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Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) Pranks Game of Thrones Fans

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Here is what happens when you put Arya Stark, hidden cameras, and die-hard Game of Thrones fans into an RPG store.
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Text Comments (6786)
Andrej Nikolov (1 hour ago)
She is really hot.
Steve Aragon (16 hours ago)
00:57 From Tinder?? "never even heard of that" 😂😂😂
Hill Hay (19 hours ago)
LP EGI (1 day ago)
*That last dragon scared the shit out of me*
salman hyder (1 day ago)
GoalHornFanatic (1 day ago)
Dunno if gorgeous does her justice. I've never been one to care for actors or actresses, but she just stands out to me. Amazing.
Michael Msimanga (1 day ago)
uhm , 2:28 "and everyone dies" is this an unintended spoiler...coz...
snehangshu das (2 days ago)
Future sleeping beauty of Hollywood ☺️
Cody Carroll (2 days ago)
"Everyone throw shit... stuff at her" 🤣
Nikko Rubio (2 days ago)
I'm so in love right now.
InformantNet (2 days ago)
Maisie should have put on an American accent and really confused the customers!
Fatima Ali (2 days ago)
I want to know her hairstyle pleaseeeeeee
David S. (3 days ago)
"It's free, totally free. Well, I mean it's kind of free. I mean there's no money involved is all. Maybe some of your dignity?" 🙃
Larry Kay (3 days ago)
Not much of a prank if everyone knows its you in two seconds.
george schildth (4 days ago)
This actress is really pretty weak.
Shareddy (4 days ago)
If ever Juanita Sanchez were to appear in TWD TV Series, this chick needs to play her
Asafo Husia (5 days ago)
Lot of cringe in this video
Shawn Wang (5 days ago)
Well, she fooled NO ONE
Furyan Auror (6 days ago)
So fucking sexy
Нихрена у неё приколы. 🤔🤔
Felix Reyes (7 days ago)
"OMG throw that little fucker kid out the wondow"
Elizabitty213 (7 days ago)
I was smiling the entire time what a down to earth sweet soul 💜🙏🏻
kasda (7 days ago)
Oh my god she can make people do anything
Антон Е. (8 days ago)
Ставьте лайки!пускай эти иноземцы задумываются,что я оставил содержательный комент))
Chack (8 days ago)
Maisie: he looks annoying Dude: I think it's a girl Maisie: it's a girl?!?!?! Dude:wait maybe arya stark is a guy Lmaoooo😂😂😂
Captain CTG (9 days ago)
2:22 lazarbeam meets Arya!!
Glanced (9 days ago)
0:33 what a manly beard
James Parrilla (10 days ago)
“I recogonize you, where do I know you from” “Tinder?” Lmao Hahahaha Maisie ❤️
aamir aamir (10 days ago)
I like you vvvv like you l don't no your Real life name 🤔 and I 😍 love Game of thrones and I 😍 you 👧 what is your name please
11 22 (11 days ago)
Kamran Ashraf (11 days ago)
She is cute 😍
ChewChew Train (11 days ago)
Haha this is awesome
Piccolo deGrande (12 days ago)
Cute Little Girl xD I like She. A Fan from Hungary! ^^
Ufuk Özkur (12 days ago)
Bunlar nediyor lan
Artozakis 86 (12 days ago)
aria es la mejor!!
Chet Collins (12 days ago)
We have the same birthday 😌
Soul boy (12 days ago)
Who 'll remember her after GOT, stop bullying GOT fans
my favroute crackter in got
Sahil Pednekar (12 days ago)
She's Damn cute.
Tipi Tip (12 days ago)
Kenno Junior (13 days ago)
Sou fã
Wolfae Fox (13 days ago)
“Wait maybe Arya Stark is a guy” Maisie: ...
Bestn8ivealive (13 days ago)
Lmao @2:04 “o my gosh. Push the little fawker kid out the window.” Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Caeden Emerald (13 days ago)
I think I fell in love
Victor Ortega (13 days ago)
A girl has become the teacher and now she trains a bunch of no bodies.
ChasinFromBehind (13 days ago)
Damn she's the same age as me..I remember looking her up and she was 14 and the same birthday month as me. Time FLIES
TheDarknessOfGames (13 days ago)
Money makes people hotter... confirmed
Michael Sampson (13 days ago)
Hi, Im Chris Hanson....
kashif khan (13 days ago)
The character that I loved the most in GOT arya stark she is simply adorable . The mannerisms with which she does all OMG ..... love from India....
KC Isuru (13 days ago)
Gabi (14 days ago)
why is nobody talking about 2:16
D D18 (14 days ago)
Is he Bryan Dechart 0:19 Connor from Detroit BH
american dream (14 days ago)
She's a such amazing actor. God bless Americans
Ramiro 2-10 (14 days ago)
no entendí una mierda pero me encanto
lleyton hargrove (14 days ago)
1:32 "everyone throw shi-- stuff"
Lol push d little fucking kid through d window
Skilou Crackhead (15 days ago)
this girl lie.
Habib Langove (15 days ago)
My favorite character in Game of thrones Beautiful
Kamran Ali (15 days ago)
Very nice so beautiful
Akram Alonizi (16 days ago)
the cringe
Jordan Claussen (16 days ago)
Jaquen has entered the chat
XeroWon (16 days ago)
2:11 that look is priceless!
The Big Pescado 510 (16 days ago)
Of course shes not gunna tell you its her ....a girl has no name
Wajahat Hussain (17 days ago)
My favourite Aryia srark ur so sweet
Vartolu (17 days ago)
i am in love with this girl
Vartolu (17 days ago)
I wish I had the opportunity to meet
Blaze (17 days ago)
She’s so cute omg! ahaha
R.K. (17 days ago)
3:14 was my favourite 😄
Canal do Mestre Ivan (17 days ago)
Como eu amaria poder conhecer ela
ronjon priam (18 days ago)
joffrey dying... 😂😂😂 was so satisfying
Alex Segovia (18 days ago)
Winter is coming!
Pietro Maximoff (19 days ago)
A girl has grown
Syris Graves (19 days ago)
wait what the fuck? shes 21?
Syris Graves (19 days ago)
yay im not pedo LLULULUL
philbio66 (20 days ago)
Gotta love Maisie.
Ricky Watson (20 days ago)
I'd give Arya a go. Nice looking ass.
Красивая женщина
lewis dekle (20 days ago)
After watching got I would definitely ask for safe space with this one
Lobsterkiller72 (20 days ago)
For some reason I can’t like the video so I’ll just comment that I liked the video...
Corek BleedingHollow (20 days ago)
I wanna have sex with her
derpderkaderr (21 days ago)
HOLY CRAP! Look at that booty on Maisie Williams!
issbiss11 (21 days ago)
So funny! I wish I could have been there 😂
jordan estes (22 days ago)
This is great 😂
Mr_No_One (22 days ago)
"You have to act out a scene from game of thrones" " A girl has many demands..."
Big Rock (22 days ago)
'Everyone throw stuff at her' lol
Flawrence Isenhart (22 days ago)
Nowhere,, Tinder, hahaha
herrlip72 (23 days ago)
Those two blondes and the one on the right freaking out LOL
Alex Woo (23 days ago)
d3ch3n s (23 days ago)
wow! most of the time when actors do these things they can’t keep a straight face. this shows how good an actress she is!
d3ch3n s (23 days ago)
“wait maybe arya stark is a boy” wtf 😂😂
Chaoswolve66 (24 days ago)
"Throw the lil fucker kid out the window"
Nemanja Jovanovic (24 days ago)
Fetal alcohol syndrome.
Marcos Castro (24 days ago)
Y esto como afecta a Boffe?
BlissAden (24 days ago)
Maisie: Hi I’m Lorraine Me: No you’re no one
Ori Rosengarten (24 days ago)
She looks now mature enough to go comando on Game of Thrones
Fire Phoenix (24 days ago)
Ben Shapiro has appeared in my ads
Jdjdjdjd Jdjddjjd (25 days ago)
i dont get it that she is fucking 21 years old
Mari Prencipe (25 days ago)
Mohamed Dinow (25 days ago)
Arya stark love youuuu
Luke Brehm (25 days ago)
OMG.... She's stunning...

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