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Philadelphia Folk Fest - Shish-style!

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ALL NEW "Trisha Hershberger" MERCHANDISE - http://fhpmerch.com/trishah Trisha shows you the crazy world that is the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival!! Special thanks to: The Philadelphia Folk Song Society - www.pfs.org Star & Micey - www.starandmicey.com The Give and Take Jugglers - www.jugglers.com & www.phillycircus.com Backyard Music - www.backyardmusic.com Cabinfever Hula Hoops - http://on.fb.me/12AkBNt The Body Art Studio - www.thebodyartstudio.com To check out At Fest, go to www.atfestmovie.com or Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C68A2uc5QbU Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/ondemand/atfest/67099696 Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01_Pgyocuuo Music provided by: http://www.royalty-free-music-room.com/
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Text Comments (172)
Alex T (2 years ago)
Is this the one they have right near Spring Mount?
David Shakespeare (3 years ago)
Wow guys, awesomely annoying!
Eric Taysom (4 years ago)
This is really cool. I've never been to a Folk Festival, but other festivals I've attended have been great. Thanks for Sharing with us Trisha.
Karen Katz (4 years ago)
I've been going to folk fest for 5 years now and I was so upset when I found out Trisha was there and I missed her. This year my new mission is to find Trisha and share the wonderful folk fest experience with her! 
Thomas Salerno (4 years ago)
not this year :( 
babybluex (4 years ago)
Wow, look at those white ppl dance!!
uk. (4 years ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday. :o XD
Madd Hatter (4 years ago)
I live in Philly and have all my life. I try to make it to the Philly Folk Fest every year. I've missed a few but I always have a great time when I go.
bensons999 (4 years ago)
Yeah! Nice video Trish! I've been to lots and lots of huge festivals around Europe- Glastonbury for example. But a lot of my fondest camping/festival memories are from the smallish folk festival that I've been going to with my family since I was a little kid. KEEP MUSIC LIVE!!
altociccone (5 years ago)
Looks fun! BTW i also know a salerno 
ofeydofey (4 years ago)
This is tom Salerno from the video. what salerno do you know? are they in the philadelphia area? 
Disea Bronx (5 years ago)
Trish, you are always welcome at the Traverse City Cherry Fest. If you ever go though, you need to participate in the Cherry Pit Spitting contest.
Manuel M (5 years ago)
I see some side Boobige at about 1:55. Trisha is so HOT!
Atalinay (5 years ago)
I love your sister's voice! BTW this made me want to go so badly! :D
Watts Mynami (5 years ago)
You had better of ate lots and lots of cheese steak... they don't even have a gosh darn hogi where I am let a lone a McDugles  Just say'in that and I thought it was like a folklore fest. And am so disappointed  Oh well. The music is ok I guess. 
Jason Talbott (5 years ago)
TRISH-- You need more videos!
Lance (5 years ago)
Okay, I will go next year! Maybe I can have a booth and give wearable electronics, like my wearable shirt fridges, or solar fans/phone chargers, etc.
Angel Jason (5 years ago)
OMG Trisha's sister makes Trisha look like shrek. She is fucking perfect. Boobs, beautiful and boobs!!
Stephen Caputo (4 years ago)
You talking shit about shrek?
Arturo Lagos (4 years ago)
Holy Aerola Batman!!! Boobs definitely run in this family.
Easy Fit (5 years ago)
MatthiasAI (5 years ago)
could not agree more, she was freaking gorgeousss!
Alexander Ayala (5 years ago)
My cuteness meter exploded when Danica spoke.
p41s3r (5 years ago)
tiger pumper (5 years ago)
Looks like a folking good time folkin' round with a bunch like minded folkers! Awesome!
Sean Redmond (5 years ago)
Trisha can we get more videos on you channel ur a brilliant YouTube my favourite
Mech Bare (5 years ago)
This looks like so much fun and very relaxing. I want to go!
SpongeJuanito (5 years ago)
6:16 for Trish's hot sister Shawna's cleavage you're welcome
Brian Stanton (5 years ago)
Go good PA girl!
reid092353 (5 years ago)
Trish, your parents must be so proud of you & your sis.
Michael Natrin (5 years ago)
1:00 is Ryan from Philly Drum Project!
marc jones (5 years ago)
What a cool family tradition. All wholesome and shit.
kriskal8503 (5 years ago)
I am out here going to school in Philadelphia. You should have mentioned this Fest before you went to it. I think it would have been cool to go see. Guess I'll wait for next year.
BrikkZTah (5 years ago)
Your sis is gorgeuos too!
Santo Volgasts (5 years ago)
I'm agoraphobic.
Barry Einstein (5 years ago)
Trisha is a Folkie! Way cool
RiEn0o (5 years ago)
woah there's my elbow at 3:57 hahaha.... CRAPY TRASH!!! right behind trish
paul savage (5 years ago)
the SHISH is in PVP territory i couldn't help but think about Jessy and pissy pretzels
H34dz (5 years ago)
So yea Trishas family just must be full of attractive people ;P
lueefour (5 years ago)
Attractiveness must run in the family.
PeppyTheCrawdad (5 years ago)
Looks like fun, Trisha. Is there bluegrass there? Because bluegrass is where it's AT! And yes, you should learn harp! It's such a beautiful instrument. There's a reason it is associated with angels in many depictions.
PeppyTheCrawdad (5 years ago)
Welcome to modern society. Where the ridiculously politically-correct idiots have taken over America. "What?! She looks hispanic? That's racist, man." Sooo, secretly he believes it is a negative thing to look hispanic? Apparently HE'S the racist one. Most people that pull the race card ARE, to be honest.
janderson1929 (5 years ago)
Trisha, we need more vlogs from you, or at least I do. You are awesome, with great values. :)
Jesús Pedroza (5 years ago)
Looks awesome! And I love looking at Trisha :) Haha.
mharrison35 (5 years ago)
I really like that. thanks for Shearing that with us Trisha. later
Dick Tracy (5 years ago)
Sister has a rack too
BKMarcelus88 (5 years ago)
epic side boob throughout
Shifty (5 years ago)
Looks like a blast
Bonehilda (5 years ago)
It looks like so much fun ^^
PrimephotoStudio (5 years ago)
Cool video, thank you for sharing it.
Kaos*cAcu (5 years ago)
GreyFang9 (5 years ago)
Everything was going 'good' (i.e. Family and wholesome) til I read the shirt at 5:23...
ofeydofey (5 years ago)
Deyan Broekman (5 years ago)
watcha doin in my left ear :O!
Chris G (5 years ago)
MCity352 (5 years ago)
Trish!!! Your sister is so beautiful!
Mason Walsh (5 years ago)
Trish! Your sister is adorable!
TheIrishCartman (5 years ago)
trish you should come to ireland to hear irish folk music , its not the same smell as your camping experience, but theres plenty of drink.
SensibleMinded (5 years ago)
when you have a camera auto focus and then upload to youtube and check the box to auto correct lighting/focus it distorts the video
Chadd Youkel (5 years ago)
Needs more cowbell.... What is that??? A coffee machine?
Quenya (5 years ago)
Not really...
Brian Varcyon (5 years ago)
Whats with the background moving, bending starting to make me sick.wow
Game Knights (5 years ago)
How is this not Puna?
Matthew Friske (5 years ago)
Na I Think Thats Antartica
MatthiasAI (5 years ago)
WOW trisha's sister is ridiculouslyouylyuouly gorgeousss!! >:0
Rigo Enciso (5 years ago)
Nice piece ..it's great to see a chill festival to relax at, wish i could attend one. A harp, I think you've mention wanting to play one before, you'd look Awesome/Badass playing one.
Chris Klingenberg (5 years ago)
@Theslodfj5 if I was asked to guess her ethnicity I wouldn't guess any hispanic ethnicity but if I was told she was Mexican I would believe it
calioriginalz (5 years ago)
Trisha's sister is beautiful!
Rai Kanegasi (5 years ago)
You two look so much alike.
Blake Parker (5 years ago)
Lil peeve @ 8:07
hadley bro (5 years ago)
Trisha what is your ethnicity?
John Gallagher (5 years ago)
omg trisha was in philly??? pls warn me next time sk that i can stalk you
goober4502 (5 years ago)
i want that hat so bad...
Justin Madsen (5 years ago)
mmm! white people
sekud22 (5 years ago)
Great vid. Although the audio is a lil weird.
Paul Fagundes (5 years ago)
Long Live Folk!
WVUSaxMan (5 years ago)
I'm scared of festival-type people...
KiddsockTV (5 years ago)
Good times. must have been nice to come home for a bit. I was going to send someone over to give you a hug, but missed out. :(
Tugs Mckenzie (5 years ago)
This video's editing reminds me of Highschool.
Curtis Gamer (5 years ago)
Who is Scott, your bf?
Curtis Gamer (5 years ago)
I'm definitely from PA, but two hours away from Philly somewhere near the Poconos. Weren't you a country girl since you said you lived in the rural areas outside Philly?
kcvortex (5 years ago)
I never understood the east coast's fascination with mustard on pretzels
Bob Walker (5 years ago)
I've been there many times, it smells like camping.
TheOneFaust (5 years ago)
You liking Folk music makes you 10x more amazing than you already were. Hope you and your family had fun!
Daniel Adlfinger (5 years ago)
Looks awesome Trish! Hope I can go one year! Thank you for sharing it with us. ;)
EV5852 (5 years ago)
what's up with your camera...it makes me feel like I'm on drugs
Sean Smith (5 years ago)
Genuinely looks fun. Been years since I've been to a festival (rock festival for me though). Thanks for showing us what it's like there.
Stephen Bryson (5 years ago)
you're sister looks like a native american version of you O_o and i couldn't help but notice good looks runs in the family lol
Anna Bahn (5 years ago)
YOU WERE IN PHILADELPHIA AND I DIDN'T KNOW. Gah! My cousins volunteer there, I've never gone but it sounds like fun and I'm a Philly native, too :)
Reptar FnD (5 years ago)
Lmfao the smell of cam- wait, is that a coffee machine over there?
Julianna (5 years ago)
You finally posted
9191doobius (5 years ago)
Dante (5 years ago)
Ran out of characters lol. Had one more thing to say. Will you marry me please :D? PS. Are you part German?
Dante (5 years ago)
Trisha please don't get that tattoo, it's far too simple and uncreative to ruin an area of your skin forever, it would be like putting a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini (or whatever beautiful car you'd prefer being compared to). I like Harry Potter as much as the next guy but that symbol is terribly uncreative (possibly Rowling's worst bit of writing), basically just 3 geometrical shapes overlapped. Preferably don't get any, don't let Meg get in your head in case she suggested getting one :P.
SaucedChef (5 years ago)
I might have to check this out next year. Well, after I check out the acts.
Lasse and Vibi Vlogs (5 years ago)
Yeiiii a video from you!
SaucedChef (5 years ago)
Wow. Anyone sense really shocked by the pitch of Trisha's sisters voice?
Joseph H Squared (5 years ago)
the smell of..camping
Travis Hunt (5 years ago)
Take Steve next year
Brandon Cheney (5 years ago)
holy crap a video from trisha :P
paperstarjar (5 years ago)
I used to go to a Christian music festival as a kid, Alive or Creation or something... but it was out in nature like that and it was always AMAZING. That was my first exposure to live music, and I think everyone should go to a festival as some point! Fun stuff, Trish!
rikki-tikki-tavi (5 years ago)
paperstarjar (5 years ago)
The YouTube stabilization is so wonky.
junoa7 (5 years ago)
lol white people.
dark9nine (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing with us, I really like the way you are.
Quick599 (5 years ago)

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