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Stupid With Love | Mean Girls Animatic

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Lokey not very smart at math though I am Asian So sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile, college has been kicking my arse. Note! Not Cady's story, but mine Music: Mean Girls (the musical) Art: Shully
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Kitty Choi (10 days ago)
I love the fingers so muchh!
geekly bo (18 days ago)
Patience Smith (25 days ago)
I am filled with CALC-U-LUST
Purple Panda Playz (29 days ago)
Anime version of mean girls!!! HEY TUXEDO MASK WOW
Lucas Lucas (1 month ago)
Yo what the fuck denise recommend me this shit yo seriously what the fuck is this someone end my life
KkdaUnicorn (1 month ago)
Novawolf 1104 (1 month ago)
Omg that's how I feel with science!! I'm in love with someone who is good in science so we always battle facts
lestie (1 month ago)
This type of anime esque animation/drawing style is underrated. I love it 😁
Lucy Lin (1 month ago)
1:01 accurate representation of 8th grade algebra- props
Starchelle (1 month ago)
Omg I love ❤️❤️❤️ just wondering what programs did u use to edit?
Juliana Williams (1 month ago)
I love this some much. Especially at 1:02 when it transitions from algebra to calculus.
w,s ss (1 month ago)
I am filled with calcu-LUST
Charlotte Burgess-Auburn (2 months ago)
Me to
ChloeCanary (2 months ago)
such a cute art style >w<!!
1:57 so cute I choked on my potato chips.
— DatUniqueHorn — (2 months ago)
Why does this song tell my life story expect the fact that there was no one in the end. 😭😭
Nia aeshin (2 months ago)
People always say to me “Who not strong is needs to be smart” But what if i am none of both
So basically she broke up with math in a good way... (?
Lourdes de Rivera (2 months ago)
1:28 is that who I think it is
HEY IM STUPID AT MATH WHY AM I NOT GOOD A LOVE........this isn't fair :(
EnderOwlGalaxy K (2 months ago)
Everytime i see my crush i freaking think of this song. Except it’s with English 😂
star dust (2 months ago)
Me: smart with science but stupid with love
Sorryごめんなさい (2 months ago)
Nada Ahmed (2 months ago)
I relate to this so much I’m pretty good at math but not so much at love 😔
Green Tee (2 months ago)
All numbers are real. Not all feelings are.. that’s why some including me rely on it as a support when all else fails
Purrple Pallete (3 months ago)
I'm just stupid with math....sadness T^T
Air Balloon (3 months ago)
0:21 he looks so familiar..
Jack 018 (3 months ago)
my love is in my SANTAsy dream
Bena Lena (3 months ago)
Positions seem stiff to me, the pictures aren't too entertaining and it quickly lost my attention. The emotion wasn't captured in this animatic, in my opinion. Where the singer (Cady) is feeling hopeful, optimistic, knowing she can get the guy, sometimes even flirty, and, (for lack of a better word); lustful, your interpretation just made it seem like she was just happy. Sometimes even sad. It was an imbalance between song and art. It's almost impossible to explain. Sorry, I'm sure you put effort into it. So, almost perfect.
Shully (3 months ago)
Bena Lena Hi thank you for your constructive criticism. I understand that this song comes from Cady’s point of view however I adapted it to fit it into my own story. Because I do not have a very “flirty/lustful” personality, there was no intention in my art to capture exactly those traits. Thanks for the feedback again! I know there are a lot of things I can work on but this is just a hobby so I try not to be too hard on myself about it
im a whale (3 months ago)
Idk abt love because i have ; food, anime, BL, mystic mesenger, and lastly.........more food
im a whale (3 months ago)
Sebastian Michaelis (3 months ago)
Woah x ✨😘
Carly McDougall (3 months ago)
I was the 1000th sub!
BreakfastLulu (3 months ago)
*you need to have 100k subs right now*
philip chan (3 months ago)
im good at math and im bad at love
emely Cárdenas Hidalgo (3 months ago)
Ahhh me pasaba lo mismo solo que no termino así 😂😂
ᴴᴬᴺᴬᴴᴬᴷᴵ (3 months ago)
This is gorgeous!
The guy she's in love with at the age of 10 is basically Usui from Kaichou wa maid sama
Jiwane the Human (3 months ago)
*We're all stupid when in Love*
Naomi Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Omg your animation is so good ❤❤❤
Amberlychee (3 months ago)
This is so good!
CadenAnimates UwU (3 months ago)
Smart with love but stupid with love.
Nikki OP (3 months ago)
MATH... is just like the sun...... You keep avoiding your eyesight to it
Waifu_ Wifi (3 months ago)
With *calculust*
Eli Katsu (3 months ago)
i relate with everything minus the math part
The R.W Channel (3 months ago)
Do you have an eraser? *I’d love to!*
athena 363636 (3 months ago)
why does this remind me so much of helpless from hamilton lmao
ThePokemonBiach (3 months ago)
math sucks
Sugarbunbon 89 (3 months ago)
This is good animatic! 💕
Kasey guinto (3 months ago)
This is a very cute animatic ÒwÒ
Admin-Chan (3 months ago)
_//In the original movie, She never mentioned her crush on the Peace Officer_
Crazed Charlz (3 months ago)
Did that not look like Takumi Usui from Kaichou wa Maid sama when she was ten yrs old? It seriously looks like him, haha.
Crazed Charlz (3 months ago)
+Shully I wasn't crazy! Whew. You drew it pretty well!
Shully (3 months ago)
Charlie W someone caught the reference I’m so happy!!!
elsiethecow (3 months ago)
hi I was wondering what program u were using?? The editing is just so nice!!!!!
Shully (3 months ago)
elsiethecow Hi! I use paint tool sai to draw and Vegas pro to edit!
MacKenzie Akari (3 months ago)
Okay your art style is so damn cute I’m gonna CRY
hi i exist (3 months ago)
I’m not good at math ,love and literally everything else
Prescilla Bianes (3 months ago)
The 8 people who disliked this vid is so blind
xNyxtale x (3 months ago)
Great job on the chins and eyes. Thos are the hardest for me to draw.
CookieKat 104 (3 months ago)
“Do you have a eraser?” *Id love to.*
CookieKat 104 (3 months ago)
This is kinda adorable xD
SenpaiVAED (3 months ago)
Boydgung (3 months ago)
I'm the 686th subscriber!!
Cece B (3 months ago)
What should I do,im stupid both ways.
Im stupid in both >:'v
Felicity Moro (3 months ago)
Wonderful animatic, like it's really well done and adorable- but are we gonna figure out what that sad part where she's crying in her bed was about?? Idk but I'm getting some 'he's actually not real' vibes from it.
Shully (3 months ago)
Felicity Moro Actually I wanted to portray how the pressures of school can get to someone. Even if they look perfect on the outside (appearance/grades/etc.) they may actually cry themselves to sleep. Because this video is about my personal story school was admittedly rough, and yet someone else’s little actions end up making it a whole lot more bearable.
T Angie Huck (3 months ago)
They are cute af
Heroes To Kings (3 months ago)
Well this is just bloody adorable 1:27 Sailor Moon?
Lia Lee (3 months ago)
Remember me when you're famous. Because that was awesome.
The Fangirl (3 months ago)
Me: Smart with Musicals but stupid with love
Lucy Lin (1 month ago)
Mooooood My love language is romantic musical songs.
EnderOwlGalaxy K (2 months ago)
The Fangirl me that’s a serious mood
Phantom23001 O (3 months ago)
Wow. This is so romantic. Like, compared to other animatics for this song, and the fact that it's your own story, this seems much more personal and emotional, and that makes it so much more real. Phenomenal animatic, and I can't wait to see what you do next.
MoMoHere (3 months ago)
Ew Pythagorean theorem
ENTI Fan (3 months ago)
I loved the animatic, and that Sailor Moon reference, perfect <3
Honeylemon 23 (3 months ago)
So cute!✨
Venus Kogane (3 months ago)
When I was five, I fell in love It didn't last He ran from me Literally Ran from me And being Kenyan He ran fast When I was ten, in love Again This peace corps guy I waited for hours Inside his tent with flowers Which made him laugh Which made me cry By thirteen I gave up trying I decided I would be a mathematician... ‘Cause math is real I memorized a lot of pi Because additions and subtractions and division Would never make me feel So stupid with love Like I didn't get it I didn't get it, somehow Smart with math but stupid with love I didn't get it I didn't get it... ‘Till now Do you have an eraser? I would love to So thank you, math, for being there To bring me joy And thank you, math ‘Cause now brought me this cute boy! Is it two? Yes! He's like someone from T.V He's like that guy who give out roses to those women His clothes His grooming And he's foot away from me With swoopy hair and shiny eyes that I could swim in He is live and in the room! And I'm stupid with love I wanna get it I wanna to get it, but how? Smart with math, but stupid with love I wanna get it I didn't get it ‘till now Two over zero is undefined Two over zero is undefined Jinx. Ha! I'm astounded and non-plussed I am filled with calculust Does this guy work out? He must All sweaty at the gym Could that image be more hot? Let me just enjoy that thought... School was rough but now? It's not ‘Cause now there's him It's all so simple Stupid with love But I can get it Watch this girl self-educate I learned math so I can learn love You wanna bet it? That I can get it? Just wait Just wait Just wait!
That Ferret (3 months ago)
Anime-Freak Chan (3 months ago)
Can you be stupid with both things? 😂
igamealot (2 months ago)
im stupid in general
Coe Valentinosa! (3 months ago)
Of course😁👍🏻
HEY. stob it (3 months ago)
You can and I am
stella ShOOk (3 months ago)
Yes. Lol
baby dragon (3 months ago)
Yes cuz i am
XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx (3 months ago)
Love this artstyle <3 👌❤️
Spilled Tae (3 months ago)
I just found this channel and I'm already with all your videos! <3
Laura Zubak (3 months ago)
I ruined your 420 subs im sorry, but hey you have one more subscriber!~ Btw you deserve so much more, I can't wait to see one of your vids go viral!
MAZZ MAGMA (3 months ago)
u got a sub
Uber Plays (3 months ago)
You should get more recognition because you a great animator keep up da work
Nightcore BlueBerry (3 months ago)
Gud UvU
Pastle Panda (4 months ago)
Regina is the only dislike
kittynation18 (4 months ago)
How does this not have that many views or likes????
Mitake Ran (4 months ago)
So cute!
The Rainwing (4 months ago)
You should try to animate the song 'Toxic Thoughts' by faith Marie
emma (4 months ago)
i love this! your style is so cute!
Blue Aurora (4 months ago)
Soooo cuuuuuuuuute ^-^
Sailor Bleh (4 months ago)
Reeciee Productions (4 months ago)
I’m not good at love or math!
Whiip Chu (10 days ago)
The irony
TheShadowSeeker (2 months ago)
elie rein (2 months ago)
Lol same
baby dragon (3 months ago)
Me too
calamiteaa (4 months ago)
Nika Damyonski (4 months ago)
WAIT why dont you have more followers???? THIS IS SO CUTE!! Plus artstyle is perfect and animatic
SnOwElL (4 months ago)
You need a lot more subscribers
Yumi Tomoyo 143 (4 months ago)
Reeciee Productions (4 months ago)
Me too ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Phoenix Imanity (4 months ago)
This kinda relate to me. Not to brag but im good at math but im stupid with love, I ran away from my crush when she tried to hug me lol Im bisexual :3
Reeciee Productions (7 days ago)
wannabe deku pan means you can love non binary people or transgender
Reeciee Productions (7 days ago)
wannabe deku nope they are not the same thing haha
wannabe deku (7 days ago)
+Abegail Advincula pan and Bi are the same thing. Pansexual means you like are genders, Bi means you like Both genders. since there are only two genders bi=pan.
Abegail Advincula (7 days ago)
i relate with everything u said. Except im pansexual...
wannabe deku (2 months ago)
No one cares about your sexuality gAy gIrl
Pauline :3 (4 months ago)
Oh wow oh wow oh wow! I love your art style, i saw this in my recommended and really enjoyed it. I know you’ll soon get recognition for your talent cuz you deserve it! Also 2:08 is mood and I’m totally subbing :DD
Hey It’s Rena (4 months ago)
Omg love it
theatricsxx (4 months ago)
Awesome animatic!! 💗 You deserve way more subscribers. I love your drawings. I would love to draw as great as you do one day!! : D They’re so adorable, especially the expressions. Also, those hands fuhdhdhd so great, it doesn’t help you can draw male bodies too WOAH. Talented oh my gosh. I can already see you’re gonna get a ton more subscribers as more people discover you like I did. Can’t believe I only found you today though... @[email protected]
Shully (4 months ago)
Wow thank you for sucha nice comment!! Tbh I have no idea how to draw male bodies still, and I just used a lot of references.. well, practice makes perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed my art!
Caleb Finkel (4 months ago)
lazyjaye (4 months ago)
i love it! wayyy too underrated with 278 subscribers?!!?!?!?
Reeciee Productions (4 months ago)
VioCloud :3 ikr!

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