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Magic The Gathering Dilution

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This is the Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and ....3.696969% Women Selling a Magic Collection? [email protected] PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/AlphaInvestments Twitter @MTG_AlphaInvest SHIRTS: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=alpha_investments&item=162268260486&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xalpha+investments.TRS0&_nkw=alpha+investments&_sacat=0 ~FAN MAIL~ Rudy's Magic Store 10950-60 San Jose Blvd. Box # 139 Jacksonville, FL 32223 ~ May 2019 Patron List ~ Force of Will - Preorders - 69.99 Force of Will LARGE OUT OF PRINT Variety Box - 299.99 MTG - Journey into Nyx - SOLD OUT MTG - Core 2019 MTG - Guilds of Ravnica MTG - Ravnica Allegiance
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Text Comments (236)
xkvhi (10 days ago)
I unsubbed from this channel several months ago because I didn't know why I was spending so much time listening to a guy talking about a game that I never play. Since then I have watched almost every upload anyways because I cannot not click when youtube suggests it.
fsmoura (9 days ago)
Playing is unimportant. The important thing is to buy reserved list. 📈
Matthew Bryant (9 days ago)
xkvhi I don't subscribe either, this dude needs to help out google stock they are helping him so much ;)
RoxStarzBM ! (10 days ago)
Im not even subscribed and I find myself watching them all.
DjornNorthfield (10 days ago)
Same, I just never unsubbed... Sometimes you just need to 2x speed through some videos though...
Hyaku Shiki (10 days ago)
My fiancé and I watch him, and neither one of us play this TCG either. I did buy some sealed Battlebond boxes after that set came out because I thought the concept was unique. Rudy has done me some good.
Mazon Rodriguez (1 day ago)
an entire generation of magic card "investors" and patreon beggers trying to feed themselves from donations for playing video games. holy hell china and russia will conquer the world, all of you will be thrown from cliffs, they wont even waste bullets on you.
tygonmaster (3 days ago)
Rudy! Release your taco tax returns! The public demands to know how truly floppy they are!
Felixxx9 (7 days ago)
David Wilcox (7 days ago)
yea but Rudy there are just as many dual lands and power 9 out there as there are any other card, whether or not any of he Timmies want to admit it that is just a fact.
James Brincefield (7 days ago)
Somebody want to guess the value on that mint in box 12 pack of tacos?
Devin Cain (8 days ago)
WOTC, “we need to rip people off while making dudes who can’t get laid feel hella cool and spend money so we can go get laid.”
Eric Weis (8 days ago)
Agreed. LOL. Just look at the value of imperial seal plummet after Wizards reprinted it! However I think that overall wizards is doing a service to the game with the masterpiece and lottery cards
Aleks T (8 days ago)
When BFZ was released and had Expeditions, it was opened so much and the market was so saturated with BFZ cards, that only 2 cards at mythic level in the entire set was worth more than the pack. In terms of money, 97% of the rares and mythics were bulk because of the lottery cards.
iDATUS (8 days ago)
I don't think your right on this, theres only so many times people buy these before people get bored or they loose so much value. I think you said this in the past
Tychus (8 days ago)
Rudy looks like he just stepped out of the shower
A K (9 days ago)
Couldn't your same argument be used for reprinting reserve list cards? (Assuming greedy investors wouldn't sue WOTC for doing it?...which they probably would)
bob dole (9 days ago)
speaking of altered art cards... the japanese planeswalkers. A very unique figure to see, that they wouldn't be able to accurately identify otherwise, is how many people are buying specifically for the altered arts. The prices of these cards may also reflect the general perspective of the want for these cards.
Adam Haas (9 days ago)
Rack that focus!
The Conspiratorist (9 days ago)
Serial numbered cards are nothing new; Upper Deck does it all the time. When it comes to sports cards, serial numbered cards can be a better investment than buying a brand-new, sealed box. I won’t say it will be exactly the same for MTG, but it would definitely move more product with the inclusion of such cards.
golddragon1123 (9 days ago)
If they add numbered cards, I think a desolate lighthouse rookie card numbered /69 is going to be $50000 if it gets a PSA 11
fsmoura (9 days ago)
Either Rudy just came out of the shower, or has been so long without one that his hair just went full grease. ( o.o)
Pustul (9 days ago)
The masterpieces are now sold by WotC directly on eBay in the form of Mythic Edition...
Dustin Forman (9 days ago)
It was stated by wizards when they cancelled the masterpiece line that they will return for certain, but only when the set/story/"last quarter was down" warrants it. I swear, WotC are like gold fish when it comes to the law of diminishing returns.
jeremy debraccio (9 days ago)
Shower fresh Rudy? Or spritzed a little water in the hair with a comb Rudy?
MrTheoneandonly (9 days ago)
i am going to laugh my ass off if they reprint all the alpha cards xD
Fullmetal Mexican (9 days ago)
I've already made 20 bucks from listening to Rudy's mtg financial advice and im gonna blow that on a 12 pack box of taco bell tacos😁
Anthony Barredo (9 days ago)
when he looks to his left he's checking the time on the video
Bon Rulapaugh (9 days ago)
The thing is lottery cards would of been great if it was a small pool of 6, or 12 cards everyset, less is more
Matthew Szerlag (9 days ago)
The flashy cards are pointless. Outside of the reserve list, whose values are assigned by rarity, the value in modern cards comes through their usefulness in competitive games and pro tour decks.
Ruecian (9 days ago)
I started feeling the dilution the moment I saw the list of UM box-toppers. Only the 4th time they made masterpieces and already I think four cards that had already been masterpieces. Unique borders and art can have an effect, but often times people want a masterpiece because it's the most premium version. once there's more than one of that, people might stop caring. If they go back to lottery cards maybe they could do no more than 10 different cards a set so as not to exhaust the pool of good stuff and make feel-bads when somebody gets a tango land, or a lavaclaw reaches.
1ofsolitude (9 days ago)
Matthew Bryant (9 days ago)
Invest in Lady Sun... okay this was a joke and then I decided I should look up it's price and I guess I am a genius... Lady Sun Lottery Card ever? Tell people to buy Lady Sun...
Matthew Bryant (9 days ago)
Lottery cards will be back in the core sets is my guess.
Matthew Bryant (9 days ago)
Pauper is only fun if you pretend you are actually a Wizard and actually summoning spells and don't really care who wins or loses the game. Been in this game since I was 10.
Matthew Bryant (9 days ago)
I have never gotten a lottery card; I got a masterpiece and thought it was a lottery card but I scratched off off the foil and there was no lottery number... no clue how to tell if you win if those are the lottery cards.
Andrew Shelton (9 days ago)
Use to play the Full Metal Alchemist Card game and inserted into packs of a couple of those sets were rare cards signed by the voice actor of that character and there were only like 10 of each of them made. I don’t know if wizards could do something like that maybe signed by the artist or by Mark Rosewater that would be interesting.
Jaden Emrich (10 days ago)
Here's Rudy dropping the hard truths Timmy's need to hear. I may not always like hearing what you have to say, but man do you make too much sense to ignore.
JetEyeNight (10 days ago)
New players don't want or care about old school magic. New players nostalgia in 10-15 years will be the lottery cards. Just as old school is nostalgic to you, and why you value it, it's the same thing for today's lottery cards and new players of today. Old school magic doesn't hold value to new players. This is why lottery cards are investable. Kids who want them today but can't afford them will be the adults in 20 years who can. Just like you said the other day, real investment growth is made long term, not just flipping tomorrow what we buy today.
Harrie Span (10 days ago)
When everybody is greedy we start buying Alpha
Marcus Aurelius (10 days ago)
....those``INVENTIONS`` IMO were the sweetest looking lottery cards!!.....greetings Rudy!!
SuperNorstShow (10 days ago)
I feel like Italian legends cards are a buy. I just wish the coloring wasn't so awkward on them. The border always seems ugly
Dean Maudal (10 days ago)
rudy how much thought do you put in to your subtle backgrounds... titles of books and comics etc... I LIKE to think a lot each post but hey maybe its just the den hahaha love your posts man
dragonmares59110 (10 days ago)
I will be honest, i would rather have this than ultra rare cards. Specials edition of cards still let their normal edition be available to players and players should be the main focus of wizards. I am have nothing against people investing but only if it don't hurt the players community and a game too expensive is hurting it. I can't count the number of children and adult who stopped playing and never tried because the game is so god damn expensive to get into and stay into !
Angus (10 days ago)
10 min on the dot good old Rudy
RASK1904 (10 days ago)
Hey how u bean? I'm 90s Hologram Foil #1 Cover C poly bagged with a card. I havent seen you in a long time.
j smith (10 days ago)
The new formula is going to have most packs contain only reach arounds and rudys brother..the lottery cards will just be paths and bolts.
kethmar hkfy7luf;. (10 days ago)
Luxury versions as art is good for everybody. You can play the game for cheaper and have pretty skins for your cards if you want.
D0wnshift (10 days ago)
Last I checked, you had 30k subs. What happened? Are you approved yet?
DCAMM720 (10 days ago)
I'd almost bet money WHEN we go back to Theros there will be lottery god cards.
M. Gone (10 days ago)
A perfect ten
Always invest in the vintage stuff
Caius Gnome (10 days ago)
Flux capacitor? Delorian? Ending in Y? I don’t get it
fsmoura (9 days ago)
Be born 20 years earlier
mikebulmer9823 (10 days ago)
I believe Wotc said they would bring the lottery cards back. They said it wouldn't be a regular thing, but they would put them in when they felt appropriate.
Jon Arbuckle (10 days ago)
Lottery versions of EDH Commanders, That is what I am calling.
Chris Thorn (10 days ago)
We've seen Wizards strike out for the 3rd time with the "Mythic Timmy Edition" so clearly those are not the best way to put these special alternate art out into the market
Slaλer (10 days ago)
You can’t use up reprint equity if you never print anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TheUniversalEclipse (10 days ago)
They should just do alternate art cards like what they did with Kaya and the Kennerith Twins
QwertP (10 days ago)
10:01? Come on! Where's that exact, perfect and plesant 10:00? ;(
Corbett Graham (10 days ago)
God I just love the kaladesh cards. The art style is so great!
LaserPenguinGames (10 days ago)
My favorite is them selling MTG arena alternate art/ 3d foils that will just roll out of standard and not be legal anymore. You never own anything its just pixels that are gone....it's a sweet scam they are running unlike that 12 pack of tacos Rudy picked up for dinner lol.
Jesse Rafters (10 days ago)
Hey Rudy talk about CE :)
MTG Unpacked (10 days ago)
Alternate art, ultra-mythic rarity, numbered, limited-edition cards. Collect, but do not invest. Got it👍
Andrew Bailey (10 days ago)
Rudy thinking about buying a house think I should get into it market seems good but afraid we are to good that there is a crash coming in the next 3 to 5 years your thoughts!!!!!! Hope you see this
Andrew Bailey (10 days ago)
Hey Rudy are you coming to providence gp!!!! May 24th
Michael Brazell (10 days ago)
It's like selling skins for online games. Easy money and negligible R&D cost.
Nicholos Montgomery (10 days ago)
Rudy, as a huge fan of MTG if you ever are looking for graphic design / web design work let me know! I think it would be awesome to work together.
Mason Köhler (10 days ago)
The Reinsertation of Giggidy 👌🏻
Justin Anderson (10 days ago)
I’m a pretty healthy eater, but every time you have that Tbell taco 12 pack in the background I have to have tbell. Damn!!!
Domo (10 days ago)
Today Rudy: Specialty foil premium cards aren't investable. Few weeks ago Rudy: I'm going all in on War of the Spark mythic edition.
LukeL (10 days ago)
Masterpiece Teferi Tucker of Dominaria
buschleaguers75 (10 days ago)
are them tacos soft or hard...hard...giggity
James Langston (10 days ago)
Only 1 Taco Bell 12 pack? For shame, Rudy!
Ryan Fogle (10 days ago)
I hope to God they don't go to serial numbered cards. I collect sports cards too and "making rainbows" is one of my biggest weaknesses. Dammit Rudy, why'd you start that cog moving in wotc's mind???
chris guest (10 days ago)
the new players..."the timmies" of the world XD imo the mythic boxes need to die they are a waste of $$ not to mention its super unfair to most ppl as they made them super limited to get back to loto cards or if they want to do the alternative art they need to slip them into the base boxes to make it fair to all and still make they a good bit of bank
Lakanna (10 days ago)
Masterpieces are a great way to drive sales without destroying reprint equity. It also gives the MTGFinance folks another thing to chase. It really does allow the best of both worlds: the players get the normal, non-foil versions to play with while the investors have their high-value cardboard they can inflate to whatever levels they believe is appropriate. It's still the Shivan Dragon situation: If you just want a Shivan Dragon to play, you can get one cheap. If you want an ALPHA Shivan Dragon? Not gonna be cheap by any means.
Chaznat Vandagriff (10 days ago)
Rudy! They should make a tri-bundle 3 packs all foil packs. Then sell msrp for 30$ just like shards of alara .. Easy millions
Brian Mitchell (10 days ago)
Keep gaining weight at the rate you are and you are going to have to put your camera further back soon.
Eocthehammer (10 days ago)
Watch out, slick backed hair Rudy
Dylan Adelmann (10 days ago)
They should make somesort of Masterpiece Basic Lands. With a New fancy border and Flavor Text. Also make them foil and hard to find
Dylan Adelmann (10 days ago)
+Red Lotus Knowing my luck i wouldnt get anything so your right, I did get lucky once and i got a Mana crypt from kaladesh inventions
Red Lotus (10 days ago)
Why, so you cant get any?
ilikethingsfromjapan (10 days ago)
notice me senpai
Tyler Smith (10 days ago)
I agree Rudy Everyone and there Mother who is new to magic drools all over Full Face lands and I really wish they would bring them back.
Darryll McClurg (10 days ago)
FUCK. I just want a sloppy taco. Is that to much to ask?
Zaki Aoi (10 days ago)
Offhand (10 days ago)
Rudy, stop talking about lottery cards. I still need to buy a Strip Mine.
Comic Book Man (10 days ago)
The mythic edition was a PR disaster. They should at least offer better ways of purchasing options for speciality sets. More unique card borders for box topper, lottery mythic edition cards. Hell, have special foil lands a la unstable once in a while.
Nooova (10 days ago)
Video uploaded an hour ago comments from 2 hours ago. Hmm
........i liked amonkhet........
slade bonge (10 days ago)
New idea: mtg scratch-off cards. Is it really a Griselbrand or will you scratch to reveal a fucking nullify?
spawnsniper (10 days ago)
that lint dot is VERY annoying..
No sane man will invest his hard earned money in a Pringle
Elijah Vanaver (10 days ago)
Thank you for explaining exactly why lottery cards are a bad investment. This is a great video. I bought a foil History of Benalia at $30, because I thought it would go to $50. I was wrong. Now I can get them at like $14 each. I still think they're cool and am looking to buy more at buylist prices (currently $8), but wow that's a big hit from $30. I agree with Rudy. Careful investing in shiny new products. Just 'cause it looks good doesn't mean it's a good investment.
Joshua Bunnell (10 days ago)
I don't even remember what Larry cards are
Dario Chung (10 days ago)
Basically copying Japanese style card game business model.
Tony Nittoli (10 days ago)
Rudy has always reminded me of jack from borderlands 2.
Elijah Vanaver (10 days ago)
Lottery cards will be back, and so will super rare lottery cards. (baseless speculation)
Eddie (10 days ago)
Rudy"The Italian Job Hair Do" Investments
Angelos Koromilis (10 days ago)
I mean Masterpieces as a concept are a solid idea. Inserting random, alternate art versions allows the average Joe (aka me) to play the game at a cheaper price (since more boxes get opened in hunting the Masterpiece cards), and collectrors get their fix. However, Mythic editions are a fiasco, i wholeheartedly hope this last one makes them drop the idea alltogether.
Arakox (10 days ago)
and exit scene bottom
ron no (10 days ago)
Is it just Florida or is Rudy always moist like a salamander?
fsmoura (9 days ago)
Plus his pale skin hasn't seen a single ray of sunlight since 1991.
Heydoz (10 days ago)
ron no everything is wet and sticky in Florida
CipherBytes (10 days ago)
Hey Rudy, Apple does the same thing,....lol
DarthDubhslaine (10 days ago)
Rudy: [Gives sound advice about investing in the Four Horsemen] Me: [Timmy-buys all the original Moss Monsters I can get my hands on] 😂
Francis O'Boyle (10 days ago)
WOTC can’t possibly keep up this level of product releases, reprint levels, new secondary card sets, then double up to play Arena etc. without severe unforeseen downturn in the secondary market when the confidence come pouring out in pricing. 90’s comic crash is still on the way...
chris p (10 days ago)
Cards that have the potential to be worth more than the cost of a box will make a return? You’re trying to tell me that they help booster sales? NEVER!!!
Ordinary Psaecho (10 days ago)
how many times does he have to say it? buy the new stuff, !!in moderation!!, don't go ham on it. make your profit off it, however you can/want. revert it back in to capital, then invest that profit into reserved list cards and throw them in a time capsule and bury it under your grandma's basement. then eat a taco. i still see people grading new planeswalkers, and lottery cards like a bunch of dingle-berries. STOP! rip money from the new(preferably sealed product) and convert it all backwards into the Real investment cards. there are reserved list cards to invest in, in every price range. seriously. from 15 cents and up. just pick a handful of RL cards you think are worth more than they are currently selling for put 'em on a dart board and throw a dart then buy that card. i bought roughly 200 Marton Stromgald's from ice age 4-6 years ago for 14 cents a pop they are all $3.31 a piece now. that puts my profits on the 14 cent card at over 600$ - ebayfees today. off a ton of small 14 cent investments i made years ago that never set me back any money, and they are still climbing in price. *que the "just do it" meme*

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