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Dakota Kai vs. Kavita Devi - First Round Match: Mae Young Classic, Aug. 30, 2017

70515 ratings | 40773497 views
The Captain of Team Kick puts her feet to work against Kavita Devi, the first Indian-born woman to compete in a WWE ring. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4
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Text Comments (4812)
Jitendra Prasad (1 day ago)
Kavita is first Indian wwe woman. Very nice . India ka takat dikhao pure world me yehi kamna hai madam.
Eshwar Sheela Es (1 day ago)
Wow..jai hind
00905352682435 eee (1 day ago)
00905352682435 eee (1 day ago)
justin seagull (2 days ago)
indian womans are no joke
Shankar Malche (2 days ago)
I am proud from Indian women k devi
ankit Jaglan (2 days ago)
Jai jaat bhai yo jai haryana
Gaurav Kumar (3 days ago)
Women power of India Kavita Devi WWE power
Cool Aman (3 days ago)
Anyone in 2019?
Kavita very nice lady
Saidalam Saidalam (3 days ago)
Deepak kumar (4 days ago)
जियो भारतीय शेरनी
Ranferi Antonio (6 days ago)
40 million view wow
KingMoe (6 days ago)
40 million views, bruuuhh
Gaurav Kumar (7 days ago)
Woman power of India Kavita Devi WWE power
Arpith Das (7 days ago)
40M views .. Highest ever For This channel
Sourav Kumar (7 days ago)
Mayuresh (7 days ago)
She needs to learn better psychology in the ring.
Lukh Di (7 days ago)
Every thing pre planned.....whats interesting??wwe sucks
Naveen Suraj (7 days ago)
I see this is the most viewed video of mad young classic. 40 M
Jitendra Yadav (9 days ago)
Supar jamp
alamin md (11 days ago)
Think 🤔 Kavita Devi vs Charlotte Flair
MrBrickhouse (12 days ago)
40 million views? WTF LOL
KingMoe (6 days ago)
Indians turning this girl into a draw bruh
Malkhan Singh (13 days ago)
Madhu Ma (13 days ago)
Still watching 2019.. supported Indian lady
Ravindra Singh (16 days ago)
Rivender Singh guajjar japur 🦁 kaveta the garats w,w,eloans
Salman Shaikh (18 days ago)
kavita Jeet kar aana
Dasharath Darshanam (18 days ago)
SUPER indian women...Excellent
Rip Dakota Kai :(
40m views... and some nice comments.
som bindas (19 days ago)
wow india कविता देबि
Rahul Kumar (19 days ago)
Bast india kavita bast
Banti kumar malakar (20 days ago)
Waaaah kavita didi l love u
Aamir Khan (20 days ago)
40 million views wow Please promote Indian talent WWE You really need our audience
Jamil Ansari (21 days ago)
Sk Ripon (22 days ago)
i love
Ratiram Gurjar (22 days ago)
I proud on bharatiy lady
Vikas Singh (22 days ago)
Lunth puri video kyu nhi daali
Steven (23 days ago)
where is her hajib? Did she leave it in Pakistan?
Light Imagay (24 days ago)
LMAO this isnt even the full match but it got 4m views thanks to the cheapass Indians 😂😂
Siva Subramani (24 days ago)
Love you Kavita 🇮🇳👏👏👏👏👏👏♥️✌️👍😘
Pervaz Jamali (24 days ago)
Breaking the stereotypes. keep it up lady.
Vijay Pawar (24 days ago)
I like drees
Vijay Pawar (24 days ago)
Good great job Jai Hind
Anup Reikwar (25 days ago)
Kavita next Wwe champion
MOVIES (25 days ago)
Kavita devi is stronger lady in world
Light Imagay (24 days ago)
MOVIES she lost tho lmao
manish Jesse (26 days ago)
Kavitha i love u & missing u , god bless u darling
Sumit Ajagavakar (26 days ago)
ufffff kavita na dakoda ko mar mar kar kutti bana diya
Yogesh Karware (26 days ago)
Indian always rocking
Light Imagay (24 days ago)
Yogesh Karware by losing at the first round of the tournament lmfao
CamTheDestroyer (27 days ago)
40 million views! Wow!
sk istak khan (27 days ago)
Sanjay Patel (27 days ago)
Jaynath Prasad (28 days ago)
Devang Mehta (28 days ago)
Kavita Devi is the best and the most strongest wrestler.
Light Imagay (24 days ago)
Devang Mehta and she lost at the first round lmao
Ravi Kumar (29 days ago)
India ki sherni.
Rashmi Yadav (29 days ago)
Proud to be Indian lady
Sahid Khan (29 days ago)
Giasuddin Khan (29 days ago)
Indian power is very danger
Soharab Rustum (30 days ago)
Great kavita
Gaurav Kumar (1 month ago)
Women power of India Kavita Devi WWE SmackDown power
kavita devi very good
kavita devi very good
great indian
Aniket Yadav (1 month ago)
Wow amazing Kavita devi
Sarvan Satvan (1 month ago)
बबीता जी
Aleister Black (1 month ago)
Kavitha devi is the future
Gautam Kumar Hindu (1 month ago)
Kavita nice fither
Parul Kapoor (1 month ago)
Power house
silambarasan palanivel (1 month ago)
Tamil ratham
Muhammad Waqar Khan (1 month ago)
Well done Respect from Pakistan
Premlal Lohar (1 month ago)
kabita Devi
Buntupaali Obulesh (1 month ago)
rahul rathore (1 month ago)
Wwe me Indian player Bharat ki shan kharab hi karenge
Subham Mahor (1 month ago)
Ab Banega
Manas Mondol (1 month ago)
Kavita is our Indian pride ,don't which stupids dislike this form
Fatima (1 month ago)
40 million views
गेरुआ is the best dress
It's time for India And we proud that we are indian🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪
sonu kumar (1 month ago)
Jai Shree ram
Dilara Tas (1 month ago)
It ıs real flıght and ıt ıs not real?
Aris T (1 month ago)
Wtf how did this match get 40000000 views?? Kavita is not good at all...but she is still new she might have a bright future
nidhish p s (7 days ago)
Indian she is indian
Light Imagay (24 days ago)
T series
Brandon Denniston (29 days ago)
The Rated R (1 month ago)
Shivam Kumar (1 month ago)
Jai jaatni, jat ekta jindabaad
Santosh Jangra (1 month ago)
Very nice
gaurav chaudhary (1 month ago)
Haters will say it's fake😂😂
ChildOfDestiny (1 month ago)
Still cant get over the fact that this has 40 mil views lol
romen rengis ko (1 month ago)
I love my Indian woman best of luck Kash tum WWE raw ya smackdown me hoti to aur bhi mza ata
Amar Patel (1 month ago)
Anand Kobra (1 month ago)
Jai shree Ram
The HunteR (1 month ago)
अरे,.. हिन्द कि शेरनी है, एक पंजा भी किसी का कलेजा फ़ाड़ने के लिए काफ़ी हैं |
Yogendra Kumar (1 month ago)
Very good man Aap ne India ki Power dikha diya
Sanjay Kota (1 month ago)
Jai jai shree ram....bhagava chole wali kavita devi....superb
Sanjay Kota (1 month ago)
Kavita devi.....i proud of you...jai hind.
Monty Sinha (1 month ago)
India has taken over the wwe
Brandon Denniston (29 days ago)
Oh yeah. Jinders a jobber and this woman hasn't had a match in months
Kusiya Kaiwart (1 month ago)
Kavita best wwe champ
Kusiya Kaiwart (1 month ago)
Kavita best wwe champ
Jai ram
Mohammad Hasnain (1 month ago)
Mhari choria choro se ka h k
sumit gta (1 month ago)
She is not less than any one
Harish Bhatt (1 month ago)
WWE please puss kavita

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