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Funny Chess Animation | Patzers in a Skittles Room: Week 1

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A humorous narration/animation about a chess tournament. If y'all like this, I have scripts for at least 10 more!
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HW C (1 year ago)
I liked it a lot. Can you tell me how much time you spent using Synfig and how much time using Lightworks? Thanks
h4 (1 year ago)
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've got scripts for more, but I'm currently too busy to spend the time animating the next one. Maybe in a year or so, or if I can find an animator. I did almost all of the animation with Synfig, and only used Lightworks to piece them together (at this time Lightworks was free to upload at 1080p, but I think that's been reduced so in the future, I"ll probably try to do it all in Synfig). I also used Lightworks for a few transitions (such as fade outs or shaking screens) and for the text (because Synfig's text tool is not as good as Lightworks's). So I spent about 90% of my animating time with Synfig, and the rest on Lightworks, although I did spend way too much time tinkering with fonts. If I had to guess, I'd say that amounts to about 400-450 hours on Synfig, and 10-50 hours on Lightworks. I'm sloooow . . . If I may ask, how did you know I used these two programs?
raoshridhar90 (2 years ago)
Brandon! I am a fan of your writing. And the video is brilliant. My favorite was that disclaimer at the end. The animation, maybe you should work on? I loved the voice work by Faustine and Joshua! Please continue, but try to make videos with content that your dumb audience (esp me) can keep up with.

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