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Hot Dogs are the world's best Tailgate food (are they a snack or a meal?) - From http://BarbecueTricks.com - a few of the best tips and tricks for Hot Dogs
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Whistledick McBoingBoing (6 months ago)
Most of that precooked bacon sucks. Not much flavor. Nathan’s dogs are great though.
Commentator (9 months ago)
Edward Lebbon (9 months ago)
That’s grilling not BBQ you must be from the north
Drunk Squirrel (7 months ago)
Edward Lebbon we don't fucking care up North
Strahan740i (10 months ago)
23 people are vegetarians lol
Morrius07 (1 year ago)
Here where I live, chili and slaw dogs are everyone's favorite. Get a bun and put a wiener in it, top it with Mustard (and ketchup if you like), hot dog chili sauce, diced raw onions, and coleslaw you can typically buy in a tube at a grocery store (same kind of slaw you get at KFC). They're delicious! It blew my mind when I found out that many regions have their own style of hot dogs.
Michelle Magaha (2 years ago)
v B h0 d h boning s
Jim Findley (2 years ago)
problem is most people ive ever seen cooking hotdogs do screw up hotdogs and burn them to the point of resembling a piece of charcoal
King George III (3 years ago)
if you don't eat hot dogs something's wrong with you
Jerry Haskell (11 months ago)
King George III if u call ur self king George something is wrong with u
MovieGeek29 (3 years ago)
A really good old fashion trick, I leaned from my folks is butterfly your hot dog. Which the hot dog is cook evenly and you could put a second hot dog into that single bun.
I was feeling American so I watched this
CSLFiero (3 years ago)
Hot dogs are the only food I love BURNT. So good.. Crispy, salty, just a little carbon ash.. Mmm.. And the smell of it on a fresh yeasty bun..
Keepit Real (4 years ago)
Cant wait to try these new tricks with my kids 3 and 5 where can i get that hot dog device/gator cutter? O btw NATHANS is the way to go!
BarbecueTricks (4 years ago)
check out www.slotdog.com and please ignore that I show Nathan's skinless in the vid  :)
craigstowing (4 years ago)
Go Dawgs !!!!
BarbecueTricks (4 years ago)
I'm a +Gamecock Talk Gamecock fan - in thhis case Dawgs are good too!!
SaepeExpertus (4 years ago)
that was a great segment on grilling dogs thank you. what kchen u tensil did you use to daimned shape them dogs now that wae unique
BarbecueTricks (4 years ago)
+Slot Dog thanks for the check in... love the slotdog look
He used the SLOTDOG available at www.slotdog.com. Bill did a separate video on it as well GRILL ON! :)
SuperSavagebliss (4 years ago)
Te muffin pan condiment holder is a great idea. I learned a new trick today. Thanks!
BarbecueTricks (4 years ago)
Muffin tin just worked so well... Even on pan of ice - so easy
EZGlutenFree (4 years ago)
Great tips.  You just can't go wrong with a nice juicy hot dog.
EZGlutenFree (4 years ago)
+BarbecueTricks I use Hebrew Nationals most frequently.
BarbecueTricks (4 years ago)
Thanks -- Is there a recommended gluten free dog?

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