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I-CON of Thrones (5/8): Costumes in Game of Thrones

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I-CON of Thrones panel 5 of 8: discussing Michele Clapton's costumes in the live-action series, design principles and story details she worked into her Emmy-award winning designs. THIS PANEL HAD SOME RECORDING PROBLEMS, though the actual live-action panel went well, so I patched it up as best I could by re-narrating my lecture slides for the sections that were lost. Not too much of a problem, because I intend to redo the whole thing online anyway in longer form as a sprawling three hour series - there was really only time in one panel to get through "Seven Kingdoms", but not "Beyond the Seven Kingdoms" (beyond the Wall and beyond Westeros) nor "Major Character arcs" (the costume shifts and evolutions Clapton planned for Cersei, Margaery, Sansa, Daenerys).
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My Soup Too cold (8 months ago)
That's clever with Lollys stokeworth still wearing the old style despite being in the crownlands.
Alex Haven Blackburn (1 year ago)
Where are the rest of the videos?
The Dragon Demands (1 year ago)
I have a lot of other ones to get through first.
MissyAmy88 (1 year ago)
Even if the wigs are made of human hair, and made by the best, they still managed to screw them up. The wigs are far to thick. Natural hair is never this thick. And all the braids on Daenerys only makes this more obvious. It doesn't look like anything else than a wig. I love the costumes in general, but the wigs are really bad. When Sansa got a wig in season 7, because she was tired of having to dye her natural hair, she suddenly got way thicker hair.
ViviKibou (1 year ago)
I always found the perfectly smooth plastic curls as a sticking point (on top of the synthetic look of the braids). Girl has a better curling iron without electricity than I have because I refuse to believe those are rag curls. Sidenote, I would pay so much money for Yara's coat it's not even funny.
Demokingmsb (1 year ago)
The Stark part survived, because the North always remembers.
Natalie Amber (1 year ago)
The Lannisters are the best 😍😍

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