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Steampunk Clothing Collective on CHCH TV

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Steampunk Clothing Collective on CHCH TV "At Home", with Matt Hayes. Georgie (aka Gina) of Retro-G Couture and Seika (aka Mrs. Mooney) of eRWIN eVOL present a selection of their couture Steampunk fashion. Models include Ro The Knife, Alice Apple (aka Panda) and Edd Scorpio (aka Michael Furey) http://steampunkclothing.com
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Cathedral Bat (3 years ago)
People that dress different do not want to be noticed!!! I dress differently and hate attention, but I have a right to dress in the way that makes me happy in this one life that I get to live. Precisely the reason why I wish people would dress the way they want to instead of worrying about what others would think! I can't tell you how many times people have said they wish they had the courage to dye their hair many colors, or wear certain clothes. If you like it then do it, so what if it's not for your friends, or your coworkers, if it pleases you then do it!!!
Butters 'Buns (5 years ago)
This was nice, but they have to realize that you can't just go out in public with a tail coat with some jeans. Steampunk is more of the essence of Victoriana, not the modern world. It also bothered me that they did not mention the DIY aspect of steampunk, which is more well known than the High end fashion part of the clothing.
Niebla Otoñal (6 years ago)
I could kill for that hat! so gorgeous!
Rena La Fae (8 years ago)
love the clothes

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