like honestly such a good guy
Jayden :P (19 days ago)
I live in Cambridge and I’ve never even heard of this place 😂
Boy Jimbo (19 days ago)
Yo they made kyrie pay for his own shoe but some other people not even his shoe team gave him some free shoes.
ABBAS The BOSS (19 days ago)
So is the earth flat?
Micheal Scott (19 days ago)
Bro why tf he buying his own shoe
Garrett Weir (20 days ago)
2:59 sorry
Garrett Weir (20 days ago)
He just said he’s gonna push HES team😂😂2:51
Garrett Weir (20 days ago)
2:59 sorry
Daniel (20 days ago)
If you wear kyries for anything other than basketball your weird or just a little child
Kavin (20 days ago)
$380... Good man!
Ethan 811 (20 days ago)
I love Kyrie I have shoes and I’m in elementary school
miles malabed (20 days ago)
sadly in sports you don’t hear much about dads, bless all the moms out there but i love seeing this end. but respect and bless everyone
Bang Blitz (21 days ago)
Are we going to ignore the fact that the off whites were only 130 and he paid for his kyries
sobha kurian (21 days ago)
Kyire you are great
Yoshi (21 days ago)
wtf he just spent 130 $ for the off white blazers that is no sense
KiLLeR Killed You (22 days ago)
Anyone gunna talk about how the Off whites were fucking 130$!
austin (22 days ago)
how did kyrie get the blazers for retail????
Fabio Lanzi (22 days ago)
those blue lobsters at the end are some fire
FBI (22 days ago)
Yo I love concepts
Gaurav Darshan (22 days ago)
sit down stay humble
Viral Hoops (22 days ago)
I cant even a afford kyries thier like a 100 dollars
Allison Black (21 days ago)
I feel ya
Sleeping SupaX (22 days ago)
Lewis 2.0 (23 days ago)
Kyrie where’s lebron
Stanford Valentine (23 days ago)
I need to buy a Kyrie Irving shoe
Stanford Valentine (21 days ago)
+Allison Black where can i get 1?
Allison Black (21 days ago)
Yeah you do
JoJotheAerial (23 days ago)
Mario Garcia (23 days ago)
Come on son 300 only
Juju Dj (23 days ago)
What the fuck is a shneakers 1:55
Xxjumper Xx (23 days ago)
Then he went and hopped in that all black mf
Lucas Nolte (24 days ago)
I love how the interviewer doesn't gaf about any of Kyrie's answers
Juan De La Roca (24 days ago)
I wish
David Gutierrez (24 days ago)
Kyrie spends 300 canelo spends 19,000 lol
Liam Brubach (24 days ago)
Why were the off white blazers so cheap
Steve Abitante (25 days ago)
Kyrie Stays true to Himself & Copping just his own KICKS!
Faceless Role Models (25 days ago)
“ But I’m appreciative of it “ , take notes my friends
Kameron Guerrero (25 days ago)
Can we see joe from complexs shoe closet
Josh Rhodes (26 days ago)
One of the best PG’a of all time
big chief (26 days ago)
Bruh we need lebron on this show
Jdm Built (26 days ago)
Got them purple lobster sb on tho 🦞
KASH CHILD OP (26 days ago)
Best players of ALL TIME ▪JORDAN ▪kobe ▪bron ▪GIANNIS ▪KYRIE ▪curry Durant not up here no more because he a snake🐍🐍
bosco chan (26 days ago)
U know his parents raised him well when he only spent 380 dollars
Trick shot ANIMALS (27 days ago)
Kyrie’s shoes were the shoes that got me into the shoe game

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