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Thievery Corporation - Treasures From the Temple [Full Album Stream]

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Full, continues audio stream of Thievery Corporation's 2018 release, "Treasures From the Temple." GET THE ALBUM: https://thieverycorporation.com/treasures TRACK PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZMps7ZJMfTNt9_KUURDHur79OdYCu2I4 Released on April 20, 2018, Thievery Corporation's "Treasures from the Temple" is a follow-up LP to the band’s chart-topping 2017 album, Temple of I & I. The 12-track compendium includes a trove of original recordings and remixes from the band’s Temple sessions at Geejam Studios in Port Antonio, Jamaica with vocal appearances by LouLou Ghelichkhani, Mr. Lif, Sitali, Racquel Jones, Natalia Clavier and Notch. // GET TREASURES FROM THE TEMPLE// https://thieverycorporation.com/treasures // FOLLOW THIEVERY CORPORATION // http://thieverycorporation.com http://youtube.com/thieverycorporation http://facebook.com/thieverycorporation http://twitter.com/thieverycorpdc http://instagram.com/thieverycorporation
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Text Comments (690)
Samuraj90 (1 year ago)
1. 00:00 San San Rock 2. 04:05 History (feat. Mr. Lif & Sitali) 3. 07:47 Music to Make You Stagger 4. 13:32 Letter to The Editor (feat. Racquel Jones) /Thievery Remix/ 5. 17:01 Destroy the Wicked (feat. Notch) 6. 20:48 Guidance 7. 25:10 Water Under the Bridge (feat. Natalia Clavier) 8. 29:57 Voyage Libre (feat. LouLou Ghelichkhani) 9. 33:52 Road Block (feat. Racquel Jones) /Thievery Remix/ 10. 38:04 Joy Ride (feat. Mr. Lif & Sitali) 11. 41:43 La Force de Melodie (feat. LouLou Ghelichkhani) 12. 45:50 Waiting Too Long (feat. Notch)
sonahawk (3 months ago)
valeu mano!!!
Nahuel Di Giorgio (6 months ago)
Maxi truso
Faisal (6 months ago)
Thanks man
Imran Ababan (8 months ago)
Thank you man
EDDIE WINTZ (8 months ago)
meneer inderdaad (14 hours ago)
You guys are Legends! Thank you so much for making all this beautiful music and for sharing it here! ❤️
Seven Beats Music (3 days ago)
Hello, everyone, if you like TC, you'll also like this sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pzes86HkxE One love
Dara G (4 days ago)
Looking forwards to seeing you both in Dublin soon. This album is slick, great flow. Very well produced. :)
domi seras (6 days ago)
Ninja Shhh (23 days ago)
Beginning had a couple songs that we're eh ok, but sure enough it came through and the album flowed nice and had some awesome songs taking you on a fun ride as always. Muchos gracias🤙
D O P E V I L L A (28 days ago)
Light up tha ganja. Load up the gun clip. Smoke marijuanaaa. Im ona spaceship. Cant get no highaa
Aynur AKKUS (1 month ago)
Ouu yeah 🕺💃
Fuckin Fire B!!!!
Daniel Svenda (1 month ago)
Michael Pearce (1 month ago)
I right love Thievery Corporation and have seen them live every time they come to Montreal, Quebec This album is on spin permanently !! Full on genius !!!!!!
Roomy Lan (1 month ago)
Deberían de venir a México.
Anakaren Burgos G. (14 days ago)
acabo de verlos en tijuana
Jeris Duncan (2 months ago)
Peace and positive vibes is what this world needs. Stop the negativity and just love!! Love the music keep it coming!!
Thai Roberta (2 months ago)
Blunt 🇧🇷
Jazzy V (2 months ago)
Love always and forever TC - my connection to art and the world as it should be❤️
DeMarki81 (2 months ago)
Anything with LouLou Ghelichkhani is great, not so fond of the rest. :P
Edward Mowton (2 months ago)
You fucking crazy.. those two Mr. Lif tracks are fire..
Dan Bowskill (3 months ago)
Love this...I was checking out Thievery Corporation, and I came across this too...sick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2hS3HuP_gA
jan kirchstein (3 months ago)
00:00 - 49:55
jan kirchstein (3 months ago)
May all the gods bless you guys! Thx for your great sound... Love from Germany
Younes Joudar (3 months ago)
I’m really very grateful to you :)
Ewerton Sampaio (3 months ago)
Effing great album. Swingful, melody bright colors, beautiful. Well recorded and produced! Fresh music!! Greetings from Brasil.
sonahawk (3 months ago)
Coolest song!!!!deep into soul!!!
lemonlimelukey (4 months ago)
my nigga lif!
Denica Todorova (4 months ago)
Love it!
Tez Mr (4 months ago)
Eu, Brasil, Minas Gerais, sempre, sempre escutando!
Roxelle Lamour (3 months ago)
To aqui em São Paulo, Sp. Acabei de descobrir esse som, mara! <3
Deanna Gailey (4 months ago)
so hooked
John Metalsmith (4 months ago)
I will leave the 655th comment. Still waiting for Rick and Morty season 4.
medianexchanges (4 months ago)
allan beveridge (4 months ago)
Never tire of TKS , true to form they keep it real , Namaste One love 😊
Lydia M (5 months ago)
Water Under the Bridge was on NPR's Echoes program
Anthony Blue (5 months ago)
racist ass songs
LanceFlugerman (9 days ago)
This is MAGA country!
Roomy Lan (1 month ago)
OsMoS InSAnE (3 months ago)
Racist? You left me with confusion. This band is multicultural to the bone...
Lunarwolff (4 months ago)
Which one?
Camille Verhoeven (5 months ago)
for you maybe
Raglan Sleeves (5 months ago)
Not working for me, to much regae, if they could do a album that sounds like lebenese blonde I would be happy.
OsMoS InSAnE (3 months ago)
Radio retaliation had coiple good ones but the best for you should be culture of fear it has most jazzy beats
jm ashe (3 months ago)
Ok, i get it. Hooked, again, as I was with 'Mirror Conspiracy', and all T C's work. Not a fan of the rap leanings, however...I am the student..Beautiful, transformational and authentic.! Cheers from Minneapolis, Jon
Maja Osmancevic (5 months ago)
Such a powerful and beautiful album. "History" is really an example that political messages (underpinned by morals) can be uplifting and even soothing
great C (5 months ago)
The funny thing about TC is that the more you listen to it the more you start liking it :)
Old wave (2 months ago)
The more you listen the deeper it gets.
Ojo Jones (5 months ago)
*Hears Mr. Lif* This is insane! Incredible
Daro Debaser (5 months ago)
Este disco es un agujero de gusano musical. Tremendo disco y banda! Saludos desde Arg!!!
ch russo (3 months ago)
Somos pocos fumando de la buena los primeros meses del año lol.
lagoinha do leste (5 months ago)
Balneário Camboriú - Brasil, good sound
Maciej Chrzanowski (5 months ago)
30.35- super
Luiz Felipe Santos (5 months ago)
Amazing sound!! For me each new album, new discovers. TKS for music!!
Gioacchino Tricarico (5 months ago)
Venite in Italia!!!
MF GHOST (5 months ago)
those dudes are reallly on point! BIG UP Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation (5 months ago)
Big love and thanks, Ghost.
johnny rockin (5 months ago)
This is amazing coming from metal I don't know much about this music gender plz recommend albums and bands
Jazzy V (2 months ago)
I'm rock and metal too but thievery is my connection to a worldly vibe ❤️ ♥️ you just vibe man... it's deep...
malac82 (3 months ago)
start from the beginning....
DurnVern (4 months ago)
DJ Shadow
siminiuc ovidiu (5 months ago)
you can try Tosca, Nightmares on Wax aswell
JoHanna Polanco (5 months ago)
Masterpiece 😎
kawikazablan78 (5 months ago)
thx 4 the playlist full
Salvia Tourer (5 months ago)
nice New Years Eve morning listening.............Bless up ALL crew........bwoy me love up a French twang
Gennaro madonna (5 months ago)
Truly inspirational sound
Daniel Vieira (5 months ago)
BUOYANT !!! Amazing fuckin' soooound !!! The original bass stomp ! GREETINGS FROM BRAZIL !!!!
Guilherme Pedro (5 months ago)
Come to Brasil please lol
ricardo anibal vecino (6 months ago)
me gusta esta mezcla
Esmael Ostadi (6 months ago)
One of my favorites from TC.
James Collins (6 months ago)
Stunning Accomplishment Well Done Carry On #TheGreatAwakening begins Nice One Thanks, Sincerely. Jc
92n58ths (6 months ago)
Matt Rippetoe brought me here 🎷
Pedro Oliveira (5 months ago)
music from & 2 the soul
Highland Park21 (6 months ago)
Walked into my local liq store and had to ask who was playing. Hooked
Miroslav Schulc (6 months ago)
Jim Wall (6 months ago)
Just saw you guys at the Fillmore in Miami Beach, unforgettable show. I discovered you guys on Pandora when I was in high school and had been wanting to see you live for the last 14 years. I love the diversity of your sound, language, and creativity :)
Agua Decoco (6 months ago)
Jim Wall Diversity is the life
aleksandar colic (6 months ago)
cyruslll -psxr-jbl.lx55-nordost flat speakers cables sounds perfect
Drew Millett (6 months ago)
Faisal (6 months ago)
00:00 20:48 29:57
Faisal (6 months ago)
dannynannady (6 months ago)
One of the most interesting and diverse albums I've ever heard. Can't get enough!
thimoti save (6 months ago)
Demais sao otimos
GOM420 (6 months ago)
I was 17 years young when I was introduced to Thievery Corporation, a little over a decade later and it's still --always, an amazing experience. Thievery Corporation, forever and a day...🗻🏕🏖🏜🏞🐶🐱🍺🍺💖💖💖
gemma Sand's (7 months ago)
Bon ritme per ballar a la platja. Petons desde Barcelona !!
Andrew C. (7 months ago)
Thievery Corporation's music is one of the few things that still make life wonderful for me everytime. Every album has been perfect, and deeply beautiful. Especially love Saudade, but this one is amazing too!
The Great Baol Magician (7 months ago)
first time i listen this albim, only 8 min in and i think it's one of yours best album and the best album of 2018 (which i have said also for Saudade in 2014)
zeltstadt (7 months ago)
i have seen thievery corporation live in berlin about thirteen years ago (cant find the exact date of the concert in the internet. that feels weird because google knows everything that i search for before. so im not sure if it was only a dream or ive seen them for real). on this concert they had musicians that played every sample from the tracks live on stage. about 20-30 musicans have played instruments like sitar, saxophone, trumpets, guitars, percussion, drums, vocals and many others live on stage. it was the best concert i have ever heard.
Sebastian Feldstadt (7 months ago)
best sound i have ever heard. I heard some tracks from this album on different systems and I have to say that I've never heard such a good soundproduction before.
LsM555 (7 months ago)
16:20 pm
keith lambe (7 months ago)
Perfect music for my house by the beach, one love from Mauritius
jm ashe (5 months ago)
Spent 2 weeks in Mauritius a few years ,ago..Pointe de Cannonierre Lovely people and vibe. Not a fan of rap, however i will listen and Love anything connected to Thievery, as thier music is transformational. Saudade was made for the Mauritius vibe. Check.out anything by Hope Sandival btw, off the radar amazing .voice and bands( Mazzy Star, New Inventions. Cheers from Minneapolis. .
Alex Cuellar (7 months ago)
love it😍
Carol Cardoso (7 months ago)
como sempre esse grupo da um show. Álbum incrível. Parabéns
Dan elouazzani (7 months ago)
Thievery corporation its just beautyful with nice splif 🌌💜💜💽🎧
Baboloki Mothofela (7 months ago)
Goods Raps From Mr Lif
These Cats stay slaying it....
Stephane Cuchet (7 months ago)
love this album
M. N. K. (7 months ago)
Beautiful planet
ONISM UK (7 months ago)
First time I've heard your music, this whole album is sublime. Every tune makes my mind wander, can't wait to listen to the rest of your stuff!!
i am a 6 year old boy and i hear this kind of music. my friends are all listening to trash like justin bieber and stuff. but no, i hear only the good music.
jan kirchstein (3 months ago)
You´re in the right place! Stay curious! Love from Germany
Conversation with God (8 months ago)
detect the tresures
Anton Howard (8 months ago)
Destroy the wicked is a masterpiece both musically and spiritually. Jah light, Jah love
Thievery Corporation (8 months ago)
Big love, Anton.
ivan zipper (8 months ago)
Como cada álbum siempre superándose y ofreciendo un sonido más adictivo Y siempre con 3 joyas en cada álbum... 3 tesoros esta vez Music To Make You Stagge Guidance La Ford De Melodie 😍😍😍😍😍
Reinstecke Fuchs (8 months ago)
Goodwork...! Greatsongs and Sampel's ...! Make's ,Take's ,Give's ..a many lot of genuis Track's ...from the 2 Guy's of T.C.!....Jah Love's tha Sound of T.C!
Dysprosia (8 months ago)
Awesome!! Lots of nice vibes in this. I prefer The Richest Man in Babylon, but this is still great
Sheyenne Yates (8 months ago)
This was great!
Skipper Sailor (8 months ago)
Music to Make You Stagger
thisguyagain 2010 (9 months ago)
Modern Day "ELO" Is what i always compared these guys too. One of a kind, and im glad i am one of the select who get to enjoy their music. Every track is unique, and quality.
Timothy Dunlap (9 months ago)
There you are, just getting mellowed out, and that drum track makes you move... so subtle.
Dušan Cholvad (9 months ago)
📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Thievery Corporation └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty.
jan kirchstein (3 months ago)
zeltstadt (7 months ago)
its true
Mike Roberts (7 months ago)
Well done.
kill the radio (7 months ago)
You win the internet's
matycee (7 months ago)
this is rad and as a long time youtube (music)viewer, nearly, wholly original. Bravo, sir.
sándor prepszl (9 months ago)
Hello from HEREND ín HUNGARY😊
Tiberiu Calin (9 months ago)
You should come more often to Romania....is the place to be....superlative vibes in every state of mind....the mood is excelent...hope to see my message and come back to see our beautiful mountains and girls!
DJ renato/g.lo (9 months ago)
DJ Renato/Glo plays Thievery Corporation ! Thanxxxxxxx www.eyo.it
mike (9 months ago)
Another great album for Thievery Corporation, thought they got sidetracked and thrown off their groove given that D.C. is pretty much dominated by African and African American influence these days. Would love to hear more Latin rooted tracks though. Peace
isobel64 (8 months ago)
sidetracked by what
Royal B (9 months ago)
Love from Sri Lanka
Mark Colclough (5 months ago)
Liz Lavery (9 months ago)
LOVE this and The Temple of I & I ❤❤. Had a terrific time when they played in my town of Taos ,NM last month . Would recommend seeing them !!!!!
ONEL VIRCETTI (9 months ago)
R480jyjy (9 months ago)
Amazing album! As always 😍I adore your style, always innovating your vibes.
Francesca Norelli (9 months ago)
Best Birthday present ever !!!!.....😍.....tickets to see Thievery Corporation at Wiltern Theatre - me verrrrrrry haaaaaaaaaapPy 🎤🎙✨🎷🌟💫💃
Liz Lavery (9 months ago)
Yesssssss....u should be .They are a blast to see live !!!!!
N Beers (10 months ago)
Have been a fan since 2001 I've seen you guys live 5 times, every time it's an amazing show. Best band in the world hands down, however put 'thumps down' has horrible taste in music. Just saying.

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