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My Mail Order Bride (Dating Documentary) - Real Stories

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My Online Bride is the extraordinary documentary following British men looking for the woman of their dreams abroad. With an estimated 15 million Brits looking for a partner online, the internet and social media have made the whole world accessible for those seeking love. From 'romance tours' in Bangkok to speed-dating in the Ukraine, what motivates men to seek love in Eastern Europe and Asia and what attracts international women to seek love with British men? Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Twitter: https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Passion Distribution. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu
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Text Comments (4903)
Grace Natasya (6 minutes ago)
Me : *turning on my laptop to finish my University Application* Also me : GET AWAY FROM HIM ,TATIANA!! HE’S A TRAAAAP!!!
birdy elke (14 minutes ago)
Sad to see grown up asrse teddy bear, showing their pedo's eras out in the public arena to see. why not search for a woman in their ages. those women will do everything to get out of their land for various reason.
More13Feen (29 minutes ago)
I feel so sorry for chris and this sweet woman. It showed how the greedy familie behind her ruined their chance of something that seemd actualy genuin... philippina i worked with told me ghat too... you have to be careful cuz your family will make you pay for everything once you have a "rich" husband... even if you are not about money, your famili is...
Herman Langland (27 minutes ago)
Recommendation: "My father's young wife" Tatiana is obviously an autonomous woman who can communicate and know what she are. But the disgusting part is not only that it's men taking advantage of potentially poor desperate women. It's how there is no safety net for the women once they have arrived too their men's country. They have no language, no understanding of the social system and nowhere to turn if they need help. They could be used, abused, locked in or simply feel trapped in the new country. Especially when their families and every thing they know is on the other side of the world. Not to speak of how appalling the view these men got of the whole female gender
brandnewday (38 minutes ago)
Do they have to refer to them as gifts to unwrap. You can't have success when you refer to them as "candy". Sigh...these men get what they deserve.
pink kitty (50 minutes ago)
Thailand is where all the kiddie pedos go!
More13Feen (1 hour ago)
So the ukrainien machmakers always doch the question about money. A ukrainian Girl i worked with, who married a swiss guy, put it this way: "if you want a ukrainian wife, you have to pay for everything! No ukrainian woman will concider you if you dont make expensiv gifts and dates. On the outher hand if you would like to get beatan up by an alcoholic, go for a ukrainian husband." Her exact words.
jjay (1 hour ago)
Sam's Mother looks like his Sister.
Did anyone notice the look on the woman’s face when Mike asked her if she needed money for a taxi? 😂🤣
NowA NevA (4 hours ago)
Tetiana is way too good for that chump. What a loser mike is.
Destiny (6 hours ago)
Imagine helping your dad pick out a wife to buy...
joanna gallegos (6 hours ago)
Tour manager Lenard seems like a real perv...he keeps referring to the women as candy? Gross
Maddie Z. (7 hours ago)
They aren't looking for love, they are looking to get out of their poverty stricken Country.A man drawing $1200 a month in US disability is a god to them. Here we call them a bad catch!
Maddie Z. (7 hours ago)
this show should be called Surprise! I live in a dump too!
Andrei Daniel (7 hours ago)
This guys`s trying to be smarter than he is......this is the funniest thing for people who can`t read him in like 2 seconds =))))))))
fabooshness (9 hours ago)
Truth: Mike is a creep and a future creep. "A flustered child".
Tazer Tachyphrasia (10 hours ago)
I just started the video but it seems like we hate Mike here.
Internet Now (11 hours ago)
20 Years I lived in Ukraine. I'm going to save you money and tell you what others will not for free: 1. Ukrainian women don't make good wives - it's why their men are alcoholics. 2. They neglect kids. 3. They are extremely materialistic. 4. They will become demons if let them into your home. 5. If you have a heart attack or stroke there's a good chance they won't seek medical care. 6. They still screw their exes: they keep connected by FB, VK, telephone, viber, skype. 7. They 3 or 4 boyfriends, change 1 or 2 out every 2-3 months. 8. Ukraine has the highest rate of AIDS and sexual diseases. If you are a fool, go for it. You'll burn your money and hopes. Look in another country. Ukrainians are born scammer and liars. They are like this with everyone. Don't think you are the exception.
Kid Tuber (12 hours ago)
it is "my online bride" not "my mail order bride" the uploader mis-written. should watch the title of the video before uploading. a name is important. you can't simply name a terminator to a batman and upload the video. name is a name you can not rename it on your own which will make it hard to find the video in the future
Belinda Blue (12 hours ago)
Mike just wanted to sleep around. People like that deserve to be single. Loser.
Popular Failure (15 hours ago)
This makes me so sad in many ways damn these foreign women have to go through a lot of bullshit like mike oml😓
Soulife (15 hours ago)
This f*cking guy.. 33:30 Edit: she called him a flustered child. Perfect description, and English isn't even her first language. 😂 Effin Mike...
Soulife (15 hours ago)
23:30 There are 2 sides to this coin though.. "how many foreigners has _she_ slept with since she's been registered with this service?" was my afterthought.. He has no money, works at a pool place, they can't communicate so they can't connect, he lacks maturity, etc, so if he just got laid because she's genuinely attracted to him and she wants things to work out, he should have pursued that.. if in his mind he wanted to shop around first or if he wasn't happy with her, then he shouldn't have stayed a second night, slept with her, or be worried about "ruining his chance with her". I don't know about this guy. I kind of thought he was a douche at first but now he's being a douche in a different way... I have things to do today but I wanna see how this ends. He'll probably get a good girl in the end. All the good ones end up with a douchebag Edit: I don't think flailing child (Mike) is perceiving "mail order bride" accurately? I 100% understand not settling and searching for love, that's what I'm about. But then he talks about meeting thousands of women interested in him. Like, dude, you're trying to buy a wife. They're there for you to buy them. You're not on a commercial for Christian Singles, you're on an effin mail order bride documentary... He went for a wife and stayed for a thousand dates with beautiful women. Douche
deniekeee (16 hours ago)
Tatiana got a lucky escape!
Patty Cakes (17 hours ago)
I like apple
phantomtq (18 hours ago)
18:35 gosh kust look at that stupid face and that fashion dumptster
David Ronson (18 hours ago)
the salesman is more of a pimp
phantomtq (19 hours ago)
Tatiana seems such a good girl, mike is an idiot
Kay Bay (19 hours ago)
I want to know what happened to Chris. He’s such a lovely guy with a big heart, I’m so surprise he couldn’t find a nice lady in the U.K.
BIGDAVE5352 (19 hours ago)
I’m glad I’m MGTOW. These guys are SIMPS and Beta Males. Find woman in your own country and save yourselves the headaches you blue pill beta male SIMPS. These clowns are getting ready to be financially broke and have their hearts broken.
Faith marie (19 hours ago)
LOL... Mike doesn't stand a chance in dating in his own country for a reason...
MrFreeman0179 (13 hours ago)
She tells you why men avoid Western women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD5Q_AFWdHY&t=3s
Garou Human Monster (22 hours ago)
Tracy Hahn (22 hours ago)
Chris didn't catch on sooner??..😂😂😂 the chic is wearing a wig.. she was all over him way too much.. he was one of the "unattractive" men at party!!..he had to meet her "parents" to "ask" if he.. the over weight European man..could "date" their daughter again.. only to be handed a price tag.. that woman DID NOT wanna let Chris goo!!.. she was hanging on for dear life..
JasonRosarioTV (1 day ago)
The way Mike threw that rock in the river showed me he had serious developmental issues🤣 Tetiana, God bless you and we are sorry you had to deal with the lamest person in the history of men, God bless your heart.
No Nino (1 day ago)
37:50 Why is the Thai lady wearing a wig? This is a lady boy.
Danz Haagen (1 day ago)
this is efed up
SReyes (1 day ago)
Money...money.... 😬
Richard Kim (1 day ago)
Apple... Thai boy
Scott Johnson (1 day ago)
It looks like Sam is already expecting their first child.
King of Shmups (1 day ago)
I don't like Mike. No one likes Mike
Samanta Sam (1 day ago)
Tetiana my dear, I can tell you by now (09:13)) he is not what you want and need, but enough to make from you a future britain citizen well well... everybody knows he has to be rich, the girls are high standards, they are selling themselves, think about this before taking any step forward.....
ROYAL REBEL (1 day ago)
Poor old men.
Abel B. (1 day ago)
The Pimp Lady is right, Mike has not met enough bad girls in his life. If he had, he would have appreciated Tatiana and married her right away!
Mon Sta (1 day ago)
Nobody likes Mike x'D x'D
Gloomy End (1 day ago)
Mike.... Oh God you poor delusional little girl.
Manchester Is Blue (1 day ago)
that expat darren was spot on
Ron B (1 day ago)
Natsuki Momoi (1 day ago)
Mike sound like a stupid and arrogant teenager seriously ...
AD Kay (1 day ago)
Mike is single because of his heartlessness. I hope someone punch him on his balls.
Sibyl OVG (1 day ago)
Why is no one talking about what a sexist pig Sam is lol.
Darkbunnyess (1 day ago)
Sam's mum looks like she's two years older than him
ubiquitousdiabolus (1 day ago)
Mike wanted an ego and confidence boost, not a wife. Maybe it will help him back home.
TheChickenRiceBowl (1 day ago)
After seeing all these comments I can't wait to see this Mike character. Edit: Oh god go back.
Vampe (1 day ago)
This is so sad. Desperate multiculturalism, where one gives and the other takes. Whoring on a totally new level.
Jesse Corlett (1 day ago)
You tell them Taric!
Fredrik (1 day ago)
I dated a polish girl once. Very beautiful and intelligent. if you find a nice girl then give 100% and go for it.
Ms Daisy (1 day ago)
Ukranian women will eat your heart.
Ms Daisy (1 day ago)
Chris! Loose 80 lbs and grow your hair back. You'll be gorgeous.
Ms Daisy (1 day ago)
Ms Daisy (1 day ago)
Ms Daisy (1 day ago)
Now here's an older man REALLY trying too hard. If he ever REALIZED how stupid he looks, he'd grow his hair back in a hurry. #baldisntsexy
Sam's mom looks the same age as Sam, wtf :D
Edwin Arce (1 day ago)
Dude wtf and i can't even find myself the one 😭😭
"I'm scared if she loves Sam too much, she won't come back for me" Well that just broke my heart.
These people are so lonely and desperate for any kind of company and have no idea whatsoever what love is. They barely like each other.
Vitopaletti (1 day ago)
Gosh!! All these guys are pathetic dickheads....
Lilitha K (1 day ago)
He's likeeee flustered child 🤣🤣💔
Username (1 day ago)
Excuse me, Mike. Tatiana is the one settling for you if anything!
Liz Calhoun (1 day ago)
Chris is a sweet heart- mike is a dork!
Ayu Deynita (1 day ago)
Apple.. i hope u watch this video and see whats ur son said.. i mean for me i wont go anywhere without my son.. but just make sure u come back for him
Miguel Pinhal (1 day ago)
Perfect example of the British culture :) Loosers...
ROYAL REBEL (1 day ago)
Dawn, Sam's mom looks young. She looks more like his sister haha
ROYAL REBEL (1 day ago)
@Phil Fry Yes that I know but I was referring to Sam's mom, who looks like his older sister.
Phil Fry (1 day ago)
Asian/Thai women look young. Thats why most of us dudes want them lol they keep their good looks for longer. Better than the ugly girls here in the US.
Sara Pathirana (1 day ago)
Unwarp the right one and enjoy that present! Hahaaa....well......wadya know?
thiery572 (1 day ago)
Tatiana thought Mike was a ripe mature man ready to marry, in fact he wasn't. Warning to women out there.....
Sangie D (1 day ago)
Ughhhh mike.... *cringe*
Aisha Burke (2 days ago)
This show should be renamed "desperately poor women from 3rd world countries seek white beta males from 1st World countries who can't find white women to marry".
Harieta Mitchell (2 days ago)
I want to slap the flustered man child
Magdalena Valentine (2 days ago)
Mike is gross and self centered and an over sized dorky man child
M (2 days ago)
i guess if the woman wants it and feels happy and safe more power to em. but jesus why can you just meet a woman in a natural way lmao
M (2 days ago)
human trafficking indeed. god bless this world. crazy!
M (2 days ago)
I pray for a more enlightened world
Clayton Richardson (2 days ago)
Tatiana saw his small wiener. Hahha
jacksputrid (2 days ago)
Bruv about mike the lady said “he doesn’t know what’s happening to him” LMFAO
Vi O (2 days ago)
Oh my gooooosh
Vi O (2 days ago)
Why am i watching this?? Out.
Vi O (2 days ago)
The girls are not attractive either!!!!
Raj shekar reddy (2 days ago)
I am down for sams mom
mis_ fitkid (2 days ago)
It’s all a scam if you can’t find a girl around you something is wrong lol
BunBun91 (2 days ago)
I feel bad for the women/men who feel like they HAVE to marry a complete stranger
Onica Adriana (2 days ago)
God... someone should give mike a mirror ...and a respect book.If he slept with a woman doesn't mean he has to believe himself a hottie...that can have any woman he wants.....
Dean Marks (2 days ago)
They all look the same. Old, white, and bald.
Scott Johns (2 days ago)
Mike should be kicked out of the club, keep that mfers money
Miles Cumminski (2 days ago)
The women are pretty, but the guys besides the one young guy are old and unattractive. These poor women are not marrying for love, just money and a Visa! Of course the young guy is also the biggest jerk of them all. He would be lucky to have a girl like the one who he slept with after their first real date. What a tool!
Joanne Haupt (2 days ago)
This Mike dude is an idiot seriously!!
joshua brandstetter (2 days ago)
hahaha lol its a bunch of old ugly dudes that have money
Yogi Nick (2 days ago)
You can't expect to know someone on a two week vacation.
Yogi Nick (2 days ago)
1st, never take a bride home to your country. 2nd, never use a dating service like these bride deals 3rd, just go there and live for a while and actually learn about the country, the culture, the people otherwise you are asking for disaster IMO. Go to the country of your desire and live for 3-6 months. Don't send money then you are just a wallet and always will be...do it right or gamble with a "service" and be broke and lost and without real love. Your choice
Sijaku shinai (2 days ago)
“Not buying women” Huh??? Are you joking with me! Googling a website which contain a full list of women wearing only one piece and choose one! Isn’t that freaking buying? What a logic 😒 looking for a wife in such websites thinking she might be a good wife for you and your family is just extremely dumb
Binh Nguyen (2 days ago)
Mike needs a lady boy loosen him up.
PrivacyNO (2 days ago)
I will never understand why some men feel the need to waste thousand of $$$ on matchmaking when all they need to do is to go on a vacation or take a trip to meet someone you met online. I did in 2011 and are still married to my beautiful thai woman
Phil Fry (1 day ago)
Not every dude gets lucky lol You act as if every single guy in the entire world could get a woman. Nope.
Filip M. (2 days ago)
I feel for Chris tho :c

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