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Girls In Love - S02E02 - Life Experience (Full Episode)

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Ellie is thrilled, relieved and a teensy bit nervous when she sorts out work experience with a local artist. She comes upon an art entry by Russell - which is remarkably similar to her own. Should she be flattered or furious?
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HalloIchBinDieGabi (6 months ago)
Why does ellie always yell jesus christ.
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
I don’t like Russel being an idiot to her she deserves better and this episode shows that boys are dumb heads!! Ahhh but he is sweet as with her sometimes if he gets his finger out of his bum lol 😂 why do boys be such bum heads and bluddy crazy 😜 at those times when the girls need them the most and I see in this photo Russel bluddy betrayal Ellie with his Artwork and cheating by copying an elephant 🐘 in blue not pink like Ellie’s poor girl💗💕 that’s why boys steal from girls big time they are cheating rat 🐀 bags 💼 as Madga saids lol 😝 😆 😂 plus I LOVE THIS SHOW SHES THE BEST EVER!!!! Xx 💋 xx 💋 xx 💋 xx 💋💖💗💕
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Artists I am one ☝🏼 too and I love 💗 💖 💕 drawing ✍️ it may not be perfect 👌🏼 but it’s alright?? I wish I could show you all but I can’t post it on here??? Ellie is a really amazing 😉 artiste 👨‍🎨 👩‍🎨 and she looks pretty in all of them!! Xx 💋 plus I love 💕 This show it’s amazing 😉 as well xx 💋
m.c. g (8 months ago)
Snow patrol's song at the end of the episode 🙌
Faith Adams (7 months ago)
Omg it's Spitting Games! I noticed the other week they use Wow and Run throughout the show too!
Lizzie Yaneli (1 year ago)
This were the firsts signs for Ellie that Russell was no good 😭
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (11 months ago)
Lizzie Yaneli Not really... if your boyfriend did that, you wouldn't class it as a "sign" as such, at first. Its a similar thing like in "Big Eyes", its a true story about Margaret Keane and her husband Walter Keane who married her and began to claim her artwork as his own. She claims herself in the end that she didn't realise it then; that of was wrong. and yes, in this episode Ellie seems to realise that she's not happy about it, but she forgives him and passes it off as nothing because she thinks he really likes her artwork. I would think the same tbh. even after knowing all this.
Samadhi Chandrasena (1 year ago)
lol Russel's apology was so pathetic.
Samadhi Chandrasena (10 months ago)
Mia A :((
Mia Demii-Raye (10 months ago)
Samadhi Chandrasena ik man
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Not being funny, we were not this obsessed w/ boys in skl....but then again this was pre social media age so boys must had been their only distraction 😂😂🤗
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Caris Not Charis lmaoo
CCfake (1 year ago)
Should have dumped him. Am I the only one who gets a really bad and creepy vibe from Russell
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (11 months ago)
Caris Not Charis Agreed 100%.
Caris Not Charis (11 months ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg it is. Ppl always complain about private skl boys and their treatment towards the opposite sex but then there's also the pressure of his raging hormones and he obvs really liked her and his friends are probs making jokes calling him a 'pussy' for not hitting homebase with her etc. But as we all know, Ellie was just NOT mature enough to be having sex at that stage
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (11 months ago)
Faith Adams True. He always wanted to just kiss her. But he was described as quite a cute guy. he went to a posh school too so it must just be the normal thing in his class (social ")
Faith Adams (11 months ago)
In the book it always seemed like he was trying to pressure Ellie into sex, I really didn't like him. He didn't respect her at all.
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
CCchanel Spookies Same!!
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
Btw in this she works at 13 or 14, how can I volountarily work in m area? I asked before, -meine mother rang up-, but they said I was too junge. Wtf?
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (10 months ago)
Mia A where do u live??
Mia Demii-Raye (10 months ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg ok I'm only in yr7 going into yr8 in September I break up 2morrow
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (10 months ago)
Mia A Oh yeap. I remember. dankë
Mia Demii-Raye (10 months ago)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg oh coz she was 15 then. Coz it was her bday in the 1st episode and she was 14 in series 1
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (10 months ago)
Mia A but what about the time when Ellie gets a job at the newsagents as newspaper page?
Dhamar Martinez (1 year ago)
Can someone please help me to find the episodes in spanish please? ):
Dhamar Martinez (1 year ago)
I've found them, but this episode isn't in spanish and more neither 💔
Melina Z (1 year ago)
Dhamar Martinez the episodes are in youtube: 'chicas enamoradas', the problem is that they are in parts
Eleanor Perry (1 year ago)
24 and watching this......mid twenties crisis.
Tori R (5 months ago)
Me too!!! 😩🤷🏾‍♀️
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Me too I’m 24 nearly 25 am I am loving every one ☝🏼 of these episodes my favourite is the birthday one ☝🏼 so far and the artist 👨‍🎤 👩‍🎨 👩🏻‍🎤 one ☝🏼 as well xx 💋 nice 👍🏼 to talk to you 💖💖
Kasia Dean (1 year ago)
Same here.. I need answers to life 😂😖💕
dijonay971 (1 year ago)
lmao me too!
WonderlandAlicexo (1 year ago)
me exactly!
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
Ellie's house looks like a holiday guesthouse.
Yas T (1 year ago)
magda had a Mac lipstick on at 5:25-5:32
Sylvia (2 years ago)
was that actually Justin? loooool
lily r0urke (1 year ago)
Sylvia Sylvia it's likely that it was just a look a like, i doubt that they could afford the real Justin Timberlake
verkaforever (2 years ago)
That artist is cool!
Thelma Lanuza (2 years ago)
Thank you!

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