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The History and Stagnation of Disney's Hand Drawn Animation

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Discussing Disney's animated theatrical releases and what factors led them leaving the field of 2D Animation for the time being. ♦ Subscribe: https://youtube.com/c/LaVolpeWhy?sub_confirmation=1 ♦ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LaVolpe/memberships ♦ Storefront: https://www.redbubble.com/people/LaVolpeStore?asc=u ♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsLaVolpe -------------------------------------------------------- **** Research Sources **** ● http://www.tor.com/2016/06/02/the-end-of-an-era-disneys-the-princess-and-the-frog/ ● http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/16977/roy-conli-interview-tangled-john-lasseter-treasure-planet-and-changing-disney ● https://www.quora.com/Why-has-Disney-stopped-doing-hand-drawn-animated-film ● http://animationguildblog.blogspot.co.za/2015/02/hand-drawn-animation.html ● http://www.rotoscopers.com/2015/02/27/former-disney-veteran-explains-why-big-studios-have-abandoned-2d-animation/ **** Music **** (00:00 - 00:38) Freddie Joachim - Waves ● Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/freddiejoachim ● Website:http://freddiejoachim.com/ ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/freddiejoachim (00:40 - 05:00) BeaMic - Gby´n Dir ● Download: https://krekpek.bandcamp.com/album/audi-dope-03 ● Vinyl: http://www.vinyl-digital.com/Hip-Hop-Rap/AudioDope-03.html ● Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/beamic (05:01 - 09:32) BASEMENT LOVE - FOR REAL From "As Above, So Below", out on Keats Collective ● Download: https://keatscollective.bandcamp.com/album/as-above-so-below ● Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/basementlove ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/basementlovecanada KEATS COLLECTIVE ● Bandcamp: http://keatscollective.bandcamp.com ● Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/keats-collective ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keatscollective ● Twitter: http://twitter.com/KEATSCOLLECTIVE #LaVolpe #Disney #HandDrawnAnimation Written, Narrated and Edited by Roberto Mbele.
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Leo Campa (21 days ago)
Ya boi Nina (25 days ago)
Everyone keeps saying how the D looks like a G, but most of them ignore the fact that the Y looks like a P (at least to me)
Evil Gopher (1 month ago)
While I do love CGI animation, I can’t lie; I whole-heartedly miss Traditional Animation. If done right, it’s incredible.
ernie bakeswell (1 month ago)
Milt Kahl said of Geraldine Page, who voiced Madam Medusa, "an absolutely magnificent actress... She has a tremendous range, her voice too. She goes from falsetto to a deep growl... marvellous feeling for comedy. I saw quite a few of her pictures... "Sweet Bird of Youth" she puts her foot on Paul Newman's chest to keep him away... cruel gesture, absolutely in character."
Michael Müller (1 month ago)
great video, I wish you spoke a little more loud and clear but despite that, this was very informative!
Serenity Werewolf (1 month ago)
More history, less asmr
CRONATOZ (1 month ago)
Steamboat willy wasn't the first cartoon with synchronised sound
xeraph02 (1 month ago)
It's because of over-fetishization of 3DCG, selling everything HI-DEF sounding to masses makes them think that they'll see something new and fresh. But in reality all they'll see in every movie are those same overused 3d assets, models, textures or motion files copied and pasted again and again lol
T.N. (1 month ago)
CG wins because it is definitely the future, now with VR on the rise, CG is only going to get bigger and bigger, humans always want the more cutting edge stuff,
Nick Sorenson (27 days ago)
+ T.N. You keep your damn mouth shut with that whole "future" agenda.
Madjid CHOUARBI (2 months ago)
for many years now, Disney suffers a terrible lack of creativity : no matter if their movies are 2D, CGI or live action, they seem to consider the audience as so stupid they will pay to watch any shit from the moment it has the name Disney put on it. Lets consider treasure planet for exemple, was it really a good story, something you can be proud of ? and what about the live remake of the classic hand drawn films ? Do you think they are half as good as those you saw when you were chid ? I don't speak about Marvel movies nor Star wars . But in fact the right question is : " Why Disney is killing its legacy by producing such bad movies ? ". And the answer is : " Because people pays for this ! ". As long as the audience won't ask for better film, Disney will continue to act this way.
MadVulcan (2 months ago)
I fell its Disney's reputation of being family friendly and for kids that's holding its self back from making more hard core adult media. They known for making faire tales, princess flicks and heart warming films nothing with a little more bit to it. An because of that (to me) it seems they can't branch out into making animation like AKIRA, Ghost in the Shell or Vampire Hunter D (not the beast examples but you get the drift of it all). I believe Disney could draw a good 2D animated flick but it seems they had their imagination department shot down for a long time, fired, sold off or put in cages.
Sebastian Elizalde Torca (3 months ago)
Blacksad have some Disney style, is a really good graphic novel.
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
It's saddening how Enveloped Disney has been getting with not only 3D animation movies, but with Live action movies as well...I don't mind the 3D animations because we of course have to keep up with the times because with everything rapidly changing around us, it's markitably best to keep to what people like i suppose, and the last few 3D animations were still good and i watch them from time to time, but the live action renditions of their older classics seem like they're just running out of ideas... As the old saying goes, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" Which i feel holds true to the live action renditions. I feel like they've lost touch with what Disney was all about in a sense. I Want to be a 2D animator and it's diheartening when an animator here on Youtube can create an entire world with it's own character's and unique story building can get me hyped up more than what disney's been puting out lately. as every kid growing up with Disney as a household staple, I love the older works more than i do with todays work...Because it created a world that was inspiring and entertaining to watch... I want to be the person to bring back 2D animation from the brink of death, even if it may seem impossible or Crazy...
VampireQueen94 (1 month ago)
+Nick Sorenson Woah dude... Lay off, you obviously read my post wrong. Please point out where i said this was 2D animation's fault when i specifically mentioned i'm an aspiring 2D artist?? Also No shit sherlock, of course it's an agenda. It's an agenda to make fucking money like they need to regardless of what who wants what. and you know why that is? it's because 2D doesn't fucking sell anymore and they are a media power house that needs to make money to stay relevant.. Everyone treats 2D like Kids cartoons, and any time they stray for something edgier like the black cauldron or Atlantis, it flops and liking any of the classics have become Cult classics for Niche groups. People these days don't want to see cartoons from a company that started off with cartoons. Duh. So Disney has to make changes to "keep up with the times" as you so mockingly call bullshit when of course it isn't. Cuz it's true. I personally hate everything that Disney's been producing lately my cut off being frozen or Wreck it Ralph. Moana sucked, and all their live action renditions of the classic princess and or 2D animation movies suck too. But you know what. They've probably grossed more than Princess and the frog did and probably grossed as much as their last big 3D animated box office seller. Because that's what they want to sell because people like updated versions of anything these days. Because. They are. Keeping up. with. the. times. so please loosen up the tinfoil hat and join us back on earth. Thanks ;)
Nick Sorenson (2 months ago)
+VampireQueen94 Oh just shut up with that "keep up with the times" bullshit! Get this through your head: 3D animation has become an *agenda!* And do you know who it is right now that's pushing this agenda on all of us and telling us to follow it? *Disney* is! You can't excuse all the boneheaded corporate decisions they've made over the years as just mere change. They didn't *have* to blame 2D animation for the weak storytelling/marketing of their animated films in the early 2000's. They didn't *have* to recklessly lay off all of their extremely talented hand-drawn artists, close down all their animation studios, and throw out all their equipment. *They didn't have to stab us in the back after promising to bring back 2D movies by releasing Frozen in CGI!* They *chose* to do all those things! It is not 2D animation's fault, it's *theirs!*
no hassle (5 months ago)
It is such a shame that Treasure Planet and Atlantis didn't do good at the box office. Capitalism is such a sucky system because it doesn't always make profits for good works. Disney is not the same anymore and 2d animation is a sorely missed art form from the studio that perfected it. CGI is good but it is ridiculously overused and it doesn't have the same charm as its hand-drawn counterpart and all the classic 2d films are being pointlessly remade in live action. Sigh.
DR Death the wolf (11 days ago)
+VampireQueen94 book illusion of life by Disney in their prime 2d days it is the bible of animation and it's a must read for any animators.
Skere Kaan (2 months ago)
Yeah. How dare the consumers choose what they want to watch.
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
I agree. That's why i'd want to bring that stuff back. Be the spark that reignites the flames of 2D and traditional animation!
Ben s (5 months ago)
Sad times we are living in
Walt Disney would be sad seeing what his company turned into.
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
he's rolling in his grave! I can already tell you that....His empire is dwindling--
mikshin (6 months ago)
It's time to say goodbye to 2D animation in America. I miss it, grew up with it. But ask the kids in your family about it and they will tell you it's old. "Old but funny" is what an eight-year-old said after watching Alladin. I rememember watching Bambi, a film made decades before my time and never thinking "Wow, that's an old film". Some Disney Reneissance films are too scary like 'The Lion King' because the father dies in full view of his hysterical and sobbing child not like in Frozen where parents die as an afterthought and the daughters aren't really grieving. Or Moana- we don't see her mother's death, grandma dies but she's old so that's okay. It's funny, the eight-year-old in the family has no problems with Star Wars but Mufasa's death is simply too much for him and he refuses to watch the film in its entirety. And to think I watched the X-files when I was his age, of course without my parents knowing. Clinging to 2D is like somebody in the 40s saying "I want silent films back!". It's never going to happen other than as an occasional artistic exercise like 'The Artist'. At least Japan still uses 2D even if heavily aided by CGI.
Ben s (5 months ago)
No. Actually it's not like that at all. There is absolutely nothing old fashioned or obsolete about hand drawn films. If this generation of children has come to see them as "old" then that is a perception which can and will be changed. Perceptions never stop changing.
Nick Sorenson (5 months ago)
+mikshin Only quitters talk like you do.
3m0nion Pro (6 months ago)
All i wish to see from Disney would be 2d also rated pg13 for young and old teens
3m0nion Pro (6 months ago)
Dave Kendall i said just pg13... No more nor less
Dave Kendall (6 months ago)
3m0nion Pro That's what I'm thinking too! I really wished Disney would make an M-rated, Ma 15+, or R 18+ animated movie.
snarkus63 (7 months ago)
As a kid,I saw very little in the way of quality animation. I watched all the old pre-1950s cartoon shorts on TV,as well as the Saturday morning stuff created by the likes of Hanna-Barbera and Filmmation. The first theatrical feature I saw wasn't Disney,or even a family film...it was the adult-oriented "Heavy Metal". The first Disney feature I saw was "The Black Cauldron",and I remember at the time thinking it was the greatest animated film I'd ever seen. When I saw it again,some ten-odd years later...by which time the Disney Renaissance was in full bloom...it didn't look so great anymore. I have absolutely no problem with CGI feature animation...but it's not better than the traditional style,just different. Heck,stop-motion is another entirely different type! I just think it's sad that nobody in Hollywood,Disney included,is doing hand-drawn feature animation anymore. What I'd really love is if somebody finished Richard Williams' "The Thief And The Cobbler"...and by that,I mean the *right* way...not that slapdash pseudo-Disney hack job Miramax attempted in the mid-90's!!!
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
HOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE! That movie had so much potential to be a big hit!
Metalks (11 months ago)
Well, here's food for thought. Walt was always trying to innovate animation and bring it to the next step. He literally revolutionized animation by introducing parallax scrolling. It was always about making it more efficient and more thorough. Now 2D animation is great and all, but the problem I see with it is that you hit a wall on what sort of advancements you can do with it. At this point in time, you can change the art style, but that's pretty much it. 3D however is the next step above 2D and, at one time, was revolutionary itself. We are still improving 3D. If you compare Moana to Toy Story there is an obvious difference just as you compare Mickey to Princess and the Frog. BUT 3D still has room to grow where 2D does not. Texture quality, physics engine, lightning. It's just far more incremental than 2D was. Every one of the 3D shorts at the start of a theatrical release for a Disney movie was them testing out a new trick in 3D. While you may say that 2D frame is a piece of art... it really isn't. It only looks like art in the final form. It's just as tedious as 3D and just as ugly as 3D while in production. What makes a 2D frame more artful than a 3D frame? I believe that proceeding forward in 3D is what Walt would have done. I believe he would have never stopped and held back in 2D for the sake of it. I just wonder what the next step will be for entertainment.
James 4:8 (1 month ago)
except 3d is also limited if we want to talk about the limits of a medium; 3d is stuck in trying to achieve realism. The push in 3d is for photorealism and simulating physics as accurately as possible, and as much as they advance in those areas, they will have the hardest of times trying to simulate the wild and absolutely abstract expression 2d animation can achieve. 3d animation could achieve it, but it would be extremely hard to do so with the fluidity of 2d animation, just as 2d animation will have a hard time doing realism like 3d. There is no real "limit" with mediums, only in what's inside your head.
Dave Kendall (3 months ago)
+Tammi McDaniel I feel like only movies that deserve to be in CGI are Wreck it Ralph 1 and 2. I agree, the fairytale movies like Tangled and Frozen could've been better if they were traditionally animated. for Mary Poppins Returns, just check out the recent trailer.
Tammi McDaniel (3 months ago)
Dave Kendall Mary Poppins Returns using traditional animation?! That's great! But, you're right. Not every Disney film in the future should be traditionally animated. It depends on what medium works best with the concept, such as a sci-fi action film would mean CGI and a fairy tale musical would mean traditional animation.
Dave Kendall (4 months ago)
+Tammi McDaniel At this point, I agree as well. Making petitions and making your voice heard isn't really going to guarantee Disney's ears, but I always thought that you don't have to be realistic. Frozen would've looked just as gorgeous if it was traditionally animated. I'm not demanding that EVERY animated movie should be traditional, but I do miss 2D. (And this is coming from someone who grew up with CGI movies.) I hear Mary Poppins returns will feature traditional animation, as well as Disenchanted.
Tammi McDaniel (4 months ago)
Metalks I have to agree with Nick Sorensen. I want traditional animation back. Animation these days is nothing but usually underwhelming CGI accompanied by unfunny jokes and boring plots. Well, I do like Frozen and Big Hero 6. Still, I'm tired of having CGI shoved down my throat. Traditional animation is art, not a limitation compared to CGI. Disney is a jerk nowadays, twisting Uncle Walt's words just to scorn and exile traditional animation. I want the old Disney back. I want a Disney Revolution!
alee (11 months ago)
I'm in an animation program right now and this may seem too ambitious to say but I will and want to create films using paper and pencil. I want to bring back that magic that we've all seen since we were kids through hand-drawn animation using actually peg desks, animation paper, and just a pencil, not just with a cintiq.
Violet S. (3 days ago)
I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a dream like this
The Icarus (4 days ago)
I'm with you, it won't be easy but it sure isn't impossible!
CRONATOZ (1 month ago)
I have the exact same dream. I just turned 18 and I'm trying to animate and improve as much as i can, join an animation program, work a lot and one day create 2D animation films again. It's great to see that there are others with the same dream
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
That is a very ambitious task, especially if you're planning on doing it as an independent film, and i applaud you for having such a dream, because i'd like to see it come to life too, but we also have to think about the cost of production that would cost and the time. That's why The Theif and the Cobbler flopped hard. Because the producer took to long and his film got bought out and butchured terribly. But I would adore to see traditional mediums come back onto the playing feild one day!
Metalks (11 months ago)
Good luck on that. I'm an animation major myself and animation on paper made me want to blow my brains out. I have infinite respect for those who can or want to invest the time in it but I can easily see why it was left behind.
ilovelegos2000 (11 months ago)
I wish Disney would go back to this style of animation. The cgi stuff does not represent them, and I'm not feeling it.
1992disney (8 months ago)
Me too!
Julia Holsapple (1 year ago)
Oof. I loved how you pointed out how people find 2D drawing kid-like.
rockabillylaker (1 year ago)
Very sad that 2D animation is all but obsolete. I'm 35 and grew up in the 90s always wanting to be a Disney animator. Finally came to a point in my adulthood where I thought my skills can land me a job then bam!. No more 2d films. I was born way too late.
icecream hero (11 days ago)
Also storyboarding and character design is still 2d.
icecream hero (11 days ago)
Work for CN or Nick.
DR Death the wolf (11 days ago)
Book illusion of life by Disney in their prime 2d days it is the bible of animation and it's a must read for any animators.
icecream hero (3 months ago)
You can be a storyboard artist or work on television
Ahturos (3 months ago)
You have better luck in other countires like France or Belgium. They are still making 2D animation. Sadly it is not a huge market anymore.
NickyVendetta (1 year ago)
I really love how you captured the Williams' style movement. It's almost like it was done by the man himself.
It's-a-me Sali (1 year ago)
The Studio seems to forget that Good storytelling doesn't mean that the CGI has to be so realistic to the point where you can see a characters skin texture in a close up shots, yes the details are really impressive but they aren't important to the story, i don't give a shit if i see every detail in Meridas Hair it doesn't excuse its lackluster story, Song of the Sea managed to tell a beautiful story with having simple style and its animated in 2D. but i really hope that It will be back, with the rise of European 2D Animations and Cuphead maybe they will remember the old days and grab pencil and paper
MalakaiXedTheAnimator (1 year ago)
That Rick and Morty reference though
Big Unit (1 year ago)
I wish they could adleast make 1 move every 5-6 yrs
Spike Comix (1 year ago)
Disney’s former competitor, Don Bluth, is making a hand drawn movie based on Dragon’s lair. I’m guessing that will do pretty much just as well as princess and the frog... which is amazing for an old man who’s company died years ago
Sarsha of the Quill (1 year ago)
This is really interesting! It's nice to know that Disney hasn't completely thrown away hand-drawn animation, though - Maui's tattoos in Moana were hand-drawn - and I hope one day they revisit it, if not in a fully animated movie, then at least in a compromise like what they did with Tangled :)
Etheralist (1 year ago)
Nice video! Reminds me of kaptainkristan
As Ad Bin Emran (1 year ago)
Ear porn.
Ismaeel (1 year ago)
I really like your editing style. Keep up the good work. Good content!
Vuusteri (1 year ago)
I'd say the popularity of 3D cinema after Avatar largely contributed to the decision of Disney for aiming at CGI. Since you cannot convert hand-drawn movie to 3D, Disney wouldn't benefit from the more expensive 3D tickets and the popularity of 3D (many still choose 3D version even if 2D would be available). Unless the interest towards 3D dies completely, I don't see Disney produce any 2D animations in the future.
Spike Comix (1 year ago)
Disney actually re-released some of the Renaissance era films in 3D theaters. There was The Lion King 3D, Beauty and the Beast 3D, and The Little Mermaid 3D. I have no idea how well those re-releases did. But you make a good point. Maybe they released those films just to see if 2D animation could work in 3D films.
Nick Sorenson (1 year ago)
+Vuusteri Avatar is a fucking live-action movie! You can't use it as an excuse against 2D animation, because people shouldn't even be going to animated films expecting to see realism.
TheBraveGallade (1 year ago)
'only kids could enjoy' that forsaken word. it cuts on JRPGs, anime, manga, nintendo games, and 2d animation in the west by SO much...
Sasha Kammakitz-Jen (4 months ago)
"Tell that to the Japanese" is my go-to reply to such drivel of a statement. It's a very American viewpoint as it puts whatever Disney does (did now I guess) as what w medium is.
no hassle (5 months ago)
It is also demeaning to adults who still love the medium. You don't stop loving animation just because you grow out of your childhood years.
Mythical Mango (1 year ago)
Disney was the reason I took up hand drawing, well that and anime and manga... I can't get use to CGI much. When I was small I wanted to make animations of my own but I sucked hard with technology and still do. I may just stick with the traditional stuff.
DR Death the wolf (11 days ago)
Book illusion of life by Disney in their prime 2d days it is the bible of animation and it's a must read for any animators.
nathouse1 (1 year ago)
Mythical Mango it would be cool though if you just got a bunch of 2d animators together and started your own company
thegayestgoth (1 year ago)
Do it
La Volpe (8 months ago)
Hey there and thanks for checking out one of *MY OLDER VIDEOS!* While I always appreciate any comments thrown my way, your feedback on this video would be rendered redundant as I've taken the time to vastly improve my abilities through subsequent videos, why not check them out? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8e5NHrO-lEU-EAre29qaZ9USrcEj3dRw
mozardthebest (1 year ago)
So disappointing. I've been on a Disney spree lately, having a great time watching a lot of their Golden Age and Renaissance movies. I don't have a problem with CG but I find traditional animation so much more appealing. Imagining the men and women who spent countless days carefully crafting every frame into full movie makes you really appreciate the work done. Every frame is like its own individual work of art. That being said, CG can look amazing like with Tangled (which I don't think gets enough love) and Zootopia. I hope Disney gets to make another traditionally animated movie, and have it be successful. It's kind of sad to see a company with such deep roots in traditional animation kind of abandon it.
Julian Lawrence (1 year ago)
Interesting video. Thank you for posting. Typo at 8:58 however ("villain" not "villian").
DoodlePugGaming (1 year ago)
Steam boat Willy was not the first sound animation it was a series called song car-tune made by Max Fleischer
La Volpe (1 year ago)
1:00 "One year Later, Disney would create *their* first cartoon with synchronised sound" I am aware of Fleischer's work, but how his efforts were undermined is a video for another day.
Grantm56 (1 year ago)
Great video! I'd love to see more!
Christian Harris (1 year ago)
i see u
Quoc Lieu (1 year ago)
Great video essay man! Very cool
Muffin Dog (1 year ago)
i can tell this channel will go places! subbed. love the editing.
La Volpe (1 year ago)
Thanks, really appreciate your kind words!
Greg Rogers (1 year ago)
I love the content and subject matter. Well done! If I may offer a bit of unsolicited constructive feedback, I'd say the background music was sometimes a little bit too loud and drowned out your voice. Otherwise, great job!
La Volpe (1 year ago)
Thanks for your feedback! I've picked up on the fact that I should take greater care to alter my audio levels which is something I hope to master moving forward. Hope you stick around!
Flashingflash (1 year ago)
It's pronounced 'films', not 'foams'.
Sue F (1 year ago)
Interesting content, but I have to say that you were speaking a bit fast/soft? I really couldn't understand too well at times.
Matthew Rodway (1 year ago)
Well done! I don't sit through many videos but you held my attention. Keep goin bud.
ThePagmat (1 year ago)
Great video, I also find it sad that people choose to see hand drawn animation as something marketed for children.
TsWade2 (1 year ago)
As much as I don't hate Disney CGI animation, but I think the executives of Disney are getting way too greedy on this. I think it's unfair for them to dismiss hand drawn animation because even though CGI is popular right now. I just hope Sergio Pablos Klaus will teach Disney a lesson about dismissing hand drawn animation, unless DIsney learns a lesson with a quick of a snap.
Asylum117 (11 months ago)
Considering that they own Marvel, Star Wars, and many more popular IP's, I believe they wouldn't care at this point. :/
Sara Houck (1 year ago)
TsWade2 I hope so too, because I also hope that those people won't see us as spoiled brats for relying on the Internet as a soapbox to ramble about this topic!
Nataly Cotes (1 year ago)
"Unfortunately 2D became the excuse for poor storytelling"-Jhon Lasseter Cool video! I was doing a paper on how traditional hand drawn animation is dissapearing as a medium when this video popped on my recommendations. Definitively subscribing!
American Born Patriot. (2 months ago)
R.C Animation's (2 months ago)
2D is dieing in the west its more alive than ever in the east
American Born Patriot. (2 months ago)
Nataly Cotes 2D is disappearing in the west by corporations trying to dictate business. But, Disney Studios don't set the trends. They may have had their time during Walt Disney's life but no more.
Tammi McDaniel (4 months ago)
Henry Stanley You're right. John Lasseter is wrong about traditional animation. I want the old Disney back!
Henry Stanley (1 year ago)
Now CGI has become the same excuse since, Mr. Lasseter.
Koichi Hirose (1 year ago)
How doesn't this channel have more subs?! Keep up the work man, this is some good shit.
Joshua Fogg (1 year ago)
Moana honestly wasn't that good. Two songs and Hei Hei's antics were the only good things in that movie. "Shiny" and the Rock's song were atrocious.
VampireQueen94 (3 months ago)
I agree. I feel like that movie was the end of anything original. Now it's just renditions of the classics in live action...
Joshua Fogg (1 year ago)
Katzenberg was a douchebag.
Very engaging video. :) I still hope that Disney might do another hand drawn film.
Amelia Seyruun (11 months ago)
I hope I'll get to work on that film since I'm an animation student and I dream of working for Disney.
vgmaster9 (11 months ago)
Diegoraf Blasio I actually heard from someone somewhere that they have their own proprietary tools for hand drawn animation instead of what I mentioned. Regardless, it would be nice to see them make hand drawn films, along with CGI films.
Diegoraf Blasio (11 months ago)
vgmaster9 well, it is a matter of tools to use
vgmaster9 (1 year ago)
If they do indeed go back, they should use Toon Boom Harmony again. However, instead of animating on paper, they should use another program called TVPaint, just doing the actual animations on there then importing the drawings to Harmony for inking, coloring, etc.
La Volpe (1 year ago)
Thank you, I'm glad I have your continued support!
Pubs9495 (1 year ago)
I have a slight concern. At 4.24, when discussing Dinosaur's commercial performance, you say the film made a 222.3 million profit. It seems you just took worldwide gross and subtract the production budget and assume whats left is the profit. This does not take into account that the studio's do not get all of the money made from ticket gross. Moreover, the budget does not generally include marketing costs. I also noticed at 4.59, you list Treasure Planet as a 33.1 million loss. Based on this source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-box-office-flops-pictures-photogallery.html#axzz2tJcnZf9r , it appears the film was more like a 70 million dollar loss and thus there was more costs and revenue breakdowns than just production budget costs. My general point is that worldwide gross minus just production costs is not the breakeven point which this video implies in the parts i mentioned above.
La Volpe (1 year ago)
I had made those bits of the video in the primary stages of this videos production and had unfortunately forgotten to alter those values before I had rendered and uploaded. Thank you for pointing that out to me, I feel a bit uneasy that I had failed to catch this own my own, but I truly appreciate your keen, investigative eye. I'll be sure to be more thorough in the future.
Melanie Servidio (1 year ago)
Excellent Video!
Melanie Servidio (1 year ago)
Subbed for more.
La Volpe (1 year ago)
SweetLou (1 year ago)
szechuan sauce meme, Great Work with that!
La Volpe (1 year ago)
I love me some Rick and Morty, couldn't resist including a reference SOMEWHERE in this video!
ScottJoC (1 year ago)
Faster answer: because its cheaper to do it in CGI.
La Volpe (1 year ago)
On the contrary, you'd find your answer to this to be incorrect if you actually watch the video.
James Alence (1 year ago)
don't think I didn't see that szechuan sauce
James Alence (1 year ago)
La Volpe (1 year ago)
Tameem Hassem (1 year ago)
This is getting good Bert! Keep it up yo👀

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