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Thievery Corporation - Air Batucada

548 ratings | 102655 views
Album: The Mirror Conspiracy
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Luis Luja (16 days ago)
Puro mar !!!
Josy Chaar (23 days ago)
Ieva -_- (5 months ago)
Masterpiece <3
william shurett (1 year ago)
Get a spy like confidence from this song.
Jeanne Everett (3 months ago)
Yup, 007's running a muck in my head right now
DOOM667 (1 year ago)
only good memories. this is in the TOP 10 of my life albums.
71sephiroth (1 year ago)
name other 9 I like your style
Bill Johnston (2 years ago)
4 idiots with no taste.
Rich Murdock (2 years ago)
First time I ever heard this song was blaring from my neighbors cubicle at work in September 2000, on the 99th floor of 1WTC. It was a gorgeous summer day outside, no clouds, sunlight shining in through the windows, punctuated by this song. Heavenly. when I hear it today, I'm taken back to that moment 99 floors up in the sky, when the world didn't seem so crazy. and no, I was not there on 9/11....I was a temp and my contract was terminated in March 2001. but I did work with many who were lost, including my coworker that introduced me to Thievery Corporation. May God rest their souls.
Marcial Silva (2 years ago)
my favorite.. seeing them live in Portland on October 3rd, can't wait!!!
Spice 0o0 (3 years ago)
I hear this song at Sears lol
keepiticy (2 years ago)
same here and i fell in love
Julio Sifontes (3 years ago)
Secuestro Express
Its song....my and my dad....
jose parra (6 years ago)
Hell yeah my song from my work table 10 las vegas
Marcos Ricardo (6 years ago)
Para mover el rabo segun Pino jaja
Luis Sandoval (6 years ago)
Braw Negrete (6 years ago)
Yeeei ! :3
nystagmus (6 years ago)
its an awesome beat
Caféau lait (7 years ago)
Petit air brésilien qui ressort
02racso (7 years ago)
very nice

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