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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Written, Directed, and Starring Big Bud, Lil Bud. Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim Buy full album: shop.kanyewest.com Big Bud, Lil Bud Productions INC. Kanye West - Famous | Official Video
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Text Comments (4164)
Funmi Adegoye (2 days ago)
I live for the bam bam part 💕
Three Nines (4 days ago)
Three Nines (4 days ago)
1:49 How you feeling right now? Let me see your lighters in the air Let me see your middle finger in the air Let me see you act up in this motherfucker How you feelin', how you feelin, how you feelin' in this mother fucker, god damn One thing you can't do is stop us now You can't stop the thing now Man it's way too late, it's way too late, it's way too late you can't fuck with us - To the left, to the right I wanna see everybody hands in the air like this - we have risen-
Lewis Bullock (10 days ago)
this makes my day
Aedan Porcaro (17 days ago)
Are we just going to ignore that this video it's just Tom Haverford bouncing around to a Kanye song
katharina (26 days ago)
the lyrics are shit but the beat is sick lmao
negativecreep (27 days ago)
love how this starts out as b&w some guy in a suit walking down the street & you think it’s going to be artsy and cool then you just get hit with these two men eating random food and dancing in random places and it’s amazing i love this video damn
armytantikasmito (1 month ago)
armytantikasmito (1 month ago)
Bam bam bam billa!
Brian Phiri (1 month ago)
Hoo ooh!👏
Cooper Wood (1 month ago)
All that parks and rec clout got Aziz wildin
dady keq (1 month ago)
girato in l italia
fernando silveira (1 month ago)
I m famous
What a beautiful song
m apostu (1 month ago)
still rocks!
Teguh Aji Santoso (2 months ago)
aku homo
Angelina Pavlova (2 months ago)
that's great! just have fun
Anne e Sarar gouveia (2 months ago)
Eu sou tão idiota que choro de rir de tanta babaquice que e e se clipe kkkk
Sakhumzi Gungqa (2 months ago)
Kanye sold his soul and became wack
csyd22 (2 months ago)
This is so dumb
vJokerzs 313 (3 months ago)
This is much better than the official Version
Blake Remming (3 months ago)
I hope you fucking rot
:a 9403 (3 months ago)
Fatma Issa Mboga (3 months ago)
The old Kanye is back
Fatma Issa Mboga (3 months ago)
The genius fucking kanye
Honestly the stupidest song ever and kanye is a very selfish annoying person can’t believe Rihanna would agree to be in this song
James StPatrick (3 months ago)
Raise it up bby, we ve all made some bit** famous
Died2Born (3 months ago)
Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter and Dr. Rajesh „Raj“ Ramayan Koothrappali lol
Young Leo (3 months ago)
2018 anyone
EclipZe Muzik (3 months ago)
keep making content!
Cane Libéro (3 months ago)
Oktober vibes
Isabelle Zianni (4 months ago)
Best song ever
Marcel Mckenzie (4 months ago)
I wish there was a 10 hour version of bam bam
xsammyx101x (4 months ago)
i wonder who used the any williams demo first. Yonce or Yeezy.
Mahogany Black (4 months ago)
These two and this song tho! Never gets old 🤣. My friend and I are gonna be like this when we’re in Rome during our trip next month.
Dutch Bandit (4 months ago)
Stephanie Singh (4 months ago)
Gonzalo Garcia Martinez (4 months ago)
seguyid asi cracks
Satheesh Dev (4 months ago)
Sweet GrandeHeart (4 months ago)
MER Robinson (4 months ago)
Ceren Sur (4 months ago)
FAMOUS 💜💜💜💜💜
dolcefroot (4 months ago)
y'all icons, omg.
Steve Marshall (4 months ago)
where is this filmed?
Snacks (4 months ago)
on the earth
johnnyscifi (4 months ago)
PS: i love how tabloid articles honestly thought the lyrics implied that kanye west wanted to have sex with Taylor Swift. They clearly dont get it. The lyric implies that all women that got/get famous from associations with him have fucked him. Its more of a jab towards his exgirlfriends than Taylor Swift...idiots
johnnyscifi (4 months ago)
That organ 👍👍👍👍👍
Beaters Squad (5 months ago)
Tu no turururuuuu 1:16
Vincent Callao (5 months ago)
Seems like Taylor made this famous "FAMOUS"!!!
zeffery (5 months ago)
this seems like something h3h3 would do
Turkey Russia (5 months ago)
Bam bam bam bam
Nykol Ejšn (5 months ago)
Damn !!
Misty Hasty (5 months ago)
Hey Mr. West
DanyDZN (5 months ago)
much better than original
133rtyuioo 1334tyioo (5 months ago)
Fuck this is amazing
Mega's Vlog (5 months ago)
Andrew Bolesky (5 months ago)
jay z sucks
- Charlipez (5 months ago)
"I loved you better than your own candy"
Yuki Vampire (5 months ago)
Crayons Colors The Smile (6 months ago)
I like this also https://youtu.be/pcDHHb8nGkE
maisa rocha (6 months ago)
Its Rihanna nas kanye West???
TJAŠA zakovsek (6 months ago)
Tom haverford made it!
Whatever you do dont look at the rral one
Nor Rashida (6 months ago)
Am i the only one who is scared at the part of BAM BAM BAM part? Because of that creepy ass music video...
He's walking on those steps at 1:22 like Link in Ocarina of Time
tracy smith (6 months ago)
Look at those Buds!
*Taylor listenins* Kanye:i made that b**** famous Taylor:WTF YOU ON ABOUT
Social Anxiety Queen he made that bitch faaaamous
Lua Ferreira (6 months ago)
Chris Wright (6 months ago)
Hey it’s aziz imsorry
Indya Hagans LUV’s BTS (6 months ago)
This is more better than the REAL video😁 The REAL video was a total disgust🤢🤮
Abhijeet Dasgupta (7 months ago)
started watching 2nd season of mater of none and I ended up on this video lol
Goncalo jpm (7 months ago)
I made that bitch famous!!
Thomas Kreisel (7 months ago)
Seriously, not funny at all :/
dhan p (7 months ago)
I prefer this video over the og video
fruitypeebils (7 months ago)
i saw this vid when eric wareheim released it and im so glad its basically the official music vid
Tijuana SIX (7 months ago)
Anyone notice the final version changed the line at 1:23 to “she in school to be a real estate agent” and at 1:50 a slight editing change in the audio
Prince BJay (7 months ago)
Sanitation Truck Driver Woman
B M.C. (7 months ago)
Stav Kr (7 months ago)
Gives me chills
Sr Man Junior (7 months ago)
Quando o vídeo original é superado por um não oficial!👌👍
dreamyxfab (7 months ago)
Treat yo self
Jon West (7 months ago)
The industry is crazy! Don’t sell your soul smh
LoL LoL (7 months ago)
This song!! 💯
neverendinghustle (7 months ago)
3 different songs mixed...
Melissa Flores (7 months ago)
Iqa Abdul Halim (7 months ago)
i prefer this video more than original
Tom Haverford?
MGang TV (7 months ago)
Been rockin since day 1
Pasha Rustamov (7 months ago)
What did I just watch and how the hell it's not banned?!
val (7 months ago)
bam bam bam bam bam eh eh eh eh bam bam bam fuck me bam bam
littletim nidds (7 months ago)
good song
DeathFromBelow 11 (8 months ago)
Out of all people, I least expected Aziz Ansari to star in not one, but two Kanye West music videos.
Diana Yan (8 months ago)
FUXK u Kanye west. A man but a bitXh. shit is with you
Tommy Gibinson (1 month ago)
silly gook
EDEN IZM (8 months ago)
I love Rome! :)
Lei Badass (8 months ago)
Noviansyah (8 months ago)
hey kanye im noviansyah nice to meet u :)
Noviansyah (8 months ago)
nice babe
Karolina Kopańska (8 months ago)
Best 🤩
Narvian Val (8 months ago)
The first verse was stupid but I like the song
callum watson (8 months ago)
I'm sure I've seen that guy somewhere before?

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