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Tone Depth - Red Flag (Original Mix)

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BEATPORT: www.https://bit.ly/theodyssey1 RELEASE DATE 2017-12-08 CATALOG FH008 HOSH's new fryhide label continues to impress with its next EP, a fantastic four track offering from Canada based Tone Depth. Tone Depth is Tony Papadopoulos. He is an artist that's been long around and is very well respected. A true master in the studio and booth. In 2017 Tony impressively manages to completely reinvent his sound. It's un-compromised and probably the best version of Tone Depth there has been to date. An expressive, authentic and emotional release and such a great fitting and signing for fryhide. Welcome and bravo Tony!
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Text Comments (5)
Dane Banane (5 months ago)
love bomb! ;-)
Music IS the answer (1 year ago)
John Digweed Córdoba
LETS GET LOST (1 year ago)
Love This!!!! Well done Team and HOSH
southeast environment (1 year ago)
feeling lost
Ramie Bay (1 year ago)

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