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Bottomless portafilter for Breville Barista Express BES870XL

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Read the full article for more tips on using a bottomless portafilter: https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/ Finally, I found a bottomless portafilter for my Breville Barista Express BES870XL. I decided to make a video to show you what you can learn from using a bottomless portafilter.
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T Carter (3 days ago)
This is actuating a really good video just on naked portafilter extraction tips. I think it needs a more generalised title (e.g. Diagnosing your naked portafilter coffee extraction) and you'd get a much wider audience.
Chris Jones (19 days ago)
This video was SO helpful. I went out and bought a bottomless portafilter for my Breville right away. My coffee is so much better now!
Karen Giacopuzzi (1 month ago)
I can't navigate to your site because every browser I try puts up a certificate error page. Do you sell a bottomless 54mm portafilter that can be used with the Breville Bambino?
Daniel Chee (1 month ago)
You need to fix your website. Your certificate has been revoked and site is not accessible.
James Petroski (1 month ago)
Agreed. In the meantime you can see his webpage he references in a Google cached version: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/
Corey Zheng (1 month ago)
What water do you all use for this machine?
Look the is cooffe https://youtu.be/840iDQTEmu8
alekzz is rec (2 months ago)
which number on grinder scale do you set ??
ramisif (3 months ago)
Hi Where can I find Breville 54mm Naked Portafilter? Thx
James Kelting (3 months ago)
*Love this machine, it produces excellent expresso and love the frother.>>>**ur2.pl/1177** You can use the pressurized baskets if you don't want to work to hard on the grind or you can really dial it in to get a perfect God shot with the single wall non pressurized baskets. I do wish that it came with an optional parnerello to make the frothing a little easier for those that don't know how to use a frother. That bieng said it just takes a little practice to learn the technique. Produces a nice dry Puck once you get the grind right. All in all I like the machine and look forward to years of service as it seems well built. Grinder produces a good fine expresso grind as well*
Nagib Azar (3 months ago)
Nick Bezrukov (3 months ago)
Very good! :)
Kim Granger (4 months ago)
i am interested in this machine but i can't seem to find out if there is plastic inside the portafilter?? i am looking for a no plastic portafilter machine.
Kyle Right (3 months ago)
There is plastic tubing and a plastic collar which helps lock the portafilter in place. If you don't want plastic components you'll need to look at more expensive units made in Europe.
Kim Granger (4 months ago)
+David W then maybe if i use a bottomless or naked portafilter set up that would eliminate the plastic? i am so done with plastic!!
David W (4 months ago)
Yes there is. I bought one yesterday and I'm in a bit of a knot over this plastic since I have so far refused to have plastic and boiling water together in my home.
Jtrmuzik42 (5 months ago)
Hey, just bought a Breville Infuser, do you have any idea why the pressure falls off from 1 oclock to about 10 oclock when im pouring my shot. It never stays steady at 12 between the two screws.
Kyle Right (3 months ago)
Did you call breville? They'll have you do some tests. It might be defective
AussieWillisTheSnowman (6 months ago)
That was so satisfying seeing the perfect shot pulled.
paulyw170 (7 months ago)
I see you have the barista express. Can you tell me what part I need to replace to fix my machine? https://youtu.be/W7Z3JZGXA64
oracla (8 months ago)
Great video, thank you for the effort. I have a question about the pressure gauge. With a lot of effort I finally produced a delicius shot. The flow seemed perfect, but the pressure needle was too high (almost topped out). What is your thought on this? Should I rely on the gauge or the visual inspection of the flow? With the needle in the "perfect" pressure position I always get a very fast pour, 20 seconds or less including preinfusion. My current settings (getting a good shot) are grind at 7 and dosing at around 2 o'clock-16,5 g, 5 s preinfusion, 30 seconds total time, yield about 50 g, while the needle indicating too high pressure. The beans are fresh.
Michael B. (6 months ago)
I’m experiencing exactly what you are describing! I have the impression that in terms of extraction time any yield, the barista express works better towards the end of the pressure spectrum. Do others share this impression?
sspaeti (9 months ago)
What a great video and awesome help. Now I know my grind is a little too coarse, that's why it comes out too early and too black, exactly as on the video showed!! Thank youu!!
Mohammed bujubarah (9 months ago)
From where i can get the bottomless porfilter ?
ramisif (3 months ago)
Mohammed bujubarah اهلا بشر حصلت 🙆🏻‍♂️ بحثت مالقيت احد يبيع مقاس 54 للبريفيلز
Ye Huang (11 months ago)
cool. Thank you. I got my bottomless portafilter https://youtu.be/taWpGElInDY
Martin Tracey (11 months ago)
I"ve had my m/c for over a year now and it has worked fine today though when i tried to extract creme the pressure is not going up to between 11 and 12 just pouring through the bottom i have changed the seal but this has made no difference any help would be appreciated atb Mart
Berserk Haus (11 months ago)
Where did you get this bottomless portafilter?
Chris Jones (19 days ago)
Berserk Haus Pullman has them. They take a stock portafilter and cut out the bottom. It ships from Australia so it takes a few weeks but it’s totally worth it.
David Webster (1 year ago)
Thanks for the unique look into this. Very interesting
Let's Grind Some Coffee (11 months ago)
KennyGames (1 year ago)
REALLY cool video!
Let's Grind Some Coffee (11 months ago)
Martin Topp (1 year ago)
Really Great Video. I think I am going to head in the direction of a bottomless portafilter after watching this video. Question: what are your grind settings and how many grams are you using for the perfect shot at the end of the video? Many Thanks.
Let's Grind Some Coffee (11 months ago)
Hi, sorry for the late reply, didn't got a YT notification. I used about 18 grams of coffee per shot and for this specific shot I believe the grinder was around setting 3.
where you found the portafilter?
Trip Pollard (1 month ago)
Above website certificate is revoked so https will not work
Hi, the link is in the article: https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/
Jakub Rafajdus (1 year ago)
Hi, great video indeed. Thanks a lot. I have this great machine for a month now. Unfortunatelly i don't have naked PF, but i will try to get one. Despite of that I have noticed that there is some problem during extraction process. At first there is nice slow stream of coffee pouring to the cup but than i notice that pressure is falling down quickly and a coffee is like flying out of the machine. I think that this is problem with some sort of channeling but I don't know how to fix it. I have tried different distribution methods but it still there. Coffee doesn't taste bad at all but it is like watery feeling. I have noticed that there is almost always hole in my puck, but i just don't know how to fix it. Suprisingly it is always on the same spot on the puck - right on the opposite side from the handle of PF, if i am looking on the puck with handle of PF towards me, the hole is almost on 12 a clock. It almost looks like the machine push stream of water right trough the puck on this spot. I dose around 18g of coffee every shot and my grinder is set to 5-6. The pressure on begining of the brew is almost at the end of the espresso range. Beans are fresh from 1 to 3 week from roasting. But i have notice, if i tamp 18g of coffee and I really don't tamp it hard, level of coffee in a basket is really low, if I use the razor tool there is like 2mm between the razor and surface of coffee bed. I am just wondering, does you met with this problem too? Or anybody?
oracla (8 months ago)
As I understand you should always aim for the perfect puck height. That way the chances of chanelling are lower. Also a bit too much pressure is better than too little pressure (regarding channeling). If you think about it, coffee dose is not the best metric. It is hugely dependant on the coffee moisture content which is a far from a constant between varieties and even batches. So aim for the constant tamped volume (the razor helps).
Jakub Rafajdus (1 year ago)
Let's Grind Some Coffee I found out that I can't use naked portafilter, I don't know where is a problem but I think that the plastic thing in regular portafilter makes some support for the basket during extraction. When I make everything same with naked and regular PF there is really huge difference in cup. I use same basket same dose same tamp same grind setting I just switch PF.
Jakub Rafajdus (1 year ago)
Hi, yes still have warranty but when I send photo of outter burr to company which provides warranty on machine they tell me it is not an issue. I finally got naked portafilter, i did not expect extraction to be perfect but what I get was really big mess. I didn't even think that it will be so bad. I grind my beans into paper cup than I am trying to get even coffee distribution in basket and level tamp. I pay attention to every step but it is really bad. But I don't know what to do with it. It start nice but it ends up like really big mess.
Sorry, I missed this reply. Do you still have a warranty on your machine? It seems something is wrong. Or, perhaps you could buy replacement parts?
Jakub Rafajdus (1 year ago)
Let's Grind Some Coffee thanks :-) in our country there is nothing like this they just recommend to use white vinegar. Thesedays the brand Catler ends in our country and these products will by sold as Sage :-) Btw i have bought one more portafilter to make it naked :-D and i found out what is really wrong with my grinder. When it is working it just doesn't only rotate but it is like moving from side to side.... I don't know how to describe it properly... The inner burr is like moving in ciecle or elipse. Axis is damage in some way It is really bad because due to this issue I can't grind coffee fine enought and simultaneously i have more inconsistent grind.... Some of coffee is way to fine but there are some biger chunks at the same time
Maxime Carpentier (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! Where did you find your bottomless portafilter for the BES870XL?
Hi! You’re welcome! The link is in the description 👍🏻
Alex Maekivi (1 year ago)
Hi - could you please elaborate on your dosing/distribution technique with this grinder, when I put 18g in the double basket (my preferred dose) i have to tap it once or twice during grinding otherwise i get a huge pile above the basket that also gets knocked off the back of the basket when you remove the portafilter from the grinder. I find even with the taps I get spurts/channeling and uneven distribution weighted towards the back of the basket. the Breville guy in his video gets the same thing.
Hi! Unfortunately, you're about the piling up.My technique is to keep tapping during grinding, to keep the distribution as even as possible. This does work, which also results in minimal channeling and spurts. My separate Breville Smart Grinder does the same and I have seen it with other grinders as well. It just the way these things work I guess, along with a smaller portafilter (58 mm seems to be less affected). Hope this helps! Jacco
Cy Lim (1 year ago)
Hi there, do you grind the pf yourself or where do you get it? Thanks for the awesome videos!
Hi, thanks! Wish I could make it myself :-) I got mine from Pullman Coffee in Australia. You can learn more about it in the companion article: https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/
Joshua Pinter (1 year ago)
You should show the pressure gauge at the same time, too. A correlated indicator.
Hi Joshua, you're right! If I would do a few things differently if I would make this video again (which I probably will someday). To be fair, the video was meant to show the bottomless portafilter in action, which is why the camera was so close. But to give the video more meaning I could have added a smaller picture-in-picture with the pressure gauge. So I'll keep that in mind, thanks! Jacco
Jeffrey Chevers (1 year ago)
Great video, thanks for sharing as I am still trying to dial in my unit. The first perfect shot had a great extraction time of about 25 sec while the second was closer to 40 sec, any idea why the difference?
Hi Joshua, I think you're right, now I've read the question again. The first shot is the better one of the two, the second one starts a bit slower and has a smaller extraction flow overall. I assume (but I don't know for sure anymore) that the grind was tamped too hard on the second run. I've added this scene because I liked how it looked, but it's not the best example :-)
Joshua Pinter (1 year ago)
I think he's talking about YOUR "perfect shot"s. The farther away one and the closer up one had different extraction times.
Hi, thanks for the compliment! There are a few reasons the runs differ from each other, but did you run these right after each other? If there are a few days in between there could be some left-over from the previous run, which affects results (although 15 seconds difference is a bit too much). Are you using single origin beans or a blend? Blends are a bit harder (but again, 15 seconds is a lot) due to the variation in beans. Also, it's actually pretty difficult at first to get an even tamp for every try, so that's more likely to be the culprit. If all above is the same, the tamp pressure is most likely to cause the difference. With older beans, you simply press as hard as you can, but with fresher beans, you have to be more delicate. As we humans don't have built-in pressure measurement, this takes a few runs before you get the hang of it. Perhaps you can share a bit more about your process? By the way, how was the taste of both runs? Did you notice any difference? Jacco
Ismael Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Couple of questions: 1) what are your grind settings and how many grams are you using for the perfect shot at the end of the video? 2) how hard did you tamp and how did you measure 3) what coffee are you using 4) how are you timing the extraction (time based or amount based) 5) did you use the blade tool to trim off excesss I have that same machine and I get pretty decent shots but I’d love to get a naked portafilter to see just how decent they really are.
Corey Zheng (1 month ago)
Let's Grind Some Coffee so you use GRINDZ to clean the grinder. How often do you use it? Do you storage your bean in the machine?
Kim Granger (4 months ago)
+Let's Grind Some Coffee espresso science is so awesome. hehe thank you.
Haha, thanks! Fresh beans are great, and the smell is great. Regarding the clogging, I had this once. After a long build-up, it clogged. I had to poke it loose to get it going again. To be honest, it was my fault, I didn't clean the grinder as properly as I've should in the weeks (or months...) before. I use Grindz to keep the grinder clean, works great. I've mentioned them in my review article (https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/breville-barista-express-review/). Just a handful now and then helps a lot. Good luck with the naked pf, keep me posted! Jacco
Ismael Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Let's Grind Some Coffee dude you rock! Well yeah I get my coffee at a local roaster as well. They are roasted the same day and I usually go in the morning to get my bag. I have to wait 24 hrs to use them. They aren’t oily at all. I usually works with a 5-6 setting on the grinder since 3 would not push through at all. All in all I get really good shots but a naked pf is my next purchase!!
Hi, here you go: 1) About 18 grams of coffee, and I usually work with setting 4 for the freshest coffee, up to 2 when it's a few weeks older. In this video I believe it was at around 3. 2) I didn't measure my tamp due to lack of scale, but I always do a firm push a few times while rotating. You don't need to put strain on your wrists. 3) I mostly get beans from a local roaster, which are delivered to me within a few days after roasting. Supermarket beans always get me bad coffee, where I can't build up enough pressure. 4) At that time it was time based, and it was actually a few seconds too short. When doing a later run (not in this video) I used an Acaia scale, and measured it at 42 seconds (including pre-infusion), for 18 grams of coffee and 45 grams of water (1:2,5 ratio). That one had a perfect extraction. 5) Nope, never actually after the first few runs, after which it gets easier to measure it by eye. The naked portafilter is really useful, and it's a great part of the experience when making espresso :-) Let me know if you would like more information!
RAMON CABRERA (1 year ago)
hahahaha great video and information, and humor!
Zombie Fool (1 year ago)
Where can I get one?
Hi, please check out the companion article for the bottomless portafilter (and the Barista Express :-): https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/
Sturdy-Planet1 (1 year ago)
Great vid
Ike (1 year ago)
I am not getting enough pressure and my extractions are very short. Whats the problem you think? I grind medium coarse.
Ike (1 year ago)
WebtoolsReview I didn't have time to read materials and go step by step or call them to walk me through. I think I should do that. thanks
t seems you're doing everything right, so perhaps the pump is broken?! Did you contact the store? I think Breville needs to take a look.
Ike (1 year ago)
Yes, I have a BES870XL that I purchased 2months ago. Everything was fine in the beginning. I use fresh coffee beans that I buy from a local roaster. Lately, my extraction takes about 15secs only and not getting enough pressure. I tried temping with more or less pressure, used coarse or fine grinded beans but non those made a difference.
That really should clog up. Are you using fresh beans, like 1-2 weeks old? And to be sure, you've got the Breville from the video?
Felipe Nogueira (1 year ago)
Hi! In those extractions, did use the Breville built-in grinder? For example, in the perfect extraction, did you manage to get the chanelling away even with the Breville's grinder producing clumping powder? Thanks in advance
I can only find very expensive ones, these things are hard to get. Breville has them for $49,99 (https://www.brevilleusa.com/products/54mm-portafilter?variant=34615832529), but that's without shipping. These things are hard to come by, I'm afraid...
Felipe Nogueira (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing info about espressos and the machine. Do you know where I can find Breville 54mm portafilter in europe? I might travelled there, so I can bring with me. It doesn't need to be naked then; if it's not, I'll have someone to make it for me. I just need an extra portafilter. Thanks again!
They are hard to find, especially when you're not in the US (where you can find find them on eBay now and then). You could make one yourself if you're a bit handy :-) The tamper I use is a custom one from Pullman, there's a picture in the article: https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/ I always aim for 18 grams when dialing in.
Felipe Nogueira (1 year ago)
Yeah, I'm looking for the naked pf, but since I live in Brazil and it's not been sold over here it's even more expensive. What kind tamper do you use? And what is the usual dose of coffee, 18 grams?
Hi! The Smart Grinder Pro is capable of producing fine grind as well, perhaps even better than the built-in grinder. There should be no need to poke :-) I watched your video, really wobbly indeed. Are you using fresh beans, no more than 2 weeks old? A naked portafilter would help in identifying the problem, but it's expensive... Also, if the beans are too old, nothing helps. What you could do is put the grinder (whichever you use) on the finest settings, and work to coarser from there. If the beans are fresh, it should start with clogging or dripping, which means too fine. Just dial it to coarser until you get a more steady stream, up until the point of a proper extraction like in the video. Please keep me updated!
diycentral (1 year ago)
Very cool comparison of shots but I saw that ;) Second one was definitely better.
Thanks, still improving :)
virtusio (1 year ago)
Where did you buy this bottomless portafilter specifically for the BES870XL from? I'd like to buy one as well
Hi, it's mentioned in the companion article, here you go: https://www.letsgrindsomecoffee.com/bottomless-portafilter-for-breville-barista-express/ Let me know if you have any questions!
levent C (1 year ago)
not bad but the pressure must be 10 or 11 o clock
Glad I could help!
levent C (1 year ago)
i see sorry for misunderstanding
Hi, thanks! It depends on the bean, the grind setting, how I tamped, and the freshness of the bean (but you probably know all the variables ;-). You basically can't go wrong when the needle is right up, or a bit to the right. For the beans I used in the video, this was the perfect setting. Being more to the left could cause the pressure to get to low if it drops a bit (as you see happening in the video). I now am running a different bean, where the needle is consistently on about 11 o'clock, which gets a perfect espresso.
ruriruri03 (1 year ago)
What are your preinfusion pressure and time?
Hi Malcolm, in this case I was referring to the pre-infusion pressure, but I was confused by my own answer at first as well :-) For regular extraction it ramps up to 9 bar.
Malcolm Lang (1 year ago)
Let's Grind Some Coffee I think Brevill have it set, to more like 5-9 bar pressure.
Hi, I have the time set at about 7 seconds. The pressure is defined by Breville, and is about 1,5 bar I believe.

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