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Judith Durham - The Lord's Prayer (1968, HQ video)

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The song is from 'The World of The Seekers' DVD. I've enhanced the video and the audio now plays at the correct pitch. More of these videos on the playlist below: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3D56CE5573B8DB1E&feature=plcp The Seekers ended their Golden Jubilee tour in New Zealand in November 2014, visit http://www.TheSeekers50th.com for more info and news.
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Vikki Davey (18 days ago)
One of the best voices ever ! Well done Judith ~ we are blessed that you found your gift and share your talent . 👏😍🎶 ~ Thank you !!!
Son of Burt Bee (29 days ago)
Young Judith Durham was an absolute cutie : )
Alan Carroll (1 month ago)
Judith Durham most certainly a sweet angel with heavens music
jodeluna62 (2 months ago)
Love It!
Osvaldo Schilling (2 months ago)
Her renditions of gospels, hymns and anything about religious themes are simply sublime. Even the pictures of her surrounded by the three Seekers boys have a religious appeal. They are so handsome and Judith so beautiful. Their pictures are like their singing in the sense they raise the spirits and minds. The four together give the impression of angels sent to earth for a cause.
tjoris51 (3 months ago)
She is such a beautiful woman, but on this video she is more adorable than ever❤️❤️
Mongo Boogie (3 months ago)
Judith Durham really does have the voice of heaven! There’s an operatic sound stage somewhere that’s truly missing an incredible voice like hers. Having said that , why should The Seekers’ pop folk tunes be any less worthy of a heaven sent voice like hers just because it isn’t operatic arias she’s singing. Thank you Judith.... thank you so much.
Osvaldo Schilling (4 months ago)
Judith and the other members of The Seekers came to be during the terrible War, a time of incredible suffering and loss of hope on mankind. It is very likely that in some way in reply the inteligent spiritual energies that exist around us combined in such a way to produce this perfect "heavenly" representative of what means to be pure. And thus Judith was born endowed with this heavenly voice and demeanor, with the task of reminding the ordinary human beings of the hope in something greater, which overcomes the daily life difficulties and the suffering of the soul. She has been true to this task for her whole life. I suggest you to read about the Penrose-Hameroff  model of the mind and how this might link each one of us to what we use to call the spiritual world.
liberty Ann (5 months ago)
Angel is singing🌈
Myron Iszler (6 months ago)
Judith Burham has the voice and spirit of an angel who brought homage to Our Father with this song. Brought tears to my eyes. Certainly want her as my Angel when we meet in Heaven!
Gerhard Ziola (6 months ago)
Perfect Angel Dove, Supreme Queen of Aussie Music, Amen !!
greg moore (6 months ago)
Just Perfect.
Purple Haze (7 months ago)
Amen 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🕊❤️
Eugene Barry (8 months ago)
A God given talent and voice gives praise to its creator. Perfection, every note from a true star.
Cheryl Keil (8 months ago)
Sister Janet Mead had the better version
Bob & Elina Dunn (8 months ago)
She could sing the phone book and make it sound awesome.
marco brenni (8 months ago)
I'm an atheist, anyway Judith's performing is moving for believers and not believers
Daniel Pearson (11 months ago)
Just amazing, where are her wings.
Vicente Sedas (11 months ago)
WOW!! Simply Beautiful!!!!
Scott McPhee (1 year ago)
one of the all time greats!
Al Coleman (1 year ago)
I loved her in the 60's...I still do. She gives you hope for this world. Beautiful, intelligent and spiritual...perfect.
John Sargeant (1 year ago)
her pure voice must be so very pleasing to GOD when he hears- i get tears in my eyes, all these many years later...
MrLowrevia (1 year ago)
the devil must be more powerfull than god, or they are working together playing with people, cunning them
Marion Parton (1 year ago)
Wow ! What a voice!
J. Bruce Fox (1 year ago)
The amazing Judith Durham bringing heaven to earth!
Doug Brunt (1 year ago)
Only Judith could make a version of the Lords prayer this special
Michael Hickey (5 months ago)
Judith Durham is as ever superb here. But do listen to ( Adelaide Nun ) Sister Janet Mead's Lord's Prayer from 1973, a hit then and forever.
Kathleen Macellis (1 year ago)
What a heavenly voice ! No one today with a voice that can come close to this angel !
Bob Knob (1 year ago)
Frederick Green (1 year ago)
The heavenly choir come to earth.
Johnny Penn (1 year ago)
Very easy to prove. Just look up.
Justa Fan (1 year ago)
She looks like a little angel in this video. I just adore her.
louislungbubble (1 year ago)
00.29 North Korean missile on its way to Melbourne.........................
johnny rock (1 year ago)
God is not Jewish ;
Dan Esteviz (2 years ago)
Melania Trump recited The Lord's Prayer recently and was vilified by the angry left in this country (USA) I wonder how they would react to this version
ArrigAutist (2 months ago)
+truth flame Please keep political views away from these heavenly tunes
truth flame (6 months ago)
for what is he vile and evil you who are so worthy to judge another and have committed no sin ever? Ive seen what flips people out and it is something reported to have been said or done-not that which he actually said or did. Secondly she has done nothing to anyone and was repeating the Lord's prayer-period. I don't think she was seen as seafood(prawn) nor is she dumb ..Regarding his past he has changed from when he was a democrat with an entitlement attitude and has repeatedly and sincerely apologized for past comments and that is enough for Jesus who died for all of us. Also "Christians' are supposed to forgive..Our past President blasphemed the Lord God-on video on more than one occasion.(as well as insulted large segments of our society)-no apology..an act so ''vile'' it grieved the Holy Spirit. Where was the 'flip out' on those actions? ….crickets. If everyone went around treating others the way they think others 'deserve' to be treated because of something 'vile or evil' they did' we would have world war 3 on our streets--none of us are good or sinless--no not one--yet we repent and apologize and the Lord washes our sins away with His blood and being so forgiven it is our duty to forgive others their trespasses whether they repent or not  because a) Jesus shed his blood for everyone they only need access it and b) it is a poison to our own soul and a hindrance to our prayers and ability to have closeness with God. What qualifies anyone to judge anyone's heart? No what you are seeing is a spiritual reaction..between those who wish to 'rebel', 'resist', 'fight', and 'abolish' the law--and authority. It is God who instituted government and authority and law(even when the leaders are bad)..and that is what is being reblled against- Revelation2:21,16:2,9,11,21
Derlin Clair (1 year ago)
Well, sorry tosay, but Melania is married to a vile,, eviel man.So she was just seen as a prawn of her nasty husband.But JUDITH ws a really sincere, good person.So her version would probably have been really well received, friends.God bless her.
Kevin Turner (2 years ago)
OMG just beautiful
John A. (2 years ago)
This rocks.
Dan Esteviz (2 years ago)
she is an angel
Myera Mailman (2 years ago)
they kept this music, and others hidden through the 60's, they gave us sick Jagger and the Beatles bums, we were fooled....
Anthony Cavacini (2 years ago)
LancsMancs (2 years ago)
Trespasses and trespass
James Isenhart (2 years ago)
Chemistry Atomistic (3 years ago)
Judith was so beautiful!
mar son (10 months ago)
Chemistry Atomistic still is!
Dale Raby (1 year ago)
Was?! Did she die?!!!
Dan Campbell (3 years ago)
What can I add to the other comments; Judith is one of a kind and certainly a gift!
jetclntn (3 years ago)
No one can tell me there is no God . Judith came from Heaven
therealxunil2 (9 months ago)
There is no God. And Judith is wonderful.
Dilwyn (1 year ago)
Please explain!!!
Eileen Hewett (1 year ago)
Dilwyn b
Dilwyn (1 year ago)
No one can prove there isn't a God either !!!
Loretta Chardin (1 year ago)
There is no proof of any "God" -but Judith is wonderful!
babyRoses7 (3 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful!
Peter Picallo (3 years ago)
Beautifully done!! :D
hedwegg (3 years ago)
"A Time for Everything". A Time to embrace. A Time to speak. "Hallowed be thy Name". Amen.
Chris Arcari (4 years ago)
much as I love Judith check out Andrea Bocelli and the Tabernacal choir singing this, it is awe inspiring.
stella brook (4 years ago)
Kaye Davis (4 years ago)
Great job with the audio, Rich!  Even if she doesn't profess to be Christian, nobody can convince me that she isn't a believer.  What power in her musical testimonies. My favorite vocalist ever!  She is a beautiful soul.
Matt S. (8 months ago)
I researched online and she is a Christian.
Steve Church (4 years ago)
Tears to my eyes . . . what an homage to the Creator!
ftjax (5 years ago)
the voice of an angel........
mark ochs (6 years ago)
MrAstroboy1997 (6 years ago)
Delightful, thanks...........
pjhofsteden (7 years ago)
Absolute Top

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