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Peter Svidler always has some funny anecdotes with him!

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Before the last round of the Tal Memorial 2018 Peter Svidler, Vishy Anand, Sergey Karjakin and Anatoly Karpov enjoy a light moment of conversation.
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Text Comments (23)
Wot NoobClown (2 days ago)
You don’t mess with Anand’s neck
Hemanth Kotagiri (3 months ago)
It feels so nice to see all of my fav players at one place with a smile on their faces. <3
bigrick4284 (5 months ago)
1:06 Kramnik ain't got time fa dis
I AM SURE (4 months ago)
Kramnik is such a BOSS
Composer Amatir (8 months ago)
Nepom doesnt know about their conversation
hero trojan (4 months ago)
Luka Calov (9 months ago)
How can you not like Svidler
pac bell (9 months ago)
Don't Chess players hate eachother.
CrookedNose2131 (8 months ago)
Stupid question.
Abhishek Muralidharan (9 months ago)
Let Kasparov join the party. Then you'll see :p
Aashish Baroor (9 months ago)
That's only Kasparov
pac bell (9 months ago)
PedroAk jr I don't know they all seemed like cold blooded rivals to me before this video.
PedroAk jr (9 months ago)
How could someone hate svidler?
t33can (9 months ago)
cool to see Karpov with them
loLler781229 (9 months ago)
Oh, so there were people who came to the museum and instead got chess tournament. XD
D0wnpour (9 months ago)
lol exactly.
male Gupta (9 months ago)
sahi hia bhia ekd taraaa kaam hai sagar bhi ka apne koi dikkat ni we all here to support chessbase and sagar and amruta mam thanks alto the thing is like holi in india they enjou little bit of joking nad conversationo in a vast concentrated envionmnet the legends are here in tal memorial
Abhishek Muralidharan (9 months ago)
RIP English
Filemonefly9 (9 months ago)
Yeah, ChessBase India on the hunt again! You are the true barbarian of the objective. We eat the fresh meat.
I AM SURE (4 months ago)
Dude .. ur comment is weird .. I can almost smell flesh .. u r weird .. do not bring this into chess
Omkar Chakradeo (9 months ago)
This is good thing about chessbase india They know what to shoot, perfect Thanks!
None None (9 months ago)
I agree. They always have interesting interactions and minor discussions and its' always entertaining I find.
Omkar Chakradeo (9 months ago)
Interview with anatoly?

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