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The Hurdy-Gurdy Man

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Hurdy-gurdy playing traditional tune. Go to http://www.fredmeyermusic.com for more info.
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irateofwatford (6 years ago)
Is it one of those self-tuning, self-regulating gurdies that applies its own cotton and rosin? If so, I'd very much like to own one.
mrapala (8 years ago)
@Gurdyguy Thank you!! but still can't find midi for this... :(
mrapala (8 years ago)
anyone knows the name of that tune?
wildfiree21 (9 years ago)
sounds very similar to the pipes
Nakky Dave (9 years ago)
That continuous pitch comes from drone strings.
Robby Chisholm (9 years ago)
How do you make it do the background rythm? It just seemed to start on its own. I'd like to know more about this awesome instrument!
Innle (9 years ago)
@firemblemrules9 that girl from omnia is pro at the hurdy gurdy
Avis Francis (9 years ago)
Great job Hurdy Gurdy Man.
Unclevertitle (9 years ago)
Hey, yall prepare yourself For the Hurdy-Gurdy... man You never heard a sound Like the Hurdy-Gurdy... man Youre bound to lose control When the Hurdy-Gurdy starts to jam
arkhangelsk (9 years ago)
amazing. best instrument ever.
Mage of Void (9 years ago)
The band, omnia, uses one of these very well.
abraham keener (10 years ago)
no.. no pipes or wind.. a bunch of strings and little wooden pegs on the inside
Fe Iron (10 years ago)
I want to learn how to play...buy maybe I should stick to the drums!
Berkana (10 years ago)
That thing looks and sounds like the bastard offspring of an orgy involving a violin, a keyboard, a meat grinder, and a bagpipe.
barnstormer737 (10 years ago)
Hey hurdy gurdy man... I dont know if youve ever seen capatains couragous but theres a hurdy gurdy in there and thats how i was introduced to it.. Very cool!
Gregory Deemer (10 years ago)
I need some Excedrin
Veksyn (10 years ago)
NO dumbass, its a Hurdy Gurdy, or the string fiddle. go back to school and listen in class next time
oleiros70 (10 years ago)
Thanks and congratulations for your video. Greeting from Galiza, my nation, my nation, in the far western Europe, northwest of the Iberian Penísula. Here are the traditional instruments bagpipes and hurdy gurdy. Thank you.
aregularsz (10 years ago)
it sounds like a bagpipe
TrefyJot (11 years ago)
It's brilliant to see these older instruments on a revival. If the french make historical films the sometimes use hurdy gurdys for background music. Anyone who's seen The Return of Martin Guerre (the idea behind Sommersby) will see a beautiful illustration of the H-G played. Thanks to everyone for the renaissance
Florian Müller (11 years ago)
cool, in germany there are not so many festivas for folk or medieval musik.
Florian Müller (11 years ago)
Hey greetings from Bavaria. I am playing the HG by myselg to. You playing quite good, i hope to see and hear more from you here on youtube. Regards Florian Müller (Ingolstadt)
micpell (11 years ago)
I find hurdy-gurdy music (in the Dutch language it is called: 'draailier' - I am from Holland) amazing and beautiful, it sounds like magic. I have this question: how is the rythm sound created? Do you press something in a certain rythm or does the instrument create this by itself (I mean: does the turning wheel inside create this raspy sound)? Thank you in advance for your information! Michel, Holland (Europe)
jimiller5 (11 years ago)
Not really, just turn the crank and press the buttons.
hugoestr (11 years ago)
Nice piece! Maybe someone else will know the name then. Thanks for the video. :)
jimiller5 (11 years ago)
Don't know the name of the piece. Heard it in Seattle at a HG festival.
hugoestr (11 years ago)
What piece did you play?

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