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What is Oathbreaker? | 15 Oathbreaker Deck Techs!

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Oathbreaker is the hot new format. Let's figure out if it will catch on by examining 15 possible decks! Thank you TCGPlayer.com (Jumbo Link: https://bit.ly/2mwNh9D) Arma-Gideon Deck List: https://bit.ly/2W2H9JE Huatli-an-ass Deck List: https://bit.ly/2VoJWsa Nicol Bolas the Elder Deck List: https://bit.ly/2E5Xy5W The Spike Feeders chatted with me about breaking Oathbreaker. Check them out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGh7-4mDFssqhu_UpOwRzIA Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JumboCommander Twitter: @JumboCommander Email: [email protected] Music provided by No Copyright Music: https://www.youtube.com/c/royaltyfree... Music used: Altered Carbon by Evan King https://soundcloud.com/evan-king/alte... #oathbreaker #mtg
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Qrazy Quarian (11 hours ago)
Hasn't it been around for like... 2 years? It's only gained popularity since War of the Spark, I thought.
Phloid82 (14 hours ago)
I know that there have been other EDH like formats that have come and gone, but did any of them have the momentum Oathbreaker has right now? I mean a few weeks ago I had never heard of it, then LRR plays it in a vid, and everyone is trying it and talking about it. I think with some refinement and updating ban list, it's here to stay as a faster alternative to Commander, the greatest Magic format.
4gottenFilms (1 day ago)
Double cast is much better as Rals signature spell in my opinion. -2 Ral, cast doublecast, let the copy resolve, cast a copy spell. You only need 1 card outside of you command zones this way.
Knight Of The North (1 day ago)
I think they missed bubbling muck, literally just mono black high tide.
oleson99 (1 day ago)
I was thinking of building a darkrealms lili oathbreaker any idea's for the signature spell? It's gonna be a swamps matter deck
TimewaveZERO (1 day ago)
Sorry but this format is really degenerate with literally everyones playes Mana Drain etc as their sig spell :/ also combo decks aince u can have TWO combo pieces outside the deck. We tried it and the decks just go from kitchen table fun to degenerate turn 2/3 combo kills really really fast. This format really is NO fun <.<
TimewaveZERO (1 day ago)
You literally NEED blue so u can have a counterspell at any time
M:TG Gamer (2 days ago)
@Jumbo Commander, you have broken your Oath to protect the multiverse from ev- oh hey Oathbreaker!
Th0t_Destroyer Oof (2 days ago)
I had paused right before it switch to Nissa and Triumph of the Hordes, and thought what about Vivien(WAR) and Triumph. My thought was play big creatures with Vivien the Triumph and win in one swing then i unpaused and saw that and thought his was better.
Solrex the Sun King (2 days ago)
Nissa's Triumph, any Nissa Oathbreaker, but the GU one will let you play two color, and the 3 tron lands. Nissa tron. I came up with that one on my own. Also, that's just literally in standard aside from the lands of the combo.
Derek Alford (2 days ago)
Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Battle Hymn: run red token generators and x cost burn. Chandra, Torch of Defiance +1: Exile the top card of your library. You may cast that card. If you don't, Chandra, Torch of Defiance deals 2 damage to each opponent. +1: Add RedRed. −3: Chandra, Torch of Defiance deals 4 damage to target creature. −7: You get an emblem with "Whenever you cast a spell, this emblem deals 5 damage to any target." Her second +1 helps pay for second use of the Battle Hymn. (Battle Hymn 1Red: add red for each creature you control) Make the tokens goblins for it's flood of tribal buffs, and add Coat of Arms for big payout. Ten creatures plus Battle Hymn cast equals 10 red. Minus 4 to cast Battle Hymn again, 16 red. Minus 6 for a repeat, 20 red. Once more gets you 22 red where you use a x burn to kill.
Areegyol (2 days ago)
I don’t care for power level¡ I’m gonna build Tamiyo tribal!¡ 🌳🌞💧 Most likely a fog-control with tutoring for THE fish~
Areegyol (16 hours ago)
Trinitrorezorcynian I FOUND YOU!! We missed you so much!!~ Now on a bit more serious note — yes I thought of putting a few extra-turn cards in it but I think was too sleepy and forgot to type it. I’ll definitely try it out c: Also Professor made a video yesterday about Tamiyo’s research on slivers. And IT IS SO FREAKIG ON FLAVOR WITH HER
Trinitrorezorcynian (2 days ago)
my brother of another mother, consider this: tamiyo turns with regrowth
Anthony Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Oathbreaker is just commanders little brother and I love it :D it’s refreshing so long as everyones deck is in the same price range.
Hyro Designs (2 days ago)
You know what a cool Oathbreaker and signature spell is? Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and Enter the Infinite :) BOOM!! Win-con in the command zone! AAAWWW just saw ur Jace deck.. WHY DID U HAVE TO RUIN MY IDEA???!!??
Jacob Pumford-Jones (2 days ago)
Haven't played this yet but excited for this format!! Nissa steward of elements plus brainstorm here I come!
Adam Pugh (2 days ago)
I don't think you can include Tyrant Smasher if your Oathbreaker is mono green
el mao (2 days ago)
powerlevel / pay to win is not a problem of commander, but a problem of magic the gathering
Hollow Voices (2 days ago)
I've got one for you all. Skullbriar with Solidarity of Heroes. Double his counters for days
Hunter Brandt (1 day ago)
It's a walker and a spell
TheGeekGrid (3 days ago)
Break the format... New War of the spark Jace Mana severence 60 islands
Flabldorf v2 (3 days ago)
Vraska the unseen + gaze of granite is my first oathbreaker deck. It actually performed pretty well
So oath breaker isnt new its 2 years old i dont think this will be tiny leaders 2 please make sure you got this right
Sang Nguyen (3 days ago)
i want to make the 3 color taimayo oathbreaker but I don't know what decks i can make
Jade Wheatley (3 days ago)
Sorry DJ, but who the hell can afford a copy of Eureka?!?
Blaise Jones (3 days ago)
How do you breakfast hulk without black in Estrid?
Jesse Thayn (3 days ago)
mine is march of the multitudes and ajani the great-hearted
Will Jackson (3 days ago)
Can you put your signature spell on the stack multiple times at once, as long as you pay the commander tax?
Troy Caban (3 days ago)
I'd say it has to resolve before you can put it back into the command zone. So you couldn't target it with itself.
Jakob Mørup (3 days ago)
Damn, this format seems interesting, and War of the Spark really has a lot of goodies for this! Ugin the ineffable + All is Dust? Narset, Parter of Veils + Days Undoing?
Obi the BEEF (3 days ago)
Elderspell will be banned and if it doesnt I personally refuse to play against anyone using it.
johnathan sterling (3 days ago)
Lord Windgrace with banefire is so good. Urborg, and crypt ghast is so good and flashing dictate of karametra to just triple mana and copy spells so you can shoot more than one person at once
Bill Duckett (3 days ago)
Not sold seems like spikey degenerate misery to me.
Oscar Croton (3 days ago)
I swear the left value is power and the right value is health
karym (4 days ago)
My play pod has agreed to make oathbreaker decks and try the format out! I’m excited to try it out! Thanks for the content
kenneth acuna (4 days ago)
Lord Windgrace is a 3 mana walker?
Sean McClung (4 days ago)
I hope the new Narset is banned. Seems miserable to play against.
Pigen (4 days ago)
What if you have a colourless planeswalker?
denchen420 (4 days ago)
would urza, academy headmaster be a usable planeswalker?
Leroy (4 days ago)
I feel like this format is going to be more about the signature spell and less about the planeswalker. Probably will end up like Commander where there are really only a few top deck lists and most of them use a similar signature spell. Also incoming price spikes on previously budget cards.
Dem Bois (4 days ago)
I made a ral storm conduit stitch in time deck and it is SPICY
The Elder Dragon (4 days ago)
Lol my store banned the new bolas. So I am using Nissan voice of zendikar with nissa triumph for tron lands
Eliya Selhub (4 days ago)
Shoutout to Trickbind to counter ultimates, also Disallow/Voidslime
Martin de Roo (4 days ago)
Wouldnt new unc kiora be better with eureka and a deck full of 4 power creatures? Im thinking Imaginary Pet, Tempting Wurm, Ground Breaker... You refill your hand so you can do it again next turn etc...
Peter Leachmen (4 days ago)
I broke the format about 25 times.
Dream Twist (4 days ago)
My time has come as my collection of phrophet of kruphix stockpile to come out
UW Teferi, greater than all! I'm not that cruel, I built a Nicol Bolas deck with Cruel ultimatum as the signature spell.
Hannibal Lecture (4 days ago)
These banned cards are only banned to be in the command zone right? Is it still legal in the 60?
MarvelousMorg (1 day ago)
I think they are banned for the whole format. The deckbuilding rules doesn't let an artifact as an oathbreaker or Signature Spell and yet Sol Ring is still banned. That's my reasoning at least.
Barret Friesen (4 days ago)
Damn... I just wanted to have fun with Coax from the Blind Eternities
Nemitri (4 days ago)
Quick question, any blue planeswalker spell + Foil? Does it work the way I think it does? Sure it costs and island and another blue card, but it lets a control player be more aggressive and fast, while still having a back-up plan? Edit: if this does work, then I might buy a force of will instead 😈
Yamato Muramasa (4 days ago)
Nissa who shakes the world and triumph of the hordes is disgusting
Green-Gear Studio (5 days ago)
Finally, a format for werewolfs! (Arlinn Kord + Waxing Moon)
ichias16 (2 days ago)
I'd rather use Moonmist as the signature spell. Trample is nice but to transform only one werewolf just isn't as good ^^
Xander Ascott (5 days ago)
New ugin finally has a home to shine I'm pumped
Ian Alexander (5 days ago)
Well my playgroup is already working on narset+windfall so guess I’m building some spiky shit
ateo bastardo (5 days ago)
wait, mind's desire legal as signature?
jacob blackman (5 days ago)
This format is soooooo overrated
Gabriel Quintin (5 days ago)
Ive played Ashiok (newest) with Tome Scour. My friends have politely asked me not to again
Brandon Butterfield (17 hours ago)
all the more reason to keep playing it
JuanMiguel Diaz (5 days ago)
Thoughts on a lord windgrace and Sinkhole signature spell
TheLoneDart (5 days ago)
Tezzeret agent of bolas and whir of invention. Blue black prison
Xathrid tech (5 days ago)
So if you use a signature spell with an ability to move it from graveyard to exile could you use that ability so say lingering souls flashback then put it back in command zone
StarKillerSebi (5 days ago)
Force of Will breaks it
i1KiCK1BUTT (5 days ago)
I'm going to make a nobody wins the deck!
CheesyCheddars (5 days ago)
is force of will a card that can be your signeture spell?
Mario Palleschi (5 days ago)
Jaya Ballard + Jaya’s Immolating Inferno, flavour win and very fun
rocksteadyish (5 days ago)
Koth - Fling FTW
rocksteadyish (5 days ago)
What, no burn?
rpgfan12 (6 days ago)
Hear me out y'all: New Jace, Treasure Hunt, and 60 Islands. There's your Tier 0 Oathbreaker deck tech in the Youtube comment section
Team Mewrai (6 days ago)
has anyone thought of using force of will as a oathbreaker spell?
John Pinkerton (6 days ago)
New Ugin and All is Dust
Christian Wissinger (6 days ago)
Hey, what about a dragon-themed one? Have Sarkhan fireblood as the oathbreaker, then something like crucible of fire as the signature spell? Or Maybe sarkhan's triumph?
John Segura (6 days ago)
Primeval titan what? Lets get crazy. So sol is ban but not the power of 9???
thatmusickid12 (6 days ago)
This looks like a whole lotta fun! I can’t wait to brew up some of these decks.
CPUQ (6 days ago)
Hello, I'm not associated with Weirdcards, but I am an administrator for the Facebook group about the format: MTG Oathbreaker Community I encourage everyone to not only join the group, but to join the subreddit and discord (neither of which I myself am associated with) the community so far has been amazing and very kind overall!
Mike Nie (6 days ago)
Garruk Wildspeaker + Triumph of the Hordes was the first thing I thought about when I heard about this game mode. Just fill with mana dorks and turn 5 is fatal
Sean Murphy (6 days ago)
The Jace + Mana Severance deck is a cute idea, but let's not kid ourselves, here - a deck with almost nothing but lands in it is fucking boring to play. Here, let me just do basically nothing for the first 5 turns, then win on turn 6 unless someone stops me! That sounds like fun.
MultiMrDrago (6 days ago)
It would be cool to see a few deck techs for this format with the usual commander. To be honest while there are a lot of really cool low ground aggro which my goblin blood burns with a deep passion I have also been interested in very large creature strategies as well. I came across a cool wurm commader deck a little while ago and I kind of wonder if it could be spliced into oathbreaker. I am not a deck building guy though so I would love to see a deck tech on that idea from people who know a whole lot more than I do.
Mat Brewster (6 days ago)
Demonic Tutor is banned in vintage and the web page I looked at said that eneything band in vintage is also banned in this format
harakirinosaru (3 days ago)
Only Conspiracies, dexterity cards, cards that mention 'playing for ante', and Shaharazad are banned in Vintage. You're allowed at least one copy of all other cards in the game.
PhazonOmega (6 days ago)
Jace mill deck not in description. Must know what Islands to add.
MrInvisibleJ (1 day ago)
Obviously, you add snow covered lands
999deaths (6 days ago)
As a budget commander player I'm likely going to be making a list that I can remove from some of my commander decks to make oathbreaker decks when I need to :D
PhazonOmega (6 days ago)
Ral + Fury Storm is better than Ral + Twincast. Here's why: Fury Storm copies itself for every time you cast your commander, and its CMC is the same as Twincast and Fork together, but with fewer mana restrictions (2RR instead of UURR). Essentially, having Fury Storm and Ral in your command zone sets the timer of the game based on how quickly you can get out enough mana to cast both safely, which is baseline 4URRR, not including any defensive spells. 8 mana to win anytime you feel like it seems good to me!
Alex Cooper (6 days ago)
So aether vial is good to go then ?
Alex Cooper (6 days ago)
Looks like I'm going for the Temur Sarkhan deck. Or that simic nissa.
E.Y. Covian (6 days ago)
Honestly, oathbreaker Gideon could be hilarious. Use Amonkhet Gideon for his emblem, and with a 60 card deck, you have a much higher chance of drawing more gideons. Having Holy Day or Teferi’s protection on tap helps protect your Gideon, allowing you to never die. You can also do Comeuppance to really rub in salt. Oh and this format really helps Werewolves. Allowing Moonmist on tap is SUPER helpful.
Bryan B (6 days ago)
So force of will seems like a card i would use with my walker..
Michael Zephyros (6 days ago)
Umm Jumbo Commander, Oathbreaker has been around for years and only caught on recently do to war of the spark and dominari Jace, Wielder of Mysteries then your signature spell Mana severance and 58 islands. ez deck to make less than 15$ wins turn 4-5 almost indefinitely and super consistent
Reed Lee (6 days ago)
Jace wielder of mysteries Mana severance. 58 islands. This format is ridiculous.
TraucerDaUrbania (6 days ago)
Treasure hunt is easier to recast if it gets countered
Boxing Panda (6 days ago)
I think Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner + Nature's Lore would be strong in this format.
LaserfaceJones (6 days ago)
Monogreen bigdumbstuff with Garruk and Skyshroud Claim seems pretty great
Alex S. (6 days ago)
I guess an artifact theme deck Tezzeret Master of the Bridge + Time Warp would end the game in no time..... Am I wrong?
Simon D. Liebert (6 days ago)
As a mostly EDH player, this format seems really cool! The faster pace allows to try something different and more limited card investment (60 vs 100) I think can facilitate the deck-building. So far using cards parked in my collection I put together a Narset, Partner of Veils + Prosperity and a flavourful Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God + Deliver Unto Evil. I can't wait for the release of Modern Orizon for an angel tribal built around Serra, the Benevolent.
Öle (6 days ago)
i really like your last comment about the people with the expensive cards - its a thing i experience in our edh group. it can be so annoying. everyone who spent the money in the new month for the last few expensive card for a certain deck will probably win against those of us, who are playing the more janky decks, which are waiting to be filled with the expensive cards... it always feels stupid, and its same for mtg, when you have a playgroup with decks that are "paytowin". /edit: that makes it in edh that even "budgetish" decks with high powerlevels are NOT going to win against decks with a few expensive cards in it....
Makkasappo (6 days ago)
You forgot Fury storm with Ral, because Ral has to be out you get 1 copy on first cast which can target the original.
Tallen Smith (6 days ago)
I want a Bolas-Elderspell deck just for the sheer unadulterated theme of it all.
Patrick Woody (7 days ago)
My favorite (and my playgroup's least favorite) deck I've made so far is Teferi, Time Raveler + Enlightened Tutor. What do I tutor? Knowledge pool. Because I don't like to play Magic with my friends, I like to have my friends watch me play Magic.
TheDemonHelios (7 days ago)
I put together an OB deck today with Kiora Behemoth Beckoner as my commander and Neoform as the signature spell. It's a +1/+1 counter deck with a minor Proliferate subtheme including Evolution Sage and Flux Channeler. It's been a blast to play so far!
Ishan Bhaduri (7 days ago)
Something in this video confused me. He said that if you cast your planeswalker, it can't be interacted with until it uses an ability. How does that work?
Mario Palleschi (5 days ago)
Ishan Bhaduri I’ll try to keep it simple. During your mainphase you have priority, which means that nobody can do anything until you give them priority. When you cast your planeswalker you put the spell in the stack, opponents get priority in turn order and can respond to the spell on the stack. After the stack resolve you have priority again since it’s still your mainphase. If your planeswalker hit the battlefield you can cast your spell or activate your planeswalker’s abilities. Doing either of those things will give priority back to your opponents, giving them a chance to respond. If you casted your spell and they destroy your planeswalker, your spell will still be on the stack and will resolve if it doesn’t get countered or bounced. If you activated your pw ability first and they destroy it you will not be able to cast your spell when the ability resolves, clearing the stack. This however doesn’t really matter with an instant as your signature spell since you can cast it in response to your opponent’s removal spell. Hope this clears it up for you. Feel free to ask anything that’s not clear.
Some Guy (7 days ago)
I’m building a Kiora, Master of the Depths deck just so I can play Prophet of Kruphix again
Gavin Stewart (7 days ago)
Ay! The Spike Feeders!
Just Joey (7 days ago)
Nicol bolas + elderspell is op af
The Knight (7 days ago)
karn, scion of urza and all is dust
HellScream (7 days ago)
So a question about the signature spell - what happens if someone plays a spell that has an alternate casting cost, say, 'Force of Will'. Could they keep using the alternate casting cost or would they need to pay 2 plus that cost?
bradley Cox (7 days ago)
Ok new kiora and Eureka is a combo. Play tons of big bad octopus, laviathin or fish! Then kiora trigger ability let's u refill with the fatties drawing off kiora.
joshua dyas (7 days ago)
What’s your take on having a side board for this format I’m wondering cause I wanted to build a Karn tool box deck
Anthony Mitchell (7 days ago)
I wonder how the signature spell tax affects split cards, like Fuse cards and the ones from Guilds of Ravnica. Does me casting Expansion make Explosion cost 2 more as well? Or just the Expansion half?

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