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Modern Horizon INVESTORS.

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This is the Largest UNAPPROVED / UNSPONSORED / UNCONTROLLED Magic The Gathering Channel in the world filled with Greed Monsters, Evil Investors, and ....3.696969% Women Selling a Magic Collection? [email protected] PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/AlphaInvestments Twitter @MTG_AlphaInvest SHIRTS: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=alpha_investments&item=162268260486&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xalpha+investments.TRS0&_nkw=alpha+investments&_sacat=0 ~FAN MAIL~ Rudy's Magic Store 10950-60 San Jose Blvd. Box # 139 Jacksonville, FL 32223 ~ May 2019 Patron List ~ Force of Will - Preorders - 69.99 Force of Will LARGE OUT OF PRINT Variety Box - 299.99 MTG - Journey into Nyx - SOLD OUT MTG - Core 2019 MTG - Guilds of Ravnica MTG - Ravnica Allegiance
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Text Comments (556)
TJ (2 days ago)
I saw slivers. So I bought. I'm a simple man.
post39 (2 days ago)
maybe you contributed to the change because of your mouth
Roman00 (4 days ago)
Well, well, well. That’s something you created though, what’s making you uncomfortable. You started talking about the investing, showing your storage, talking about the money you make. That catches people’s attention, in positive and negative. It’s obvious that more people are going to try the same thing, even if they say they hate you or the second market. And if a big number of people suddenly invest into a couple of boxes or cases for each set, it will dilute prices in the future. Sure, it’ll still be parked money and people won’t make a loss on it, probably. But the return won’t be big either. If everyone is investing and keeping large amount of sealed product for generations of mtg players to come, rewards will be less than before if you can get a booster box from every set going forward any time you open up ebay with multiple seller trying to undercut each other because they all want that sweet sweet retirement dough in 20+ years. I don’t see Dominaria or any other set becoming a 2.000$ booster box in 20 years. But, what the hell do I know. Just my two cents.
Fran Sinjor (4 days ago)
ima call it , its gonno flop
nauseau (5 days ago)
The 3% women hahaha
Dan Queensbridge (5 days ago)
Rudy you’ve been in the warehouse too long! Shave your neck!
austin spratt (5 days ago)
Box topper is flusterstorm
EldritchKnight28 (5 days ago)
I have 175 bucks and love modern. I'll buy a box. If the price goes up I'll sell it, if it goes down I'll open it and have lots of new cards. It's a win-win for me.
alistairetheblu (6 days ago)
Buy-a-box got leaked, it's Flusterstorm. (so that might be more good news for Iconic Masters) And a prerelease version of a new card reminiscent of Astral Slide.
tornadojoe87 (6 days ago)
i want some!
souldeluna (6 days ago)
Would it not make sense to "invest" in seald boxes? Naturally only if you can hold your position for 3 or more years.
soft soph (6 days ago)
Because everyone is thinking of investing the price will be low and nobody wins
David Henry (6 days ago)
Where is the line between new players and print runs? If everyone is buying up now, the prices could still become fixed and go up after the set stops distribution, if there is a steady increase in players for the next 2 years. MTG investment has always been an investment in WotC, not how unique or rare one of their cards are.
Bottled Anger (6 days ago)
Just want a few boosters...
Jan Mayen (7 days ago)
Pls. dont cut your hairs until Core set 2021
Earl Clayton (7 days ago)
I hear force of Will . Might be in it
Steven Heart-Tongue (7 days ago)
Love the analysis! So helpful to hear your commentary Rudy. :)
Brandon Greco (7 days ago)
I bet you he has a black lotus in his hair somewhere.
Ssj Red (7 days ago)
Very logical points Most solid point was the 3% women
BMX Picker (7 days ago)
I get the same as I myself am a Old School BMX Picker,i get haters all the time because of what I do. You gotta love it when they keep fallowing you to see what you will post-up next on youtube. Keep up your good work. I don't play this game,I just like how you tell it as it is & by showing people what they have.
Jeffrey Herrarte (7 days ago)
Lol the 3%
toktokk666 (7 days ago)
My mind is on that xenosaga in the background
mtg_survivalist st (7 days ago)
I have no opinion towards you personally because I've never met yup irl. I honestly think though it scares you because the gravy train you and others were lucky enough to ride for the last 3-5 years is becoming Sooo flooded with other investors that the market is just killing itself really. With the exception of the RL and RL sets. I've invested my fair share into the RL, but over the last year man its all I hear every set from everyone, I'm buying a case to sit on, and I'm not talking just owners/shops, I'm talking everyone. Even the 16yo kids are in the lgs like I'm buying a case with my friend and we are giving them to our parents to keep safe until I'm out of college. With everyone buying made to pri you sets up for hording I'm curious what it's gonna look like in 5-10 years when everyone and their friends are sitting on cases from every set. The one positive thing is in guess everyone investing in sealed products is making hasbro and wotc money
kyanwan (7 days ago)
so ... with intrinsic value grossly inflated on vintage sets - and the people who would appreciate vintage sets being eh, maybe in their 40s-60s You're dumping your stock of vintage stuff in 15-20 years. It's what I would do. Get the highest payers before they're out of the market. Now. Does the market react like a real market does to the newfound glut? Nope. I doubt it. Our layperson (TIMMY) thinks too short term. No strategy. No planning. No concept of what investing really is: PATIENCE
draxxus9801 (7 days ago)
Rudy - I managed to save up 4x Doritos Locos tacos (very floppy) and wanted to get your opinion on investing in Modern Horizons
Matthew Bryant (7 days ago)
13:13 man hording hella boxes tells youtubers they are crazy for wanting to hoard hella boxes.... is this mean? Monkey see, Monkey do is how this video stuff works yo ;) seriously though, it is true.
Matthew Bryant (7 days ago)
I bet those people bought hella shares in $HAS at 100 a share and didn't sell on Trade War news because they think MTG can save Hasbro stock from the Trade War... that is my guess...
Matthew Bryant (7 days ago)
let us see your shoe collection; what shoe's you investing in? Trade War is going to make all us sneaker investor's rich yo
Matthew Bryant (7 days ago)
yeah... but like, look at SoftBank... you invest early before the IPO and make hella money.
Gabriel Nunes (7 days ago)
Now everybody knows how floppy your taco is...
Robert McClurg (7 days ago)
Ooo a raiders box!
Louis Love (7 days ago)
Watch 'The Big Short' if you want even more insight into what ol' man Rudy's on about xD
Donovan Powell (7 days ago)
I thought cabal therapist was confirmed in the set
james griffin (8 days ago)
Didn't this guy say he wasnt gonna make any new videos
Paolo Guina (8 days ago)
Gotta love that tolarian intro!🤣
GrandmasBasementGames (8 days ago)
Whats in the raiders of the lost ark boxes I might invest
Mikey 2DropZ (8 days ago)
Rudy could build any deck in any card game he wanted, I envy him.
The bees Knees (8 days ago)
Rudy showing all you idiots that YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT. "I want to invest in modern horizon" You mean I wanna be a fucking scalper like the rest of these fools.
Wray Day (8 days ago)
Hmmmm, if we fix our quality control issues, people might get excited.
Jon Arbuckle (8 days ago)
I wanted to invest in being a Patreon....But I am a Snow Mexican.
Steven .Walker (8 days ago)
The opening killed me! 😂😂😂😂
dillydoor (8 days ago)
You need your own promos. Include a $10 taco bell card with each case we buy
Mauro Araújo (8 days ago)
i knew the game sinc 99 but i can not afford back in the days ...I started to play at 3 years back in khans in FNM at LGS ... then and i stopped .. sell my collection ,buy more cards turn to pauper ... LGS closed ... sold some pauper decks keep others not all ... mtg arena ignite the addict in me ... i went to pre realease day at near LGS (same owner other location far from my home ), and i buy a booster from now and then at stores Every Product standard , special .. timys edition ... its a risk and folks at the end of the day its just a pretty cardboard on a nice wrap ... Be cautious. and i think the hype will not stick much longer maybe only 50% of new players will stay the demand will be high but it is a Hyped train ready to wreck (because magic game is around NETDECKING META in every format and at the end of the day its the best market indicator). if we do the math play the game is expensive , i counted the costs and you can spend over 300+€ in 6 month (even more if u play for the promo at fnm with the same decklist of last grandprix champion) cost are spend fuel to go to LGS , pay the events .. buy accessories ...buy singles... and at rotation all value turn in to ash some will fall to pauper other to Modern ... I love the game and i love collecting ... I think at this times the market will take more time to soak the excess of product and maybe its an investment for 4 /5 + years wait to market move (war of spark too) for that reason i will buy only one booster box (never bought none ) .
Default Noob (8 days ago)
Carefully, he's a sage.
fungas4201 (8 days ago)
You rotten bastard! ......... I love you. Signed, Someone you don’t know lol
itimmy101 (8 days ago)
Heyyy i resent that...lol Professor, you look completely different 🤣
Citinited (8 days ago)
I'm just here to invest in lighthouses
Brian Rogers (8 days ago)
Hmmm.... What could be encouraging people to speculate on sealed boxes? Anyone have any idea? What has changed in the last year or so that could make people focused on collecting sealed Magic product? Rudy, do you have any idea what could have caused this change?
Rashad, the Stranger (8 days ago)
Where you said how are people making money out of nothing...that is gold. An observation that can be had for the entire Usury Economic System.
Grasshopper (8 days ago)
Modern Horizons has to make an impact on Modern or it will flop. If the cards make an impact, then Modern players will need to buy the cards and the set will do well. I predict that the set will be at least decent. I wouldn't bet on it being great right now since we don't know much, but it has to at least be decent and definitely not weak.
Give me 20 boxes! Ship to Timmy’s Magic Shop and emporium 555 Gigity Dr Alabama
B Rolstad (8 days ago)
Rudy, The reason it's called "Modern Horizons" is because each pack is going to contain a horizon canopy and each box has at least an average of 2 horizon canopy foil masterworks. IM TELLING YOU. at 36 packs a box, 61.37$ a horizon canopy (EP on masterwork sitting around ~ 19,929.84$) we get an average box value of $42,069. a SINGLE BOX RUDY.
William Zavatsky (8 days ago)
So what I'm getting outta this whole thing is that sick force of will mat, so what your saying is they reprinting it aye? Lol just messing love the vids brother
Timmy investors HATE him! Find out how this homeless guy manipulates the cardboard market with one simple video!
Mitchell Boyd (8 days ago)
PSA. Vintage Cube is back on mtg online! Just turn 1'ed a Tamiyo. Turn 1 Black Lotus Mox Land NBD. SO FUN!!!!
jeremy debraccio (8 days ago)
Rudy if you threw a box of the dbz cards off the empire state building would anything good come out?
jeremy A (8 days ago)
@RUDY. VIDEO IDEA. How to turn 10,000 cash into 100,000 cash and then 100,000 cash into 1,000,000 cash as fast and risky as possible VS slow and virtually guaranteed as possible and then how to build wealth from that point. GO
Basel Owies (8 days ago)
You da man Rudy!
Sirin Niris (8 days ago)
Lmao tolarian community college
Darius Michael (8 days ago)
As always, rudy like any good business man, answers everyone's questions with questions.
14:12 Oh really? Well F*** you Rudy. You dirty scumbag. You are wrong about everything and so is your mom. There you go, you're welcome my friend. Don't say I never did anything for you.
AverageJoe bro (8 days ago)
My LGS is ridiculously cool! I got one box of modern horizons pre ordered in March because I had extra money. I paid $250 and if the price drops they'll give the difference back to me but if it goes up theyll leave the price. Things like that are why I drive 40 minutes to see them and buy items purposely that have the highest margins for the store. Their "product" is literally a good place for magic players and alot of stores miss that nowadays. I'll happily pay 5-10% more on my leisure purchases if I feel their honest with me.
Joseph Blain (8 days ago)
On this episode of "Rudy tries to come to terms with his viewers not understanding finance" Rudy once again fails.
stasyszy (8 days ago)
Your gonna be wrong, its all free eazy money, totally unsustainable and all the whales will buying the top so that i can make profit. It will never end, buy now or regret it later. - every timmy ever
Christian Klarman (8 days ago)
Don’t see it with this set, there is an open pre release at the lgs and it is still more affordable than UM so no, I don’t see it sky rocketing right away. Yup, boxes going for like 170 something shipped around here. It will be a fun set, no reason to get to worked up, it will be printed a bunch.
J B (8 days ago)
With energy like that, you will never get old
Eric Schaeffer (8 days ago)
I am actually not that excited yet about modern horizon. I probably will buy a box just to play some sealed and get some of the cards...but honestly I expect a lot of old cards that no one will play in modern ever. It will have lots of cards we have already seen from the past master sets...I am sure it will have like 2-3 Chase cards as usual. I really hope they go with the box topper idea, or maybe bring back the masterpiece hype( 1 amazing card you have 1 out of 50 boxes to pull kinda thing).
Nick Fortin (8 days ago)
Hey.. the more "investors" that get hosed the better it is for all of us
Mark1130 (8 days ago)
Magic is still a card game, right? Do I still go to the local store or the bank? Screw it, I'm going taco bell and crack a few packs out of the 5 dollar box.
NickelEdge (8 days ago)
It could very easily be reprints of Fallen empires. And everyone gets stuck with this generations Fallen empires. Right now is probably the worst time to invest in MTG with it popularity being at such a high. And so many people investing in it, It will most likely be a repeat of what happened with every collectable. It happened with comics repeatedly. And star wars figures. I would think the best time to invest is when the player base is at a low, and there is a good set. But also a risky time if the player base doesn't recover. So probably better when you see the player base recovering. I hope that mtg is on a continuing growth and heading for even high number of players. But also afraid that were at a current height and were heading to a down turn. Then you get things like Disney infinity figures. A lot of people bough figures during the hype and spent a lot on them. I got mine after the hype and places like toys r us were selling them for a few bucks each.
Robin (8 days ago)
It’s unlikely that, in ten years time, you won’t see a return on what you bought though surely? Maybe not as much as others sets from the past, but still. Also, when is the right time to sell these non-reserve list boxes/boosters/cards?
Pandalicious (8 days ago)
Tim Andrews (8 days ago)
I'm not a timmy I swear it....
Elliot1129 (8 days ago)
Ah, here we see an unkempt V. Frankenstien repulsed by his own creation, and attempting to flee from it. Where will he be when reports of overinvested Timmy's lying dead on the street start coming in?
ThePedro1233 (8 days ago)
I’ve been around since the beginning. Although I do love the videos and the information, there isn’t that same feeling of exploration like at the beginning. Like a bunch of us were exploring a frontier with all this mystery and adventure. A lot of negativity, but a few of us willing and wanting to believe in you and sticking with it. This has been one amazing ride Rudy. Thank you for being the navigator
Germany Jones (8 days ago)
Pumpin n dumpin Rudy 2020
faddel f (8 days ago)
Rudy where are you in this video?
Travis Benson (8 days ago)
This is my favorite ASMR channel thanks for the tingles
Jack Garcia (8 days ago)
You make a really solid point Rudy. I would say the only difference in your analogy is that you can’t battle your friends house against yours. While buying large stock of product to keep it sealed could flood the market it also could only increase the chances of people playing the game and collecting again. Either again or for the 1st time. Again, back to my main point that you can’t battle your friends house against yours but I can buy 2 of the newest set that comes out for 1 being to invest and the other to play with. While the idea of buying product to keep it sealed seems unhealthy because that typically is the case with 99.9999% of investments; MTG is unique for 1) being a card game (obviously) 2) being made with absolutely no intention of being an investment. With MTG being the unique investment that it is, I believe the mindset of intentionally buying product just to keep it sealed (even though typically seems unhealthy) will only bring positive outcomes for MTG in multiple ways besides just for the investors.
CarbonTalon (8 days ago)
The worst part about the comments section these days are the parrots who feel the need to incessantly repeat things you say like a cult of fan boys... It's really sad to watch.... It was funny when he said it... it's just cringy to see several hundred people mocking word for word what he says...just in text....
Jose Gomez (8 days ago)
Rudy I want to get into magic I play with friends back then school but someone stole my cards 🥺 I really want to play I wanted to know if you can help me thank you and have a wonderful day
Nicholas Applebee (8 days ago)
Whenever I get swept up in the increasing prices I watch "the big short"
Conner Gilley (8 days ago)
Instructions unclear just bought 3000 MH boxes.
CyberCross (8 days ago)
People need to remember every high has to end. Eventually the craze will end when a set crash and burns. It's pattern. The hype train goes as long as it can. Then a set does bad and because of the previous hype, people get really upset even when a set isn't super bad, if it comes off the back of something amazing. This is a perfect moment to see such a thing. War of the Spark hype is insane. Look at foil Japanese alt art prices. Liliana is over $1000. The next set has to prove to be as good as this, and if it's not people will be disappointed
Taylor Mallory (8 days ago)
Never underestimate fomo.
The12thbunnie (8 days ago)
how much to open some L5R
Randal (8 days ago)
4 booster cases of Eternal Masters in my closet. Doubled their value in a year. Feeling smug.
Martijn Boerkamp (8 days ago)
*does angry interpretive dance* hows that for genuine rage, Rudy?
Stella (9 days ago)
A. Velderrain (9 days ago)
People swapped fast because all the Timmies who got their Mythic Editions cancelled got back the money and needed to spend it somewhere.
ForceOfLight (9 days ago)
Holy shit I see BuddyFight boxes, lol
Zeal (9 days ago)
Pokemon Modern Horizons
Danger Ponim (9 days ago)
רודי מגדל את הזקן לימי הספירה
EnthrallingBass140 (9 days ago)
Love the new setup
I think you're right to be wary of so many people thinking they're MTG investors now. So many boxes are being horded and specialty products like War of the Spark Mythic Edition are being gobbled up by people near $1,000 thinking it will only go up. When people need to get rid of their supply, there will be a lot of supply and not enough demand for the product, especially when most sets are printed into oblivion now. I'm broke building up my small business and I'm very frugal, but even I have been so tempted to invest in Magic. That's a bad sign. Fees and shipping plus a lot of supply make it not worth the risk right now. Reserved list should be fine but the rest is way too risky.
Scaran1982 (9 days ago)
Is there another card game other then magic that's good to play?
Martin King (7 days ago)
Netrunner is very, very good from what I've heard. You could also check out Keyforge, and there is a Lord of the Rings tcg that I've heard good things about.
prabal34 (9 days ago)
You look like you need a good night's sleep my friend.
Chris Sudlow (9 days ago)
There is definitely some uncertainty that has been injected into the magic market...we don't know how long all this new blood will keep buying opening or investing...or how long they will stick around..the sales numbers from WOTS were astounding...even considering when you factor in that arena is cannibalizing some of the paper card sales....as each set comes out we will have to gauge the demand levels to see whether new player retention is transferring to higher sales...as far as the asset appreciates i would expect a standard curve....most new players can't resist the temptation to open up new product....in terms of investability...it will simply be a guage of demand over the next few product runs....as for right now tips up bull crazy...we are in a wild modern run....i know it terrifies you to see the eventual crash as history would dictate...but fuck it drink the kool aid all in mother fuckers...ride or die bitches
Chris Sudlow (9 days ago)
Chris Sudlow (9 days ago)
Why are your nerves wracked you little bitch....put up or shut up....we in this for the long haul

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