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Eyebrow grooming for men - How to shape eyebrows ✖ James Welsh

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Should you thread, tweeze, shave or wax your eyebrows?! There is only one way that I like to shape and groom my eyebrows. In this video, I show you (with a little help from my friend) how to shape/ groom men's eyebrows, thread men's eyebrows and trim men's eyebrows. You're eyebrows help frame and shape your face, so it's important to have your eyebrows groomed professionally to save any eyebrow grooming disasters! For more mens clothing, hair tips and tutorials and lots of skin care and grooming, be sure to subscribe! Faj Instagram: @browsbyfajj SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPP291gN79qI1QZY1znOscg?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: @jameswlsh Instagram: @jameswlsh Snap Chat: jamessw150 Music: Pixel Gaming Music - Box Cat Games
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Text Comments (170)
oh yeah yeah (11 days ago)
James Welsh (11 days ago)
Willy Wonka (16 days ago)
Nothing but gay dudes in these videos damn why everybody got to be Gay grow some nuts and increase your testosterone dude
James Welsh (16 days ago)
right...a real man....just like Willy Wonka.....lolz
Joe Lin (1 month ago)
How much is a session?
Api (1 month ago)
She kinda looks like Kylie Jenner lol
Xenolyth (2 months ago)
I actually bought some eyebrow tweezers yesterday but so glad I checked your video out. Gonna look for somewhere to get mine threaded in Notts. Cheers James, your eyebrows look lovely.
code deko (3 months ago)
Ivan here. From Houston TX U.S of A Your videos are great 👍👍 Question how can I prevent braking out after threading my eyebrows. Thanks I’ve learned a lot
Kris Lee (4 months ago)
she is so so beautiful.
Dominator 73 (4 months ago)
Plucking the hair doesn't grow faster
Dominator 73 (4 months ago)
+James Welsh It's alright👍
Dominator 73 (4 months ago)
+James Welsh 3:27 she said it
Dominator 73 (4 months ago)
+James Welsh I heard her 🤔
exclaim go (5 months ago)
i can't see the difference
Umut kanyilmaz (5 months ago)
Yo you take your shaver and shave on top and under and then you just trim it
PlatMyPewbz (5 months ago)
So if I shave my brows they will come back thicker? Sweet
Mr Bean Bean (6 months ago)
They look twins
erysnorman27 Phils (7 months ago)
His virgin eyebrows is much better
ANUBHAV CHAUHAN (8 months ago)
Bro give some tips about permanent hair removal .
Vikram saha (8 months ago)
Whenever i'll go to london i'll definitely meet u james and carina tayrell
referral madness (9 months ago)
At the start of the video I knew you were in brent because of the way the houses look then I saw the road sign , looks like you're in cricklewood . I know where you live :) Looking at your eyebrows they look natural so I can't tell that you've done them so I don't see the point
Kevin Carter (9 months ago)
What do I say or ask the person who's doing my eyebrows?
YouTube Maina (10 months ago)
U r from which contry
Jeremiah Dalangin (11 months ago)
@James Welsh . Can I do this at home ...
Enzo Bermudez (11 months ago)
she hot tho
S M (11 months ago)
I spend 12 dollars to get my eyebrows threaded and the last time i did them they did it crooked and to thin so I’m not sure what to do because when i get them waxed they do them to thin and i just want to do them myself but i don’t even know how 😔
George G (1 year ago)
Blablablablablablablabla get to the point
Josue Villalobos (1 year ago)
I wanna start doing my eyebrows
gaming thunder (1 year ago)
How is that girl? tell her she is so gorgeous
Muhammad Muhammad (1 year ago)
Irv V (1 year ago)
Hamadache Bahi (1 year ago)
I like the video, btw man, are you gay?
Mary Jane (1 year ago)
your eyebrows were fine before.... much more manly you've got more of a male super model look after though
k1dicarus (1 year ago)
Tweezing is the exact same as threading tho ... Just a different tool used to plug the hair with root. The benefit of threading is that its much faster than tweezing because you can go nuts with the rubber without harming the skin.
ThisTreeIsHaunted (1 year ago)
I like the way threaded eyebrows look but they hurt so much worse. I always feel like I’m going blind when they’re doing the underside of my brows.
ps baruah (1 year ago)
oh my my.You look so cute in the Sun.
papa johns pizza (1 year ago)
Hellll na www I ain't going to get my eyebrows done fuck that
ami gi (1 year ago)
HE looks now more like SHE
ami gi (1 year ago)
Sean Hakami taking care is not which only womens do. So shut the fu*k up
Sean Hakami (1 year ago)
ami gi so he takes care of himself and wants to look good and that makes him a woman fuck off
ami gi (1 year ago)
yeah I am aware of that its scientifically proven fact known as HORMONAL in balance..
Happy Sherawat (1 year ago)
I want his contact number
Buck Futter (1 year ago)
This feels more like an ad for threading, than what makes a good eyebrow shape, and why one should think about it.
anuj choudhary (1 year ago)
m i the only 1 who lost the eyebrow subject n only watching her ?
Call ME JA (1 year ago)
Ouch that thing hurts like hell
Ralph Furley (1 year ago)
The technique she uses is amazing! I’ve never heard of it nor have I seen it before! To be able to remove strands of hair with a thread or twine is truly remarkable to me!!! ☮️ 🖖🏽
Rosh P (1 year ago)
Faj is amazing...
tall32guy (1 year ago)
so handsome! you are a total hottie! :)
Nazario (1 year ago)
3:21 what are you looking at bro?
Scott Brady (1 month ago)
Can’t you tell he’s gay? 😂
Aditya Bhat (8 months ago)
Boobs 😂😂😂
NEXTOCITY (11 months ago)
Nazario 😂
Joe Doe (1 year ago)
Why shouldn't you tweeze them
Angela Ualat (1 year ago)
You arab?
JePac (1 year ago)
Wrong. You won't get thicker eyebrows when you shave or cut them. If that is true, your other pores and hairs should be gigantic by now. Do you have gigantic pores and hairs? No. It just looks thicker because the shave or cut leaves flat surfaces on hairs. That makes it look thicker than when you had hairs with uneven, damaged hair tips. That is it. Just like how girls cut end of hairs to make their haris look even and healthier.
bbtazlo5 (1 year ago)
She is gorgeous. But for me threading hurts like hell I wax mine
Stef Stef (1 year ago)
hairy fucking arabs
Mercer Elric (1 year ago)
was that Snape's sister? Just saying
Troubled Boy (1 year ago)
I had a friend in highschool we called faj... it stood for fat ass James...
女の子ムスリム (1 year ago)
falls in love wt d thumbnail pic💗
女の子ムスリム (1 year ago)
The Harem King kimi no na wa :)
The Harem King (1 year ago)
What anime is that on your profile picture ?
Gururaj Raibagi (1 year ago)
what's her name she is damm beautiful...
graphics grange (1 year ago)
his voice is like Simon in got talent
Luke Hunter (1 year ago)
DAMN she looks amazing! What a beauty!!
Purple Rain (1 year ago)
Me should not do their eyebrows 👎
NATO CALYPSE (1 year ago)
I don't know why but I think I came her for her accent .
lannysama (1 year ago)
What do I say when going to get my eyebrows done?
i personally like your before brows more, since its more manly, and looks so much better on you
Aurangzeb Ali (1 year ago)
Threader and threadee both look indian threading is an INDIAN THING anyway
Big Sean (1 year ago)
Fajj is a babe
Nori S. (1 year ago)
Mine are THICK as fuckkkkkkkkk man, I gotta get them done or I am fucked LOL
Nori S. (1 year ago)
i got a question: my eyebrows are not rly that goodlookin when my face is relaxed if id tell them to make them look good while my face is relaxed would it be overkill? what do u think help pls - I do get them done but Ive never tried this approach, and nice video man cheers.
black rockz (1 year ago)
Why men got lovely brows😫😫 why i got fewer😭😭 whenever i leave the house i spend the entire shit doing my brows and because its few its so hard to do it because no outline😭😭why men are so damn gorgeous
referral madness (9 months ago)
Wtf are you on about ??? lol it's because women do all this unnecessary shit to their brows because society tells them to
revo (1 year ago)
black rockz because we're awesome
funny zone (1 year ago)
hi james...can u plz give me suggestions to make my hairs straight
Phayao Lem (1 year ago)
waxing does NOT make hair grow back thicker. what is she talking about? If a wax job is done correctly, you are pulling out the hair follicles and therefore it slows the growth of hair and the hair also gets thinner each time. I'm not quite sure what threading does exactly, to me it looks like an art of breaking the hair.
Rubina Maalouf (2 years ago)
I love that accent!
Nock (2 years ago)
not really HOW to shape is it if you're telling people to go get um done, nice video though
Guilherme (2 years ago)
Ishan Ali (2 years ago)
TOP TIP: If a professional doesn't have nice eyebrows...don't trust them with yours.....BUT GOD!!!!! SHE HAS NICE EYEBROWS AND SO DO YOU JAMES AHAH
Yash Patil (2 days ago)
How do u manage to comment in almost every video?
oh yeah yeah (11 days ago)
Joshua Ireland (1 year ago)
James Welsh did u get tan lines when u shaved them?
Jay Chen (2 years ago)
This girl looks like she draws on 80% of her brows. They look soo fake.
Handsome Squidward (9 months ago)
Jay Chen She draws on 90% of her face
Edgar Manzo (1 year ago)
Christopher Navarrete hell nah. One wipe with a wet napkin and her eyebrows are gone
Jay Chen idk she looks Indian and Indian people naturally have bushy eyebrows so there's no reason to have to it drawn
Christopher Navarrete (1 year ago)
Jay Chen which makes em look hella good😍😍😍Fuck off
VenomouStar (2 years ago)
im going to get mine done for the first time. My girflfriend says i should divorce em. Last night she said its like a train junction where all the trains are just sort of messedup and nobody knows what fresh hell is going on.
Ps3Nindo1 (2 years ago)
is there a way to change my eyebrow form? because mine are more arched and i like "tried" putting my eyebrows like yours (more like a line) and i really liked them. is there a way?
itsmethough (2 years ago)
don't understand how hair grows back faster with tweezing but not with threading ? It's a myth, it is the same concept (pulling to hair from the root)and hair never comes back thicker even if you shave but thats the last thing you want to do to your eyebrows.
SirChocolateHobo (1 year ago)
yeah, it should be the same. His wife probably does threading or something. It really seems like an infomercial for threading.
itsmethough Do eyebrows grow back when u pull them out from the root (the same as they were before. I just justified them n like my previous natural look. I'm really worried plz tell me.
MAC MILLER (2 years ago)
Tiramisu Desu (2 years ago)
does threading hurt for first timers? i always wanted to them be shaped. not so much but just normal looking. koz my eyebrows are like 2 little hairy caterpillars..
Popo Bawa (3 months ago)
It pinches a little, like tweezers.
Din 0 (2 years ago)
Whats your origin ethnicity? Looking good!
referral madness (9 months ago)
You do realize that many Mexicans and arabs are white themselves ? The term you're looking for is Europeans
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
James Welsh im mexican aswell, mexicans and arabs have the best brows...white envy us haha.
Marco91 (2 years ago)
I want to have nicely shaped eyebrows .I've always had very bushy brows lol .I think they will frame my face better
Eduardo Castro (2 years ago)
can you tell that one of your eyebrow is thicker than the other?
Aron JW (2 months ago)
+Osoro Shidesu omg that's exactly what I thought, I went straight to the comments looking for everyone roasting hin and there was nothing 🤔 nothing
Osoro Shidesu (4 months ago)
THANK GOD I'm not the only one who noticed. The thick one has an odd tail too
Darcblock (4 months ago)
bidyut kakati (5 months ago)
True lol
sinaloalusarr (2 years ago)
He's so handsome
karan sharma (2 years ago)
bro why r u so handsome😍
Daniel Suchorowiec (2 years ago)
Cool! I used to wax and mine grow really quick. I am gonna try it.
Alexis Alexeev (2 years ago)
U do make up?
Stenvert Ofaril (2 years ago)
Maya Miller (2 years ago)
garrett borns is that positive or negative? cause I find her voice hella annoying..
Pack Man (2 years ago)
lol it doesn't look natural on me. When I got mine done everyone who saw me asked me if I had done something to my eyebrows. But it was really cheap only a third of a pound.
Cathy Prince (2 years ago)
u look mwaaah😍😍😍
POURNAMI (2 years ago)
Hi,James nice review abt eyebrow, so men&women most important&also consious abt eyebrow shaping,nice keep it up James then may I know where is u r place.??
POURNAMI (2 years ago)
James Welsh ya..which place u live..?
Umesh Sawant (2 years ago)
And is there any suggestion on how to grow your eye lashes @James Welsh..:-)
Umesh Sawant (2 years ago)
+James Welsh haha..that's exceptional..yeah I do use Vaseline always..so let's say our opinions are the same in this case..haha..thanx for let..let's see..but yeah..I do follow ur suggestions everytime..i'll let u know more if I have any doubts..;-)
Tech MunnA (2 years ago)
hi bro how to get red lips.. becuse very dark on my lip..plese tell
Josh Durens (11 months ago)
Technical Star LIPSTICK! 👌😂
Satabdo Majumdar (2 years ago)
How do I remove acne pigmentation marks? Please help.
Nick Flannigan (2 years ago)
Guys its extremely fucking sore, i had mine threaded ages ago and when it comes to below the eyebrow I would give the rating of pain equivalent to when I was stung by a jellyfish and that stopped me from going into the sea for 8 years
SofiaStyled (2 years ago)
she's an artist!
LordOvDaGames (1 year ago)
James Welsh one of my eyebrow is uneven in the middle of the brow one of them is facing sideways and one of them is up how do u make it the same?is the like a dream or something other then any makeup or pencil?thx bro
Mike P (2 years ago)
SofiaStyled However her brows are bushy and thick compared to his.
Hector Calvo (2 years ago)
Omg your so perfect 😭 wish you were gay
ZM (2 years ago)
James Welsh Love you and your videos. Came across them recently, now watching all from the beginning. :-)
ZM (2 years ago)
James Welsh omg can you date me pls?! lol
Hector Calvo (2 years ago)
+James Welsh oops 😅I did not know that lol
Hector Calvo (2 years ago)
Omg I almost missed this video 😭
Hector Calvo (2 years ago)
+James Welsh I have trust me 👌🏻☺️
Sam Walter (2 years ago)
Hi love your videos. It would be awesome if you did a giveaway of either a range of your favourite products or some that you've been sent and don't use
Joy Walsh (2 years ago)
I've only had my eyebrows threaded once and the woman butchered me!!! She made them pencil thin and also cut the body of them which is the part that shapes my eyebrows! I'd love to get them done again to get rid of all the fine blond hairs I have but I don't trust anyone to listen to what I want! 😔
Benjamin Vella (2 years ago)
lol.. 2:55 Is that a "starbucks" cup ? USA chain of just average coffee. lol
guzuki1 (2 years ago)
Omg your eyebrows look amazing!
Lawson Lambert (2 years ago)
Lovely video. Would get my eyebrows down but they're sparse enough I can't risk it. 😂💀
Thomas Kittock (2 years ago)
Hair doesn't grow back thicker or faster if you shave... Sorry.
Popo Bawa (3 months ago)
If you want to get technical, the actual rate of growth will be the same. But the shaved hair gets a big "head start" because it is still growing but only cut off at skin level. For hair pulled out by the root via threading, waxing, tweezing there can be 1/8-1/4" of hair under the skin that gets removed as well, so no new hair grows until that follicle restarts. And that hair is not seen until it grows the full length to the skin. As for thickness, that varies depending upon hair type. Again, for a shaved hair, it is going to come out of the skin at full width, like a cylinder. A new hair will have a slight taper at the tip, like a cone, eventually reaching the same diameter. For me, facial hair starts only marginally thinner. While body hair cvan be quite a bit thinner to start.
Satabdo Majumdar (2 years ago)
Can you please make a video on Derma Rolling? How to use it safely? Benefits? Effect on acne scars?Please?
Satabdo Majumdar (2 years ago)
+James Welsh Thank you soo much. Have a nice day.
Satabdo Majumdar (2 years ago)
+James Welsh Will it fade my acne scars? I have minor acne scars. How much time will it take for the same?
Satabdo Majumdar (2 years ago)
Can you please make a video on Derma Rolling? How to use it safely? Benefits? Effect on acne scars?Please?

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