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I LOVE HIM (Start to Finish Cute Creature Design)

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Thank you to Best Fiends for sponsoring me~! It was fun designing non human creatures and showing you guys the whole process Click here to download Best Fiends for free: http://download.bestfiends.com/MayPromo Music ~ Coconut Mystery: https://youtu.be/E6BtLJlC48A Ampyx-Holo https://youtu.be/0Lyb_NM0XeA Blanket Fort: https://youtu.be/OP_x6NAjdg4 Sir Ghostington :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRX9CR28wn4sr8TroYhD1Nx-FqK1nrT_P End Music ~ Lighthouse -Ghostn'Ghost https://youtu.be/xVzeZGRZk0s My Comics ∆ https://tapastic.com/haleymewsome Patreon ∆ https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3884480 Twitch ∆ https://www.twitch.tv/lavendertowne Facebook ∆ https://www.facebook.com/haleybot Twitter ∆ https://twitter.com/HaleyMewsome Tumblr ∆ https://lavendertowne.tumblr.com Instagram ∆ https://www.instagram.com/lavendertowne ∆The Unfamiliar Shirts are here!∆ http://amzn.to/2fn1lxW http://amzn.to/2eUZVKo http://amzn.to/2fg5FRF
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Text Comments (1808)
B-atiful! (1 day ago)
As I've been getting into 3D art - ive been violently stuck on human form so ive been wanting something very simple to work with and this tutorial sky rocketed my imagination!
ROSEOIL (3 days ago)
I love prince shutter bug 😍 HE'S SO PERFECT! 😃, And cute🐭. Edit: also can u make a video where u randomly have someone like for instance your mom, pick a random animal then another one and u have to combine them, i hope u read dis 😃
Fluffy the Unikitty (3 days ago)
*Pokemon has entered chat*
Potato3625 (6 days ago)
You should put him in your comic!
nexus the firey spirit (10 days ago)
I mostly modify existing or mythical creatures watch *FENNAH* for some awesome 3d creatures
Swordingly (12 days ago)
so.... you made a pokemon
DoggyNGT (12 days ago)
you drew pikachu with a tip on his tail but his tail is completely yellow
Pegapow (10 days ago)
DoggyNGT the base of his tail is brown but your still right Pikachus tail doesn’t have anything on the tip
2026.Hayden Huff (17 days ago)
BINGO!!! Ya made a very good deltarune oc! I am using this vid to help me make a deltarune oc. It's helping a lot! :)
stormy 1371 (21 days ago)
Make a unicorn/deer smol creature that’s based off lots of candies
TheFourPeas (28 days ago)
The Fox Assassin (1 month ago)
oh hey, it's Ralsei's older brother
Trash Draws (1 month ago)
We all have our cute OCs. You have Prince Shutterbug *While I have a freaking fishbowl head with half a body*
Casey Wilde (1 month ago)
...I need Prince Shutter Bug in my life...
Riley Maloy (1 month ago)
We need merch Of prince shutterbug. He is so cuuuttteeee
Half Blood Gryffinpuff (1 month ago)
The color is at the bottom of his tail!
The_Peachy _Plum (1 month ago)
You could try picking 3 emojis at random and then making a character out of that??
Grilled Cheese (1 month ago)
Shutter Bug is MothMan's son spread the word!
Soot sprites are more of a Totoro thing then spirited away. Since they plat a bigger role in that movie
Candyman Puppy (1 month ago)
Thx lavender! This helped a lot!
Sammy (1 month ago)
Shermit (2 months ago)
Water dragon + fox Sound good? I'm thinking of changing the fox into a cat. I'll take inspiration in your character Prince Shutter Bug but change it into a mix of a firefly and an owl. I like he sound of it ^^
This video really helped me finish the design of April. At first,I wasn't liking her design,but I decided to mix in a few animals to add to her design. I used a few parts of her original design,added some panda features,added claws to her hands and feet,added a pouch,sorta like a kangaroo,and her design was done! I haven't worked on her personality yet,but I'll probably do it soon.
And Blah Blah Blah (2 months ago)
I’ve been wanting to make some ocs but I always do something wrong. I’ve checked anatomy and everything but I think the face is where everything goes wrong. So I’m just looking through all of your vids to better my drawing.
the bill cipher channel (2 months ago)
Yay Bill Cipher!!!
Nichol Bond (2 months ago)
A Pika is a small animal
Loucura em Dupla (2 months ago)
I want a comic about him now... HES SO CUTE <3
Charcoal 68 (2 months ago)
Girl:dad,meet Jason Dad:sweetie what the doctor tell you it's a bug Girl:BUT I LOVE HIM!
no name (2 months ago)
Im gonna try this UwU thanks for the inspiration and tutorial
Lunar Stopmotion Draws (2 months ago)
I feel like Prince Shutterbug would be in undertale 🤔
Aesthetic Donuts (2 months ago)
I made a character with a TV style fish tank for a head. His even has little bubbles.
blah (2 months ago)
I really needed thiss
AmyAnimation (2 months ago)
So this tiny c00t boy can take pictures with his eye? :0
Princess Brave (2 months ago)
Oh btw im 9 and i did a human version of Prince Shutterbug in my notebook ^_^
Yes I Can rap (2 months ago)
LavenderTowne draws Bill Cipher. MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS!!
Gabi TC (2 months ago)
9:43 For all Dan and Phil fans, I think this is the ladydoor song!
Weeping Angel (3 months ago)
GIVE meh
The Waterleaf (3 months ago)
I really liked prince shutter bug, the tailor crow guy and the guy right next to prince shutter bug...they are all so cute! maybe a character from Unfamiliar could stumble upon a tiny town filled with all of these cute creatures you doodled and prince shutter bug could rule them!!! tailor crow guy 2:24 guy next to the prince 3:14
Sarah Miller (3 months ago)
RinsaysNya (3 months ago)
he reminds me of Ralsei from Deltarune
Ella Bronkema (3 months ago)
I know I'm 2 years late to the video, but I would just love to see some of the adventures Prince Shutterbug goes on. <3
ilike blue629 (3 months ago)
My friend is weird. He makes characters like: Find any random normal thing. Add wings. Add a face. Done.
Tordis Is Gey (3 months ago)
Omg Can I draw him? He's absolutely adorable!! I adore your art btw :>
Fasola DM (3 months ago)
I love him so much omggggggggg
Blue Adam (4 months ago)
you could say he has a photographic memory
The Steadfast Duelist (4 months ago)
*You should put him in the background in your comic as a cameo.*
Kuroichi_xX (4 months ago)
He's adorable-
Mi Chan (4 months ago)
00:20 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It’s Bendy 7w7
Mangle The Pirate (4 months ago)
1:43 did...did you just spell it cypher? No no no, it’s CIPHER
Crown (4 months ago)
holy shit this is ralsei as a moth
Turtle worshiper (3 months ago)
ZQ I was waiting for someone to comment this
Turki b0i (5 months ago)
Hey I am really struggling with character design and poses this video helped me in some of my ways (thank you 💕) but could you maybe make a video something like that it would help me a lot!!! Thank you again for being such a great person 💕👍
frøsti (5 months ago)
shutterbug reminds me of ralsei when it comes to description n
Princess Brave (5 months ago)
Im turning prince shutter bug into human
Sleepy.Magii (5 months ago)
Tehee hes so cute! :3 TY for this! 💙
Abigail (5 months ago)
Thats Gay (5 months ago)
**Squeaky fangirl noises in the background**
B-But why tho? (5 months ago)
see that lavendertowne makea moth *BROTHER DO YOU HAVE LAMP?*
Nika Gauffin (5 months ago)
Aww he's adorable!! Your art always inspires me ♡ I was just wondering what you use to record your video and edit it :> I want to try speedpaints but I am really bad with video recording and editing
Floofmaroo (6 months ago)
Jenisis Rabbid (6 months ago)
dinner-food (6 months ago)
trA (6 months ago)
I made a cute little guy named Ray, he's only got one eye on his face, and his pupil is a star. He's got a little scarf that doesn't hang down, and two little legs. He doesn't have arms, but he'll try his best anyway!
gretaboze the first (6 months ago)
Demi Quinx (6 months ago)
Do you zoom in??
Dest Iny (6 months ago)
All was good until the moth come in. Nopenopenopenopenope. I love your videos and your voice, but I can't stand moths
TøxicMixtape (6 months ago)
You drew Pikachu wrong.
Ty Makes Art (6 months ago)
You should do a video on how to design creepy characters/monsters! i love your cute work but your creepy work has such a style to it that's really interesting!
Dinosplostion 55 (6 months ago)
i create randon fictional animals out of shapes on my school papers cuz when i get bored XD
Aubrey Sida (6 months ago)
I'm terrible of moths but honestly I want a Shutter Bug shirt (I'd wear it all the time when I go to work at Shutterfly 🙈❤️)
Bangtan Bois (7 months ago)
KingLucky (7 months ago)
2:24 Is it just me, or does that caiman look like Bea? XD
CreamCherriz :3 (7 months ago)
You've inspired me to make an character too!
Diana Porumb (7 months ago)
Can you please make a cute comic with this cute guy??
Lily Oesch (7 months ago)
Can I make a shutterbug oc!?
Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!! (7 months ago)
Lol I wish you would have told me "to keep it simple" when I made my main oc wolfareena but I love her shes just like me has to many races/ethnicity (or whatever you call it)in her lol
Yasna Minkovska (7 months ago)
i have no idea how there still hasnt been a cameo of this guy in unfamiliar after more than a year! plus im sure im not the only one who finds Shutter Bug very similar to Pinyon from their lanky bodies and cloaks to their unfitting role and shy personality...
DomiFury (7 months ago)
2:00 It's actually called pika because the pikachu Pokémon is based off of a pika mouse.
Sofutoi (7 months ago)
Once I was trying to come up with OCs by doodling random things that come to mind, it actually worked and I came up with my most used and thought about OC! (Edit: He is actually my profile pic.)
Starry Draws (7 months ago)
Can... can i draw Prince Shutter Bug?
Garlicc (7 months ago)
Pikachu mandela effect o.O O.o It doesn't happen to me, but does it happen to you o.O
Garlicc (7 months ago)
I tried to create small creatures...but I'm too stupid...like my creatures aren't cute or creative...they just look strange,akward and like shit...Did someone have the same problem or tipps? (Sry for my bad english,I'm german )
Eve the inkling (7 months ago)
bill chipper from gravity falls 1:35
Lunar Spots (7 months ago)
So cute!
Autumn Patellaro (8 months ago)
As someone who is a moth furry, it kinda bothers me that you forgot his second set of arms!
space detective (8 months ago)
i see you watch gravity falls, i respect that.
No a pika is a type of rodent Pikachu is an electric pika I don't know what the chu is
Anime Fan (8 months ago)
You made bea from night in the woods
Thomas (8 months ago)
l a d y d o o r
Junipurr Vlogs! (8 months ago)
The soot sprite. Is from totaro.. Just telling you. Btw.. Im a new subbb!
epic lol (8 months ago)
It was cuter without the camera eye!
Echoris Gaming (8 months ago)
I love him too
søftea (8 months ago)
who doesn’t want to fangirl but can’t help it
Heart Beat (8 months ago)
Ahhh so amazing!
Bananamator (8 months ago)
ImAPieceOfGarbage (8 months ago)
With this video you helped me create a new creature! Still thinking of a name though, its a bunny + deer + Cyclops + artist. I think it looks pretty cute.
Laaapoi Art (8 months ago)
That is the only bug I would accept to live in my room without me killing it. That is the cutest boi I ever seen
Hi, I am a cat! (8 months ago)
Now i want a comic series with Prince Shutterbug.
TheWeird -Do (8 months ago)
Now, if you could make a video about how to draw:D
Janna (9 months ago)
The problem is that I haven't creativity for do it
Piper Woods (9 months ago)

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