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HTML & CSS Tutorial: Width, Height, Position and Float!

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http://www.dev-hq.net/html-css/10--width-height-position-float . . Width, Height, Position, Float, Clear, Inline and Block elements and a bunch of other cool stuff . .
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Text Comments (35)
Mills Tennis (2 years ago)
never mind I found it on the website
Mills Tennis (2 years ago)
what program are you using? Also, can it run on a Mac?
Nano_Sec 242 (2 years ago)
COLOR =666 @[email protected]
arpit shah (3 years ago)
first learn things yourself then come to teach ...
Joe Shmoo (3 years ago)
ty ty
naif dezorder (3 years ago)
Thx broZa, very useful.. May GOD bless you with lots of peace .. ;) Ameen (Y)
Danilo Molesini (3 years ago)
If u want to change te widht of inline element, u have to use display: inline-block.
Bashkim Ukshini (3 years ago)
Thank you buddy, keep it up!
threalvlad (3 years ago)
Maybe learning a bit before recording the videos would help...Cheers
Ivan Grozev (4 years ago)
Great video! Thanks!
Normala Brato (4 years ago)
dude that part of video when you tried to change width of a span gave me best laugh of my life lol...when you tried to change it few times and said "im a span umad bro?" freaking hilarious xD
Pippa (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for the tutorial. I would imagine that the image element's width is determined by the image size, the same way that the span is determined by the 'text size'. So although it seems like you're setting the size of the element, you're actually setting the size of the image which is giving the element it's size...?
primazzo1 (4 years ago)
+Pippa You make a great point. Thanks for the clarification.
Moses Hill (4 years ago)
Hey Dev. Nothing to ask., and a lot to thank.. U´ve done a nice thing  by separating the codes. That way it gets easier to find and correct errors and the work becomes more productive. Thanks from Sao Paulo, Brazil....
Big Lebowski (4 years ago)
Thanks - with this tutorial I finally got Senior Front End Developer! Now I earn 5000 bucks / month - rawwwwr raaaawr!
Matjaž Saksida (5 years ago)
Excellent and very usefull tutorial
brandon kent (5 years ago)
yea if you say so 
Zephyros256 (5 years ago)
You can use <span> tags in a paragraph to give it different aspects If in a paragraph you want to give 5 words that are spread around the paragraph a different color(all of those words the same color) you can use a span tag
The447658 (5 years ago)
Thanks, enjoyed the video and it cleared up some things. Good job.
Tom Richter (5 years ago)
HELP me with this one... NEVER have I seen a website highlight what your input into google... (it happens at 7m: 40s) Can ANYONE HELP me understand what hot key that is? How did he do that?
Henry Audubon (5 years ago)
Keep talking fast! We can always replay a video if we missed something.
maximpulse (5 years ago)
What fun! I love your presentation style (your manner I mean)! It's fun o see you hit a snag and then go get the information to figure it out. It's more interesting than just presenting canned, polished stuff because I get to go through the train of thought that leads to the knowledge. You are a swift speaker, but not too fast for me. Better than letting moss grow on you.
Thomas Michael Lowth (6 years ago)
You're awesome bro!
Anastasia Dita (6 years ago)
"omg what just happened..." lol
hugh dingwall (6 years ago)
Dontunderstnad why people are moaning! this is great! if youre having problem understnad just replay the video a couple of times :)
Nicci David (6 years ago)
very ungrateful...he took the time to do the tutorial, if you don't like how he talks, how come you don't take the time to look up another one that speaks at your sluggish pace. I despise slow tutorials that drag on for an hour and a half. Maybe I can just keep up. I hope he doesn't slow down too much. It reminds me of my old chemistry teacher. Teaching methodical and slow. No wonder I couldn't help but to fall asleep in that class!!!
Nicci David (6 years ago)
I do not understand why these people complain;here you are giving a free tutorial, and you are too fast or omg you had to trouble shoot. Thank you for the video. You are not perfect and no one is, that is why sometimes we have typos and other things go wrong. I like how you had to "google" something.It shows people they may run into problems. Thanks again for the tutorial. :)
Richard Walsh (6 years ago)
forgot to add: why would you have more that 1 span tag if you want it in 1 line? wouldn't 1 span tag work the same? you have 2 span tag in the same line. would there be a reason for this? sorry if it sounds silly...
Richard Walsh (6 years ago)
in this tut, i don't quite understand the difference of the <p and a <span
DevHQLessons (6 years ago)
I (and many others) seem to find that my speech is at a reasonable pace which keeps things moving along which not being painfully slow, however I will keep your comments in mind when producing future tutorials. As for your comments about "vaguely researched ... rabbit trails", I would tend to agree and I have since avoided such large diversions, and also generally research my topics a lot deeper. Thanks for your comments.
DevHQLessons (7 years ago)
This tutorial wasn't even about colour so I'm not sure why you're questioning that on _this_ video. As covered in other tutorials you can set the 'color' property or use the 'background-color' property depending on what king of "colour" you were referring to (and you'll want to do these under a 'p' (or more specific) selector).
John Conway (7 years ago)
Thank you for showing the search function of CSS and HTML. It is after all how most of us get here. I dont think to many people go on holiday with CSS bookmarked in the browser. This has been a long time for me in the search for CSS instructions. Thanks again for not editing out the searches and problems.
DevHQLessons (7 years ago)
@Pickledeggs3000 1. Well I like it (and it IS my channel!). I'm not trying to be super professional, I'm trying to be human and a good teacher. 2. Watching it back, it really does sound like I'm going to plug the Dev-HQ forums, and then I just say "Google it!" :P I should have put a DHQF plug there.
Eden Crow (7 years ago)
1: Personally I hate troubleshooting in a video, makes it look really unproffesional 2: You forgot to tell people to come to the Dev-HQ forum for help :P

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