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Northern Sea Route and its impact on global trade

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IIASA breakout session at the Arctic Circle Assembly October 2017 About 80% of global trade relies on the maritime transport. Once the Northern Sea Route (NSR) becomes a viable transportation corridor to connect Europe and Asia, it may significantly re-shape the existing trade flows, which will also eventually have an impact on the political layout worldwide. To become operational on a large scale, the NSR requires massive investments, which may come from emerging Asian economies. This session will present and discusses a research project aimed at investigating the effects of an enhanced NSR onto the global trade under market, geo-political and climate uncertainty. The project intends to analyze plausible pathways, identify winners and losers, and suggest scenarios maximizing the benefits for as many interested parties as possible. More information: http://www.iiasa.ac.at/web/home/research/afi/171013_Arctic_Circle.html
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