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Female Fitness Motivation - Gorgeous Girls Training "2019"

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★New Videos on Sundays https://bit.ly/2ChTRJY Starring: Lauren Drain Kagan, kim kardashian, Amanda Cerny, Gymshark ladies, Alejandra Gil "Camilita",valeria_orsini, anllela_sagra, Dolly Castro, Ashley Kaltwasser, bakharnabieva, taylorkayteee, linda durbesson, Paige Hathaway, Jessica Bass James, Tara Frost, brittany renner and more amazing ladies training Music: The Lifted - Crash N Burn (feat. Man 3 Faces) [NCS Release], Zaza - Be Together [NCS Release], Raven & Kreyn - So Happy [NCS Official Video] #TrendingWorldwide #Fitness #Motivation
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Amazing motivation please leave a comment share video and leave a like thank you all
just waiting (1 month ago)
What is the name of the blonde headed ponytail girl at the beginning of the video?
Antônio Carlos (1 day ago)
Cada uma mais maravilhosa do que a outra lidassssss
Alessandro Oliveira (2 days ago)
Louie Obsiana (4 days ago)
Can i meet you soon?
DoYLe T (4 days ago)
GOD IS GOOD!! He made pretty hot women, so what are we supposed to do?!!!
Dale Ali (5 days ago)
Real nice fit body shape u have like that to keep for life
Сашка Царь (7 days ago)
Спору дудки спортивные девки это прекрасно , НО когда девицы преобразуется в мужчины с сиськами это на любителя , лично я считаю это уродством .
Manoo42 (14 days ago)
0:43 OMG!!!
James S (14 days ago)
Bet those bung holes smell like roses
WAKOKAINE (14 days ago)
I don’t get why females wear them short shorts it’s like they’re looking to get slapped on the ass or for males to stare at them so they can call us a pervert an shit... like what do you expect bitch you getting my dick hard
Rick Evans (14 days ago)
It is great to see a woman, especially a middle aged woman trying to look her best! Great job ladies! Keep up the good work!
Christopher Motte (14 days ago)
I just want to know who the chick in the red shorts is? That ass.
Marc Turk (14 days ago)
I would train with any of em it would be competitive and fun
Monsanto Fungaro (15 days ago)
Dem ho's is fine! Damn!
Brian Dunn (15 days ago)
So basically females can body build naked and that is motivation.
Doctor Hyde (15 days ago)
Beautiful women are called whores for wanting to look good. Don't hate the little pervs and ney sayers, motivate them to better themselves as someone once did for you :-P 100%
Luella (15 days ago)
Please!!!!!! Real women don’t have collar bones like that or huge Adam’s Apple or Adonis belt. Where’s their hips???? They have big asses but it’s from all those squats. You men are lusting after men. Wake Up
Scott B (15 days ago)
"Female fitness motivation video". 99% of people watching this video are Male!
Marko Scientist (16 days ago)
Not bad at all! :-) - But training oriented for woman, uterus, must have stretching as more of high priority task than men must have. It is stretching for legs joints, muscles, infrastructures etc. Uterus go stronger and more harmonic with such phase bigger than men need for own body maintanence. So girls like to move legs, legs relatively to body, in various ways having such part bigger as included in assumed dynamics. Women become more women and stronger, beautiful, naturally expressive and different from men. Like men doing right. :-) - Bench press with degree to floor where head is lower - is common exercize. Like breathing of snake. It gives punches with vibrations ordinary when we walk and when heart breaks. Giving balancing load in this specter in harmony to others. Immune grows with it and opposite if there is no balancing load and development as rest load bigger. :-) - More specific exercizes for women with stretching are any stretching exercizes where legs are a bit more moved to sides. Pull ups and whatever. Degrees of joints, etc, - are connected to it. So I want to say to my 'enemies' thank you twice. Fight is not possible. - Fun. ;-)
Ronald Harrison (16 days ago)
Seems the poster has a fascination with backsides!
Ada Ada (15 days ago)
Not only that, but the second girl with the red shorts surely looks like she had butt enhancement.
Yura Saharov (18 days ago)
видюшки повышающие тесто ммм обожаю
kalel 311 (21 days ago)
My dream Girl is one who will workout with me in the GYM
João_ Munkelt (14 days ago)
Nikki black (1 month ago)
You know what ultimate fitness I think women have found out how much power their bodies have to make money and get attention so working out is going to be the number one project
Paul J (1 month ago)
Beautiful and very fit lady
Abbas Bin Younas (1 month ago)
1) work your boobs off. 2) get implants. Interesting
Simon Purser (1 month ago)
I have respect all them beautiful woman
mano shrudeep (1 month ago)
Converting all negative into positive , to perform in a unique way.
david francis (1 month ago)
Yokan World (1 month ago)
my profile open
Marc Padilla (2 months ago)
Im really impressed with the literally no fat around the waist and fat booties. Unbelievable.
Aditya shrivastava (2 months ago)
mole on right boob
Aiolos Hernandez (2 months ago)
You could also help someone who builds a house, has an orchard, runs a farm, renovates their apartment. All this fitness stuff just mimics the effects of physical work. Kick vanity and invest your energy into something useful. WinWin.
triggerrick (2 months ago)
1:54 is the youngest daughter from my wife and kids
triggerrick (2 months ago)
Respect to those in this video that earned that ass, not that fake crossfit chicks ass in the beginning, it was so obvious.
High Velocity (2 months ago)
Fitness chicks are an "11"  So much hotter then the rest...
BuyLow SellHigh (2 months ago)
0:54 - are those ass implants? asking for a friend.
Abbas Bin Younas (1 month ago)
At least one girl in every video looks like she's got butt implants...
FIT BUFF (2 months ago)
“When you feel like quitting think about why you started.”
FIT BUFF (17 days ago)
+OG Shawn the Don yes
OG Shawn the Don (17 days ago)
Son Goku (2 months ago)
nachiappan ramachandran (2 months ago)
click here... https://wishes2.com/BufU
Nagasaky Nagasaky (2 months ago)
ShesTough (2 months ago)
Keep it up!
KathyStyle (2 months ago)
anonymous (2 months ago)
These are gym strippers
Daniel Carvalho (2 months ago)
Eu vou ali no banheiro :v
Brian Graves (2 months ago)
I prefer Insta Mix fat chicks.
Natural Spa 日本人 (3 months ago)
Oh my god, you are so hot...
Thanks for your comment
AMEER Al-Khazraji (3 months ago)
Boys are here to increase testosterone before hitting to the gym :)
Naved Qureshi (3 months ago)
Fit 💪🔥💯 so hot
VK j patel (3 months ago)
My favourite chhenal ❤💋👄💪
Thank you very much
Benjamin Abanono (3 months ago)
Their freaking hot as fuaarrkk brah!!!💪👊😎🏋️‍♂️💪
Thanks awesome
Some Brazilian fit here?
monu kumar (3 months ago)
amazing motivation . read here http://bodybuildingequipments.com/6-day-workout-plan-for-gym/
gerry gasca (3 months ago)
The female poweeer 4EVER i love this woman's
Christian Castro (3 months ago)
Awesome video!!!! Anybody know the name of that song???
Your welcome
Christian Castro (3 months ago)
Thanks you!!!
The music is in description box
Abhijeet Kadam (3 months ago)
Awesome female beast
Thanks very much
beast mode muscle (3 months ago)
Freaking beautiful yummy
لحضة القبض على أخطر مجرمhttps://youtu.be/AUir-nljgSg
Shredded Beast (3 months ago)
Lauren 💓💓💓😍😍😍😍
Muhammad Faiza (3 months ago)
Awesome thanks for your comment

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