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GIFTS FOR GUYS | Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

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If you're looking for GIFTS FOR GUYS, this video is for you! In this holiday gift ideas 2017 video, I'm sharing REAL gifts I have given my husband and dad in the past that have gone over real well. Gift ideas for men are HARD! LOL If you're looking for some inspiration for any man in your life, I hope you find some of these helpful ... and they're not all for men, either. A lot of these could also be used for women, too, depending on her interests :) GIFTS TALKED ABOUT / SHOWN - Bluetooth Speaker http://go.magik.ly/ml/7ukg/ - Bluetooth Record Player http://go.magik.ly/ml/7ukf/ - Car Pockets https://dudegadgets.com/products/car-ipocket - DIY '101 Reasons Why I Love You' (I bought Jett's personalized journal here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WanderPaperJournals) - Solar Powered Portable Chargers http://go.magik.ly/ml/7ukd/ - Ancestry DNA Kit - Personalized Collar Stays http://go.magik.ly/ml/7uk8/ - My Legacy Book (they still sell the one I got him!) http://go.magik.ly/ml/7uk9/ - FOOD! (LOL) - Tile Locator https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/ *Links included are affiliate links :) What Am I Wearing? Top: EXPRESS Lips: L'Oreal Matte's It Lipliner + MAC Myth Lipstick Necklace: Saks Off Fifth ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ S N A P C H A T zabby.babe I N S T A G R A M ZabrenaXO T W I T T E R ZabrenaXO F A C E B O O K ZabrenaXO S N A I L M A I L 235 Apollo Beach Blvd., #214 Apollo Beach, FL 33572 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank YOU for watching! XOXO! Z
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garberknight22 (1 year ago)
I love this video. I'm viewing it a bit late but I'm so using this next year! Thank you for posting it. Also, if your dad is a foodie, he might like this food gift https://jenis.com/ It's the best crafted ice cream EVER! My husband was gifted this as a thank you and since then we have gifted it to others. Thank you again!
vickihinton1 (1 year ago)
great ideas! thanks!
MomNMe Beauty (1 year ago)
I am SOOOO happy Isaw this video! My husband is, by far, the most difficult person to shop for in my life. But the solar powered charger and bluetooth speaker are reat ideas for him!
QuestionEverything (1 year ago)
Aww! Making me cry thinking about family memories and such<3 thank you, such great ideas.
Haruka Jun (1 year ago)
but my cat can't read...
Kate go (1 year ago)
We always get our dad T-shirts and pyjama's. He hates shopping and has the most basic fashion style you could imagine (I'm talking plain shirts in simple colors below $5) so we know that he absolutely detests a visit to a clothing store. One time we got him one of his basic shirts with all of our handprints on and he loved it. Guys with a bit more of a fashion tooth are usually also very happy with a tuxedo from their favorite brand or store or just a gift card if you don't know his size or preferred color. If the guy loves cooking, just get him whatever professional kitchen tool or knife that he doesn't have yet, they love that kind of stuff.
TheFoxTalk (1 year ago)
Hey, for any of you interested in that customized book idea, but don't have the time or artistry to do the journal thing, you should use this: https://lovebookonline.com You can do something very similar for anyone you can think of. I gave my husband one for Christmas in 2015 and he loves it so much and his reaction made me so happy. There are a lot of things that you can do with it and pretty much every aspect of it is fully customizable, even the character designs. Have fun!
Cathy Brown (1 year ago)
I have tile...its awesome
Cathy Brown (1 year ago)
No, its not you!  I find men extremely hard to shop for.  They don't like cologne, they don't like jewelry, they barely like clothes.  What do they like....the great mystery!
Shannon Quinn (1 year ago)
Great video!!! Another idea for anyone who is hard to buy for is to buy them an "experience" rather than a "thing". For example, my brother isn't big on "stuff", but he absolutely loves when anyone gets him flex tickets for a film festival. Things like tickets for a event, a class in something they have shown interest in learning, a dinner theatre, even skydiving! It's always been well received by anyone I have ever gotten something like this for. Take care! Xoxo
minushkamarie (1 year ago)
In my experience, unfortunately, I have given out thoughtful or meaningful gifts and they have been received poorly. Now it's gift cards for all.
Kristy Maestas (1 year ago)
My dad is so difficult to get stuff for but food is definetly a good one hahahah
Kristy Maestas (1 year ago)
Also I love your videos soooo much!
Kristy Maestas (1 year ago)
The Bluetooth speaker is a great idea
Kristy Maestas (1 year ago)
My bf is a car guy I got him different cleaners and stuff for detailing his cars and a cool little micro fiber glove type thing and some socks just to start off his Christmas gifts!
Allison Lilly (1 year ago)
This was so helpful and you can feel the love that you have for the men in your life. It is truly beautiful!
Stephanie Ann (1 year ago)
I really loved this video, guys are so hard to shop for lmfao!
Elizabeth Burnhill (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this... life saver. It’s funny you gave me gift ideas for both my dad (an uptight, straight laced traditional guy) and my brother (a modern ‘70s hippy) who seemingly have absolutely nothing in common, and I am only like a third of the way through the video. I love that you do makeup but also historically accurate makeup and things like this - it’s so interesting and in this case helpful!
Amanda (1 year ago)
Like the Bluetooth lp player! My father is also an engineer so I'm in the same boat! I bought him a super dark coffee and What If by Ryan North. It's all geeky trivia so he should love it!
lindsay resendez (1 year ago)
I love that you did that with your dad. My dad passed away at only 45 years old when I was only 21 and my first baby only 7 months old. I always stress to people how important it is to record your loved ones! It's so special to be able to go back and see and hear them
Alexis Mitchell (1 year ago)
My husband, father, and son are the hardest people to shop for. I literally just ask them to tell me what they want.
Allison Alvarez (1 year ago)
Screwdrivers and pliers, I've seen many a man get excited about that. Also a mechanic "creeper" the rolling thing you lay on to work underneath cars, it's a fun novelty for guys I guess.
Amy B (1 year ago)
On the cheese theme, every year I get my dad a couple cheeses from WSU Creamery. He loves them.
Sarah (1 year ago)
Man Crates (mancrates.com) are a bit pricey, but they're always a huge hit! And they have 20% off right now for Black Friday weekend!
allison breanne (1 year ago)
I had an idea for my current boyfriend. He's huge into Marvel - specifically Thor and Loki...so I'm scouring Amazon for some Thor and Loki Pop Vinyl figures :) there's a Pop Vinyl for almost anything like that and I'm sure my guy is gonna love them
Hala Arjumand (1 year ago)
Please do make tutorials for this look!! You are stunning 😍
Shaunell MacGloan (1 year ago)
Great ideas!
Michelle Velcich (1 year ago)
Do you have any men type beauty items like skincare or cologne?
abby cairns (1 year ago)
My boyfriend made me the 365 jar. He didn't have 365 ready when he gave it to me, but he had 5 types of notes each a different color. Blue-memories, yellow-future, pink-love, purple-quotes, green-random. The idea is that you can open one each day. Great for long distance. I absolutely love it. Can be used for anyone really. Another idea is a memory/gratitude jar or journal. Many people do not journal, so the jar is a simpler way to collect them. Write these on small pieces of paper, date them if you like, and then you have a great way to remind you to reflect and appreciate the positivity in life.
Crystal Lau (1 year ago)
Thanks for your videos. I have picked up makeup from your suggestions, esp since I live in Florida too! Need to stand up to hot heat here. Some ideas for guy gifts are watches, men’s sports shirt or concert tix. I also am emerging artist, so I make custom paintings of places we been to that are special to us, or from photos. You can check out my page on Facebook (FineartbyCrystalLau) or Etsy, www.etsy.com/shop/FineArtbyCrystalLau. Happy thanksgiving!
Diamond Sparkle (1 year ago)
I'm a part of a rare breed: female football fans. If someone gave me Green Bay Packer paraphernalia, I'd be one happy girl.
Edith Alfaro (1 year ago)
I feel like the key to great gifting is listen closely to what they're interested in. A lot of the times people give gifts just for the sake of giving for example let's say I have a guy friend who talks about his favorite hobby snowboarding will I give my friend a Calvin Klein perfume or a pair of snowboarding socks, but either way I agree with you Z it's always a hit or miss with people 😄
Hannah S (1 year ago)
Yes I agree! My dad and husband are the hardest to buy for!
Lacy Magnolia (1 year ago)
Watches. I got my boyfriend one three years ago and he wears it all the time.
OceanGirl (1 year ago)
Zabrena, I am thankful to God for you! It is my prayer that you, your husband and Jett have a blessed Thanksgiving 💜
yensid (1 year ago)
Those are some great gift ideas. I really like your idea of getting your father's story for yourself & your son. My dad died when I was 35 & my brother who was 5 years younger with 2 toddler children & then another the following year. They never knew their grandfather. It would have been nice to have something like that in his own words. I don't have trouble coming up with ideas but my entire family or what's left of it lives in another state so I don't know what people already have or what types of phones & computers they use to get them accessories for. My husband is easy, it's surprising him with something special that's difficult. And something he doesn't already have. Buying for adults is not as fun as shopping for kids...
Alexis Murawski (1 year ago)
the website posterhaste.com does AMAZING customizable prints. their most popular is the star map, where you can pick a specific date, time, and location, and they make a print of what the sky looked like on that date and time in that location!! so unique and endearing, and it works for all kinds of occasions for all sorts of people:)
Madiha. (1 year ago)
Wow! Awesome ideas! Thanks dear😘
claudia gonzalez (1 year ago)
Such wonderful and thoughtful gift ideas. I love them. I'm a very personal gift giver and these all sound great! Thank you Mrs. Zebrena for sharing!😍😘 And Happy Thanksgiving.
litldeb o (1 year ago)
Awesome video idea. Great gift ideas!!
Savannah Narayan (1 year ago)
I picked my husband up a TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug last year, after seeing a “techy” gift guide video. Wasn’t sure how he’d like it. Fast forward to now...he’s got one on every plug that you connect a light source to. He LOVED it! 😂 They make great gifts for people who are gone from the house a lot throughout the day or travel quite a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Jessica Jenkins (1 year ago)
Similarly to the reasons why I love you, I created envelope letters called “open when...”. Every occasion I could think of for my boyfriend such as “open when you miss me,” “open when life has you down,” etc. I put little trinkets and quotes included to really personalize that letter from the others.
Amber Cook (1 year ago)
I have more of a tip on how to judge if you gave a good gift or not. Most often when you give a guy or man a gift they really like or really want they get quite a will either put it on if it's a wearable item or the examine it. They also may take a minute to thank you or forget all together. But in my experience that always happens no matter how close we are or how personal the gift is. As for finding out what they want/need. If you're around them see what they have a preference towards, something that they continue to mention or have recently regretted losing something that is not so important that they will go out and buy soon. No if you don't see them much when I have been stumped I will ask for a list of things someone wants 5-10 items starting at most wanted. From that I look at ways to personalize the gift either so that they remember who gave them the gift or monogrammed in some way.
Alejandra Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I got my boyfriend the Jack Black face wash, a college football helmet shaped scentsy, a really nice wallet, & really nice hair wax. I really pay attention to what he always looks at but doesn't end up buying because he doesn't wanna spend the money. It's a little treat to him
Diane Johanson (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the gift ideas. My men folk are the hardest to buy for too. But your ideas will help.
Rachel (1 year ago)
My family does personalized gift baskets for the individual of what they like. Basically a bunch of little thing that they enjoy that are perishable or themed gift baskets that are like a cooking kit or a spa kit.
Christina Jackson (1 year ago)
I’ve found a pocket knife, multi-tool, or flashlight are great fallback gifts for my guys when I’m stumped. Can’t have too many!
Nea's Little Corner (1 year ago)
If your guy likes jewelry some personalized pieces is perfect, linke a little personal message on the inside of a ring. I got my husband a quote from one of our favourite TV shows (Babylon 5) and he doesn't take that thin silver band off unless he really has to. Went over amazingly well! Vintage or antique pieces like cufflinks or tie pins is also a great option. I absolutely love the "101 reasons why I love you" journal, I need to steal that for next year! I mentioned it to my hubby and it made him so happy that someone would do that for their guy. And the one for your son too. Awwwww! <3 Great video!
dgirllamius (1 year ago)
My husband is super easy to buy for, me on the other hand is impossible to buy for 😋
Chandni P. (1 year ago)
Great gift ideas, Zabrena! I love your creativity. I've been a subscriber of yours for years and this is my first time commenting. I'm thankful for your videos and you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Chandni P. (1 year ago)
Great gift ideas, Zabrena! I love your creativity. I've been a subscriber of yours for years and this is my first time commenting. I'm thankful for your videos and you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Linda Toolin (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving, Zabrena , as well as your husband & Jett! I love your channel & always look forward to more content! Much love to you all!
Lynda Makara (1 year ago)
Great ideas!
Hortencia Casillas (1 year ago)
I'll have loved to do that " my legacy" with my Dad, he took me and my siblings to the town he was from a lot of times and told us his anecdotes and adventures. My Dad pass on 2011 but I keep all his stories, love and everything of him. I may do it with me just narrating what I learn and live with my lovely Father😍😍
chaconne221 (1 year ago)
Great video with practical, yet fun ideas. Thanks Zabrena!!
Mari (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving Zabrena. Your a very special. Always love your videos. Gbu n your family.
Shannon Christina (1 year ago)
Great video! I’ve been struggling to figure out what to buy the men in my life and this is an awesome video!
Elizabeth Caudill (1 year ago)
I bought my bf some of the Jack Black skincare even though he's a super low maintenance guy. I didn't have high expectations but I was shocked to find him moisturizing in the winter and carrying around the hand creme in his work bag. He even looked at the line in Sephora and requested the beard wash for Christmas.
Diana Tinelli (1 year ago)
I'd love to hear this keys in the fridge story🤔🤣 The best gift to give someone in your life is experiences! Taking a trip together and making memories beats any store bought objects 😉
Jessica Ann (1 year ago)
Zabrena wonderful video you inspired me with the journal idea how cute to start one for your son and the one about his grandfather etc it melts my heart a few others you shared are awesome I want to wish your family a great Thanksgiving too
Callista Tovinova (1 year ago)
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽
Mandy Ratliff (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving, Zabrena. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Erica Sanchez (1 year ago)
I've get my husband in the past the Armani code eau de toilette(he loves the ultimate version and I do to) and he loves jeans so I got him some too
Erika Wagner (1 year ago)
I love that one too! I'm allergic to it, so my husband can't wear it. Try Prada Luna Rosa sport!!! It's similar, but I think even better!
Heather Bowden (1 year ago)
Restaurant gift cards are great to.me because I am a foodie
Heather Bowden (1 year ago)
My husband and I are both geeks so I get geeky themed stuff for him and.it always goes over quite well!
swimmerstuff831 (1 year ago)
Whataburger Spicy Ketchup is always on my dad's list since he lives 1000 miles from the closest Whataburger
kehcat1 (1 year ago)
Veridesk..... at Amazon.com pr Veridesk.com..... It is a standing desk ... Great!
Juliana Rebecca (1 year ago)
Girl, happy to know that I am not the only one that think it is dificult to present men... so hard to please my dad and husband
Stacy Renaud (1 year ago)
Happy Holidays from my family to yours ❤❤❤❤❤
Tanya Russo (1 year ago)
What a fantastic idea for a video!! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
mirimiriela480 (1 year ago)
I love these ideas!!! The best idea I have for someone who has EVERYTHING is an avocado subscription. There are farms you can subscribe to and get a monthly box of organic heritage varieties of avocado. It's a little pricey, but my family has LOVED it.
Cynthia (1 year ago)
Love the DIY 101 Reasons Why I Love You idea and although I could come up with the actual reasons, I am not very creative either; can this be considered a future video idea to share creative set up ideas? TIA X
SaraWhiteWolf (1 year ago)
GURL preach!!! Seriously the hardest thing to do is shop for men!
headlessviolin (1 year ago)
I so like that you are not all gushy you are certainly a classy lady please tell your parents they did such a good job helping you become the person we see. I really like some of your present ideas I have three grown sons who are so tricky to buy for thank you, Chris xxx
Vickie M. (1 year ago)
Zabrena, always in my ❤!!
SassyEva (1 year ago)
My husband has been really working on himself at the gym lately. His shoes are pretty old and worn out, but he still goes because it helps him feel better about himself. For Christmas one of his gifts is some new, upgraded "training" shoes, and for his stocking I got him this arm band to hold his phone, so that he can listen to music while he runs. :)
lumpyspacecadet (1 year ago)
We're hard to shop for until people realize we only need gift cards for Sephora & Ulta. 😊
Amanda Harden (1 year ago)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
SamAndtheFurBabies (1 year ago)
I absolutely hate shopping for my mother in law. She hates anything scented like candles, perfumes etc. I'd love to get her skincare stuff because every girl wants nice skin right? But I'm thinking that's a rude gift. Ugh she's absolutely terrible hahaha
SassyEva (1 year ago)
See if there are any local jewelry makers in your area. The first year my husband and I were together, I got his mom a locally made necklace with blown glass for the jewel (I think that's what it was called). It was really neat and unique!
Irma Nieto (1 year ago)
You’re so right! Great information! Thank you ! Always beautiful 😊
Ella (1 year ago)
💖💖💖Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! 💖💖💖
Alexis Crawford (1 year ago)
My husband is an engineer, and impossible to shop for. BEST VIDEO EVER!
Texas Believer (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Many blessings for the coming year!
Debbie Bedford (1 year ago)
Going to buy Christmas presents a little bit late. Organizing my parents 45 year suprise wedding anniversary party on 2 December.
TripleSomethings (1 year ago)
How did you know that I was struggling to find a gift for my dad?! You gave me some great ideas!
Mary Newnham (1 year ago)
I love these ideas!!! Thank you
Julie Atwood (1 year ago)
Wish I had known about the my legacy book sooner. It would have been great to get before my dad passed away in October. Thanks for this idea I will be purchasing one for my mother.
Teacher April (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving. I started a book of letters for my son when he was born Really as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I actually did two books. The first book is the one I will give him when he is 18. The second book is one I will give him someday before I die. My son just turned 13 and this has been the best thing ever. Also if you have children doing a journal with them is a fun gift idea.
Darya Kaborda (1 year ago)
Zabrena, you are SO heartfelt in this video! I can see it in your eyes that you care so much about all of the people you're mentioning, and your gift suggestions are outstanding and so personalized, so creatively smart!!! Best gift ideas, and so sincere!!! Thanks so much Zabrena!
Nancy Medlin (1 year ago)
My hubs always wants jeep or gun stuff. My dad and I don’t exchange gifts anymore.
Kathleen Young (1 year ago)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! 💕
Leah Hitz (1 year ago)
Sheila Daly (1 year ago)
Lovely idea about the journal for your father Zabrena . My Dad passed away last week at the age of 90 we found a school photo and we can remember Dad naming all of the boys in it and wish we had written down the names . Memories will last for ever.
Violet Rayne (1 year ago)
My Dad, husband, and little brother are all into knives and they really enjoy decorative knives or axes that you can display on the wall. I also know unique letter openers work too!
Ligeiaravenpoe (1 year ago)
Thank you SO much! My husband and father in law are so impossible to buy gifts for! These are great ideas. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 🦃
Rachel Weinstein (1 year ago)
We love you Zabrena!!! Happy Thanksgiving esp with Baby Jett! Great gift ideas by the way. Love you girl!!!💐🐈🐱🍷🌺💐👠💄👗
Ella Jones (1 year ago)
I really started to LOVE CHRISTMAS again when the family and friends quit buying each other gifts, I'm old kid is grown, I'm not a Grinch I love Christmas more now then ever. They say if you want to stop talk with family and friends in January and plan for next year so no one gets hurt or upset. I know my parents would have rather spent time together then shopping for one another. http://cbsloc.al/2hojai0 http://cbsloc.al/2hojai0
Chrystal Greene (1 year ago)
My hubby hates most gifts. He is a big stick-in-the-mud about gift giving but a co-worker got him on shaving with a old fashion safety razor with fancy hard soap with a lather brush last year. He loves it !!! And in the long run it’s cheaper than shaving the other way. I recommend StirlingSoap.com & SoapCommander.com if you like supporting family run places. :D I might get this for all the men in my family now.
Jet Glitz (1 year ago)
Loved the video zabrena such amazing ideas thank you I love you and your channel and I appreciate all the effort you put into each and everyone of them stay magical have a great Thanksgiving week💖💖
lily Barr (1 year ago)
Awesome ideas thanks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you an your family.

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