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Hey there delilah lyrics.

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AshLye_Oficial. (6 hours ago)
Shiro kyoto map part ? :v
Daniel Oconnell (10 hours ago)
If you like wrestling the royal rumble is this Sunday on the wwe network
Aleesha raza (12 hours ago)
This was one of the first songs I’d ever heard, and now it’s ten years later
RadzYt (14 hours ago)
Oh when the times were more simple...
David Li (1 day ago)
Is it ironic this has more views than the original video?
Strigil N (1 day ago)
Charlize Nicolle (1 day ago)
Martin (1 day ago)
This lyrcis song have more views than actual song
marinou vssr (1 day ago)
Coucou ctrop bien
this is beautiful but Louis Tomlinson singing this is what dreams are made of...
I mostly like rap and hip hop but this is catchy!
Glenn Coco (2 days ago)
This song just makes me so unbelievably and incredibly nostalgic.
aesthetic lemon (2 days ago)
Samuel Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Vic Mensa basically got me to fuck with this song....
Éléonore Sion (2 days ago)
2019 ??
madison s (2 days ago)
Every time this song comes on my boyfriend sings this to me and I cry everytime😭💕
SMYmetal (3 days ago)
when the lyric video from someone else had more views than original
Joey Andreatta (3 days ago)
hey there jahseh
marmoile P. (3 days ago)
Family guy brought me here
Emma Bortolami (3 days ago)
2019 ?
Lars Bakels (4 days ago)
Jessica Acevedo (4 days ago)
2019 anyone if yes than Hello
Delilah E Cranston (4 days ago)
My name is Delilah
Robbie Fallon (4 days ago)
Any one got any ideas how to ask a girl out
Robbie Fallon (4 days ago)
+marisa gravino thanks
marisa gravino (4 days ago)
Talk to her in person, I personally hate when guys ask me out over texts, it makes me feel like they are not courageous enough to face me
Vivek Shrivastava (4 days ago)
2019 Anyone?
Sergio Matiz (4 days ago)
Damn this is popular even in 2019
O s b (4 days ago)
Julka Kulka (5 days ago)
Teenage Dirtbag?
Juan Manuel Vázquez (5 days ago)
Family Guy?
milena gana (5 days ago)
Louis Tomlinson:')
Hirai Caio (5 days ago)
Chilli Dango (5 days ago)
*Feel old yet?* *Well ... i do*
CHuBbY MaLE (6 days ago)
He paid his bill with his guitar 🎸😍😍😍😍.. I wanna be this successful.. I'm crying
Mucho_ Muffinz (6 days ago)
A.bit-stupid (6 days ago)
Sounds like Burno mars
Vegan HotDOG (6 days ago)
2019 ich liebe dich Püppi
Bandinho_ (6 days ago)
Jerome Alday (7 days ago)
Janine Rodrigues (7 days ago)
So eu em 2019? ;-;
Alessa Martinez (7 days ago)
Parada óptima 😍
Expecto Patronum (7 days ago)
2019? ❤
shiza saeed (7 days ago)
to someone who sang this song for me .. hey u maybe u ll find my comment .. its been already years u r still here❤ nd always will be .. monkey hope ur doing good
Clayakakai OnYoutube (7 days ago)
Who listen in 2019?💕
RaYze dark (7 days ago)
108m views. Oh my god
Arda Efe (8 days ago)
Ms Burcu
BrianQ (8 days ago)
Play this at my funeral
Ak Shooter 7 (8 days ago)
What's funny is this has twice the views of the Official song.
Um amor imenso por essa musica!💙
Kram 007 (9 days ago)
I'm inlove with a gay
opera of dreams (9 days ago)
this gives me nostalgia wich i dont have but stillllll gives me WTFFF?
MaRe XD (9 days ago)
Who sining this
Natalie (8 days ago)
MaRe XD Niall Horan
Rolling CSGO (9 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Tommy Likes (9 days ago)
This reminds me of Louis former member of the legendary one direction group first audition.
Darren Durbin (9 days ago)
2019 listeners!!!!!!!!!!!
Elif Kıvrak (9 days ago)
whatç çu du gana du aq
Did not capitalize the I at 0:30 tisk tisk tisk.
Riya Gairola (9 days ago)
More views than the song😅
levi (10 days ago)
Whos here after watching the 20 years of song in 5 mins
Top10NationZ (10 days ago)
Jatin Bansal (10 days ago)
My Morning Starts With This.
Mazoon anoymo (10 days ago)
Back to when music sounded good
lRale_99 (10 days ago)
Every tutorial for hacking facebook's games ever
sweetfy (8 days ago)
lRale_99 LOL
Love_Is_Healing (10 days ago)
I really want to go back in time
Lucy Lawrenson (10 days ago)
also this may as well be wrote to me boyfriend
Lucy Lawrenson (10 days ago)
this is definitely gonna be my wedding song if it stays so fab
Junior Caetano (11 days ago)
miss u :c
Josué Pérez (11 days ago)
Who is here for Family Guy?
posty malone (11 days ago)
catarina F (11 days ago)
This comment section is so dumb. Y'all acting like you'd drop your partner just because someone writes a song about you lol
Mr. GatoMiau (12 days ago)
everytime i hear it i cry
new era (13 days ago)
Wait where I've listened this? I'm feeling weird
Juampi24 (13 days ago)
Oh my God I remember the freaking Club Penguin videoa
Sandra Dragoljevic (13 days ago)
2019 😄
K Swinton (13 days ago)
Emaaan Zafar (13 days ago)
2019 anyone?
SadUglyBoi (13 days ago)
read the description
Jalu Zendra (13 days ago)
Jennifer Harrison (13 days ago)
alec cute (13 days ago)
TheSaviorOfSouls (14 days ago)
11 years since this video, life is crazy.
בר כרמלי (14 days ago)
kitty cat (14 days ago)
Hey there deligh what's it like in new your city tonight u look so pretty yes u do I swear it's true
ExplosionGaming (14 days ago)
I remember this song from somewhere...
new era (13 days ago)
Me too
NawBa Dee (14 days ago)
2019 anyone
Mayur Bhavsar (14 days ago)
Touched ❤️💯
Rahime Ocak (15 days ago)
Loneli Boi (15 days ago)
Hey there Delilah, that's how MAFIA works
Ilayda Yazar (15 days ago)
*2019 if y’all here*
BBacharTtennis (15 days ago)
Who's listning in 2019?
Madeline GomilaMattei (16 days ago)
this is one of my favorite songs and it is so easy to relate too.
marlene mcmillan (16 days ago)
Love this song forever
david Campbell (16 days ago)
Oh christina its what you do to me.
Ann Duffy (16 days ago)
Shubhi Jha (16 days ago)
The guy I had a crush on sent this to me and he's my Boyfriend now <3 This song means so much to me <3
Francisco Lopes (17 days ago)
frenzel mascquerade (17 days ago)
Any 2019 teens out there who is still listening to this wonderful song?
Park Fatima#Army (17 days ago)
Renee Delilah Parker where tf are you ?! Wattpaders know who I’m talking about haha
Vaibhav Patil (17 days ago)
Emi Lee (16 days ago)
Vaibhav Patil not sure wym but like, ed sheeran's music are good 🤷🏻‍♀️
anxho (17 days ago)
Tom Jänicke (18 days ago)
P.M. (4 days ago)
Yup and I even play it on my guitar
Insultings _ (6 days ago)
Tom Jänicke 2020

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