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Game of Thrones Hair and Makeup Tutorial

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MAC Cosmetics makeup artist Romero Jennings and Bumble and bumble hairstylist Britney Williams show us how to get the look from "Game of Thrones."
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Text Comments (32)
CelticRaven G (1 month ago)
Love the hair and makeup. It’s just a shame the model is so “ painfully “ thin . That’s not ok , she’s most likely anorexic
Mina (2 years ago)
That girl looks like she need some food
Metronomeblue (2 years ago)
"We want the eyes to look soft," he says as he adds jet black eyeliner and mascara off screen.
TS Xtina (2 years ago)
To everyone who has anything negative to say about the models looks you are the ones that are ugly and hideous and you are the ones with a problem. Fucking haters!
Robot Zombie (3 years ago)
that girl is so hideous,why?
Robot Zombie (3 years ago)
that girl is so hideous,why?
Robot Zombie (3 years ago)
that girl looks like she have a serious illness
Robot Zombie (2 years ago)
+Isabelle Hopkins Lane why do you care anyway?shes ugly as fuck is she youre relative or what?so shut up bitch
Harry AO (2 years ago)
can you just look at the makeup please, this is wjat we are here for. if not, please gtfo.
AzazelAkm (3 years ago)
skinny people rule foreveeeer
Redhac Studios (4 years ago)
She's so under weight that her face looks older than she probably is... She seems lifeless too.. The modeling industry needs to let the models eat (industries sometimes forces models to eat less till they appear as thin as they want them to be).
Radke (4 years ago)
Please tell me she got help?
Cows Monobrows (4 years ago)
I know that there is such thing as being naturally very skinny but this model is not natural. She is beautiful and doesn't need to change dramatically for society. Such a shame that you aren't accepted anymore for your body. If you are naturally thin people want you to be bigger. If you are naturally larger, people think you need to diet. It is sick and it is making people ill. However, I do like the tutorial. It just shows how people are forced into body alterations...
kitkatkate (5 years ago)
She's so skinny!!!!!!! Honey don't do that to yourself
Ruben von Zwack (5 years ago)
What's with the odd brow shape? Makes her facial expression scared and miserable. Not GoT like at all.
roxnpennies (5 years ago)
She DOES look like Melissandre. Both hair and makeup tutorials were awesome.
Parker Brock (5 years ago)
She looks like Melisandre.
Melvin K. Munsey (5 years ago)
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Isabella Cardona (5 years ago)
the model is anorexic woman!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not use a real women?
Miz Z (5 years ago)
Anyone else thinks she looks like Bran Stark in the first half of the video?
Momtaj Khatun (5 years ago)
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969alice (5 years ago)
this is unbelievably rude. you wouldnt say to a larger person ' i dont wanna feed her a sandwich' so you shouldnt say it to somone thinner. we should learn to love all sizes and not shame people for what they cant help.
inceptiondreamz (5 years ago)
Oh not pleasant looking argh
Samantha Coleman (5 years ago)
she looks sick and miserable.
Canadiana71 (5 years ago)
I couldn't listen to the tutorial. Just thinking how a boa constrictor could use that skinny girl as a toothpick.
NYAN CAT (5 years ago)
so skinny she doesn't even need contouring..
Jacqueline (5 years ago)
this model looks like she's dying and this is coming from an underweight girl
Zitorex (5 years ago)
It should be not allowed to show her in tv :/
sabrina gibson (5 years ago)
She needs food!!Shes so thin
Heartly Chase (6 years ago)
All i'm thinking during this video is that I just want to feed her a sandwich.... :(
MissMastiff (6 years ago)
Shes so thin she looks ill :/
racheeel (6 years ago)
dreadful lightning, but great video. a shame.

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