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Darkness in the Magic the Gathering Community is REAL

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Text Comments (13)
John Brown (1 month ago)
(1:14) That's a very nice aniki @apocguy
ThisNameIsBanned (1 month ago)
Everyone will get screwd in trading at some point. Its a valuable lesson to check your stuff for its value. Thats a good thing. However, you can trade well and lots and lots of cent cards for something more expensive and you get plenty of "extra" cheap cards. Thats totally fine nobody should really mind that, trading cheap cards for expensive ones is an "upgrade" in almost everyones books. If someone has a tremendously expensive card, or multiples of them AND does not know the value of these cards, thats somewhat suspiciously stupid. If you are trading and they get what they want and you get some "value" in potential money, thats also absolutely fine by any definition of trading. The vast majority of cheap cards people hoard and worthless anyway and if they dont make an effort to trade them or sell them online, they will just sit on them. Trading them away for something bigger you can actually use is just flat out better for everyone involved. ---- Then if there is a person that trades a lot of cards and always trades somewhat bad , people should at some point just figure that out and not trade with them anymore, if people still trade with them, they are willingly putting that on them. Its all fair deal. If some kids are involved and they get massively screwd over, people might likely say something, and i am used to LGS in which players talk a lot while trading and people not involved in the trade will also comment and talk, so chances are small that something extremely out of the ordinary is going to wander over the table. The much bigger problem are the thieves, that flat out STEAL cards. Much bigger problem than traders, which are overall welcome, as long as people trade with them a lot, they offer something people want.
Wasithpol Wasithpol (1 month ago)
This happens in every card game , it happens everywhere
Michael Barclay (1 month ago)
I don't play, so I traded away a Mox Jet for an Aladdin because the art was better, and that's more of what in which I was interested.
spidermonkey2289 (1 month ago)
Something tells me MTG LION has a wedge body pillow in his room 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mike Hatcher (1 month ago)
Heads up that the premeires break videos afterwards my man. It may be hurting your channel metrics
Mike Hatcher (1 month ago)
+MTG LION You invented the term jobless bacon. I would do anything for you now baby
MTG LION (1 month ago)
+Mike Hatcher Thanks for the heads up.
Mike Hatcher (1 month ago)
+MTG LION Fair enough, the interaction part is worthwhile. it is why I like to do livestreams. Just wanted to make sure you were aware
MTG LION (1 month ago)
It's actually okay if i want to talk to the subs. Numbers don't make much a difference either way I've noticed. Same numbers.
Parallelepiped2 (1 month ago)
Please stop using Premiere, I think it is annoying
NPC #76409543 (1 month ago)
It's okay if lion is going to participate in chat.
Wolfstar (1 month ago)

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