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♦ Zooc Draws - Ogre Magi (DOTA 2)

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Follow me here: http://twitch.tv/zoocster http://twitter.com/zoocdoesstuff http://facebook.com/zoocdoesstuff Duration: ~5 hours Mini-FAQ: ♦ All drawings are for sale. Contact me at [email protected] ♦ I've been drawing for 4 years, self-taught. ♦ I use random drafting pencils, 4H - 4B ♦ I use Copic and Micron pens ♦ I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Music Supplied by Monstercat: Artist Name: Day One Video Link: http://bit.ly/1eB5fQV Album Download Link: http://bit.ly/19bC6Hd Channel:http://www.YouTube.com/Monstercat
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Text Comments (34)
Spiritual Studies (1 year ago)
I typically find that explaining the internet like real estate helps people understand better. A website is like a house or store with an address. Hosts are like cities or neighborhoods. Good luck on helping your aunt lol
TheGreentastic (4 years ago)
Maybe you should make a tutorial videos on how to use browser and show it to your aunt
dead end (4 years ago)
Just curious do you post stuff on deviant art
Erik Taberman (4 years ago)
yeah it's horrible to teach someone who doesn't know anything about it to use computer... Every time my Grand mom and dad comes i need to always show them how to use google again.
Sebastian Males (4 years ago)
Buna treaba.
Rip Van Winkle (4 years ago)
can you draw your version of the team fortress 2 characters please?
infinitesorrows21 (4 years ago)
I once got hit on by a gay guy, well technically his female friend or sister tried hooking me up with him.
mastarwe (4 years ago)
We didn't need--- Shut up and say thank you!
Firenter (4 years ago)
Sounds like you might have some tales for /r/talesfromtechsupport on reddit from your aunt :D
Silver Mirai (4 years ago)
This drawing in particular had a weird thick outline, I usually try to make the outline as thin as possible so I can erase it later, was this a deliberate choice to let it there ?
Silver Mirai (4 years ago)
I need to play some dota 
IndieMarkus (4 years ago)
Oi Zooc, what do you think of something warcraft or diablo themed? I'd definetely watch that like 10 times over!
Full-time Penguin (4 years ago)
I know the Ogre Magi... *puts on sunglasses* from Hearthstone!
yewskriimskoop (4 years ago)
+IndieMarkus The Dota characters are from Warcraft III, just re-fluffed a bit.
IndieMarkus (4 years ago)
+Full-time Penguin well, for me at least it didn't ... a lot
Full-time Penguin (4 years ago)
yup, never played WoW though - told that it destroys social lives... wait, who am i kidding, i dont have a social life!
IndieMarkus (4 years ago)
But you know that those come from WoW and actually are something different, right?^^
Joseph Bivolaire (4 years ago)
Second head looks like Alchemist"s ogre
Chris Moore (4 years ago)
So I been watching you.............. 're videos, always amazing quality :D. Keep em coming m8. If you havnt already, a Roshan drawing would be cool.
Joku Vaa (4 years ago)
LoadedTunafish (4 years ago)
Hey Zooc, can you draw some hearthstone related stuff. Thanks :) 
Andri474 (4 years ago)
I really don't mind the constant DOTA 2 drawings. Hey, can you do Tidehunter next? Just asking.
elfgoat (4 years ago)
oh great, another video of me to be jealous of, thanks Zooc...
OldmansCC (4 years ago)
Your aunt sounds a bit like the heroes of Les Visiteurs (a must-watch BTW). I've been through the same, my grandma uses Skype to call us and she is relentless when it comes to it! One of my favourite flavour texts, good drawing, please do more Q&As :)!
No3000Way (4 years ago)
i dunno Zooc, I realise it is extremely frustating teaching people who don't learn, but when you're new to something it takes a while. no "what she's going through" excueses tho, fuc that
WELL THAT'S YOU !!! As for me... I would have been running out of that locker room before that weird guy had a chance to finish his next sentence. COOL DRAWING BY THE WAY.
Zooc Does Stuff (4 years ago)
We can't all be as secure in our masculinity. 
gluglamana (4 years ago)
top kek m8
faltHes (4 years ago)
Loved the story, haha.  My grandma is just about the same as ur aunt.
Zoka (4 years ago)
I'm not a fan of Dota but this his lore is great :) Also great drawing.
remco luyken (4 years ago)
do kha zix
glensarge (4 years ago)
He draws dota because he plays dota.
Zoka (4 years ago)
Yes :D
yolo money (4 years ago)

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