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Wizards Getting Roasted Over Ultimate Masters #MTGUMA

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Text Comments (391)
UnsleevedMedia (1 month ago)
The ROASTING Is In Full Effect!
Jarvis Davis (1 month ago)
My local gaming store it selling pre-sales for 250
Łukasz S (1 month ago)
Basicly 14:27 minutes about how bad price for that set is - true, but untill we see real price on shelf in game stores we can only speculate about money. For me rest of this video is "meh", (still like Your videos for diffrent opinion). Some reprints are no needed ? Seriously ? No needed for You or for who ? They reprinted snapcaster once not in oblivion, still good card for imho too big price. Some people don't like arts likt this ? fine but whatever, it is Your personal preferences nothing more.
Mox Avenger (1 month ago)
This set looks so awesome! Wizards really nailed it on this one. Kudos to the best game company that has ever been! I can't wait to get some of these much needed reprints.
tacitrequiem (1 month ago)
You are basing your opinion of "is it worth the money" on 40 spoiled cards. Suggested retail in 335 not 350. Its being sold on ebay for 275-300 now. A sealed box topper will likely get more than $35, so subtract that from 275=$240. $10 per pack. Its fine to be negative, just be realistic! Also, thanks for not fake laughing in this video, it was aweful last time.
Solutus Eversol (1 month ago)
UnsleevedMedia no your not alone. I too think these “borderless” cards are ugly. They look like misprints to me and WOTC just said eh let’s sell them as expensive borderless cards! People will eat this up!
ReKCaHURT (4 days ago)
It's a damn shame that they used Japanese paper and the ev was 600 dollars oops I guess the tilting is just for the big sad boys
Sgtnameless (8 days ago)
That's why i preordered a box and most likely won't buy a box after it's released. pre-release at least the price is give or take where it should be vs buying it after release and having to pay $100 more. The only reason why I'm choosing to buy box vs just buying the cards I want is, like typically with every box i buy, i have multiple different decks that typically can use what i pull.
Eldon Erc (11 days ago)
Huummm seems like everyone in the comments think there gonna pull a lilli outta every box. There's gonna be alot more klinker box's than gold.good luck seeing return on investment. Which sadly is what magic has become.
Screw The Net (13 days ago)
Too many masters sets...ugh...master bation.
Ainer von Fiehlen (13 days ago)
Since i decided to sell all the expensive Stuff from my Collection - all what's available as Proxies - and replaced it with very good looking Chinese Proxies, i don't care about this Shit anymore. This was the best Decision i made ever!!. There's no Reason to buy this ridiculously overexpensived Pieces of Paper anymore. The Proxies since 2018 look sometimes even better than the original Cards. To bad there's no way to get Digital Proxies.
RayDawg 4200 (14 days ago)
great looks like I just saved thousands! looks like i can sell and move on. after 25 years this is a joke. goodbye!
LoaTheWolf (15 days ago)
I personally don't think any of the cards in ultimate masters need to be reprinted, the prices are fine as they are, that's just me though
william nicholas (17 days ago)
Ultimate Garbage! Fuck WOTC! It's like they hate their players?
Andrew Vachon (19 days ago)
I am glad that my lgs priced it at $265
atomaweapon (21 days ago)
i think the borderless design look cool
LawnJohnSilver (22 days ago)
I hate the fact they did that with the art work , I think it’s BS! People have been hand painting the cards to look like that and Wizards is stealing the idea I believe ??🤔
rene ziesig (22 days ago)
you cant spell capitalism without greed
Mike Dobs (22 days ago)
I really Love this set!
Yahel Robles (22 days ago)
The thing is that WOTC isnt going to let the card prices go down, because, what are they going to sell if the prices go down on the cards?
Robert Corrigan (27 days ago)
The box toppers are really good. Great looking cards.
Xan DK (27 days ago)
i dunno the professor shit on it
joseph kelly (29 days ago)
Wizards seems out of touch with people who actually play the game and instead is over committed to the 2nd hand market and premium collectors.
colpuck1 (29 days ago)
Meh, I am excited for the set.
joseph kelly (29 days ago)
Ultimate Masters is trending MTG towards irrelevance.
Tom Flak (29 days ago)
Wedge recently had surgery, so yea he might be short on $$$ because Hospitals gouge people's wallets harder the WOTC could dream. Aside from that I can't argue with your commentary. Just don't see why a cheapshot at Wedge was necessary..
Monty2451 (1 month ago)
I think that comment about the "Masterpiece set from a few months ago" is actually referring to GoR: Mythic Edition (which they royally screwed up as well with the limited release and outrageous price tag), not M25.
Monty2451 (1 month ago)
Not to mention that the price has already dropped to about $270 a box, and even less fram a few places.
Scott Was3ted Thomas (1 month ago)
My lgs is saying $25 per pack in Australia as a Min price
Todd Lewis (1 month ago)
They’re 11.66$ a pack. Why does he keep saying 14$?
Alexander Neimeth (1 month ago)
Karn is definitely a needed reprint he’s worth 60-80$
tstokemb (1 month ago)
Tcgplayer has them for under 280
TherealWinston (1 month ago)
"they care about payers, not players", yeah, isn't that much of a surprise to me
Ernest C (1 month ago)
Despite all the shit it’s getting, I firmly stand for Ultimate Masters. If it was cheap, hundreds of thousands of modern players would complain their thousand dollar decks lost all its value. We all know what happens when reprints happen, so to counter that it has to be expensive. The EV is high enough for the same impact as other masters set (it’s actually very proportional to EV of Eternal Masters). It can be considered a cash grab, but WOTC is now directly gambling with its most popular format. It’s not gambling with the 1% legacy, it’s putting in its chips on The Format of the game, so I commend them for even reprinting all of these despite the price.
lichonski128 (1 month ago)
If Wizards ignores the secondary market (as they claim), then these sets should be $4.00 a pack. $100 a box. Maybe add a "premium rarity" for powerful cards to force people to purchase more boxes to get those specific cards.
Wow, when Unsleeved and The Professor have the same opinion on something... that's a pretty big consensus. WotC is just ridiculous, they're turning away old and new fans from their game with their price barriers. They don't care about the playerbase, they now only catters to collectors and whales.
The Qla (1 month ago)
This set was bad...ok what's next?
meatrace (1 month ago)
What "shill channels" are trying to say UM is an amazing thing? The best I've heard is lukewarm, most people are very critical.
Miloslav Raus (1 month ago)
That's what you get for accepting someones colored paper at price greater then production cost of that colored paper .... Card Collectors are dumb sheeple who feed thieves who print their own money ...
David Smith (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did Boxes use to have 36 packs?
ScottNDX (1 month ago)
I keep seeing that box of Star Wars CCG behind you and I want it. I want it so bad!
Stanley Clark (1 month ago)
Did someone at wotc say they were going to change all the pronouns to gender neutral on new cards going forward? Or was that someone trolling?
Andrew W (1 month ago)
Liliana and Snapcaster have been reprinted into oblivion? When was that because I must have missed it. Until they were confirmed in UMA, and subsequently started trending downward slightly, they were around $90 and $70 each or there abouts according to mtggoldfish. If they had been "reprinted into oblivion" they would be significantly less money. Truth is these modern staples and more should be reprinted far more often than they have been.
Dee Light (1 month ago)
I think expeditions looked great for lands, masterpieces for others; Invocations... we don't talk about those lol.
gdog losthiswits (1 month ago)
wizards botch isn't even close to blizzard / diablo botch but that's just my opinion . But they should join forces for the ultimate money grab ...
naldric (1 month ago)
Karn not needed for reprint... stop watching...
0Asterite0 (1 month ago)
So much whining and entitled circle jerking lol. Hope wotc never reprints modern/legacy cards again
tricksonafixed (1 month ago)
The average cost that people are paying for ‘Ultimate Masters’ is around $300. In my opinion, if the card stock, ink, and foils are of a high quality then this price point is worth it. If the card selection in this set brings the expected value of the box close to around MSRP then it’s a good value for someone who is willing to buy it. I understand how it is slightly predatory of Wizards/Hasbro, but that’s just what it is. We need reprints, yes. We also need better card quality and less misprints too.
ejip84 (1 month ago)
Minature market sells it for 280.. ebay sellers are taking pre orders as low as 260
Roland Garofalo (1 month ago)
This truly needs to be boycotted. WOTC has gone too far. Let's just recap: - Highest MSRP of any product - Many of the boxtopper are absolute trash - Boxtopper "full art" isn't even full, it's just been enlarged - Guarantee the rest of the set reveals will be trash - Still terrible cardstock quality - Boxtopper came out of pack curled on live stream Even is enough. The whales and shills need to stop. It is time the players make a stand.
Hahahahahaha, think this is bad? Ever play 40k?
konohasaiyajin (1 month ago)
Just want to say that was 4 ad breaks in a *15 minute video*! Why would anyone subscribe to someone who does that to his viewers? LOL!
Rosskred11 (1 month ago)
for a lot of people, 15$ a pack is more than an hour at work.I'm not working an hour to just buy one pack of this and pull a lavaclaw reaches
SCOTT SLATER (1 month ago)
Is that a DBS Secret Rare you showed off? You should talk more about that game... it's so much superior to the garbage that MtG has become.
Sarka Szar (1 month ago)
Sounds like a classic Rip-off.
Antonio Ballve (1 month ago)
I do not get the hate on this set: The value is off the roof. There is a good article by chas andres on scg on this set. This is clearly not for EVERYONE but who cares. I just don't get this level of hate to wotc over this particular product
6 Pack Productions (1 month ago)
Karn doesn't need reprinting? It's $80, and that's having gone down since this reprint announcement. You are way off man. This set is flawed, but not by card selection.
vinohn (1 month ago)
Next gimmick: *ONLY text and symbols above the full art of the card*
David Larsen (1 month ago)
#ZoomedInArt the art on the master pieces are zoomed in and 9:19 cropped! How lazy cant even get a good full art!!!
This guy is a dork
David Wilcox (1 month ago)
man whenever i come to see whats going on with magic it gets worse and worse over there.
zedrick zedwick (1 month ago)
what wizards need to do, is grab some balls and reprint alpha and beta....
Zelpoke Beleren (1 month ago)
I completely agree with you, but I do think that most of the reprints are good.
THEMAMBA05 (1 month ago)
I personally love the borderless look of the cards and think this and full art lands are the shot in the arm that MTG needs for its cards.
Gary V (1 month ago)
Its really funny coming from Rudys video to this. You must be a really sad guy :p
iSpitboxer (1 month ago)
You're buggin if you think Lily and snapcaster are over printed lol. Haterrrrrr
Lochlann Niddrie (1 month ago)
The mana wedgy ahahah
Joey Burke (1 month ago)
Just a lot of complaining lmao, atleast your videos are consistent.
Paul Stewart (1 month ago)
It's looking like a great set Too bad it costs a fortune Not great, I might buy one or we might split it 4ways and _actually draft it!_ Because no one is willing to shell out 400CDN for a box of cardboard.
Omar Guzman (1 month ago)
WOTC is disgusting.
The Dark Side (1 month ago)
Reprints are the worst
bajexe (1 month ago)
Will reserve judgement until the full set spoilers are out but clearly the best cards in the set have been made into the promos. That means there's a lot of potential junk rares still left because wizards knows someone wants to open a bulk rare in their $15 pack. Will give this product a hard miss unless the EV is through the roof (on cards that won't tank like imperial recruiter/mana drain) and I can get it for a good price. Temporal manipulation is an $80 due to scarcity only. Once this gets out there even as a mythic look at imperial recruiter it went from $300 to $30 so this is likely to go from $80 to $8. That is a lot of EV loss wizards probably didn't bother to count.
Matthew Rollick (1 month ago)
Not even going to watch the video. I'm just here to point out Unsleeved media's bias. Jeremy was DCI banned for life and now he's angry and bitter. Boohoo. Listen folks, there's a reason this is so expensive. It's called supply and demand. Wizards is releasing a set chock full of high value reprints. They know that demand will be high, and supply is limited. Supply HAS to be limited in order for the high value cards to NOT lose their value! Therefore, since this will be in high demand, and they only have a limited number of boxes to sell, they have to adjust the price accordingly! It's simple economics people! Jeez! If I can afford to do so, I'll be buying a box! Just have to see what my finances are like in the next month or so.
Zweihander (1 month ago)
jeremy i follow your channel and like your videos, and i usually agree with 95% of your opinions but i disagree with some of your statements. most sellers on ebay are selling this set under msrp on ebay, and to advise people not to buy even one box if you are slightly interested in the cards i think is bad advice. theres no other set currently out there that have this combination of chase cards anywhere. yes some of these cards have been reprinted in other sets even a couple of times but they have never been sold together in this mass quantity. paying even 25$ under msrp is a profit for the average mtg player who doesnt make 70k a year (USD). this box will go 500-700$ in a years time easily so buying a box now for under 300$ is a steal ontop of the resale value. i dont think its worth it for the box topper nonsense but for the amount of hard to find cards in one box is a very good value. just my 2 cents, everything is subjective obviously.
Joseph Trapani (1 month ago)
cataclysmcollectables Is a card shop near Rockford IL. Great shop, discounted products. Been around for several years...
bradley cox (1 month ago)
Sad truth there partnership with Amazon and killing of direct sales to lgs means they just push it to big box stores. They could care less as long as they get there cut$. Once they get there money, they could care less who gets stuck with 400$ boxes.
machoalright (1 month ago)
payers vs players.. seems like the rest of the gaming industry is like that.
Leicester Blackthorne (1 month ago)
Your pic for this video reminded me of the late, great Bam Bam Bigelo, may he R.I.P..
Ricardo Barrera (1 month ago)
Karn does needed to be reprinted wtf
Curtis Parker (1 month ago)
I agree with the video but your stalking level for wedge is kinda getting ubsurd I meen if your in love with him you should probably just let him know and take your let down like a man...
Agent Tater, CODE. (1 month ago)
Incel shitters are mad about everything and still don't get pussy, what's new? (Also, Jeremy ran and hid from Matt Fantastic.)
Joe Cannavino (1 month ago)
Spot on criticism as usual. Such a great product from Wizards, the product we all wanted... then that price tag is such a slap in the face
Thadrana (1 month ago)
Nope, Not gonna buy this product. In fact, I stopped playing mtga. Those starter mono color started decks were garbage. Win rate 1/10 games? That’s a hard grind. They really push the player to dump money into it. I’m already building a war chest of physical decks, not gonna spend money in the digital space. To much like hearthstone and I burned out of that game less than 6 months.
mike johnson (1 month ago)
$5000 booster box reprint black Lotus 1out5000 chance 🤣
mike johnson (1 month ago)
Buy and sell high cause mtg is alway worth money
Joseph Gomez (1 month ago)
Everyone on youtube is freaking out and the truth is who cares. WOTC want to make money, nothing wrong with that, they are a "company" and they can do whatever the Fuck they want! Jeremy said Kozilek, Ulamog, and Emrukal don't need reprints, but yes the fucking do! I have needed the Titans for a while, other then Emrukal, but paying 40 dollars for a piece of Cardboard feels bad!! Cards should just be cheaper and for all the fanatics out there who want expensive ass cards, BUY EXPEDITIONS!! Because the average player ain't made out of fucking money! Like so Jeremy can read this shit!
daniel hartness (1 month ago)
Snapcaster has only ever been reprinted in 2017 masters. So definitely not reprinted into oblivion by any means. Same goes for Liliana, Emrakul, Kozilek and Karn. Is your hate WOTC bias impacting your opinion a little too hard? I do agree with thinking the price is absurd and left a comment for them.
Matthew P. (1 month ago)
You can buy a 55" 4k smart TV for the same price as one box.
THABUGMAN 94 (1 month ago)
“I don’t understand going half way” your half ass you jackass
Dara DeBuitlear (1 month ago)
It's hilarious how interested you are and so much content you create about Wotc. Let it go man, let it go!
Ryoma Ashikaga (1 month ago)
I'm honestly waiting for the day this comes out and it is sold out like the mythic edition. Like the collectors will eat it up like crazy because uber collectible item. The topper pack has been getting a lot flak (and rightfully so if the flashlight rumor is true, need to get around to watching that vid) With some thinking the Topper packs will be like Alpha packs where the potential of the 'full art' expensive cards will not change, but the supply of those topper packs will start going down very quickly once the boxes are out. Like, the amount of people complaining about it is really nice, but the sad part is that the whales will buy it all up (or at the very least a decent amount to cause secondary price hikes on the boxes themselves like other master sets generally) But is it the death of Magic? Depends on the person :/
The other week, a friend of mine didn't believe me about the curling. So to prove me wrong, he bought a pack - and when the cards started curling, I curled up laughing.
Jaskinia Męstwa (1 month ago)
I still think the curling of the cards are caused by the greasy, sweaty palms of overly excited nerds that open packs. But there might also be a quality issue, why not.
Kevin Li (1 month ago)
The lazy extended art is what is really dumb about this. It really looks like someone just zoomed in to make it fill the page. Rather than trying to make a good Masters set to sell more, they decided to just make less of it, which is really disappointing for a reprint set. The result is that this is just another product for investors, not collects or players. Because of its limited printing status, the prices will barely be impacted.
doomtomb3 (1 month ago)
Karn, not needed as a reprint? Lol ok troll
Luiz Emmerich (1 month ago)
Lots of people will buy it anyway... so why not?
Radu Profeanu (1 month ago)
I am adhering to the overall sentiment that this product is nothing more then a cash grab on WOTC behalf. But to state that Liliana and Snappy where reprinted to oblivion that is a gross overstatement. Also Karn not needed....hmmm could it be that you are becoming bias Jeremy?
A (1 month ago)
long time of go
Oscar garcia (1 month ago)
"30$ Dollars is fine"
Michael Malin (1 month ago)
I'm going to keep saying this over and over again. The borderless "full art" is literally just zoomed in. They didn't even fucking try.
WarpRulez (1 month ago)
Maybe if they call their customers racist misogynists, and argue that not buying the product is toxic masculinity, then surely it will sell like hotcakes.
Tibblaye Enoshima (1 month ago)
these "full arts" are trash hell pokemon and force of will does it better
phildev (1 month ago)
ok I do not think it will be that big of a deal. I can already preorder this masters set at one of europes biggest online stores that always deliveres on their perorders and the price is 240EUR... so in the end double the price of iconic masters;) lets just see what the box EV is.. but it will be mainly a singles-sellers secondary market box and it could bring down the prices for singles help the people to afford cards for their modern decks.. we have to see what is in it.. haven´t looked at the content of the set yet.
dimebag5884 (1 month ago)
REprinted into oblivion? Are you retarded? If a card costs over £50, you don’t need more than two brain cells to run together in order to tell which of supply/demand is dominant.
The Nerdiacs Podcast (1 month ago)
$10 rares in a box that costs $335 a box LOOOOOL MTG players are suckers and Wizards knows it.
Bryce Richardson (1 month ago)
An animation critic on YouTube known as Saberspark is doing a video on what is ruining Blizzard.

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