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Neverwinter - Treasure Map Location - Sea of Moving Ice - Dragon Turtle Wreck

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How to get to a Treasure Map location in the Sea of Moving Ice for Neverwinter. This buried treasure is up above a shipwreck in the far eastern side of the map. It's on the same island as the Dragon Turtle Encounter. These are great ways to get Ostorian Relics, ingredients, refine stones and more. This buried treasure can be found at 6764, 1073. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe and share. Thanks! For more information on Treasure Map Locations visit my guide: http://www.ddmsrealm.com/neverwinter-rpg-guides/neverwinter-treasure-map-locations-sea-moving-ice/
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Angela Dawn (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for the map vids.. they've been extremely helpful =)
DDM's Realm (1 year ago)
Sure thing! Glad you are finding them useful.

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