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SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager

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SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager This is a short demo for SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. The video shows SUSE Manager 1.7 and System Center Ops Manager 2012 R2. SUSE Manager is a rich and comprehensive solution for managing, patching and provisioning Linux servers faster and more accurately. It enables management of both SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Servers. With SUSE Manager Management Pack, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager allows for monitoring and management of both Windows and Linux workloads. The management pack seamlessly integrates into the familiar interface of System Center management console adding the Linux management power of SUSE Manager. Once SUSE Manager is configured and the Management Pack is installed in System Center, administrators can view patch status and alerts for Linux machines. System Center which is responsible for system monitoring shows five active alerts. By right-clicking, the alert properties, administrators can check history, alert context and other details. What is more, the Operations Manager's monitor is configurable and administrators can override default behavior by modifying various conditions such as frequency of scans and status display. In addition to monitoring and displaying server status, SUSE Manager Management Pack allows Windows administrators to patch and provision Linux servers. This enables you to take action and correct system state based on displayed alerts bringing machines to compliant patch levels without leaving System Center. In the navigation pane on the left, the Management Pack adds a patch management view. Clicking it, displays three different panels. The top panel shows all systems managed by System Center Operations Manager and SUSE Manager. By clicking on a system in the first tab, the middle panel shows patches available for that system. Selecting a patch from the second sections displays its information in the pane below it. The bottom pane is where you could see related common vulnerabilities and exposures. Further patch details are shown to the right in the bottom pane. Clicking "related packages" shows all other packages relevant to this patch. Furthermore, clicking "affected systems" shows a list of affected systems. Once one or more patches are selected, you could click the "apply patch" button and schedule an action either as soon as possible or at a convenient time window. Another way of displaying information is by clicking "patches" in the top pane. This lists all patches available via SUSE Manager. The "schedule" button allows you to manage your patch management schedule and view pending or completed actions etc. SUSE Manager Management Pack integrates seamlessly in System Center Operations Manager, tying into its notification system and preserving the look and feel which windows administrators are familiar with. For more information, please visit: https://www.suse.com/products/suse-manager/management-pack.html
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