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Fashion Sketching - Pink Gown - Watercolour Pencils

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Fashion Sketching - Pink-Red Long Dress Designing. Materials used- -Watercolor sheet. -Staedlar watercolor pencils. -Flat brush. -Point brush. -Erasers, etc.
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pushpa Das (1 month ago)
This drawing is best 😋😋😋
zoljargal enkhbold (1 year ago)
lol where's the ombre? My dear, you need to start creating your own designs instead of copying ideas from someone else or at least give credit.
DIY Craftopedia (1 year ago)
I thought Ombre meant the shades of the same family merging into each other. However, I have just found the exact meaning of ombre. Thank you very much for pointing out. I have changed the title (Couldn't change the title in the video of course). By the way, what did you mean by copying? That design is a mash-up of Indian Anarkali Dress and Ball Gown. As far as I'm concerned, that is definitely my Idea. I don't know if it was done earlier.
Your vdo is not clear but sketch is osm
DIY Craftopedia (1 year ago)
jai singh jangra But thank you very much for compliment.
DIY Craftopedia (1 year ago)
jai singh jangra should have increased the video resolution/quality to HD

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