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Long pee holding experiment

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miku (9 days ago)
Hello! Let's get right to the topic. The "secret" playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnmA5Ts23tMlmqWf7KwVA3zXQhazMKOuV&jct=8T1bo-IG0gV9QHIcnwCfpJfzAKLbCg -------- Also I'd like to make an omorashi videogallery website (like, without registration and free from any form of restrictions). Soo, contact me (you can DM me), if you have any ideas or can provide a little help with that. UPD: My YT Contacts Invitation Link: https://youtube.com/add_contact?c=kIx5XBnJkXABUqeY5ih5hW7WyzUtAg Cheers, Nika ❤️.
Sal South (4 days ago)
says playlist does not exist?
john thang (6 days ago)
Is that a secret?
DrPhilthyPHD (6 days ago)
No videos unfortunately. Removed.
Ste phen (5 hours ago)
hot, plz do more but maybe longer to see more desperation
ESO !!!!!!!!!!! (8 hours ago)
bob stone (18 hours ago)
made me so horny i acctually peed then walked around my house in it
TrueSlavii (1 day ago)
at 2:35 she is bursting thank me later
Riley Atalig (6 hours ago)
No i wont
TrueSlavii (1 day ago)
when you bursted it didnt look like you actually bursted
Samantha Samantha (1 day ago)
If I get 5 likes, Please do it till we see you leak all the way!
Last Mohican (2 days ago)
Do a vid where you actually pee
Riley Atalig (6 hours ago)
Cool i want to see you pee tho 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
LuigiBro74 (2 days ago)
Nice ass Jiggle 2:48
Callum Anderson (2 days ago)
This is sexy as hell. That massive bladder bulge was AWESOME. I would love to be in between your legs when you finally let it go!
Beauty Bomboms (3 hours ago)
Callum Anderson ...
Courtney Vlogs (3 days ago)
You could die from holding your wee you know, because your bladder will get full and go back into your stomach and irritate it
Sugadaddy33 (3 days ago)
Make a video where you dress where your like at 2:41 hold pee then just burst in your underwear
Cookie GirlAndBoy200 (3 days ago)
jad yass (4 days ago)
Why don't you do the challenge again?
jad yass (4 days ago)
Probably staying all the way though.
Dorothy Mosley (4 days ago)
Remove Ur panties naa
Pee Ur pants yaaaa.. funny
Missy Shelton (5 hours ago)
Sal South (4 days ago)
Can you record more of the holding/desperation part? Like 20 mins or more. That's my favorite part.
Bantam_ Studios (4 days ago)
Did you make it?
TIA1234 (1 day ago)
I hope she didn't
Ollie_McWeeb (5 days ago)
youtube needs you. we're a dying race here, and trying to have videos be as clean as possible so they don't get removed somehow makes it more appealing, idk
Shaun Davids (5 days ago)
love it ..
Mist Kasey (5 days ago)
Jessica Barlin (5 days ago)
This has got to be the most unique video I have ever seen.
Toilet Time (6 days ago)
Nice blue knickers! Yeah in a way we can see how your stomach is getting bigger as your kidneys are producing, bet it felt sooooo good to finally sit on the toilet and go to toilet! Bet you needed to go to toilet a few tines in quick succession as you were hard at work processing all that water! You could come and sit on my toilet anytime you needed to go to the girls’ room 😃 you have such a good fit figure by the way girl!
Justice Drisdles (2 days ago)
Justice Drisdles (2 days ago)
Rashelle Centeno (3 days ago)
Toilet Time (4 days ago)
Edwin Smith her piss pot sure looked full :) bet it felt so good when she went to the toilet!
Cute :3
Space Man (8 days ago)
Really wuick is this YOU you?
jad yass (10 hours ago)
+miku So.. IS there a part 2, or?
miku (5 days ago)
Space Man no, this is frenchy_omorashi
sealwannabe3 (8 days ago)
very nice, you have a great figure as well
john thang (6 days ago)
pelurdo (8 days ago)
I want to do the expermiment
outdoor pinkler (8 days ago)
How much did you pee? 1 liter?
AMS BEE (2 days ago)
miku (5 days ago)
outdoor pinkler maybe, 2?
@factory (9 days ago)
Nika is the best girl
dark night (9 days ago)
Where the pee tho i wanna see pee
ewel g (1 hour ago)
Please pee
Riley Atalig (6 hours ago)
Dang show yoyr pee
Buck. Queen1 (2 days ago)
Ur nasty
JoeJoe TheGray (4 days ago)
the crazy weebus (4 days ago)
bob last (9 days ago)
You should do more videos like this
Mark 576 (9 days ago)

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