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OpsLogix Intelligent Capacity Management Pack - Demo Movie

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http://opslogix.com/capacity-management-pack "Use the data in your Data Warehouse to trend and forecast about your IT infrastructure" Operations Manager collects an enormous amount of performance data. It uses all this data to tell you how your infrastructure is performing. Both now, through its console, and historically, through its reports. But how about predicting the future from it? And know when it's time to act? That is exactly what we do with Capacity Management for Operations Manager! Trend Analysis Capacity Management for Operations Manager uses a tried statistical method to predict if your infrastructure will stay on the right side of the thresholds that you set. It analyses the last six months, and predicts behavior over the next six months. Reporting Create properly named Distributed Applications in Operations Manager and Capacity Management is automatically enabled for these applications. All contained counters can be included and thresholds can be set. Periodical reports show the predicted states which are created, clearly displaying where additional capacity might be needed, allowing you to take action before it's too late.
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