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Girls In Love - S01E10 - Girls Out Late (Full Episode)

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Greg announces his undying love for Magda, Nadine receives a love letter from a secret admirer, so Ellie is the only singleton once again. But then she meets Russell and it seems her luck is about to change.
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Charlotte V (1 month ago)
Ellie you are not fat
Faith Adams (3 months ago)
"This is my first real, proper kiss." So those really passionate kisses with Dan mere episodes ago weren't proper?
Boys are cute aww but yea A boy shouldn't save us or make us happy ultimately, God bless Love this show 💖💖👍 Greg is so sweet! To magda aww and love the girls early 2000s outfits 😂😆👍
HalloIchBinDieGabi (6 months ago)
I think deep down they where a good match but he was way to inmature
Jo Xx (7 months ago)
I remember in the book there was 2 other siblings
Veganforever 4500 (7 months ago)
Where is part 2
Veganforever 4500 (7 months ago)
My fav book XD
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Waiting,waiting,waiting poor girl it must be so sad 😞 😭 seating there waiting on a lover to come and have a date. Now she comes home 🏡 crying her eyes 👀 our that’s terrible for her and I know how she feels heartbroken 😭 😞 😔 hehe I did like the end where the girls lay on the bed 🛏 and giggle 🤭 about guys making a pack no boys for a month then Ellie throws her heart 💔 out onto the floor and crush it!! Plus I love 💖 this show xxxx it’s so awesome 😎 xx 💋 xx 💋
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Crying 😢 at the moment cause Russle ubanded Ellie at the coffee ☕️ shop xx 💋 she was dumped for sure but then......her dad made a surprise message saying that he was grounded too and he didn’t forget her at all!! That’s a lil bit of a mystery because the next episode they said he cheated on her and her best friends need to break Ellie’s heart 💔 I’m looking forward to seeing it💋💋
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
This episode is amazing 😉 like WOW 😮 SO AWESOME 😎 I’m falling in love 😍 with this show every minute!! Hmmmm very steamy tonight over Russel and Ellie it’s so sweet and adorable I think 🤔 I love 💖 this one ☝🏼 more then every other episode. But I wished they’d stop 🛑 muting the music 🎶 🎵 🎧 and voices of the people I love 💖 watching!! Amazon balls 🎾 Plus: I LOVE 💖 THIS SHOW EVER XX 💋 XX 💋
Olivia Wonka (8 months ago)
I completed forgotten about this show until a few moments ago and I remember this episode too. I think I can appreciate it more now that I'm older, but it would have been great to revisit this when I was in my teens
Home Design 3D Help (9 months ago)
2018 anyone
cat182 (9 months ago)
Big daddy Russel
Serah Farron (10 months ago)
Why does the sound cut out during some episodes?
Ewww (10 months ago)
"He made me look almost pretty!" Completely ugly sketch
cutemaker 101 (11 months ago)
Same sound isn't working
Lizzie Yaneli (1 year ago)
Wait, so how old is Russell? Ellie is 13 and Russell looks waaay more older than 15
Lili Mili (11 months ago)
Lizzie Yaneli in this ellie is 14, almost 15. and they DEFINITELY look older than 13, all of them
candy floss (1 year ago)
jacky had mentioned that ellie wears specs and she is fat tooo .... but 🤔
leah gamer011 (1 year ago)
SE2EO1 they is just tipe in SE2EO1
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Any1 watching 2018?
Kaci_skelton 1 (3 months ago)
Super Nova (4 months ago)
Ashley Crystal (6 months ago)
Mia Demii-Raye yesss
Rosa Chamberlain (9 months ago)
yeah I am which is actualy kinda sad
it's Salwa time (1 year ago)
This is wrong Ellie is fat magda as short hair and nadine is white and has long black hair and that is Sooo not how the story start
Lili Mili (11 months ago)
they still lool similar and they cant ever get it exactly right.
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
It's Salwa time nadine was white in the book anyway I've read them all
nazifa haqpal (1 year ago)
No offence but Ellie is the prettiest out of all of them
nazifa haqpal I would say Nadine is the prettiest
Alliah Adeola (1 year ago)
He has not made you look pretty in that sketch you ignorant ginge
tori Goulding (1 year ago)
when you have to mute the music so you don't get copyrighted
Sarah Fitz (1 year ago)
6:25 literally me: "YOGURT!" fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck smh
Amelia O’Sullivan (1 year ago)
Wtf I didn't know Ellie was supposed to pretty😂
Faith Adams (3 months ago)
Leela Jr The whole second book was based on Ellie's weight complex, her body issues, disordered eating... the show dumbed it down into one episode where she denies a bacon sandwhich, and is really thin throughout the whole series.
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Ellie had curly hair and glasses. Mags had short hair and the only one who looks kinda the same as in the book is Nad
Miss R (1 year ago)
But a book should at least keep some of the characters' main looks, like Ellie was meant to be considered ugly and overweight, unlike the one in this tv series
Leela Jr (1 year ago)
Julie Hyland This is B A S E D on the book it doesn't mean it's every single detail of the book
A.R.M.Y BTS (1 year ago)
Marsh mellow kitten u need to see the next one he cheats on her not so nice now
Pan's Nymph (1 year ago)
All the girls (now in their 30s) grew up to be so gorgeous! <3 Russel too :D
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
14:17 Your dad was seriously what?
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
Have you also noticed that Youtube looks the same as it used to now?
dijonay971 (1 year ago)
I was trying to figure out what she said too. Kept replaying it.
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
Why would Ellie have a cake before dinner? That doesn't make sense lol.
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
Ellie is like Cinderella when she comes home late after the date.
Gillian Newton (2 years ago)
Greg is so sweet I wish him and mag had stayed together😂💞
Katie Harrod (2 years ago)
I used to love this
Dragon star (2 years ago)
rabia zia (1 month ago)
no srsly
rabia zia (1 month ago)
I think....
Natasha Luna (7 months ago)
I think somebody forgot to take their medication
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
How is it not good? Btw, I am not Muslim. I am Judo-Christian.
Edie Malcolm (1 year ago)
riceman prankshow da fuck
all I can say is, russell is hot
Reya (6 months ago)
honestly your name is straight up a m a z i n g
random cobra (1 year ago)
Marshmallow Kitten Right?!
Eve Mackie (2 years ago)
The sound keeps getting cut off
Rosa Chamberlain (9 months ago)
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
Eve Mackie it's because of the copyright coz otherwise the video uploader would be sued
Jamie Naik (2 years ago)
hey was wondering if youll be uploading season 2?

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