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Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Alexis wants to get to the bottom of her boyfriend Brian and an apparent online love affair he’s having with Dominique. They’ve never met before and but both claim to be love each other would like to take things to the next level. What will Alexis have to say? Subscribe NOW to The Jerry Springer Show: http://bit.ly/SpringerSub Don't miss another episode of #JerrySpringer, find out where to watch here: http://jerryspringertv.com/watch Get social with us on: Website: http://jerryspringertv.com/ Add us on Snapchat: JerrySpringerTV Likes us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JerrySpringer Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpringerTV Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejerryspringershow Snag some merch at our Studio Promos Merch Store: http://www.studiopromos.com Watch full episodes of The Jerry Springer Show on demand for free at: https://www.Nosey.com
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Text Comments (74924)
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Mercedez Fitzpatrick (3 days ago)
The Jerry Springer Show the man I'm with is cheating on me
analher (8 days ago)
Damn babe gurl got body n she's cute, he a fool to let her go... aka Blaze
orlando johnson (12 days ago)
+Unknown Gamer girl no the online one will be cause she swing hard
Eda Nur (4 hours ago)
2 fine chicks going after a spaghetti
KATORIA JOHNSON (5 hours ago)
Um he wtf
Nataly Cedillo (6 hours ago)
Alexis was real, and cried and gave a good show but her bringing him to the show wasnt going to fix anything. And her kids aren't for him to love. I hate it when women put they kids as an excuse they aren't even his. She needs to walk away and be independent and strong for her kids not for him. A niggah like him ain't worth all that damn energy.
Ethan Iero (6 hours ago)
At 11:00 it broke my heart what she said
Lissa Rose (7 hours ago)
Lil Wewe the rapper (7 hours ago)
Alexis is way prettier and is more nice and would do much better
Shanwaleah Sawyer (7 hours ago)
Online girl is a whore period
Arizaya Ryder (8 hours ago)
Girl in teal dress you beautiful you don't need he is just a$$hole you live you best life with yo
Nico Stair (9 hours ago)
fuck that dude fuckin moran thinks he knows shit fuckin gold digger fuckin idiot
Kreami Nugget (9 hours ago)
Holy fucking shit, she’s everything in one he stupid to leave with that stupid ass girl
Abby Martinez (9 hours ago)
Insta Accs Now: Dominique - O.Swayyy Alexis - Foreign.BigLexi_ Idk the guys. But looks like no one ended up with the human trash can so they both winners to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
oh em gee (9 hours ago)
i vote both girls, they probs couldve been good friends if that trash thing they call a "man" didnt get between them
This lady doesn’t get that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, I mean I feel so bad for her and what he did was wrong. But she shouldn’t just keep trying. It’s like friends, your best friend isn’t the one you have known longer. It’s the friend you have the best time with
Tumbling Kendall (10 hours ago)
He had red clothes on and came out with green shoes on😂
Madison Mclorn (10 hours ago)
If your dating someone you have to kiss them
Sina Ryder (11 hours ago)
Leave that loser that black chick needs a black eye smart mouth little slut
{Ximena Haro} (11 hours ago)
Dominique is a bad bitch but bruh..... u so wrong for dat.. stay with Alexis
Jennifer Snyder (11 hours ago)
7:46 if anyone heard the edits this is the time it came from
yoo jin jan (11 hours ago)
Well this man is bitchy !
boss josh (12 hours ago)
im rooting for alexis
Luciid MinD (13 hours ago)
i wish Madea was up in here
Kayla Marie (13 hours ago)
Bruh he just standing back, smiling, watching the fight.... me too
Max Larose (13 hours ago)
The white girl 👧 damn ass
Sofia Ybanez (13 hours ago)
That little ass bitch she annoying that stupid ass bitch in the pink she gonna get karma for that bett this boy is gonna cheat on her and then she gonna go cry like "omg i didnt expect that from you" like bitch the fuck
alisa dubose (14 hours ago)
lol Alexis can’t fight
Janneya V. (14 hours ago)
Yooo tell me why when Bryan came out and she started crying I wanted to slap her so bad like what is going on through her head like u was the side girl 😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Ariana olivarez (14 hours ago)
How is she rushing it but they been together for 6 years
Anthony Garcia (15 hours ago)
Yea she reppin for Texas baby
Iris Barrera (15 hours ago)
Boi if you don’t get yo j cole lookin ahh concrete lookin ahh
Sarah (15 hours ago)
Both these girls are dumb as fuck...! He treated and treats the first one like shit why does the second one think he’ll treat her better
Carmen xx (16 hours ago)
Honestly Dominique is letting nothing but trash into her life , regardless if he stays or leaves Alexis doesn’t need that
gabrielle rogers (16 hours ago)
Does this bitch really think about how he treated the first girl. She hasn’t even graduated high school and probably lost her scholarships over fighting on tv. She let this man ruin her life. 7 months of texting over 6 years of loving her and her kids. How you rushing shit when it’s been 6 years. And they high school sweet hearts. This dude is ruining 2 life’s on 1 show. You can honestly see the love she has for him. Then you see this high schooler acting like she’s gonna love him forever. 22 with a 17-18 year old. Wow.
SWYPA825 (17 hours ago)
I think he left her because she kept calling him bro lol
Violet Vixxen (17 hours ago)
I’m on the guy’s side lol the 6 year relationship easily seems manipulated lmao he wants to leave her, he doesn’t want to be with her. Why should he be forced to stay with her? I’ve been in a 2 year relationship, getting guilted to stay with the person, so I mean
milacrichton x (17 hours ago)
omg I feel so bad for the real girlfriend 😔
milkybunsgacha (17 hours ago)
CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!!!!! (18 hours ago)
He just want to be a hoe! Those excuses were weak.
Salyissa Vaca (18 hours ago)
"You know he cheats on you and you still let him in your kids' life?" lmao you know he's unfaithful and you want to date him??? you know he's unfaithful and you're taking him from his girlfriends?
Cloey Cantu (18 hours ago)
Her Instagram is @foreign.biglexi_
sunflowerperson :3 (19 hours ago)
Wow.. 6 years thrown away for 7 months of texting.. That's just sad what's wrong with that dude. I hope she'll find someone better.. <3
Why does that white girl talk like a black girl
meraki (20 hours ago)
If he ain’t feeling her no more let him be, some things aren’t meant to happen
Danielle Burton (20 hours ago)
She cried bruh I hate that nigga like hell!!!! 😭
Ann Pink-gyett (21 hours ago)
The girl with the green dress on is bad at fighting xD
乃〇从乃 (21 hours ago)
Alexis wayyy better 💦💦💖
Thor God of Thunder (21 hours ago)
So nobody is gonna talk about that Fat ass 😂😂🤤🔥
Summer M (22 hours ago)
Poor girl
Hannibal Lekta (23 hours ago)
dude's a straight up tosser & needs his ass kicked
Metrius (1 day ago)
The dude is trash
Queen Yumi (1 day ago)
his REAL girlfriend she talks everything RIGHT.
Bob Vinson (1 day ago)
its so funny how white people talk like they are from the hood.
Sonic Dragneel (1 day ago)
The sad thing is she might never love again tho
Madison Scrogum (1 day ago)
Buttt Alexis is Thicccccc
Grace Floyd (1 day ago)
Omg this vid got so big
Why he keeps licking his lips trying to look like he is all there??!! Chillax bro you look fake, you think playing games with females would make you a man? Go wash your face from all that make up first
The only good meta (1 day ago)
I really wanna fuck dude up for that. That's some of the dirtiest shit I've seen in a minute.
Kaylee and Ava asmr (1 day ago)
I started crying I feel so bad for Alexis when she talks about her kids and charishing moment
Elida Cadena (1 day ago)
Im Team Alexis Tbh like I actually felt when she made that sad speech to the guy frick the other girl TEAM ALEXIS 🙌🏻 i feel bad tbh for alexis her facial expressions hit me hard
Silent Man (1 day ago)
This was honestly very sad. I feel bad for that one girl that was with him for 6 years. 6 years of her life gone.
Deborah L (1 day ago)
Nigga said “rush” bitch it’s been six years you’re fucking dumb
AKAYLA PETTY (1 day ago)
Baldwin Alvarez (1 day ago)
Six years together but she kids with another dude? Anyone else curious about that side of the story?
Arlo Cordell (1 day ago)
i struggle with this..
gucciboisheldon (1 day ago)
I wouldn't be tripping if I was Alexis that dude is so mf ugly
Elaine Vilsoni (1 day ago)
what happened to them though?
I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he was playing on the fact that Alexis was so easily manipulated by him and she was such a easy target. He cheated on her Multiple times and broke up with her and she came back. Thats not a. Down bitch or a Ride or die. That’s a weak minded woman who needs more respect for herself
Takeisha Stanley (1 day ago)
I hate that guy
Crissy Ledbetter (1 day ago)
Seriously 6 years is moving to fast? Girl don't look back
Jay Jay (1 day ago)
“👏🏽so?😐 👏🏽so?😐”
KennedyYoung (1 day ago)
Why the hell are the girls fighting!? Bitch team up and whoop that mans ass together, he’s the cheating bastard!! “You call her princess and let her call you daddy”-that made me cry 😭💕 Honestly the moral of the story, FUCK LOVE!!💔 Damn I’m really into this- Mkay bai bai!
leonora acevedo (1 day ago)
He is still a boy.A selfish little boy.
Peeka Lover (1 day ago)
I hate the boy he a man thot 🤷🏻‍♀️
Cletus VanDamme (1 day ago)
Brian's real plan is to dump a chick that's on to his bullshit and he's probably murdered her credit and her trust now its time to move on to a dumber younger chick who hasn't learned the lesson. Brian will be out here teaching young females lessons until hes forty, finally marries than goes to jail for beating on his wife. This is like 10,000 dudes where I'm from.
Cletus VanDamme (1 day ago)
Yo this chick is 22 and her and dude been together for 6 years and she had kids before that? Was this chick popping em out at 11 or 12?
Francisco Gonzalez (1 day ago)
I would take Alexis
sadie auguster (1 day ago)
Sometimes length of time doesn’t matter 😔.
Madame Vasterle (1 day ago)
Dominque is stupid as FUCK. Alexis deserves much better.
André Gennace (1 day ago)
This is going on all the time across the world and if you were one of the people in this scenario then I’m sorry for what had happened but take a good look in the mirror and realise what a catch you are and how badly they fucked up in treating you 🙏🏾
N/A (1 day ago)
to be fair men get a lot more shit for doing this, but women...
Amy Munro (1 day ago)
this is exactly what the guy wants, girls fighting over him
N/A (1 day ago)
online ratchet vs real life ratchet? sounds like a good plan
Taylor's Way (1 day ago)
Taylor's Way (1 day ago)
olivia hoyt (1 day ago)
at 12:16 what did dominique say 😂i’m so confused x
Melek Ucmaz (1 day ago)
I think it’s a good thing that they broke up because that dude doesn’t deserve Alexis, she’s a fucking queen and deserves so much better than this trash! 6 years for nothing...
Jessica Sarro (1 day ago)
Alexis is better. Sorry Dominique. But everyone agrees with me.
Katja Cat (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for the Real girlfriend :(
Katja Cat (1 day ago)
The problem is how messed up the online girlfriend and boyfriend are >:(
blurt addey (1 day ago)
Dominique's hotter tho
CrankMan TheMan (1 day ago)
Jessica Nelson (1 day ago)
These girls are WEAK WEAK! Parents need to do better with raising stronger and confident women. Alexis is begging for a man that doesn't want her. Dominique believes she can save a man. Sad. Also Domi is really pretty and athletics-- hope she knows her worth... she has scholarships-- what does this man bring to the table except for some D?!?! Ladies-- BUILD URSELF UP so you dont fall for men like this!
Nawal Ahmed (1 day ago)
Both women where embarrassing when they were fighting and the guy was just standing there and grinning but the real girlfriend is so fierce and dope
Rafael Abbasov (1 day ago)
My dog can act better than these actors wanna be
Roman Engelbrecht (1 day ago)
brah fuck this dude
DemonicZinc (1 day ago)
If you can’t take the heat honey then you need to get out of the kitchen
teeboogiee504 (1 day ago)
Short fine lightskin and thikk buddy TWEAAAKKKKINNNN! 😫
Crown (1 day ago)
If i was on the stage this day, i'll swear to everything i have that i'd have roast the shit out of him so hard that he'll even forget how to speak. The only thing that garbage didn't wanted was raising kid and since his ''real Gf" had one (probably from another relationship) he didn't wan't to take responsability cause he's just some dumbass who don't want to create a family, he just want to fuck everytime. People like him deserve nothing else than be dumped. Poor girl.
Ernest Flores (1 day ago)
I got a question to all female's why attack another girl that's trying to be with your man y'all should be attack the mf that playing with y'alls heart not each other I mean come on chicks y'all got some thing every man want and fucken around with 1 idiot lol I just don't get it
Arnór Ísfeld (1 day ago)
Am i the only one that is on team Dominique cus Brian is doing what he wants

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