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Mathematics Of Tears - Red Flag

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A music video creation 2004 Note: This has nothing to do with the real members of Red Flag! The music is Red Flag but the video is not. *Check out The Rose Phantom's own music @ these links: http://www.therosephantom.com & http://www.therosephantom.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (5)
electrotech3000 (9 months ago)
I guess no comment mutha
Alejo Acosta (8 years ago)
Wonderful, wonderful Red Flag song!
Aqueoua (10 years ago)
To see such deep and resonant lyrics come from one who looks so young...it's strange, but is just right at the same time. You are rapidly infecting my musical collection, and I can only say that your videos lend an aura to the songs that only makes me enjoy them more.
milirod (11 years ago)
I noticed there were 4 of you and now there's two, what happened??
The Rose Phantom (11 years ago)
Yes, this is a great song by RF! All I care about is having the atmosphere in the videos I do. I'm glad you see it. Thanks for watching.

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