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Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) Pranks Game of Thrones Fans

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Here is what happens when you put Arya Stark, hidden cameras, and die-hard Game of Thrones fans into an RPG store.
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Text Comments (8634)
Melody Nellao (1 minute ago)
... " Everyone throw shi... stuff at her ".
Lord BioKing (1 hour ago)
"I want you to fly around the room like a dragon" *does Naruto run* "PERFECT!"
Brian Leung (3 hours ago)
They only said game of thrones when they saw Arya
That_Ranga_Guy (3 hours ago)
Throw the little fucker kid out the window
Mazen Darwish (5 hours ago)
FYI this is full of spoilers
Eugenio Manaloto (6 hours ago)
Madam...you will be more famous as ARYA STARK ....pretty sure if somebody will met you ..they will call you Arya .
general kervin (7 hours ago)
0:35 this is a little boy
BrutusPalmeira (7 hours ago)
A girl is no one.
itSaulGudmen bro (8 hours ago)
Sord of Cringe moments but she's hot so fuck it.
Paul Peterson (8 hours ago)
She gorgeous here
KafeeneG22 SH4RKG (8 hours ago)
One of them I recognized it was an actor oh wait
AdvancedBroh ́s (10 hours ago)
Que engraçado vontade de estar nessa loja
Calvin Fong (11 hours ago)
Favorite death scene is Ramsey by far
Chaos XD (12 hours ago)
I see that Knight Warden in the display case
PoSeiDoN VeNuH (13 hours ago)
Oh hell, the guy remembered Geoffrey but forgot Gendry? Sad!
Altair Ibn La-Ahad (14 hours ago)
"it's free, well there's no money involved, but maybe some of our dignity" best line i've heard
Aslan (14 hours ago)
2:08 I legitimately laughed so hard when he looked at the back
the renx (14 hours ago)
I remember watching this 2 years ago, why the hell is now in everyones recomendations?
Cuz ppl come here to comment
Piculi (16 hours ago)
Not believeble. Store wouldn't hire a bug eyed goblin creature.
Ronaldo Rivers (16 hours ago)
Tinder or Grinder.
Brandon vargas (16 hours ago)
Lmao I thought she was using a weird snap chat filter but her face just looks like that 🤣
Pearl the rebel (17 hours ago)
If she did an American accent they wouldn’t know who she was
tobo86 (17 hours ago)
I like how she disguised herself as herself
Sudipto Chakma (18 hours ago)
She is so Cute
Nathan (18 hours ago)
this was cringe
Derrick Gerstmann (18 hours ago)
Shit- stuff
Nel (18 hours ago)
She literally almost killed the old woman
Tyson Scott (20 hours ago)
2:10 is the greatest. Their reactions🤣🤣🤣
Guitar Hero 026 (21 hours ago)
What u can do when ur famous
JHself (21 hours ago)
She is amazing !! <3
julien vandal (22 hours ago)
Hahaha , that was soooo ... not funny...
Fevos Man (1 day ago)
"I ve never done any acting" agreed
Fanny Desilia (1 day ago)
Joffrey dead act is the bestt😂😂
edgar santiago (1 day ago)
no one believed she wasn't massie williams. lol
kjzsbtby (1 day ago)
I cannot wistand the cringe xD
Yasir Quadri (1 day ago)
Yeah season 8 great prank
Mika Bezona Ekizde (1 day ago)
Me enamoré
Joshua Godina (1 day ago)
The fucking blond just in awe said “what”
Nuclear Atom (1 day ago)
Maisel is Cute as a button a warrior button.
Mourad Lamtougui (1 day ago)
Bug eyed goblin person
Oliver j (1 day ago)
I have no words for this xd
Mohd Nasir (1 day ago)
I like arya stark
D T (1 day ago)
What a great rack
K3NJ1 Z4N3 (1 day ago)
3:14 autism at its finest. When that one weird kid in school gets mad.
Adam Jackson (5 hours ago)
What is that supposed to mean bro? You dumb fucking son of a white piece of shit XD "Bro"-hating "Friends"-watching twirps who hates people with autism.
fernando peña (1 day ago)
"what sort of dragon are you?" HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
praise (1 day ago)
Take in, they could've dressed her up like she was in the show, and said "The company made us wear this for the giveaway, people tell me I look so much like the girl" or some shit in a costume from set.
john doe (1 day ago)
This shit fake
ScrappyGamingHQ (1 day ago)
Masie is so gorgeous
Maisie Act out a scene: Me: CLAMS, OYSTERS, and COCKLES!!!!!!!!!
JakerSpace (1 day ago)
Is that Ashildr/Me from Doctor who?
When she said Tinder, I couldn't keep in the laughter.
Mayur Bhosale (1 day ago)
Season 8 sucks
N (1 day ago)
Fa que bronca wacho, ojalá me pasara eso alguna vez en mi vida jaja
Fallen Hero (1 day ago)
I wouldn't really call this a prank since she basically fooled no one. Everyone recognized her right away; she should have tried to change her voice more or maybe done an American accent. It was fun to see her clowning around though.
Tiesto Valentino (1 day ago)
Prank us by remaking Season 8
nick cheatham (1 day ago)
God the things I would do to her
dandy sansosie (1 day ago)
She's really beautiful here
Cathair 929 (1 day ago)
I liked Arya but god damn Maisie looks like a little troll boy who had their eyes spread even farther about with plastic surgery
Unholy Grain (1 day ago)
2:00 ”push the little fucker kid out the window” is the best line ever!
Sully Bully (1 day ago)
Looks 5
Not My Real Name (1 day ago)
A girl is not Lorraine. A girl is no one. One of these people died as tribute to the many faced god
Iron Church (1 day ago)
She look bad af oof.
Bees Indatrap (1 day ago)
Who saw the vid she was touching herself then got exposed😂😂😂
AARON Havener (1 day ago)
Can I act out your sex scene
Ellie J (1 day ago)
This is the best video on the internet 😂
Zach Noorman (1 day ago)
2:15 when he sees the pic
Reuksh Alagh (1 day ago)
kyun deny kar rahi hai
Aidan D. (1 day ago)
They didn't even try with this
Muansang Hangzo (1 day ago)
Sh.. at her... Stuff at her 😂😂😂😂😂😂
SPIFFYDAGOAT (1 day ago)
TimTheRoadman YT (1 day ago)
3:13 You can’t act like a dragon ur a human Guy-observe
TimTheRoadman YT (1 day ago)
I thought she could switch faces
Saulo Furuta (1 day ago)
I’d like to have that power to humiliate random strangers too
jelson95 (1 day ago)
man i would say let us reproduce the scene kahl Drogo and daenerys first time they making "love"
Archimedes 515 (1 day ago)
"Tinder?" "Pffft uuugh yeah uhhh never even thought of ummmm yeah never went on th.. Um never even heard of that"
giuliano mamane (1 day ago)
i never saw got but omg she's ugly, now i know i'm never going to see it
MiMiXis (1 day ago)
Am i the only once who just Googled her age to check if it were weird to find her super cute?😂😂
db4ip (1 day ago)
She should have spoken with an American accent. That might have actually confused them.
Jacob Miles (1 day ago)
Game of thrones fans are fucking weird 😂
Emem Ukpong (1 day ago)
1:21 lmao the fact that she didn’t say “stark” naked :(
elipop el ldonuts (1 day ago)
joder pero si alita
joshua garcia (1 day ago)
This might one of the fakest video I have ever seen
1.5M views (1 day ago)
I dpnt watch game of thrones but how many episodes do they have every season
allahu Akbar (1 day ago)
Damn she grew up hot im trying to get her pregnant
LHMusic (1 day ago)
It’s funny how HBO thought their fans would be brain dead enough not to recognize one the main characters in the show completely undisguised.
Username- unknown (1 day ago)
"Everyone throw shit.. stuff at her"
Jan Arthur Jaca (1 day ago)
Everytime i see maisie williams, I will always see that 12yo or smtn arya stark
Paula Shelton (1 day ago)
This is almost as dumb as the series finale. Everyone knows she’s Maisie Williams.
Ritoban Chakraborty (1 day ago)
2019: D&D pranks Games of Thrones fans...... by killing the show.
Thom Yorke (1 day ago)
How is it she looks hot here but on the show she looks kind of fugly?
Dudebro13454 Bro (1 day ago)
Dee Whoa (1 day ago)
Fucking love Maisie
Beyonce Knowles (1 day ago)
It's not a prank... It's a fake
DevEnt (1 day ago)
Arya kills the hound? I only on season 2. Chill
Sidney King (1 day ago)
Her accent betrayed her
Nice Cal (1 day ago)
April fool's day! 👏👏👏
theking3562 (1 day ago)
pork sausage scene would be best to act out I reckon
Louie LoPresto (1 day ago)
I love this!!
Victoria Sanchez (1 day ago)
"The little fucker kid" is now King of the 6 kingdoms 😂

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