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Sexy Hot Guys - Orestis Tziovas {Greek Men}

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Apo To Sirial: O Polemos Ton Astron!
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Nephlim14 (2 years ago)
Who was the guy that got stripped?
Flibbertigibbet6 (2 years ago)
I don't know what the story line is but the clip is from SEASON 1 EPISODE 6: watch?v=65ld45Ie0a4
Nephlim14 (2 years ago)
Thank You! I know what the show's name is, but do you know what episode this clip came from. The plot seems to be that the guy felt traumatized by the stripping?
Flibbertigibbet6 (2 years ago)
Orestis Tziovas - his name is in the title. Another Greek that I recommend is Theodosis Kotsis. watch?v=iYbdiq_dxno watch?v=yzqH-zR0X7Q watch?v=6tdIokxbTKs
surrogate GR (6 years ago)
This part comes from a TV show called "O Polemos Ton Astron" (in greek: Ο Πόλεμος των Άστρων). We could translate it into english as "The Signs of the zodiac War".
ggeo1506 (6 years ago)
The car part ...... I want to be him fuck ya
StelliaXrysostomitsa (6 years ago)
Πεθαινω για τον Ορεστη!!!!
StelliaXrysostomitsa (7 years ago)
Τι κουκλος!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IILoveMales (7 years ago)
paidaros o orestis.Poly oraios antras :D
Hurls47 (8 years ago)
I mean about the girl and guy at beginning but actually i'd like to know all of what's said in the video.
Hurls47 (8 years ago)
What are each of them saying. May translate?

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