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Left Handed Famous People You Never Knew Were

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Some very well famous people here that are in fact left handed. Please comment on who your favourite is SUBSCRIBE! WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS: My Top 12 UNUSUAL HOUSES https://youtu.be/ukUl-Il5oLs Relaxing Cat Sound Will Get Them Sleeping https://youtu.be/yZgOy6BhI7g 4 Day Old Kitten Dreaming on my hand https://youtu.be/iBLYTCLKC3w 3 week old kitten with hick ups https://youtu.be/jUikihCUZO0
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Text Comments (74)
Hashtag Tash (4 days ago)
What about John Cena
Kosal Yous (8 days ago)
Im both handed and proud..suriously.i write with my left but throws with my right and vice versa.
Mayra Aguiar (9 days ago)
Miley Cyrus😀 too was born left handed too but her dad force her to write her right hand that doesn't sound right she left handed but i myself a woman as left handed
Lukas Productions (15 days ago)
I'm left-handed, too and was surprised to see that Henry Ford is left-handed too 👌
Erik Mejlumyan (2 months ago)
I am left handed too
Shibatsu Otaku (2 months ago)
Justin Bieber too huh...well nvm😂😂
bluesloth76 (2 months ago)
You missed Niall horan
Lin Joy (2 months ago)
You missed Bill Gates
Lin Joy (2 months ago)
I'm left handed and always spot others who also use their left hand to write. However you've depicted some of the people you claim to be left handed writing with their RIGHT hand!! Chaplin, Napoleon and Caesar (although it's just drawings) Magnus Magnusson appears to favour his right hand holding the pen! as does Marie Curie, The Queen Mother, seen writing with her right hand, also Queen Victoria and Sting seen writing with his right hand?? Then you mention your presidents ! Hoover, Truman, Reagan are all writing with their right hands! I've 3 older brothers and the youngest of them is 7 years older than I. the policy in his day's at school was to make left handers change dominant hands! to this day he still writes with his right. I was one of the lucky ones permitted to learn with my left. This wasn't plain sailing as my teacher would hit me on the head because I couldn't copy joined up writing. This soon stopped when my mum visited her!!
Wosedav Josedav (28 days ago)
I think Leonardo da Vinci was actually right handed, but became ambidextrous adter an injury in his right arm as a child.
Casey Pop (2 months ago)
This makes me feel sOo sPeCiAl
Gigi Hadid (3 months ago)
And meeee
Yankee Poodle (3 months ago)
If Sting is a lefty why is he signing with his right in the pic. Now I don't believe most of these.
wildbill9919 (3 months ago)
Demond Wilson(Lamont on Sanford and Son)is left handed and so am I.
Cool video!
Yvette Gray (3 months ago)
i love Keanu Reeves & Ricky Martin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
phoenix ashes (4 months ago)
You forgot Thanos. He wiped out half of humanity. They were all right handed. Thanos is lefty.
Dylan White (4 months ago)
So with Bruce Jenner being left handed there is a possibility of Kendall Jenner being left handed to
Dylan White (4 months ago)
phoenix ashes well im left handed myself
phoenix ashes (4 months ago)
Yea but i do agree it must be genetic but i wasn't able to pin point anyone. Anyone before my great great grand parent was probably forced righty or not even recognized.
Dylan White (4 months ago)
phoenix ashes a very awesome history lesson you have about your family my friend
phoenix ashes (4 months ago)
Not necessarily. I am the only lefty in my family going as far back as my great great grand parents on both sides of my family. We can't find any record before that but that's a lot of family without being left handed till me.
Colin Eades (5 months ago)
I'm left handed I didn't know Eminem is left handed .
Martin Dodd (5 months ago)
Kurt who? Pretty sure david bowie and noel gallagher are right handed because they play right handed guitar.
a.rnold (4 months ago)
Kurt CObain was right handed but played guitar left handed. Noel Gallagher and David Bowie are/were left handed but played guitar right handed.
Andrew Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Lefties up
Evelyn Atwood (6 months ago)
Me: Sees Joan of Arc is left handed. My mind: Flips out Me: OMG I AM LEFT HANDED!!!!
Aren’t queen Victoria and sting both writing with their right hands in the clips?
Ashley Nicole Cooke (1 month ago)
I don't know why this video is lying to everyone half the people are right handed on this video
That YouTubeChannel (5 months ago)
And a bunch of others at that. Plus this vid missed more people as well. Ton more.
Parker Z. (5 months ago)
8:10 and Herbert Hoover. Edit: 8:15 Harry Truman too!! and 8:24 with Ronald Reagan. Either the video is a joke, or they just chose very bad clips and music.
Parker Z. (5 months ago)
6:26 and queen mother.
The CA Nation (6 months ago)
2:06 Nanny McPhee!
Tom Maurer (6 months ago)
Why is there a picture of Groucho Marx with the caption saying Harpo????
Ben Gunn (6 months ago)
The music is obnoxious.
Yazarely Torres (6 months ago)
Naya Rivera is left handed
socially private (6 months ago)
I would have pressed the like button if the sound wasn't so horrible.
gee skin (6 months ago)
Jay Leno, lebron James r also lefties
XAVIERTHEBEAST 72 (6 months ago)
I'm left handed and Larry bird is not left handed he is right handed he does every thing with is right even shot
David Carter (6 months ago)
Yeah he is naturally a right but he was also know to shoot with his left there is a game in 86 he scored 47 points with his left hand... and it is possible for someone to be Left handed with a couple of things and do everything else right handed it is known as “Mixed handed”. I am naturally a lefty but because of breaking my arm when I was young I learned to do a lot with my right hand.
dana wallace (6 months ago)
I'm in good company
Darcy Bredin (7 months ago)
Funny how they say sting in left handed and his writing with his right like sure what a fake trying to fake being one of us
Girly Jackson (8 months ago)
But can all these people be left handed? If yes I am amazed.
Gei guy likehotdog (8 months ago)
*sees that justin bieber is left handed* I need to cut off my dominant hand.
that’s the tae sis (1 month ago)
That’s really dramatic but ok
Boomerang BWA (2 months ago)
Dylan White (4 months ago)
phoenix ashes it was a surprise to me now knowing that Justin Bieber is a lefty
phoenix ashes (4 months ago)
As a lefty i don't blame Bieber. I'm sure you'd prance around the stage saying baby baby and wetting little girls huggies if they offered to make you filthy rich. Never blame the celebrity cause it's the people that made them rich and famous. I'm no fan of Obama,Eminem or Bieber but who i despise more are the people that made then rich,famous and powerful.
Dylan White (4 months ago)
Gei guy likehotdog that would not be a good idea because I'm left handed myself but i think that it's Justin Bieber who grew up with a few shadey people before becoming a little pain in our ass if you don't mind me saying
Brennan B (8 months ago)
Weirdest music choice for this video.
Carole Pearson (8 months ago)
Barry Gibb (Bee Gees)
EsportsMonkeyBOT (9 months ago)
I think everyone knew barry bonds was
Younes Younes (9 months ago)
Jim Carey is a right handed
phoenix ashes (4 months ago)
Unfortunately he's left handed.
Lisa Surlie (9 months ago)
Who does this song
Calito 63 (9 months ago)
proud to be one of the lefties..
Michelle D. F. S. (10 months ago)
Kellly Osborne
Girly Jackson (10 months ago)
Yeah leftie power! If only mike was left-handed...
The White Wizard (11 months ago)
we are in good company !
Carolina Rivera (11 months ago)
I am left handed n proud of it!
Gigi Hadid (3 months ago)
Carolina Rivera so do i
Faith Chambers (5 months ago)
Carolina Rivera Same
Michelle D. F. S. (10 months ago)
Carolina Rivera AND?!!!!
Lenny Brown Jr (11 months ago)
what's this music?
that’s the tae sis (1 month ago)
Colton Spencer (6 months ago)
Lenny Brown Jr shit
41212 Football (11 months ago)
Why is being left handed a big deal? Ive been left handed almost my entire life but then i swapped
that’s the tae sis (1 month ago)
Love how you don’t do your research especially because you’re left handed but ok 👏🏽
Lin Joy (2 months ago)
Girly Jackson (8 months ago)
ManUnited 20times y?
Ashley Nicole Cooke (11 months ago)
I didn't know Hellen Keller was left handed I am left handed too
Ashley Nicole Cooke (7 months ago)
Aubrey Tuura is it difficult for you to do some things with your right hand
Aubrey Tuura (9 months ago)
TaylorSwiftfan forever I am left handed too it is difficult to do somethings

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