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INTERIOR DESIGN | 8 Tricks to Make Your Home Look Cohesive

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Who else needs help making their homes more cohesive!? Don't forget to leave your comment on what your favorite room of the house is and why!! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor and organizational videos every week http://bit.ly/1PugoDw A lot of you have said that you want to make your home look beautiful, but have no idea where to start. Well before you can do anything you should first identify YOUR design style! Watch the first video in this new series on How to identify your design style here: http://bit.ly/2Iu37vA If you're not a part of our subscriber fam - then HIT that subscribe button! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahstevens | snapchat: sharrahrobeson || __________________________________________ || Making the Most of Our Small Space! || Small Living Room: http://bit.ly/2kvlEyq Small Storage: http://bit.ly/2kv11TD Small Bedroom: http://bit.ly/2o96wo9 Small Bathroom: http://bit.ly/2mpPXn4 Small Office/Desk: http://bit.ly/2oAuBYX Small Kitchen: http://bit.ly/2qUqIyV Small Coat Closet: http://bit.ly/2oQooFI Making the Most of Our Small Space is going to be such a fun and REAL series of how I'm managing the 'smallness' of our little Los Angeles cottage with the whole-lotta-ness of stuff from both Tyler and I combine (ok, so mainly just me lol). Our budgets are small but our dreams are big, so follow along and get inspired on how to make the most of your space and make it beautiful no matter what your budget! __________________________________________ ||More About Sharrah|| Sharrah is a DIY home decor and style expert. Taking after her mother, interior designer extraordinaire Rebecca Robeson from Robeson Design, Sharrah creates new videos every week on ways to improve your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or studio space on a budget! As a fashion blogger and as the daughter of an interior designer, Sharrah is passionate about creating beauty and style in daily outfits and in all environments. After just getting married in 2016, Sharrah and her husband Tyler and their adorable puppy labradoodle Scout are kicking off the year with fun, fresh videos about their new life in their SMALL apartment in LA! __________________________________________ PS, if you missed any episodes or want to binge watch the whole wedding series all over again, watch it from start to finish here: http://bit.ly/2hpWLyv __________________________________________ Videography by Tyler Stevens and Elena Contis and editing by Sharrah Stevens Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (362)
Judy Lake (8 days ago)
How beautiful for such a small space. I can't imagine living in such a tiny place but you did a fantastic job. Wow. First time to see your video. You are talented.
Test1 \test2 (8 days ago)
I kept trying to style my house and pick an accent colour and I’ve always hated it. I recently replaced everything with things that are white beige and grey without worrying if they matched and my home looks expensive and classy now. It’s so easy to shop and buy things now cause I don’t have to worry about matching. The rule is so long as it’s grey white or beige I buy.
Kim Morris (9 days ago)
It’s called paneled doors.
Martha R (16 days ago)
So hard to choose a favorite room...I guess it's my kitchen since I am in there so often and it's where our parties end at.
Sherry Lewis (16 days ago)
Shelina Jaffer (21 days ago)
This is the most annoying background music!!
Jordyn Goree (21 days ago)
My favorite room is our newly renovated guest room/office/storage room 😂 because we changed the door and trim white and it feels so bright in there. We are in a townhome and only have windows on one side of the house so natural lighting is a little more rare !
Bonnie Smith (22 days ago)
Great tips! Thanks!
Emma S. (22 days ago)
My favorite room is MY ROOM! It's the coziest! I love it! It's all white, except for this big piece of desk that has a hutch and it's color brown. 😝 I don't like it but I have no where else to put it. I'm going to paint it in white soon or I don't know. We'll see
Beautifully Rad (1 month ago)
My room is my fave. Love your home.
Debby Miller (1 month ago)
Favorite room is my kitchen
Rehannad Samara (1 month ago)
Very helpful.. really thank you
Acailah Safar (1 month ago)
The bathroom
Angela Kennedy (1 month ago)
My office is my favorite space, I do every thing in there. I work, write, paint, read, and fix my hair and makeup.
Carrie Karon (1 month ago)
I love Love you
I lovr my bedroom it design like a girly glam. I have boys so its my sweet and sensual and glam space
Life Literally (1 month ago)
I wish you would've talked about the granite in the kitchen counter, that is something that's not easy to replace and I think you have to work around that. I wanted to use white and gray in my house, but the granite in my kitchen is brownish sand color and I don´t know what to do with it. Also, the drawers are dark chocolate brown.
Kayte McCoy (2 months ago)
Useful tips! Planning to work on these ideas for real real!
urbanlivingdesign s (2 months ago)
I watched the video very interesting and got many information about the designing. We are the best interior designers in bangalore and also we are the one stop shop for all your home decor and lighting and much more with unique and customized variations as our prime focus is on Interior Designing, Home decor and furnishing. we have written one article with the same to read more visit us @ https://www.urbanlivingdesigns.in/blog/how-to-give-your-house-a-new-look-on-a-low-budget/
amylou 262 (2 months ago)
This video is so helpful! Thank you so much😊
Pasesi Interiors (2 months ago)
Living room would be my favorite because it is the place where you can gather your friends and family and there's so much you can do with that room when it comes to design and creativity.
sea (2 months ago)
3:00 talking about COLOR. you, sharrah, need to focus on your color UNDERTONES. your headboard is much too cool toned to be collabing with your warm tone night stands. either have them all COOL toned or WARM.
Nelma Anacleto (3 months ago)
My favourite place in my house nowadays is my kitchen and my dinning room
Jess Coleman (3 months ago)
My living room is my fave because the light at 10 a.m. (I work from home) is perfecto! *kisses fingers like an italian*
Sarina Sun (3 months ago)
Currently my fav spot in my apartment is the living room...nothing unusual...this is where I can see all my greens indoor and look out to the balcony with more greens outdoor, where tree branches shakes in the wind and cast shadows on my vaulted ceiling at different times of the day...☺️☕️
mtzlovemmz (3 months ago)
I love my room bcuz it so me glam and chic and over the top my bed sets all Crystal and sliver omg
Judy Sentell (3 months ago)
You are so fun and informative! Great advice.
mizchicana619 (3 months ago)
Id say my favorite part of my house is the bathroom. Since im renting my in-laws house theydont let me redecorate or do anything to the house. But the bathroom i can add little accessories to make it feel mine.
susana rylander (3 months ago)
What color grey is your bedroom? I think you said once it’s “Natural Gray”? Is that correct? Sherman Williams?
mybestideas1 (3 months ago)
You are soooo boring!
Tahsina Khanam (4 months ago)
I absolutely love the mirrors behind your bedside tables. Could you please share where you got them from? 😊
Niki Chester (4 months ago)
I have the exact lamps
Sadiya Khan (4 months ago)
Hi, Your videos are saving my life!! I swear!! Thank you, thank you so much. ❤️ sending tons of love from India 😘💕
Audrey Kendagor (4 months ago)
Definitely my bedroom.....I love that it's my personal space, I can retreat to it after a long day or when I need to think
Nikki Koz (5 months ago)
My master suite because we build it from the studs up it still needs a lot of decorative details but everything is just the way I want it
Kimberley Cutler Smith (5 months ago)
Favourite room is my living room.  Great for entertaining and view of kitchen.
Deanna Day Young (5 months ago)
Kathryn from Do It On A Dime
Momplaygroup Fouz (5 months ago)
Love your headboard. I’m looking for one for my daughter. Where did you get yours from?
Anthony Marinelli (5 months ago)
WHAT A HELPFUL VIDEO! THANKS SOO MUCH! My favourite room would be my bedroom because it's so cosy and flows on well. I love that 60/30/10 rule! :))
Kiki Lula (5 months ago)
Great tipps! Thank you.
Hailey Marie (5 months ago)
Please collab with RawBeautyKristi she is remodeling a ton of her house right now!!
Yamie Andre (5 months ago)
You are great at decorating!💖
Terrie Wiler Jones (5 months ago)
I live in a boarding house type situation, so my bedroom is my only private space, and due to some anxiety issues I spend most of my time there when I'm not working. I'm calling my vibe 'beach organic', although I've yet to purchase anything since I tend to freeze when it comes to making decisions. Watching your videos helps, so hopefully I'll be able to start soon. Thanks, and please keep making videos.
Chris Franceschi (5 months ago)
are mirrors bad? i heard it is bad energy?
Chris Franceschi (5 months ago)
my colors are white, beige, blue, silver BUT my studio and computer equipment brings in black, which I wish i could change.. any suggestions? i feel it throws off the color palette
Nicole Richmond (5 months ago)
Hello I live in small studio in nyc , do have any tips on how pick rug to ground the space . I would like for you to work with Mallory Ervin
GFWMOMOF2 (5 months ago)
Hi!!!! Love your videos, can you post your paint colors? Walls and trim? Thx
Mim Torbell (5 months ago)
I´m renting very small apartment I just move to with my hubby... so far I think my fav room is the kitchen/dinning/living room and I liked what I have done so far... buuut someone gave me the sofa as a gift and it is RED for now I just don't have money to buy another so I'm keeping it... how can I make it less popping? my flooring is gray wood and all the walls are white, the kitchen is chocolate thought...
Rivka Shore (5 months ago)
My favorite room is either my kitchen or my garden. I got to design both from the ground up so every bit of it reflects my style and needs.
Erica Aldaz (5 months ago)
My living room because the whole family fits in
Brooklyn Garcia (5 months ago)
Sounds complicated.
MsLouisV (5 months ago)
You look so much better now without your extensions! Much prettier natural.
E. Roncallo (5 months ago)
love your videos! do you have a video on how to choose the right drapery for your home? and the guidelines that go with it (ex. choosing curtain style, choosing the rods, how high it should be etc?...been super inspired and obsessed with you and your mom's videos lately, you guys are so on point!
Valerie Licausi (6 months ago)
my kitchen table. It is like central station?
Isabey Interiors (6 months ago)
I’d love to have you take a look at my videos - let me know what you think.
retro roost (6 months ago)
Love the door knobs on either side of the large clock. They are very beautiful. I'm watching your video because I don't know as much about design. Please don't say "you know" because many of us don't. 😕
Patricia Shanks (6 months ago)
Good tips. Good job. My tip to you is , make sure your bedspread hide what's under your bed
Maria B (6 months ago)
I would like to see a video to advice us how could we change the decoration using old classic furniture that we have and can t afford replacing them with other decoration items . Thank you for all the informative videos!!
CherryvaleLeatherock (6 months ago)
You have suggested very good ideas.  Thank you so much.  Your home is lovely.  8-)
Tonya Anderson (6 months ago)
My bathroom is my favorite because of my shower curtain.
Lillian Santeix (6 months ago)
Your voice is impossible, pls see a coach to place it on an a lower pitch..
Maha Tube (6 months ago)
tips design interior please visit : https://bit.ly/2Npi7gz
Raven Studios (6 months ago)
My fave room is my bedroom because I decorated and painted it and it’s really cozy for me, although some people say that it’s not because the main colours are blue and white, they say that blue is sad and gloomy.
Nikoleta Cude (6 months ago)
Pamela Dunson (6 months ago)
Bedroom because it is the most comfortable.
Lavz _Venice (6 months ago)
Just wondering why is she still living in an apartment.. Her mom is rich.. Just saying and is she preggy now..
darvius (6 months ago)
Where did you get that clock wall? Looks amazing
Melanie Gordon (6 months ago)
My favorite room is my laundry room. It isn’t complete yet, but it is the closest! I am converting a MIL apartment kitchen into a large laundry room.
Michael Wimbish (6 months ago)
Wow she gave a LOT of info but oddly I was attentive through it all. Lengthy but pertinent👍
Health Nut (6 months ago)
Helpful. You're so cute! Might consider putting a bed skirt (suggest tailored) on to hide the stuff under the bed. :)
Annabelle Spoletini (7 months ago)
This video is so helpful!!! Thank you so much!!! I am looking to paint my walls, and wondered if you had any tips on mixing white and creams- without it looking messy? My wall is currently a deep cream colour and we want to paint them white to brighten things up. However, my baseboards are all a light cream (linen colour) and so are all my blinds! . Do you think it's safe to paint the walls pure white? I liked you colour scheme so much!! works SO well! The greys, creams, and whites work SO well!!!
Ivory Edwards (7 months ago)
Looking for a video about how to choose furniture in your home.
Ash N (7 months ago)
So Iiterally went on etsy and found and bought the same cow print you have behind you because I am in love ! Can you tell me the size of your frame, print and mat you used for framing please ?!?
Ash Ley (7 months ago)
My bedroom is the best place for me... It's soo comfortable.. I tried to use beach house colors (ivory, greige and ocean blue... With a water fountain)! and a hotel vibe (great sheets and bedding.. Lots of pillows... Smells fresh and plenty of lighting options)!
Ash Ley (7 months ago)
I just subscribed!!!
spcmn smn (7 months ago)
"linenny" enough!!!!
Ali zaman (7 months ago)
Looking good in black
Bianca Baker-Eck (7 months ago)
Where did you get the gold envelope next to your door? It's amazing! :)
Jessica Turner (7 months ago)
Hi I’m new to ur channel and I love it can I ask the colour of your room pls thanks
zahra zarqaa (7 months ago)
"Linen-y" is my new fav word :D awesome video, lots of great tips!
deepika uniyal (7 months ago)
You guys are so cute together. Especially your adorable dog :D. i love the vibe of this video, this is something i'd do to my home its nice to see someone else have my taste of styling. enjoyed the video.
Rizen Tablada (7 months ago)
First of all, I'm so glad I subscribed! the rule about cohesive colour palette and the primary, secondary and tertiary colouring percentages was certainly an "oh yeah!!" moment for me. Thank you so much for the video! lots of love from London As per your question, my favourite room is my music room/craft room. I live in a two bedroom, 860 sqft flat in central London and I decided to use the spare room as the place to let my creative side out when taking a break from my profession in the medical science field. I practice a plethora of musical instruments and doing music and watercolour in this room keeps me grounded, humble and visceral because being a scientist can be a very competitive and cut-throat job where one has to conduct whatever they can in order to get ahead of others. This room is very special to me.
Vilma Velazquez (7 months ago)
More visuals, please. Otherwise it’s kind of a boring monologue
stephhunter308 (7 months ago)
love your nightstands...I am on the lookout for new ones, where are they from?
su Ka (7 months ago)
How to make a backsplash for a 10 inch wall in an open kitchen?
Ashley S (7 months ago)
Good Lord the heavens have opened. SO HAPPY I JUST FOUND THIS CHANNEL. Thank You!
Victoria Bergmann (7 months ago)
These tips are fantastic! I'm about to move into a new place and really want it to feel decorated and like home. What element of your style did you incorporate into your kitchen? As renters, it's so hard since the kitchen is the most difficult space to personalize but I want to make sure that in my small apartment its cohesive since its attached to the living space.
joligemeaux (7 months ago)
I cannot get over how much you look and sound like Emma Roberts!
Katie D (7 months ago)
Anyone else think she looks like Ivanka Trump?
Leaa Elui_Fan (7 months ago)
Question 1 my bedroom is my place because its my own space that i can create and make my own
Audarya D (7 months ago)
The background music is really distracting and annoying. Everything else is great.
Johnneccia Cooper (7 months ago)
where did you get the big bookshelves from?
Marianne Rady (7 months ago)
Very good tips! Thanks for making this video, I will implement this on my next shopping trips. Love from Germany!
caitlin_dancer (7 months ago)
Do you think that grey, blue, and rose gold mixes well together?
lizettnunez1 (7 months ago)
You should do a DIY replica of your shelves and desk.
Shelby McDaniel (7 months ago)
Enjoyed your video. But where is your Mom? Really miss her videos. Her videos are the first I started watching, and just fell in love with her. She is so talented. Please tell her to make more videos. Miss her!
Aiden Ronasi (7 months ago)
I just followed you!
Lee Ema (7 months ago)
I love Rachel Talbott. She has amazing style on interior design just like you :) Welcome to follow my facebook page @emaunnidrama / instagram @emalyun. Thank you!
Kanza Sheraz (7 months ago)
Hi dear, need lil help here - my bedroom palette is black and white and grey ( white bed set including dressing wardrobe) black( tv, side rack , tv trolly) and curtains are black white and grey .. I need a help here . Please give me some ideas if I can including somethng nice and different,???
Diana Burke (7 months ago)
These are some of the most helpful tips I've ever had for styling my house - thanks!

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